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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kamani

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Rahim hamdulillah and hamdulillah hookah fowl salmonella Abadi Latinos, who Susana CGT Rosario Hartman ambia Allah Allah Hill Ischia was hi Michaela. I'm about today inshallah, we are starting from page 113 and 112. In English, we discussed last week, the diseases of the heart numbers added on to La la, he discussed that in great detail. And we spent last session talking about that. Today night mom was added after Lucha de is starting off the three major diseases of the heart that he thinks are important to discuss. So today, we'll be covering inshallah, we'll be starting from there. And we'll cover as much as we can within the nd. So the first thing, because it starts off

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with is hazard, envy, and envy and hazard is something that's so dangerous, like all the diseases of the heart, like all of the diseases of the heart, what's very difficult about the diseases of the heart, is that they are internal. And when you want to battle the diseases of the heart, you have to pull the courage together to point the finger at yourself. And this time, you can't say it's your fault, your fault, your fault. When I point out the disease of jealousy, I actually have to point the finger at myself and say, it's your fault. It's no one else's fault. That's why the battle against the internal diseases is such a such a difficult battle. And the amount goes on and off the

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law here, it starts off with jealousy, how jealousy is something that's embedded within people. Every person has some shade of jealousy or the other. It could be from a friend from a co worker from someone that you do business with. It could be someone you play sports with, and jealousy is there. So remember azadirachtin law, he starts off by saying this is something that's very common. Now, not one thing when he was added on to law, Holly is discussing the three great diseases of the heart. He focuses on them from the scholars perspective, because remember, ghazali his theory is that the scholars are the source of corruption. If we look at corruption from their standpoint, then

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we'll see how it descends down into the common folk, because the man was it himself. That was a crisis he went through. I had explained to you earlier, if I'm gonna go zombie law era was the greatest scholar, and his almond milk had appointed him as the head instructor at the new law media Institute. He was financially funded beyond any scholar 1000s of students across the world came to him while he was still in his 20s, he had published books on philosophy, a man who no other scholar has seen the likes of he was the Facebook celebrity. He was the Twitter celebrity. He was the YouTube celebrity, and the man because he had students from across the world sitting in front of

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him. And he himself writes, in his own biography, because it was an autobiography, autobiography, himself. It's called eliminative. Allah. And in the biography, he writes that I was one of the greatest scholars, and students from across the road came to attend my lectures. One day, I sat down to give a lecture. And Allah had taken away from me the most valuable asset, I possessed my tongue. I couldn't speak anymore. I sat down to give the lecture and my tongue stopped. And I tried to say something, but it wouldn't. I couldn't go beyond 100 line, everyone was looking at each other. What's wrong with this man? What's wrong with this man, and the man was odd. He says, My tongue was

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taken away from me. And the thing that had given me prominence amongst all of the scholars, the thing that had given me fame, a lot had taken that away from me. And I was stuck at a crossroad of my life, where now I was about to lose everything. And one goes on, he says, I was in that gathering. And without even giving a lecture, I got up and I left. And that's where my mom was early realize that everything that he had as a scholar was actually for other reasons that Allah subhanho wa Taala. And now allow us showing him and he says, I was lucky Allah showed me while I was alive, and not after I had died. And Allah showed me the reality by taking my tongue away. Because when the

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tongue was gone, I began to ask myself, what am I going to do with this treasure of knowledge in my heart? this treasure of knowledge was never for me, it was always for other people. I never act upon unto myself. So this treasure of knowledge wasn't going to benefit me. It was always for the people. What am I going to do with all this knowledge inside my heart? And that's where a man because his brother was Ali, who was a great Persian poet. He said to him, because I didn't want to lie to his older brother, he said to his brother, that old stone How long will you sharpen swords while you remain yourself? old stone? How long will you sharpen swords? You're sharper everyone, but you

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remain dull yourself. everyone around you has become a good scholar. But yet here causality is a person who can't even speak now has taken his tongue away. And that's what he meant was only went on his spiritual journey. Right. And then when he returns back from the journey now, bizarrely, he's addressing issues from the scholar standpoint.

