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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the theory that Islam's "weirdly people" are causing poverty and suffering, and the importance of making choices to avoid it. The success of Islam in avoiding disaster and finding the right path for happiness is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of living thoughtfully and wisely, avoiding negative emotions, and choosing wisely and being a good person for the future.
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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala and he will serve you seldom does live on cathedral cathedra from Abbado sisters.

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We continue with our

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lesson on

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in Akita on the issue of color, the destiny of Allah subhanaw taala, which Allah subhanaw taala has written for us.

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I just to link with the last lecture, we believe in the color of Allah, we believe in the destiny that Allah subhanaw taala has written, but we don't ask too many questions about it for the simple reason that nobody can answer some of the questions is somebody especially if you say why, why did this happen? Why, why to me, sometimes people in intra in the case of

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calamities, tragedies, bereavement May Allah subhanaw taala save us all from these things. But these things happen. So in those cases, sometimes you will say why me? It's interesting. People don't say why me when they have good luck, so called good luck, right? And the normal there is no luck, good or bad. But when something good happens to them, people don't say why me but this is why me when something you will happen that's really worth thinking about that as well. So there is no point in asking about that because nobody can answer that. And also it opens the door. When people then try to make explanation that they try to, you know, philosophize, all of which is prohibited in Islam we

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do not speak about that, about which we have no knowledge.

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Allah knows but Allah does not compel This is our

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this is our understanding of the color Allah subhanaw taala knows what choices we will make, but Allah does not force us. On the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala has guided us by giving us knowledge to his book and through his his Rasool His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the exact nature of the decree, exact nature of Qatar. Meaning why Allah subhanaw taala decreed something what is behind it all of this is a secret of Allah subhanaw taala is in his creation, and no angel. Near the throne, none of them aka mockery been angels. melodica nor any Rasool nor an interviewer sent with a message or has been given knowledge of its delving into it and reflecting

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or, you know, thinking too much about it only leads to confusion and loss. And it results in rebelliousness or it results in depression. So be extremely careful about thinking and reflecting on the matter of color or letting doubts about it. sale you because Allah subhanaw taala has kept knowledge of the decree away from human beings and forbidden them to inquire about it, saying in his book, Allah subhanaw taala said which means Allah said, law use aloo anma. Yeah, for ilo wahome, use alone, he cannot be questioned diligent Allahu as to what he does, while they will be questioned.

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So anyone who asks, Why did Allah do that meaning he should not have done it has gone against the judgment or judgment of the book of Allah. And anyone who goes against a judgment of the book of Allah is an unbeliever. So do not ask this question, Why did Allah do meaning Allah should not have done something like this, this is Kalama This is a statement of cover. If someone is saying that, knowing it, understanding it, then this person has actually committed gopher and left Islam and has is no longer a believer. And if somebody says that, you know, without understanding and ignorance, then that person is ignorant. So we stay away from this. Please understand, also, that many times we

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get confused with the issue of choices. For example, you would have heard this question many times, if there is God, why is there poverty? If there is God? Why is there sickness? If there is God, why are there wars if there is God? Why is there suffering? Now, it's very important to understand this, that yes, there is a God Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala is there and Allah subhanaw taala exists and this is our yaki. But the question here is, that is Allah fighting the war? Just now as I speak to you narratives the 26th of November 2022. There is a war going on between in Ukraine where Russia has invaded Ukraine is Did Allah invade Ukraine? So why question why is there

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A Huawei is that God, when there is a war, when it is human beings who decide to wage war on one another, there are human beings who decide to glorify

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soldiers and who are you know, who fight these wars. And therefore, they make all these these statements, it is human beings who have created an interest based system of financing, which which generates poverty which, which which creates poverty, it is human beings who are who inflict suffering on one another. Whereas, you know, Allah subhanaw taala has told us very clearly what helps and what doesn't help. Think about it like this.

