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AI: Summary © The importance of faith in Islam is highlighted in the context of the Prophet's actions and the use of bodyguards in the marketplace. The importance of strong faith is also emphasized in the context of a recent trial in which a woman was killed by a man who claimed to have killed her. The importance of faith is also emphasized in the journey of acceptance and acceptance in the church. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a tour of a church.
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Ah man woman for them in the bathroom little water for so long what you know yummy Dean, Aloma alumina my info now and finally my limb Tina was in our element in the kitchen Tillery mill hacking. So we started off we have reached the section that talks or mentions the Stories of the Prophets. And we said this is a big a big chunk of the surah especially the first half of the solar is about the prophets and they are in the common order in the Quran

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starting with profit No.

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yeah, starting with profit, no honey salon and

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slight side lesson to the mod. And then looked at he said this is a very common and final issue. This is a very common order of the stories and the Quran when they are mentioned together. And it says the purpose of this order that we mentioned is to consult the purpose was to console the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that opposition is actually the normal response of the people who are not looking for the truth or the people who are not interested in the truth. And Allah mentioned the noble Nanaka Danika. Johanna if equally equally Acharya Academy Ramu Jerimiah, Liam Kofi

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Andreas we have

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placed in every city, every town, every nation, the criminals among them, and again, the criminals here who act

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against the pure human nature of belief and accepting the the truth, and Allah subhanaw taala.

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With the great emphasis these days on human rights and people's feelings and things like that, some of it is actually good. But it's mixed with a lot of exaggeration, in many areas, and sometimes immoral stances.

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Somebody might ask, you know, why does Allah subhanaw taala you know, try good people with bad people. Like why does Allah allow oppressors Why does Allah Allah have disbelievers to give the believers hard time? What does Allah allow this to happen? Is Allah supposed to help the believers? Allah actually mentioned in the Quran, Allah says we can only convert and we bow then the Hulu, Allah, Allahu Allah human being in and thus we have tried those with those Allah tests us also Allah tested believers, with the disbelievers and Allah tests the disbelievers with the believers.

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Allah wants to raise the believers higher,

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and to be raised higher.

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You need to offer something and sometimes you don't initiate that offer. So Allah subhanaw taala makes us go through hardship. So we are patient, so we put up with more challenges, and we are more patient and then Allah rewards us for that. And this is all part of the Mercy of Allah, Allah, Allah plans your life in an optimal way. Every human being, every human being the other runs in your favor, only time

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the corner runs in your favor. But you don't see that or we don't see that because we insist on our perspective. We don't insist on our plan. But if you let the other unfold, and you respond to Allah, with faith, trust, and humility, because it is designed to run in your favor, it's serving you.

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That's how Allah designed this world how resolve Allah wrote, the other the fate and the destiny of every human being. There is a Hadith from the Prophet SAW Selim Hadith has been collected by Imam Muhammad, where the Prophet SAW Selim actually indicates this but sometimes we don't understand the Hadith.

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Or we limit the perspective we place on the Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim says Men cannot and if you're not to Hannah,

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Gemma Allah, Allah, Shimla or Omraam

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wa Jalla Raina, who vehicle will be

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at a to dunya will hear of him.

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Whoever has Allah on the last day as his or her main concern, meaning they want Allah, this person is living for Allah, that seeking Allah seeking meeting Allah on the Day of Judgment. That's the perspective from which they approach life. That's their approach to life is I want Allah life is

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A vehicle for me to make it to Allah. It's an environment for me full of resources where I can pick resources and, you know, taking them as stepping stones to Allah take this analogy as someone who's trying to cross a river and you find stones you place you pick stones from the river, that you are afraid that would probably you know, drown you or maybe even a pull you with the with the current, you take stones from the river and you place them in front of you you are there they become actually the means through which you cross the river and overcome that challenge. So life is like this is full of stones, stepping stones that you can use. Everything in life is just like this, so you place

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them so as someone who approaches life like this, that Allah Subhana Allah has put so many resources at your disposal for you to use them to Allah and your goal is Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim said, Allah Santana will take care of their affairs.

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Meaning Allah will manage their affairs Allah will make things run easily smoothly for them.

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And Allah will place in the heart a sense of wealth, abundance, richness, contentment, which arena healthier Colombia and this is a marina villa, this is feeling the sufficiency and the richness because of that connection with Allah is local herself.