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Because that was a crisis he went through, he's not talking about other people. He's addressing himself first. So when we're talking about these diseases right here, you have to realize it goes on, he is saying that they exist in everyone. I was the top scholar and jealousy existed in me. So it definitely exists in here, too. He's saying even though I'ma have jealousy amongst them, you know, even the huffard have jealousy amongst them, even though Korra have jealousy? And these are people who are great people in Islamic scholarship, right? And now what about the common person? I love it. Even if Damien Allahu Allah, He said something very beautiful. He said, Every person has

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jealousy? No.

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What am I allowed to say every person has.

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Every person has jealousy. You know, no matter whatever you say. He says every person has jealousy in them. The pious person knows how to keep that jealousy and its effects inside his heart. While the foolish person let's the effects come into reality. You guys understand that. So it's kind of like saying that every person has a fire. But the smart person knows how to keep that fire inside the lantern. While the foolish person he doesn't know how to contain the fire, and now the fire leaves a lantern. And when once the fire leaves a controlled environment, then it burns everything down. So you need to know how to control it. Now, if jealousy exists in every person, we need to

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first know what jealousy is. And is there a halau alternative to jealousy? Two questions, what is jealousy? And is there a halaal alternative to jealousy. So the definition of jealousy among casabianca Allah, He will discuss it up ahead in the second paragraph here. But um, before we get there, I'll just give you a rough rough definition, to be jealous of someone to look at someone's possession, something that has been given to that individual from Allah, to desire that good in your life, while at the same time hoping that it is taken away from that person. You guys understand? That's jealousy. So for example, a person can have a child, they see someone else has a child.

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They're growing up, their friend was growing up, this person got married, that person got married. Now after they both got married, what happens is that person a cannot have a child, Person B has a child, and a person a thinks to themselves that this person and I were neck to neck our entire life. He has a child before me. He desires a child now, that's half of the equation. But at the same time, he says, Oh Lord, give me a child and take his child away from him.

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Give me well telcos take his wealth away from him. He has a beautiful wife give me a beautiful wife make his marriage and in divorce. So this is a very, very miserable state of person can be in. But unfortunately, this is the nature of jealousy. Because people aren't content with their own state. They always want to be better than other people. So had every person learn what contentment was, we would have no jealousy. But the problem is that we don't have the ability to be content with ourselves. So we want more but when more is given to us because we don't have contentment, we'll never be satisfied. And the only time we feel satisfied satisfaction is when we have more in

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comparison to someone else. So in order for me to have more than him I have to grow he has to fall. Do you guys understand what I'm saying here? So that's the model that is absolutely prohibited allows me to put on

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Um, yes, you do Nana's Allah tala human fuzzy. Are they jealous over people, because of what Allah gave them from his favor? You know, is your anger with Allah or is it really with that person? Because he didn't, there was nothing that he did to get that Who is the one who gave it to him? Allah gave it to him. So when you're actually when you're when you're expressing your jealousy, your jealousy or your beef, your anger is not with that person. It's actually with Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah says, Allah Azza whom Allahu Minh fatherly, because Allah subhanho wa Taala gave from his favor. Jealousy is such a dangerous thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, he

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tells us that make dua to Allah to protect you from jealousy. Which sutra is this sutra talking about?

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sort of follow very good rule of Europe will follow minchah Rima hallak, woman shall pass you can either walk up woman Sharon Nefertiti, Phil, rocket, what's after that? warming Sherry has hidden either acid. We're making this law it's a part of the Quran that tells you how serious it is. It's a part of the Quran that we're saying, Yeah, Allah, save us from the jealousy of the one who is jealous. Because if that person if we're not say from that person, he wants us to lose it. He'll do whatever it takes to make sure we lose it, and then our life will be sabotage. So yeah, Allah save us from the evil of that person. So now we understand what jealousy is.