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If, for example, a policeman is standing on the street, and he's watching a shop being vandalized, and he says, Why doesn't the government do something? What will you say to the people who will say to him, government did something they appointed you as a policeman, you are a useless piece of, you know, action, or inaction, and you are not doing what you should be doing? Go cry, go catch those people, go stop the vandalizing. That's exactly what our situation is, as human beings and especially as Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala created us in order to spread goodness in the land, in order to spread the benefit for everyone all over the world.

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So, let us ask ourselves, Am I doing my duty? If there is, if there is hunger? am I feeding at least one person? If there is sickness? Am I am I paying the bill of somebody who is in hospital and who cannot afford to pay their bills?

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If there is, if there are wars, if there is inequity, am I at least minimum raising my voice against it. We have economies entire countries and economies which are based on the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.

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The buck the company, the economy runs on that by manufacturing these weapons and selling these weapons.

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Now, think about this, if you're manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, what do you think those things? Do? You know what they do because you are manufacturing them, and you are selling them to people whom you're selling them to the worst of the worst in this world, you're sending them to the worst and the most of the most evil dictators and people in the world who buy the leopards from you to slaughter their own innocent people.

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And to and to maintain their the oppressive rules in their lands. The people selling the weapons know very well, to whom they're selling those weapons and what those weapons are being used for.

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And then when it happens, everyone seems to be very surprised. Oh my God, why did this happen?

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We should be ashamed of ourselves really, as human beings, we should be especially the so called educated ones. Believe me, all these weapons are created. They're not created by ignorant fools or ignorant villagers in the in the background somewhere. These are created by highly trained highly educated engineers

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and doctors and scientists.

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Right? So who do you want to blame?

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This is not a matter of color. This is what Allah has Allah subhanaw taala has given us this Deen has given us this religion. Allah subhanaw taala has showed us the right way.

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When you are told that this way leads to disaster.

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Don't go there.

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And you still go and you say why? Why did why doesn't God do something? Well, God did something. God did Allah. Allah subhanaw taala sent his guitar he sent his book he sent me the Rasul Muhammad Salah Salem

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and Allah subhanaw taala sends people

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to us.

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Who will tell us the right thing to do you know in Joomla hotbars we hear it in bias we hear it We hear it all the time.

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And what is our response our response Oh, but you know, this man was too long.

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This is too long, too short.

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The accent of this of the speaker is not good. He doesn't speak with an American accent or British accent or some accent

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when he decided that he was wrong

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in it later in

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the day will come when we will face Allah subhanho wa Taala alone by ourselves. And we're all of these things will come to haunt.

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Please understand,

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make the right choices. The color of Allah subhanaw taala is all about making the right right choices.

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Allah subhanaw taala wrote destiny and then he gave it into our hands.

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We write our own destiny. How? By making the right choices. How do you make the right choices by

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obeying Allah subhanho wa taala. Diligent

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now we believe in the Allah, one column, a lower is the tablet, Allah was my force, the the protected

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tablet, and I'll tell them is the pet and in everything that is written on it, even if all created beings, all creative creatures, whoever there are every human, every gene, every angel every everything we tell us rather than if all of them were to gather together to make something,

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to to to destroy something to make it fail to exist, whose existence Allah subhanaw taala has written on the tablet they will not be able to do that.

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And if all of them are to gather together to bring about and to create something which Allah has not written, that they will not be able to do that.

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The pen has dried and having written down all that it will be in existence until the Day of Judgment. Whatever a person has missed, he would never have got it and whatever one gets, he would never have missed it.

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We believe also in arch, while corsi arches the throne of course He is the chair or the footstool, and these are true, Allah subhanaw taala independent of the throne, and what is beneath it, he and compasses everything, and is above it. And what he has created is incapable of encompassing him.

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So must our an arch Allah said about himself he has made a Stiva on the earth, what exactly is this dua? How does it how when when when we say Allah is on His earth? What exactly does that all mean? We all have these are questions that we do not ask because these are questions that have no answers, we do not know the answers. There is no way of us finding out the answers insha Allah if Allah will one day we will see this. If Allah subhanaw taala had wished to tell us he would have told us

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see exalt Lisa, the people asked

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about the rule. They said Tell us about the rule.