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So externally affairs are managed internally, you feel no need for anything, you detach from anything you have no attachment to anything outside because you see its real value. You see the and you see the the true value is seeking is with Allah. The Prophet Solomon says, we're attached to dunya Hara, and this world will come to the service of this person.

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Even if against its own will.

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Why that shows or other is actually working for you. But your job is alignment.

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You align yourself with Allah's

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command and Allah's plan. When you align your heart with Allah's command, what Allah loves you love what Allah loves, and you do what Allah loves.

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And you accept Allah has cuddle with openness and acceptance and trust.

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Things will start working for you. Does this mean life will be easy? Like a an easier ride?

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No, there will be challenges, but they will not feel as challenges.

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They will not feel as challenges. They will feel like beautiful rides,

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back challenges you're gonna be through on your path to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I think there was this against story or analogy, which is actually very quite expressive about this.

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A student came to the teacher and said, You know, I'm

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complaining about the life My life is miserable stuff. And it's hard. It's always one calamity after the other I don't get all like one there's a lot of lack, etc.

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And the teacher was wise so did not want to give

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a verbal answer because that doesn't really teach. He realized his student needed a deeper experience of learning. So he said to the student, he gave him a little bit of salt. He said take the salt.

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And he gave him a small cup of water.

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He said put the salt in the water.

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He put the soul in the water he said spirit.

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drinkin. He put in his mouth spat it out. It's in that's bitter, salty. I can't sort of

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consume it

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is good. You give him a similar amount of salt as commodities go together. And they went to a lake sweet lake. And he said,

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throw the salt in the lake. It will be so many he says stir it yesterday.

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He brought the same cup after cleaning it and he took a little bit of water and he said now taste the water. How does it taste? Is it fresh? Sweet.

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He says with life. Don't be like the water in the cup.

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Be like the lake. The same amount of bitterness, the same amount of salt but it does not disturb

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does not disturb the freshness of the water. Right. So this is how the believer goes through life. They're going to experience challenges, but they will not feel as they're calamities. These are opportunities where for you to be patient for you to be persistent for you to be devoured for you to keep going and you see them as ascending steps or steps to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, the last one would say

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tells the prophets of Allah, send them here, consolidate that off, that

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do not feel sad, and do not let the rejection and the opposition of these people bring you down.

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That's the nature they're expressing their nature, the response to the truth.

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And Allah mentioned why in other places in the Quran, why he mentioned the stories of the Prophet SAW Salem, leaving with him, catholic and apostolic and also the man with a b2b for attack. And we read to you the stories of some of the prophets so that we add firmness to your heart, we make your heart stronger, because of the challenges. Sometimes we're humans, we have that weakness, and they might get overwhelming. So we need that spiritual push that will

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empower the the heart, rather than the fear of the mind or the immediate experience. And when that grows, again, it turns the human into a lake can handle that little bit of salt, not like a little bit of water that gets really salty and bitter with that little amount of salt can't be so the lake cannot be disturbed by that little amount of salt.

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And Subhan Allah interestingly, humans take consolation and other humans, when you are going through an experience and illness, poverty. And then you hear about someone who went through a similar story,

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it actually lessens your burden, because the burden is shared now.

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So this is why you find a lot of, for example, self help books are full of anecdotes, write stories about people, someone in similar situations, similar who did that. And that's what they got. These are very informative and very inspiring, because we humans, as my mind says that the mind works on comparison, we always comparing when we have a reference point to compare to. So the moment you hear, for example, people in Corona here who really lost their business, or they had like, very, like financially, it didn't do them well, when they heard how many others actually went through the same somehow. It lessens their burden, somehow. So this shows the connection among humans as well.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us here about human nature as well. That's another side of the meaning of the stories here that when you are not alone in the predicament, and you know, you're not alone on this path, even though these people who came before you is going to lessen your burden. And that's why you saw that in fact, you have and the scholars who talked about talked in detail about the type zero circle fit, we say, Sarah ballerina and I'm entirely him. It's the path, the ones that you have bestowed Your mercy upon. Why? Cuz it makes you feel the companionship with the believers from all nations and all times. You're not alone on this path, and also elect yet to adhere to the

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law he was allowed to apply but Assalamu aleikum

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wa rahmatullah wa barakato salam ala you know, the last one.