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The other side to jealousy or the halau alternative to jealousy, because I remember remember, they said that this desire to Excel will always exist in every person. Jealousy is the hot arm form of that desire. The permitted form of that desire is what we call Zinta. ziptie means that you

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You see for example, someone has a child. So you say yeah Allah you bless that person with a child. Yeah Allah you bless that person with a happy marriage. Yeah Allah you bless that person with a successful business with a good education, good career. So give me the same two, while increasing him. What's the difference here? You're saying Allah give me but at the same time,

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give him as well increase him as well give him more Baraka. He has loving his marriage. Yeah, Allah give him many more folds of love. Show him the limits of love that that person can even imagine and give it to me as well. So there's nothing wrong with that at all. So the EBITDA is the halaal form, where now you're killing the desire to want other people to be deprived. Yet you're asking more from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there's a harem. And then there's Khaled, Masada, la YALI. He discusses this in detail here. But again, notice that this is the first of the three diseases that he mumbles earliest summary summarizing the full disease of the heart chapter into, which makes it very

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serious, okay. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says on one Hadith as quoted about your mom with odorata, Allahu Allah.

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The Prophet said along it was seldom said jealousy eats away deeds, just as fire eats away would.

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You know, if you take wood and put it you know, you're sitting at a bonfire, you know, to fuel the fire, what do you put in there? You put wood in there, when you put wood inside there, it doesn't take long for the fire to eat it up just a few 10 minutes, five minutes, depending on how hot the fires and it's gone. Depending on how hot your jealousy is, your deeds are just going away. They're going away, they're going away. And it's sad because unfortunately, like Mr. Rosati says, jealousy exists most commonly within the religious people.

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It exists. I'm gonna broaden that a little more. Because Alia says in the in the original book, he says jealousy most commonly exists in the arrogant people. And then the mumbles Allah says religious people are most commonly arrogant as well. And wealthy people are most commonly arrogant as well. And people that are handsome and beautiful, they have arrogance as well. And when Allah subhanaw taala gives you something What happens is if you don't attribute it to Allah, that favor of Allah then can become a catalyst to develop arrogance inside you. And once arrogance comes in, that's when jealousy comes in. It's kind of like one follow the other in the door. Okay, so arrogance is

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something you want to stay away from because it feeds jealousy. So here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is warning of jealousy. Yes. And he's agreeable, greater form of nicer Venus, the simple miser is one Simon ghazali. First of all, he starts off that, you know, being stingy and miserly is one thing. But being envious and jealous is beyond miserliness. Why is that? He gives us he gives us he gives a logic here, he says, Because look, a stingy person, a miserly person, you come to me and you said to me, can you give me $5? I say, No, that's bad. Okay? Now, but at the same time, I decide not to give you from whose wealth from my own wealth, so it kind of still makes a

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little sense. The guy went out of his way he worked he earned. Now he wants to keep the money. It's still a bad thing, but it makes some logical sense. You guys following me here. Now he mumbles it says jealousy is worse than that. The reason is because you're saying that person is asking a law. You're telling Ilana to give him so you're stopping him of a treasure that doesn't even belong to you. That makes you worse than the one who is stingy. That's the idea. He says jealousy is worse than being miserly. Yes. The simple miser is one who is stingy towards others with his possession with his own possessions. Yes. But the greedy or miserly miser miserliness is a one who is stingy

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with a lot of favors. It's not his favorite that he's stingy with now he's very stingy with a lot of favors. A lot less favorites have no limits, but he's still seeking out a lot. Don't give that person Yes, fevers that are not even his but of the vast treasure the favors not even his they belongs to Allah but he's saying Allah still don't give that person a lot I can give you him the entire mankind. But you're still saying Yala, don't give him and give me that's why the miser the one is many more folds worse than the stingy person we have to watch out for I'm sorry, miserly, and the jealous one is many more folds worse than the stingy person. We have to be very careful with

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this. Like I said earlier, jealousy is something that just creeps in. It usually starts off as healthy competition. Where does it usually start off with?