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And Allah

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mentioned is Allah Allah, that is that we as Ilona Can you rule.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala

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answered the question, whereas alumina and Arnie rule, they asked you about the soul about the roll. Call a room in Amory rugby

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what would you do? Mena ill Mila.

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And let's say to them, the soul is an hour is an order of Myra.

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And you have been given an Allah saying to resources Allah,

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you have been given from the end on the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. But

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now the point here is

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they asked what is the soul? And Allah said, The soul is an order of Europe? And does it tell you what the soul is?

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This is the giant Journal of microbiology.

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analyzing what I've told you, I've told

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stick to that. What you don't need to know you don't need to know. Don't ask unnecessary questions. This is the meaning of this, if

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not the literal meaning, but the substance behind it.

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So we know about the Throne of Allah? What do we know? We know whatever Allah has told us?

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We know what the court see. What do we know? We know what Allah has told us? We know Allah is on His throne. What is the state?

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We don't know. And we don't ask. We will live without asking Billa cave without asking how

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nothing is hidden Allah subhanaw taala Firstly, we know that Allah knows all that has happened and all that will happen. Allah subhanaw taala we believe that Allah's vantara knows the condition of his slaves.

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He knows their sustenance, he knows what they need. They're appointed times of death, that good and evil deeds and everything to do with them.

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Unless they're in the lobby cliche in it. Verily Indeed, Allah has knowledge of everything.

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And undying love and Allah Hi, yah Lambo mafia Sama, he went out of the inner Valley GFI kita been in as early gala La Jolla See, unless rather as a result.

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Are you not aware that Allah knows all that is in

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in the in the heavens and on earth?

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verbally it is all in our record. When he that is easy for Allah.

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Lita Allahu Allah, Allah Allah policia in Kadir one Allah cada how law, the cliche in Haldeman

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in Surah Tilak, Allah said, that you may know that Allah subhanaw taala has power over all things that Allah subhanaw taala surrounds, comprehends, knows all things and everything is in his knowledge geladeira

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Allah is around that he has written everything. God, Alim Martin, also out of the women who were in Danna, kita would have is instalador Kavala said we know that which the earth takes off them, they're dead, and with us, is a Book preserved.

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Bakula Shane XIV now who V mummy MovieLens are the Assyrian all things we have counted up as a record in a clear book, and with us is a record that contains everything.

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We believe that only what Allah wills will happen, nothing else. Because Allah said in Allah I have ILO Maya SHA, Verily Allah does what he will do to help Zota quit Amazon. Well Ma sha, Allah ye sha Allah Hora Bucha Allah me and you do not will unless Allah wills the rub of the words.

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We know and we believe that Allah subhanaw taala is the Creator of all things and all conditions highly vocally Assia what? Allah Who Kalia who only say you were who are Allah could Leisha you were kid? Allah is the Creator of all things. And he is the guardian or all things in Serato Zoomer

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yeah yo yo Nazareth Quran. Allah alikoum Hulman KALLIOPI invader Allah yet Zuko, comida Sama, you will our de la ilaha illa who have to call in Surah Fatiha Allah said all mankind remember the Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala to you? Is there any creator other than Allah who produces for you from the sky and the earth? None has the right to be worshipped but he just a general who?

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How then do you turn away from Him? How then are you turning away from him?

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Rather than just us.

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Let us reflect on all of these things. And this is Allah subhanaw taala thinking about and remembering the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala only helps us to be more obedient and to serve Allah subhanaw taala in a way, where inshallah He is pleased with us.

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I mentioned this earlier, but I want to reinforce that which is cada and Actaea destiny and free choice. The correct Islamic Aveda consists of believing in the codon which is pre order, pre order element or destiny of Allah and to accept it and be to and to be pleased with it. It also consists of understanding, accepting and believing that we have been given limited free choice and are free to choose one path or another, including a path or pausing what Allah has shown us and advised us to follow. So Allah has given us the free choice we can choose to disobey Allah or we can choose to obey Allah. For example, if some Allah told us not to worship anyone other than him, Allah told us