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Right, you mentioned Peace be upon us. And all the pious servants of Allah, ye feeling the companionship, you're not alone on this path. So this is an important part. And that's why the Prophet SAW Selim says they can be with the Juma be with the group because humans need that relational element, that companionship when we are alone. It's easier for us to be broken to feel weak. Humans strengthen the spirit of other humans

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All right, so And by the way, when when you try to do something that's probably you think no one else did you try to do it. You'd easily give up on it. But the moment you hear someone else did it,

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your spirit goes up, automatically you get encouraged.

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Okay, so Allah Subhan Allah tells the Prophet SAW Selim about other messengers who came before and that serves many purposes. Again, the primary purpose is actually to lift the spirit of the Prophet SAW Salem remind him is not alone in facing this response. And this is just normal, and things will eventually end up in in good shape or lost parliament will give give victory to the truth. What is emphasized here is the ridicule. So we said these stories are mentioned many times in the Quran. What's emphasized in salt a lot of you will find there is the ridicule the personal attack, on the on the profits. Let's look at

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Let's look at profit new. Verse number

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59 starts 59 In verse number 6060 columella Amen call me in Allah Naraka, Fiona and mobian, the people the elite or the those, the troublemakers.

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Among these people, they said, we see that you are clearly misguided, misguided, you are basically

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what they were trying to say that it's obvious that you lost it. But you don't have any guidance. You don't know what you're talking about. It doesn't make any sense what you're saying. It's ridiculously

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off that what you came with,

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for heaping that on a rocket fuel on any movie, and it's a personal attack on him to the point that he needed to sort of defend himself at a personal level. So you said Carla called Marissa be Valhalla? He says all my people, there is no misguidance in me. There is no misguidance in me, I'm not misguided. So they made it about about him as if there was a personal attack

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on him.

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Then the second story, the story of Prophethood with his people add.

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And this is actually even worse. Verse number 66. They say Karl Malone, Medina, kapha Roman, call me in linerlock Caffee Safa. We're in the

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They say those people like the troublemakers among these people, they said, We see you in foolishness. You are a fool. Not only you're misguided, but like very degrading, condescending type of language. It's a You're a fool, we see that you are in foolishness. You're steeped in foolishness.

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Again, a personal attack. So this is emphasized in this song. So you see when the last metal reveals the stories in the Quran,

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Allah mentions the story in a way and the details in a way that see it serves the purpose of the surah. So it's not repetition. The so these stories here have a different taste. The taste here, you will notice is personal attack, personal attack on the prophets. Why? Because a big part of our purpose in the Surah is to console the prophecies and tell him that when they when they call you a magician, a liar, a poet, a sorcerer, etc, this personal attack on you, okay, this is not a new thing. And it's not about you in the home, let your kids be born. Right. It's not that they don't trust you, when I cannot learn the meaning behind the language. But they actually they are. They

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reject Allah's signs and Allah's words.

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Alright, so this prophethood he was called foolish

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to the point that he had to defend himself, verse number 67, is a layer called Malaysia visa. There's no foolishness, like another one of four. And by the way, this shows

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that the prophets were mature psychologically.

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Imagine if someone is immature, immature psychologically, and you tell them, hey, you misguided, they're either gonna react to this, or they're gonna feel this kind of self doubt about them. Whereas the companion of the prophets, would they responded with logic, they said, You're misguided, he said, I'm not misguided. That's as simple as that.

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You are, you're a fool, you are steeped in foolishness, right? There's no foolishness in me, simple as that. It doesn't get to them. And this shows that this spiritual strength of the Prophets and Messengers may make them psychologically resilient.

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And famous story

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is out there as is right when he was the Khalifa.

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And he usually rejected bodyguards, but it was still the system because if the Khalifa is assassinated, it creates turmoil in the in the in the state.

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So he was in the marketplace, check on business how it's going.

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And he happens to bump into a person accidentally.

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So the person I know obviously, very, like vulgar disrespectful language. It says modern and man's gets frustrated. I knew a donkey obviously it's an insult right? In English, it's like your dog or something like

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So the now the bodyguards they want to jump to the guy

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I am a lot of analogies.

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I'm not a donkey.

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He didn't take offense.

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It's not like he was faking it. He saw secure inside because when you're connected to Allah, you're secure. There's no need for external validation, personal attack on you does not get to your heart.