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healthy because we all know how healthy competition is a good thing. The Dean encourages it. encourage one another compete with one another and good things with phenolic affiliate and a person with a nappy soon in matters of good people should encourage it, they should compete with one another. So for example, two guys can stand in front of each other and say 10 years from now we're going to see who has more who has a bigger estate. Now they're competing, it's a good thing. You know, two people sit together and say five years from now we'll meet and see who has memorized more honey. That's a good thing. Good competition is good. But what happens with competition when you

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start, you start off with a good intention. But if you don't keep eye on your intention, then that intention gets corrupted and you want to chop that out of the person's foot down. You know, you want to take that other person's

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And hence if you see a lot of sporting events, it's not only about you playing as a good player, it's about injuring your opponent to make sure they can play as a good player. Right, right. And in football, basketball and soccer, all the sports, this is a common, this is a common tactic. It's not about you showing your skill. It's about sometimes playing the game in a way where you injure your opposition, and you break them down so that way you have hand over them. So this is what you call jealousy. Yes, the envious person is one who is pained when a lot Oh, my deep from the treasures of his omnipotent power, the stones on one of his servants wealth or knowledge. Now you think yourself,

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him and I grew up together? Why is he wealthy? And why is it I don't have wealth? Is that right or wrong? It happens, right? Why is it that him and I grew up together in the same community, same household, we attended the same parties, we played on the same sports teams, you know, but he became a scholar and I didn't. So that's where jealousy kicks in. But remember, all of these things that you're fighting over, especially when it comes to wealth, they have no value with Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in the film at that had the world and all of his possession even being equivalent to the the wing of a fly the wing of a mosquito to Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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wouldn't have given even a sip of water to the non believer. But these things have no value to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what Allah gives to whoever he wishes, right? Well, when it comes to the deen of Allah preserves that for certain people. But here's a question. Let's say for example, two people so thought two people are competing. One person is jealous over the other because he's memorized more put on. Notice. Notice I use the word hustle, jealous, okay? One person is jealous with another person. One lady is jealous with another lady because her children turn out more pious than her own children. You guys follow this? It's very common. Okay? One lady is jealous with

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another lady because her marriage worked out better than her own marriage. So now the jealousy comes another question is that this memorizing the Quran? Are your child becoming pious? Are the education all these things you're jealous over? If you were doing them for a law sincerely, would you ever have jealousy? No, the fact that you have jealousy is a sign that in that particular department, you are insincere. That's what the scholars say that jealousy is a product of arrogance Most commonly, and along with jealousy also comes

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in sincerity. it drags in another big disease with it. Because you lose your sincerity, you're not doing it for Allah anymore. If you were doing that particular thing for Allah, then wherever you were, as long as you tried your best, you would be happy with yourself. But the fact that you want that person to go down and what yourself to go above them, is a sign that you're lacking in sincerity. Yes, he's paying to the point where he wishes that allows favors will be taken away from that person, even if the same paper would not transfer to him as a result. This is really the pinnacle of wickedness, and above which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, envy devours

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good deeds just as fire devoirs would have without the enemies person himself is one who suffers punishment and receives no mercy. And because it says the one who is jealous, let me tell you one thing, if you have jealousy in you, and you can control it, among ghazali says you are in the punishment, and you're in an eternal punishment. What do you mean? Because obviously, the jealous person isn't internal when it is in an internal punishment. Why is that? The reason is because this

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in the world, you're not happy with someone having more than you. But the reality of the matter is, no matter how much you try to climb the ladder, there will always be someone who has more than you. Is that right or wrong. So your entire life, you're going to be jealous, you know, you're going to you're going to hope that you're gonna wish that person's marriage rates on his marriage breaks law protected, right? Then you're gonna see another couple Whose marriage is better than you. And then what's gonna happen to that person's marriage. Let's say that breaks too, then what's going to happen the next day,

