Tayyib Counsellor Program – Learn, then Earn – Islamic Weight Loss and Nutrition, doctor-designed

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a new online campaign to promote the tube counselor program, which is designed to encourage people to get started and lose weight. They highlight the success of the program and hope to make it possible for millions of people to participate. The campaign is focused on promoting the principles of ancient wisdom and modern science in the field of technology.
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And just like I said, we'll put it out there. We're so glad we've got this ready in time for Ramadan. Really amazing results for the sisters who did the trials. So now we're ready to roll it out. Please all sisters who want to lose weight and want to earn money as well sign up to the tube counselor program. It's our first rollout starting in 10 days time and we have full support, everything is ready to go online lessons one to one sessions full tracking really amazing. It's the best combination of ancient wisdom with modern science and automated earning. Come on, lose weight, make money, advocate to your community, fill in the form get started. We're limiting spaces and time

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because time is short. So please join up as soon as you can, Inshallah, and we will see you there. Like I say it's the way you think about food and the way you approach it spiritually, physically, mentally, and we've incorporated all of that and to the sisters. You can see they've lost weight. We are so proud of them and thank you for making this a success. We hope we can make it possible for hundreds maybe 1000s of people worldwide inshallah.