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Because you have this, this this support from Allah, this inner strength,

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your sense of self, your dignity is not contingent on external factors that are quite variable and they keep changing and fluctuating. They're, you know, people have different go through different moods. It's not dependent on your independent of the opinion of others, or of the speech of others. You're dependent on

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Allah subhanho wa taala.

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yesterday, man said, model and he said law and so you donkey, and said no.

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So the God wanted again to the wanted to jump the guy on was a belief and he asked me a question I answered. Move on. Imagine if we can, you know,

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go through life just like that.

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No one can get to you. But the problem is, many of us are walking around looking for an opportunity to get offended. Like someone says something, what did you say? Are you talking about me, right?

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That shows you that we're actually we're receptive, we're attracting the kind of stuff. Alright, so again, this is a glimpse into what the prophets what kind of people they were.

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Let's move on to see sila. And he Silla, what you

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look at the humiliation.

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It's a little bit contextual here the ridicule is not straightforward. It's contextual. So Allah says in verse number 37, starts the story of a Prophet salallahu Salam, that he started he said to his people, fear Allah you have no true God, no one who deserves to be worshipped but him.

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There is a sign assign has come to you from Allah, this is the she camel.

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So let it eat, from this land the land of Allah, and do not bring any haunted and remember, or be mindful how Allah made you dominant on Earth after AD who were destroyed. Right? And Allah facilitated or gave you power over the earth to use it, build houses, and carve houses into mountains.

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So remember the bounties of Allah upon you and do not bring about mischief, do not spend mischief. Look at the arrogant ones among them just the arrogance. So they were hoti looking down upon us upon silence, and the believers. So

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it's not like they were saying, Hey, you're wrong, you're misguided you for

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no, they said, Allah Mala Latina stick Borromean comida, Latinas, tobacco, the arrogant ones said to the weaker ones, the simple ones,

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lemon Eminem and hum to the believers among the good ones.

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Do you really know that cider is? Do you have proof that sila is sent from Allah? Do you really know that for sure.

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And it could also be interpreted, which is some of the scholars if difficile mentioned that.

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They didn't ask them as a question in court as an inquiry, but they asked them as

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they were pulling their feet. They said they gave the wrong impression to the believers, because they already resisted. And they were arrogant, acting with arrogance, looking down upon silence. And he Salam and the believers. Now one day they came to these believers and they said, Hey, do you know that silence was sent by Allah?

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Now you're full of hope as a believer. These arrogant ones are about to believe the Prophet Salam went through something like that, when the surah of Abba was revealed down, the prophets of salaam was speaking to the

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leaders in Mecca, and he sensed some

00:24:43--> 00:25:00

positive response some receptivity from them. So he so he wanted to invest in that and then Abdullah Maktoum, the blind person came to the program asking me about something and about Allah. The Prophet has an frowned in the face of love, no matter

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Like it's not a time like

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there is some hope here that maybe these arrogant people would actually, you know, surrender, be humble, humble, humble themselves to the truth and believe. Right so the President had hope and this this is pulling the leg so the people of sada the arrogant ones among them, the disbelievers. They set up the believer ones, the believing ones, and they said to them, Do you know that Salah has sent from Allah?

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So the believer said, Yeah, we believe in Him.

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Now when they said we believe in Him, the arrogant ones, they said,

00:25:37--> 00:25:39

We reject what you believe in.

00:25:41--> 00:25:51

Sort of, again, it's a play on words. But again, it's very, like passively aggressive. And it's, it's very deceptive in the approach,

00:25:52--> 00:26:05

following nabina, or pseudo behavior for an ordinary man momentum in inability, and to me he can call it laziness, total inability to make the arguments they said, what you believe in with disbelief.

00:26:07--> 00:26:25

Meaning, you know, we're not going to stoop to that to your level. And then what did they do? They killed the miracle, which is the she camel, and then they addressed saw that they said, Okay, you you want us we killed you cannot bring your punishment.

00:26:26--> 00:26:28

So again, a personal challenge here.

00:26:30--> 00:26:37

Then Allah subhanaw taala obviously sent upon them an earthquake, that destroyed by bliss, come to loot,

00:26:38--> 00:26:48

loot Alayhis Salam, one these people against, again, men approaching men with intimacy and sexuality. And he said that will bring the punishment of a law upon him.