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you're going to meet another person, you're always going to meet someone who's better than you. And the reason is, because while you're busy about other people, you don't realize it, but you're deteriorating yourself. So where are you we're trying to hope that your marriage would become better, because you're jealous of other people, you're focusing on them, you're not focusing on yourself, and you're losing your marriage. And what ends up happening is your entire life. It's as if you'll be chasing your shadow, you'll be searching for something that really doesn't exist, because there will always be someone better than you. There will always be someone. So in the dunya,

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for as long as you live here in urine punishment, then when you come to Allah, there will be a separate punishment for your jealousy. So because it says, eternal punishment, you have no mercy for you at all. Yes, he is in continuous torment, for there will never be a lack of those among his contemporaries and acquaintances on whom Allah has bestowed knowledge or wealth or esteem. The only difference between them and new is that maybe they're not jealous. Maybe they're happy with what Allah has given them. Right? And let me tell you one thing, my friends, wealth isn't always a good thing, that people who have wealth will tell you that I would rather live a simple life. Is that

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right or wrong? Many people tell you that you ask a person who's sincere and who has wealthy brother You know what all the

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Difficulties where wealth has brought me. If I was given a chance to live a simple life, I would choose that, right? But the reason why I have my wealth is because the road has necessities and I have to fulfill them. But otherwise in reality, even a wealthy person knows that if I was, if I wasn't as wealthy, I would probably be a lot more happier. And even the scholar will tell you this look as being a scholar, I have responsibilities, but I still feel the one who doesn't have knowledge is lucky because he doesn't have the

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responsibility. He's a lucky guy, because a lot of them question him as much as he's going to question me. So that worries me a lot more. So hear you man because it is saying that there will always be someone amongst your acquaintances and amongst your contemporaries who will be ahead of you. The only thing is that maybe they're not as jealous as you are. Maybe they are enjoying a loss bounty while you are burning from within. It was a great saint by the name of Brahim, even Adam, even on him, Adam, he was the king of bulk. He was the king. And then one morning, one night he was partying with his friends. And while he was partying, he heard everyone they over they drunk a

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little extra, they had the hangover, they were knocked out, the whole palace was crashed. Then while he was knocked out, he heard some noise. So he woke up. And he tried to follow the noise. He found the noise was on top of his palace. So when he got to the top of the poverty following guy there, he asked the guy what are you doing on my palace? So that guy said,

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I am searching for my camel. So this king said, How are you searching for my camel on top of my palace? Like how do you expect your camel to climb the the spiral stairs and get through my security and get through my guards and get through and get top of my palace. So this man He smiled at him and he said you laugh at me because I searched for my camera on your palace. I laugh at you because you search for a law while you claimed to be a king yourself.

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So the next morning he woke up, he said guys, I'm done. No more King. Is it what Where are you going? He said only a slave can find a lot because Allah is the king of King can find a king. I'm out of this. And he left his position. And he became a great saint, one of the greatest of his time if you don't, if you ask any scholar anyone who studied a little they'll know about him. So one day even a human Adham was walking with a few of his students by the river of footrot. Right. And and while they were walking past the river, he pulled out a bag that had a dry piece of bread. And he dipped it in the water to soften up a little so you can eat it. So one of his students said shift

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just a few years back you were the king. There were maidens that used to come and serve you the food. You had 10s of types of bread and meat and vegetable and, and grapes and fruits, you name it, you had it and now you're eating rye bread, dipping it in a river just to make sure it goes down your throat. So then Ibrahim and Adam said, if the kings of the world knew the joy we have in eating this dry bed, they would come and fight against us with their swords.

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They would wage war against us. Why is he saying the statement? Think about it. He's saying that if the kings of the world knew the joy that we have with eating dry bread, they will come in? What did I say? They were full fledged coming wage war against us. So just so they can steal the happiness we have out of our hearts. Why is that? He's saying guys, I was a king yesterday. Today. I'm a poor man. Yesterday when I was a king, I was jealous. Today I'm poor, I'm content. And it's the contentment that kings have been looking for. But they don't realize contentment doesn't lie in $1 figure. It lies in the heart. That's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said and when

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Lazar Medina and Catherine Dillard will accumulate

