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When you talk about the soul, and when you talk about the heart, the heart and the soul have needs, they have essential needs just like the body has needs. And one of the essential needs of the heart and of the soul is to be to have oxygen to have food and water, just like the body needs food and water. Just like the body needs oxygen, the heart and the soul need its oxygen to stay alive. And the oxygen of the heart and the soul is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that what that does, it's literally food for the soul. You've heard this expression, but it's, it's literally feeds the soul. And so one of the things that sometimes we do that starves us spiritually is that we we

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deprive our hearts and souls of oxygen, simple as that. And and what are some of the ways we do that? We do that, number one, the most extreme way in which we deprive our hearts and souls of spiritual oxygen is when we're not praying. When we don't pray, or we don't pray, as we're told to pray five times a day. It's like depriving the heart of of its oxygen of the spiritual oxygen that it needs to just be okay and stay alive.