00:26:50--> 00:27:07

What was the response of his people, kick them out of our town. You don't deserve to live in this you're not civilized enough to be with us. You think you're better than us you think you poorer than us, kick them out of the city want to get you out of here.

00:27:08--> 00:27:28

Again, a personal attack. The Prophet also experienced all types of these attacks, there was a personal attack on him that you're misguided what you came with is a soft little avoiding things that you borrowed from previous nations favorite fairy tales, and you learn that from the Jews from the Christians

00:27:30--> 00:27:39

in Allen raka FISA, your for your madonn they call them original, right? You're insane you're not you're not okay, yes, I have something wrong with your head.

00:27:41--> 00:27:42


00:27:44--> 00:28:01

with regards to Salah, they attacked the companions of the Prophet and they tried to kill him himself. They conspired, they brought 10 young men from each clan, right to kill the prophets of Solomon personal attack, physically meaning

00:28:04--> 00:28:12

and they also when they conspired, what to do, they were, like weighing some options, one of the options was

00:28:13--> 00:28:16

and last time I mentioned them in solitary slot, either

00:28:18--> 00:28:29

put him in a prison until he dies, or xylem kick him out, right or kill him. And that's when she upon came in the form of a man right as

00:28:30--> 00:29:09

as an old man from Nigeria, right and he told them you know, if you put him in prison, the news about Him will spread and he will become like a warrior, like freedom fighter right? And then he will get more followers. If you examine him, he's gonna rally people against you. He's gonna win winners, said one man said this kill him. He said how the hard way. So that's, that's what you should do. That's the solution to Muhammad. Right? So the Prophet Salam experienced all of those. So Allah is saying what you were experiencing is not new. And this shows the Prophet SAW Salem what he experienced is combination of what all the prophets and messengers have received. And that shows the

00:29:09--> 00:29:13

higher you are with Allah, the bigger your challenges are going to be.

00:29:14--> 00:29:30

And but that comes with a bonus. The the higher your Eman is, so the more capable, the more empowered you are by Allah to handle those challenges. And that's why the Prophet SAW so for example, when he was dying, he said in nila, oh Alko can you afford Raju learning?

00:29:32--> 00:29:59

When his daughter Fatima, are we alone? She said our Nicola to Akira so Allah you are going through the pains of death. This to preserve death. The prophets of time said I experience double what each one of you experiences. Why? Because Allah wants to elevate him even higher, higher and higher. But again, you might see why the pain I mean you're experienced you're trying to experience that pain from your position but the Prophet SAW Salem you

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His faith empowers him over that that be

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Schreib let's come to share

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the story of profit tribe and Islam what they said to him

00:30:26--> 00:31:04

Colin Miller of Linus tech promo co me here in Phrygian Nokia shuaibu Verse number 88 Karl Malone livina stick moment comida region Nokia Yash Ribolla Dena Emanuel makan and Korea Tina Hola, Tarun FEV Latina, by our local community in Palestine or like even in ordinary mythological by the in a journal la Homina. So, the troublemakers from his people, those who are arrogant, they said, We shall kick you out Hy and those who has joined you in faith, or we give you another option, you come back or you you you go back to our way of life to our faith or religion.

00:31:05--> 00:31:25

He said what if, like, we rejected both, you know, we're not going for this or for that, like we're not going to You can't force us into believing in your way. We would be lying if we were just to follow your ways. After we have seen the truth after Allah saved us from us. For Allah saved us from that.

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So eventually, they give him a serious threat and look at again the composure of the prophets, verse number 89. In the middle, he says, warmer cooler Linna. And now that he has a yesha Hola, hola, Bora. We would not go

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back into your way of life.

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Right? But look at what he says. unless Allah wills something.

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He's basically saying, even our guidance is not up to us.

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We refuse to go back into your religion or your way of life. And we will never go back.

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But things are not in our hands, things are in the hands of Allah. Allah ye sha Allah if Allah wants something. Again, he emphasizes, go hate the Oneness of Allah. Then look at the courage that comes from faith. By the way, fear comes from being distant from Allah, fear of the creation, fear of consequences. When a person's heart is full of connection and love of Allah, there's no place for fear, they don't know fear.

00:32:31--> 00:32:34

So there is a trade off between a man

00:32:35--> 00:32:37

and fear of other things.