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that he has no partners, and there's no one worthy of worship except him. But we know that the majority of the world 80% of the world or more worships other than Allah 80% of the world or more worships have joint partners with Allah. A large part of the population today denies Allah altogether. They are atheists. But Allah subhanaw taala does not send his punishment on them. Allah does not stop their food. Allah does not stop their influence. Allah does not stop anything. They are healthy, they are wealthy. They may not be very wise but they are healthier, wealthy. They get their food on time they have jobs and everything else. Allah does not stop them. Allah has taught us

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and has told us what is right why they now nice data. Let's say we have shown you the two ways for mangia Avaya for human on Shafilea for if whoever wishes, let him believe and let him follow the right path. And whoever wishes let him not believe and let him deny and let him follow the wrong path. In this world, Allah does not compel us, but Allah makes it clear for us where benefit lies and where last lies, which is guidance and which is misguidance which is good and which is bad, which is which is bias and

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And, and beneficial and which is even all of these there is no confusion. They have been made and they have been told very clearly through the Kitab of Allah the book of Allah Al Quran Al Karim and through Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is messenger and Rasul. Last and final of the afternoon there is no messenger. And this has been Allah subhanaw taala his way, from day one, from the time the first man the first human being ultimately salaam was created, and this will continue till the last day, all the prophets and messengers of Allah subhanho wa taala, Adam and no and Ibrahim and Isa and Musa and Isa, and all the others use of an Yaqoob and Zulema. And thou that all the others,

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la hemos Salam, may Allah be pleased, may Allah's mercy be on all of them,

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and PSB on all of them. And the last and final of them, Muhammad Rasool Allah, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the last and final messenger of Allah, all of them brought the same message without exception. Every one of them said, There is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Everything that we said, Follow me and those who worshipped only Allah without joining partners, and who followed the Navi the Rasool, the messenger, the Prophet of the time, were and are Muslims, and they will be in Jannah. Those who refuse to follow those messengers, those who followed their own whims and fancies, those who followed their own creations, those who worship to gods who they

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created or conceptualized or imagined, and so on and so forth. They are on the art misguided, and they will not be in the same place as the

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as the Muslims. Now this is the order and hokum of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, as we know, in our

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belief in Qatar, Allah subhanho wa Taala informs us of what he what is good for us, but Allah subhanaw taala does not compel us to take what is good it's up to us whether we want to take it or we don't want to take it. Allah subhana Del Sol golf partner which I decided earlier, Allah subhanaw taala said

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let him take the truth is from Europe, pull it up from Europe become a one shot for human or one shot for look for and say the truth is from Europe, Then whosoever wills let him believe and whosoever will let him disbelieve, then Allah Sarina artisanal is volume in an hour and a half of the hem Surah eco ha

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Allah said, and verily, We have pre prepared for the zali Moon for the oppressors of Fire whose walls will surround it. Now, the thing to understand here is that we are free to choose, but every choice has a price tag, right? It's very, very important to understand this, we are free to choose, but every choice has a price tag, Allah subhanaw taala does not compel us to accept any particular way, Allah does not force us, it is given to us what we want to do, but it is therefore one cannot say that he has been compelled and therefore he is forced into Jannah No, we choose to Allah subhanaw taala told us do not drink alcohol, it is bad for you, even scientifically physically,

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medically, it is bad for you. But of course it's also bad for you because Allah subhanaw taala privaten it but Allah does not stop you from drinking alcohol if you want to drink alcohol, if you want to continue to live your life like that, that is your choice, but at the end of your life, you will pay whichever way you did, you will pay for that every person is free to choose, but no choice is free every choice comes with a price tag. Now, I gave you the example of the fork in the road and I said you take this right for it takes you somebody who take a left fork it takes you somewhere else. Now question is supposing I take the right fork and it is taking me to a place I don't want to

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go to what can I do? I can make a U turn.