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that wealth is not and having abundance of good having 15 cars 10 houses $50 million and worrying nice garmins everyday and never repeating your shoot wearing your shoes again, you know, these are all things that we would quantify as being wealthy yes or no. We would say these things make you wealthy. The profits that allow it was said on the saying no wealth and abundance of of wealth does not make you wealthy. What makes you wealthy is wealthiness of the heart. A person who's rich in his heart, he may have no money. You know, you've probably seen people like this growing up, or maybe even today. I've met people in my life who are broke. Literally these guys are they're classified as

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broke people, but their heart is so open that you are amazed by their generosity. They have nothing to offer yet they're still offering. You know, I shall have the law. Why not? Here's a story. She says one day a lady came to my house and knocked on the door. I she's the wife of the profit zone. And you know, in our words in our world, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a very poor person. You know, that's how we would look at him. He didn't have any nothing. So this lady comes and knocks on the door. She says I shot that I have two kids. She had two kids there

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and said, Can you give me something? So I showed her the law. She went inside and she found some dates and she gave it to the lady. This is all I have. It's yours. Now think about this. As as Ayesha. She just literally gave her entire savings to this lady. She has nothing

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You know, not wealthy, we would consider them poor, but look how rich they are, that they're giving everything because they know in their heart that Allah will still take care of them. Now I shall make the observation. She says the lady took the three dates, she gave one to one child, one to the other child, and the other one she held in her own hand.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:53

I shows watching. Remember, I showed you a lot when I had no children. So she wasn't too familiar with the love that our mother can have for her child. So she was looking, and this lady give one date to one child one day to the other child. And these two kids, they devoured the date quickly, they ate it. Now, when they were done, both kids raised their hand again to their mother like this. And the mother had one day in her head. So hi, she says I was watching and I thought to myself, she is not about to. And the lady broke the data into half and give one half to one child, one after the other child. And she was shocked that that mother is going to be hungry because she fed her two

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kids. They left later on the purpose of the law while he was sitting came home and she said our messenger of Allah, he noticed something really crazy happened today. This lady came she asked me for some dates, I gave him three dates. And she gave one to one child one to the other child, she took the third date, and she split it in half and give it to one give it to the other. She starved herself for feeding her children. And the prophets of Allah distance at Ayesha, that's what mothers do.

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That's what mothers do. And then the Prophet continued on by saying, and how much mercy this mother has to her towards her child. Allah has many more folds of that mercy towards his servant. But in order to get that, sir, in order to get that mercy, in order for that child to get that date, what did the child have to do?

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It had to ask, in order to get allows mercy. What do you have to do?

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Yes, that's it. You have to ask Allah subhanaw taala. Just today when brother he text messaged me, I text messages, brother. I said to him, can you call me so he texts me back right away saying look this up. I'm in the middle of a very intense auction right now. Please don't bother me. It is the exact text messages. So I said to him, I'll make it easy. It takes me back. 10 seconds later, I want the I want the bid.

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He said, I made the law because you told me to make the law. I never thought about it. But as soon as I made that one, I won the bid. I couldn't imagine I was gonna win it. So for him, that was a small miracle. The point that I'm making my friends is that learn to ask from Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's what contentment actually is. And this is a little tangent, but because I share the story with you guys, about the child and the mother. There's another child. There's another child father story, I remember, I should have pulled this as one story, that once there was a shift, he was sitting in a gathering, and many of his students were there. They were all coming and meeting the

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shift and asking the shift for the law. So one father came to the shift. And when he came to the shift, he had a small little child with him. So the chef saw the child and what do usually if you see a child, what do you do?

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You offer them some candy, right? So that chef reached into his pocket. He pulled out the candy and he offered it to the kid, the kid before taking it, he looked at his father.