00:32:38--> 00:32:41

This is why Muhammad said, Men Men

00:32:59--> 00:33:09

something towards men, men out of Allah. Let me have Shane, whoever truly knows Allah, meaning the knowledge of faith of a man that would feel nothing.

00:33:11--> 00:33:13

It would feel nothing. So

00:33:18--> 00:33:21

look at how he how he responded to them after that threat.

00:33:23--> 00:33:37

He said what's your Bona Aquila che in Allah has covered everything in knowledge Allah knows or knows who you are, who we are, what's the truth and what's false. And Allah knows what's going to happen. Everything's in the hands of Allah. Allah Allah He talkin

00:33:38--> 00:34:09

for us, with these options you gave us and the threat serious threat and obviously he's weak with the little people are with him, but others they have the power and the means. He said Allah Allah azza wa jal for us we rely on Allah, we trust an Allah you do what you want to do, what minister have been and I will be no brainer for me I will have to interact with that when he turns to Allah, Oh Allah, you settle this affair, this issue between us and our people, and you are the best of judges or you're the best one to you know, settle this affair.

00:34:11--> 00:34:19

So there was more threat from his people. Verse number 90, were Carl Miller who lived in Oklahoma call me and tobacco I'm sure he'd been in the hospital.

00:34:20--> 00:34:38

Again, the Oregon one said to the believes if you truly follow your aim, and you remain with him, you aren't going to be the losers because we're going to kick you out or kill you or destroy you. So it was a serious threat. The Prophet Muhammad SAW someone went through the same but look at the courage of, of Prophet, try reading Islam. He said, Do what you want.

00:34:40--> 00:34:48

Do what you want. We put our trust in Allah, He knows everything. He's aware of everything. or Allah. You judge between us.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

When I say go to compromise, it's a time of need. You know, I'm under pressure. Let me make a compromise. None of that why the level of faith does not permit

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

That level of faith of a prophet does not permit they cannot get themselves to give in.

00:35:08--> 00:35:20

And that's the beauty of faith. That's the beauty of faith. Now, someone who would not have this level of faith that would be exempt, by the way, like, some of the companions, like I'm not a Vinyasa.

00:35:21--> 00:35:33

I'm not gonna settle the lava and who came to the Prophet SAW Salem. And he said, he came in a very bad state. His the US ally did something horrible. Should we do? He said, I insulted you.

00:35:34--> 00:35:48

How come? Should people took me they killed like tortured my father, they tortured me they killed my mother in front of me until I say something bad about you. And I did the provinces and said, you know, if they do it again, insult me again.

00:35:50--> 00:36:03

It doesn't mean that companion didn't have high level of faith, but it's not the same as as Prophets and Messengers. It depends on the level of Eman. So this is why sometimes there are answers, there are answers that are not fit for everyone.

00:36:05--> 00:36:28

There are challenges, there are challenges that are not fit for everyone. So, and this is why scholars many times actually, and this is a very common thing in the book. So there would give an answer based on the faith of the person, their assessment, the personal assessment of the faith of the person, if they see, because in Islam, we have two things rasa, and Azeema

00:36:29--> 00:36:36

rasa is an exemption allows for that. But there is something called as EMA, which is basically not taking the exemption,

00:36:37--> 00:36:39

not taking the exemption going the hard way.

00:36:43--> 00:36:46

Now, if someone does not have strong faith,

00:36:47--> 00:36:52

it's actually very problematic for them to take the hard way. It could be a real fitna and they could actually lose their faith.

00:36:54--> 00:37:01

So what Islam really what a wise 40 scholar would choose should choose for them the easy way out.

00:37:03--> 00:37:04

Whereas someone who has the faith,

00:37:06--> 00:37:09

they should be encouraged to take the Azeema the hard way. This is why

00:37:11--> 00:37:48

the woman who came to the Prophet Solomon said there was a lot in your Salah, whatever surah in the English if I have fits, maybe, maybe she was epileptic. I get these fits. And when I do that, you know I move around as my body gets exposed. The professor has told her in shape to the How to lucky for Shafaq Illa and JT subharti When I came Jana, if you wish, I can make dua for you and Allah would heal you from this, this fits. But if you wish, this is the officer right? Easy way out there. Azeema if you wish, you could be patient with that state, live with it. And you reward with Allah with the region