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And in life we are permitted to make u turns until we reach death. So we are permitted to take a U turn that U turn is called is the foreign Toba it is called repentance and it is called turning towards Allah subhanaw taala so many times we it is possible that we may pick apart in life we may we may be leading our lives in a particular way because we didn't we never gave it much thought and then suddenly we get this realization and we just want to love

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I have been doing wrong

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All my life. I have not prayed all my life now I'm so old. What should I do suffering? Start praying right? Let your let your prayer be imperfect you can learn until the day you die. Toba, the door of Toba and is different the door of repentance and turning towards Allah subhanaw taala remains open until you and I you and I see molecule mode until we meet the angel of death, which all of us will meet whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not. Until then the door of tava and is the fire is open. Let us take advantage of that and make towbar right now. Don't wait till the end, because then we don't know what will happen and what will not have been the right road. So think

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about this.

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And once we are

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once we are on the right road, let's stick to that. Right now. What is the right road right road is the road followed by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam This is the absolute guarantee, anyone who follows the path of Muhammad Salah Salem is on the right road, there is no doubt about this. So let us stick to that. And follow that. And that right road is called us on right. Now, deeds influence conditions. So also in life, we have the condition we have the choice to obey Allah subhanaw taala. And then our color is beautiful. And the life we have a life of honor in this world and an experiment or we can choose to disobey Allah. And our color will be disgrace in this word, and

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Johanna min, the akhira both of these are choices that we can make, to be Muslim, is to choose to live thoughtfully, choosing wisely, and investing in the everlasting future. The fact that if you live a life, which has a good investment in the everlasting future, this life will also give us a beautiful life in this world is a bonus. For example, what happens for example, they think about like this, which is that Ross Ross told us their smile is so if you smile at me, I smiled at you this is other meaning that it has a benefit for me and you on the Day of Judgment, but smiling in the world itself

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produces good feeling about each other, it and it and for enhances and it supports friendship. So there is a there is a positive effect in the dunya. And there is also a positive effect in the akhira life is not a matter of living from sensation to sensation like animals.

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Human life has to be more than that. Think about your legacy, I think about my legacy and what am I leaving behind when I'm gone What will I be remembered for? That should be something worthwhile.

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Not just leaving from sensation to sensation, right going from thrill to thrill anything for Unadilla In short, I mean what kind of life is that? That is the life of animals. Now think about this we die as we live we cannot be living in a particular way and expect to die in the opposite way we cannot live in the disobedience of Allah and expect to die with EMR and vice versa. Right Allah Masha Allah, Allah said Yeah, are you are loving it? Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu Tala ka Ducati one atom Ortona Illa. One Two mostly mood and let's run it and I said oh you will relieve fear. The displeasure of Allah have Taqwa as it is right that you should have his taqwa and do not die except

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in a state of Islam with complete submission to Allah subhanaw taala. Now if if we are going to follow this if we have to follow the eye this is IO HK Allah said don't die except in a state of Islam. How will that happen? If I'm living in a state of Islam, I cannot live in a state outside Islam and expect to die. In Islam I cannot live my life with a with a glass of whiskey in my head and expect to die with the Quran in my hand it will not happen by the law Mashallah. It will not happen.

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My brothers and sisters, it is the come to a close of our of our session we ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to that which is pleasing to Him and to say and which is a source of benefit for us in this dunya and akhira. And to guard us against that which is a source of destruction and loss for us in the dunya and akhira. And some way to save us We ask Allah to save us from His anger. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to follow the Sunnah of his beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam in all that we say and we do and to make also Allah is another Hollywood's I will set up an intercessor for us on the Day of Judgment. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the Shabbat of

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Rasul Allah He some of the Hadith

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Selam when we meet him on the day of judgment, Robert has a long Rancho Santa we lived off on our Honda, then Cassini probe and Alfa Aquila and Andrew when I woke up Farah NASA. Yeah, Tina. Whatever. phenom algebra. Yeah, you will. Yeah, yeah. Yeah for you. We don't have to get us the list as Leila now. Shannon Akula Lila heyland was Alana Hara we'll Karim Allah Allah He was a member of karma Rahimi, I want to close an end, requesting you for dua for your dua for me and my wife and for our for our forgiveness, ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept whatever we have done here. In this class, you ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive all the mistakes and the and the weaknesses in this

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and to

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to reward us and to guide us and to keep us in a safety and guidance or someone Allah will carry while he was ready to go