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You know, children do that they ask their father, like, should I take it? So that give them the gesture like this? Take it. So the kid reached forward and took it from the shifts hand. And right when he went to take it from the shifts and the shift started crying. And he cried and cried and cried. And then he made a dwad Well, I said, Yeah, Allah, the shift is making this Well, yeah, Allah give me a mom like this child. And the father is thinking he's not all that. But he's his average kid. So you ask the chef, what are you talking about? Give me a mom like this child. He said, This child Look at his duck walk. Before taking something that was offered to him first he sought his

00:28:30 --> 00:29:06

father's permission. If you know Allah, give me Tukwila that to that. Whenever the dunya offers me something first, before I reach out, I asked you can I take it? And if Allah says yes, then I'll take it. If Allah says no, then I want to worry about it. It's amazing, just the way the scholars used to think. Anyway, coming back to the original point that I was saying to you is that jealousy is something that you have to watch out for anyone because I do have the law here is telling us that the one who is jealous is in eternal punishment. And at the same time, because there are always people that are better than him. So he's going to be caught inside this for as long as he lives

00:29:06 --> 00:29:41

sialorrhea verstehen vs person continues to suffer as punishment in this world right up to his death. And the punishment of the World to Come is even greater and more severe. In fact, in that whole part there the punishment of the World to Come is more even greater and more severe. He's actually using an eye of the Quran there were lots of what other but after that the eye shadow avoca so he's bringing that either and inter translation Yes, in fact, the serving does not arrive a true feat as long as he does not love a man because it brings the opposite side. He said Think about this. During the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that tell us that one of you can never

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

be a complete believer until he loves for his brother when he loves for himself. You guys remember the narration? And Allah subhanaw taala said no Quran that you can never reach the peaks of piety until you spend from that what you love lentils Aloe Vera hotton Fukushima to a boon and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa hadoken Hatha Yoga boulia hee hee

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

Enough see. So here we're being taught to be selfless. And jealousy is the exact opposite of being selfless. Yes.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:43

In fact, the server does not arrive at true faith as long as he does not love for his brother and for the rest of the Muslims what he loves for himself. Indeed, he must. That's a sign that you feel, you know, when you don't love for others what you love for yourself. It's a sign that you don't feel for other people. You're self centric. And Islam does not like people that are self centric. Islam likes people because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was never a self centered person. He said a lot while he was Saddam was one who was caring for everyone. And the reality is that he cared less for himself. And he cared more for other people. We don't even know how many nights I mean, the

00:30:43 --> 00:30:55

prophet SAW son was not one who boasted over his deeds. Whenever we hear about the prophets, secret piety, it's through someone who saw it. Do you think anyone knows how many nights the Prophet went to sleep hungry because he gives someone else's food?

00:30:56 --> 00:31:31

Do you think anyone knows that other than a law obviously nobody knows. No one narration could ever tell you how many nights the Prophet must have a lot of sleep hungry lying on his bed thinking Oh, I'm so hungry tonight but I can't eat because I just give the food to someone else. If it was your I would have done it once the next time would have said Sorry brother can do it again. Go to the restaurant go to the hotel. There's the van right here got the van go yourself. I can't feed you anymore. Okay. But here the profit isn't one day does it the next day does it the next day. He was selfless. And Islam does not like people that are self centric. So here learn to love for other

00:31:31 --> 00:31:45

people what you love for yourself. Even if you can't give it to them at least you should love for them if Allah gives you wealth Mingo Allah I wish that you give this wealth to everyone. If Allah gives you another say Allah I hope that you give this knowledge to everyone be selfless open to everyone Yes.

00:31:46 --> 00:31:55

If you ever see that there's a a discount like they see discounts right this is love discounts. If you see there's a discount should you secretly go and buy all the pop yourself?

00:31:57 --> 00:32:31

Yes or no? No, you should go on Facebook and tell everyone Walgreen has a sale. You know the limits three. So take all your family members if you need to the Citrix right. But this is you shouldn't be if you ever find something good go and share it. In other say share that share the pain that go and share anything that you learn. That's good. If you ever learned that there's a way that you can benefit from Well, there's a there's a way that people can benefit and increase their wealth Go and tell the people look, there's a way that you can go and you know, increase your wealth. If you feel like someone can get stronger or eat healthier or get a better deal or anything that you live for

00:32:31 --> 00:32:48

yourself. Share it with other people. Yes, indeed, you must participate with them in times of ease in times of difficulty. Muslims are like a single building one part string, the other one part strengthens the other. But if one part once the other part to fall down, can the building ever stand.