00:37:52--> 00:38:07

which ones usually she said, so Allah Osman how be patient I'll take the hard way she had faith when working with Allah Allah Allah Hola, Turkish meaning that I do not expose my body when I go through these fits. So the promises are made for

00:38:09--> 00:38:13

and this is the same thing. There is a debate among scholars shall a person take medicine or not take medicine

00:38:16--> 00:38:17

in certain states,

00:38:18--> 00:38:21

right in fact, some of the competitors would say no, no Medus

00:38:22--> 00:38:34

wait for them it's a it's a trial that came to them from Allah they want to go with the hardware. Where's the profit centers today? Oh, a bad Allah. Or servants of Allah seek medication. Seek medication.

00:38:36--> 00:39:00

Okay, so matters in Islam and Sharia law. Not many people like like them to be very simplistic. They hear a hadith and they say okay, that's why do you think that hadith and that's it for everyone. But we don't realize Islam is richer than this very childish approach. So again, the prophets here Prophet righ, showed so much courage and restraint in such a, like a scary, scary, overwhelming situation.

00:39:02--> 00:39:05

He was not shaken by that. Why? Because faith, it's faith.

00:39:08--> 00:39:10

And eventually, Allah subhanaw taala

00:39:13--> 00:39:30

destroy them, then Allah reprimands, the people who, again, do not take heed of the signs of Allah and the warnings, and the messages that come from prophets and messengers. And that's a warning for the people of correction. Again, we said the Surah At the beginning, don't forget the verse.

00:39:32--> 00:39:57

The second verse, which is Kitab wounds and now hoylake It's about the revelation of the Prophet Muhammad Sal Solomon Sula is going to talk about this fella you're confused. Erica Howard, do not be sending saddened by the response that's consolation of the prophets of Salaam and third one, so that you warn and remind. So this is a warning for the rejecters of, of faith

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:04

Hola Mundo refers to the story of Musa alayhis salam. This is in verse number

00:40:05--> 00:40:06


00:40:09--> 00:40:40

And it takes quite a bit of Salah to laugh and it requires a special treatment because this is probably this the longest. This unsolo PA is like probably the longest that we have of sort of the story of Prophet Musa he's sort of by and large and there are actually quite similar so if someone raises that Aleph and Baha if you don't memorize very, very well there are watershed there are similar points we actually jump over from an above Toba. Right so

00:40:41--> 00:41:22

so these are probably some of the longest that we have about the story of Prophet Musa alayhis salam so inshallah we will deal with it and sha Allah next week, conclude with Surah allow it serves the purpose of constellation of the prophets of Salaam, but serves other purposes as well of the surah talking about the revelation, the guidance and talking about how people respond to it. So those who respond negatively it's a warning it serves as a warning. Those who don't respond positive or those who respond with acceptance, it will be a reminder meaning and awakening of their sutra, it's, it's a calling, it's a call to home, right? Calls humans back home, back to Allah subhanaw taala back to

00:41:22--> 00:41:51

what they know and back to their pure true nature, as Allah, Allah says in surah 18 But God halacha in Santa Fe is Anita who came from Malaga dinner who was philosophically in the Medina and Anwar Emilio Solly. Had we created men in the best shape. And this also means in the best state, humans are created believers. Were born in a stadium with a football. Right, from Moraga. Now as far as aphelion, it's usually the

00:41:53--> 00:42:00

influence and the conditioning of society that brings people down. As soon as Afeni down, it takes them away from their true nature.

00:42:01--> 00:42:10

In the Lilina, Herman except for those who believe in the righteous deeds, those people return to their good nature. That's the journey of faith, by the way.

00:42:11--> 00:42:31

That's the journey of faith, all of us are given this challenge of the influence of society, that usually takes us away from the natural state of faith, even in good environments, even in good environments. So the journey is always life is all is always basically

00:42:32--> 00:42:33

going back to where you started.

00:42:35--> 00:42:44

Really, that's the story of faith. Going back to where you started, to where Allah you know, started you the state of faith and belief.

00:42:46--> 00:42:50

Okay, so we're gonna stop here. We can take a couple of questions

00:42:52--> 00:42:55

about about the soil, anything about the soil?

00:42:58--> 00:42:58


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but her Insha Allah, so we will need to be Mila here next week to Zack Makarov, Salam salam ala Sayidina Muhammad early he also had behaved with Allah