00:32:49 --> 00:33:24

It can't stand. We have to all want good for the other. That's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before Salah he used to make he used to make an announcement. So stuck in certain lines stand straight, no gaps between the shoulders. Everyone stand together like one building is supposed to be because if you're not standing together, then Allah will disperse your hearts. And this teaches us what you'd like for yourself. Like for your other. It's like a brother to you. The person who's standing next to right now may not share your bladder but that person shares your eemaan in just as you would never want to see your blood brother fail, do not want to see your brother fail either do

00:33:24 --> 00:33:59

whatever you can to make that person successful. They are like a single body. If one limb suffers, the rest of the body suffers as well. If you do not find that this is the case with your heart, it is more important for you occupy occupy yourself would seem to me because it says that if you don't find this, this case with your heart this day with your heart meaning that this state which state that you are selfless. If you find yourself being self centric, then we have a problem. But if you don't find the state in your heart, meaning you don't love for others what you love for yourself, then what should you do? occupy yourself with seeking deliverance from destruction analysis, you're

00:33:59 --> 00:34:32

on the way to destruction. So for Don't worry about becoming too pious right now. Get rid of the jealousy from your heart. Because everything that you fill inside that bowl, the bowl has a hole in it. It's going to keep burning away. It's going to keep falling down. You're going to waste your time. Yes, occupy yourself with seeking deliverance from destruction than with obscure branches of jurists, technology, and case law. Remember that he said rather than becoming a big shift, a big Mufti, a big island, big 40. save that for another day right now go and make yourself a good person first. Go and get rid of that jealousy, clean your heart out. Love for everyone what you love for

00:34:32 --> 00:35:00

yourself. Be open hearted person. You know, when you open your heart up, it's very hard. But when you open your heart up like that, the people around you will fall in love with you. Because they'll see that you care for them. You know many people in society, they just want to sit with someone that cares for them. You know, I'm telling you as an Imam, many people that I sit with, they tell me their incident their their lives and tell me chef, this is what I'm going to that's what I'm going through. Most of the times I don't even offer solutions. I just sit there and listen to them.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

And they feel that that listening in itself has helped them so much. Because many people are just looking for someone to sit down in

00:35:08 --> 00:35:21

this, listen to them, someone who's not going to be jealous, you can go and share with that person, your business idea without knowing that he's not going to steal it. You understand, you can go and tell that person that I intend to marry that sister without him running around and marrying him first.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:55

You have sukoon. And that's the type of person you should be open your heart. And but there's a limit of it to it. There are some people who who are like, you know, who think of them. So what happens is some people that become so selfless, where they end up losing respect for themselves. Does that make any sense to you? I'll give you an example. Right? So some people, they put everyone ahead of them. And at the cost of that they end up thinking that I'm a nobody. And because I'm a nobody, I don't deserve good. So there was one brother in the community. For example, I dealt with him a few years back. Every time his parents offered him a girl to get married to he would reject

00:35:55 --> 00:36:01

them. So I called the brother and I said, What's the problem? His parents came to me. So I said, What's the problem? He said, I don't deserve her.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:33

What do you think? She said, I don't deserve her. So I said, who deserves or then it was about you. So he said to me, my so and so friends so and so friends so and so friend. So he's worried about giving everyone else all the good that sometimes you have to be a little greedy for yourself too, especially when it so you share with people shared the fate but sometimes you have to secure yourself as well. So that's another perspective. Another thing to keep in mind. So hey, we'll enter a class here. We pray that a loss of planet that gives us a lot of physical ability to act upon what we've learned today that allows you to preserves us internally and also preserves us externally.

00:36:33 --> 00:36:37

What sort of law that I said I'm Mohammed wala Ali, he was added my Somali coming

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The Sins of The Heart: Envy


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