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Yes, sister, I saw a salamati Glock dilla YouTubers who are just joining us, I want you to join us live for office hours Wednesday, August 2, also happens to be my dad's birthday. So we are here grand revolution answering questions from level one, two and three. But anyone out in Facebook land, or anyone out in the YouTube universe, please feel free core on questions reading reciting confidence based. And that brings us over to what you're saying, right now we're in a discussion about all the content that's here. So what's the truth? This is recorded and kind of treated as a recording? But would you as a new student, say that the recordings of this content are very

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precious? Like what we do here is a whole course in itself. Because such I think about this, the the live class and office hours is kind of the back end. Right? We want you to get real great interaction with the videos and your submissions. But we never intended that these office hours and or the live classes I thought in live class. Really, when we said live class, I was just going to be there answering questions. So, so barkcloth equal to everyone out there, and it's great to have you with us.

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Why not treat these as a place where we are doing complete lessons. And here's where I want to see the world come together.

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Barca lofi come walaikum salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Abu Musab and family Good to see you, brother. You can tell us a little about yourself. We're trying to answer any questions you have about Quran recitation. But yes, some of the studies that I got to on recitation worked were translation were in the an institute founded by Dr. Oz. So a very nice question and Walaikum Salam to you to my YouTubers. If you want to get in and start asking one or two questions about what could bring you into this world, you guys can do that over here. I feel like Sister Aisha and myself and both showerhead you guys can all ping on this. Shouldn't the YouTube universe the Facebook world?

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Shouldn't they get access to some portion of this office hours? Because friends can you all tell me some of the topics that we discuss in Quran revolution that you would have never thought had to do with Quran revolution? Right? Yesterday we someone was talking to us. One of our students has been cutting back on dairy. I said Ahmad ecomark de la creme creme Abdi just took your name this morning bro. Allah is my witness.

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Mud timing. Okay, so we have a question here about the medulla timing. So I'm Fatima let's let's work together. Oh, kasi and family Great to have you. Let's talk about mode dude from a level two perspective. So the level two concept is, if it's north to south squiggly, it's going top to bottom, the sound is going to stretch for to Isla ADA. Then after that any squiggly line going from east to west any mud going east to west we would start off by going more than two. And that was the mud for three. So when you say love

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here comes the introduction of mud mud First Lady and motorcycle. So the reality is your three doesn't exist. It's four or six. Now we've established to four or six plus six plus or to assert or tool. Now you helped me kasi and family did the Sahaba count on their fingers not necessary? No they did not. They got used to the sound so Are y'all with me here? So help me get yourself comfortable with your ear and getting the timing

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that's different. You're not going to sit there and go bone bone bone bone you're gonna let your allow your ear to catch the sound so when I say what

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lamina sama

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e ma

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Raja be the Aquila Jebi hear me you know I'm I want the these squalicum fella Dr Lu la he and that

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dum da la mod. Now I thought I was going to run into some more than we do there but that didn't work out. So what am I really hinting at here? For whom Fatima and family I'm first hinting at, get used to your own sound? What is your sound and then

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Number two, I hope all Quran revolution students recognize this, you're also recognizing, and just to humera you're brand new, I think you can even start to relate to this to your to is going to be relative based on the speed of your recitation and or the tempo, your speed is going to be based on the speed on the tempo. So when I say Alhamdulillah, here or below, I mean, our manual Mahi, Maliki Oh, me, Dean, that, think about that. The medulla is not going to end late in mobile VR that you didn't want to.

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Lean, that's not going to happen if I'm reading at full speed. Did that all make sense?

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If I'm reading at full speed, my it's inappropriate for me to say.

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Waiting Moldoveanu he wanted all the in like to stretch it really long. To one of my dear YouTubers, I think you just posted a comment. And I could, it just popped up and jumped away. So if you want to post that question one more time, it would be great. I'm going to catch your question. So the idea of Medusa isn't so difficult on the two or four

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barkcloth ECAM. Yes, thank you sister, Lisa Samaniego de la. So all of us got that because we all get caught up in this is it mudman festival, motorcycle Awaji blossom and then you're like, but and then the whole time you're trying to figure out what the name is. And nobody can catch the melody in their ear. So tell me that made sense to everyone one in the chat box, or give me a

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surah hudge surah. Hajj can someone bring up on recite Sr Praveen, could you grab recite And does anyone know which website also has the word toward clicking but they don't have permission. I couldn't find them again. I don't know what happened. I we didn't wish them to go away. But recycler If you want to pull it up, that'd be great.

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recycler. And then I think it's I thought it was or Quran. But whoever the other people were just pull that up. We have a request for Surah Hodge, a while Aiken was Saddam Rahmatullah sister

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humera. And I'd like to welcome everyone brother Ridwan is here from our year two students completing the full 12 months of Quran revolutions first,

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first level of study and Al Hamdulillah. He has now reached

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year two, and he's finishing in a month he'll finish semester number one. So Ridwan, you're here. I didn't want to make a big deal out of you being here, buddy. But if you have any questions, or hamdulillah any questions for me? Yeah. Alhamdulillah to that. Any questions for being here? Go ahead and and let us in. Those of you at home guys ready to go. Okay.

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I'm going to do a screen share here for grand revolution students. Please you guys come in on any of the questions and I'll read your questions over here to my YouTubers, guys, if you have a Quran at home, please go ahead and do it. If someone wants to put the link in the live it's recite Y'all gotta recite with me now two guys.

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hamdulillah the lot of the class is live right now. We are doing Gron revolution office hours and just wanted you all out there to get a chance we want you all to start your revolution. I took permission from the live students live students.

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So the YouTubers are down here as well. We're broadcasting on Facebook. We're broadcasting on YouTube as well to give students access to Grand revolution. Let's build it off from the stomachs guys. For those of you who are new five primordial sounds that are from the belly, the beginning of all sounds

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E O. O A D everyone got it?

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Oh, do we know? He mean a shape on your Raji?

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Can you try that at home everyone.

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E g, or two o AE? Kind of get that? That bass sound that's coming at EO a.

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Or do we love him in our show Paul?

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On your Raji

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you're going to stretch the arm from your mouth. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. From the middle of your mouth not away from the front ear.

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You have ya uh you have

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sued Dell who sued Dell to

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uh, you have

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sued Dell go Bunco Oh mankind. Oh mankind. Oh ye oh ye of mankind. Be conscious aware, mindful of your Lord

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in nuzzles lantern saya

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like you're hitting a tuning fork in as Zillow does.

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in Zillow, Zillow does

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nuzzles Zilla does it che Odin always leave a form let's try that again. In Zen Zilla Tessa Do you share you Odin Owlsley Alim make a transition from your Hamza che on on our on our che on leave take a second try it at home QR Stewart grande revolution students you go ahead and take a world would anyone like to take a shot at this at home can you get a number to

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number one for my first number one I'll take a read on this. Also be lurking Minister you Daniel regime. X and sister RFR Mike is open your I'm going to read it once for you. All right, friends of Laguna Shavon urgyen This gonna be awesome friends, you might get a chance to experience this as well

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as salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullah

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wives Abdullah absolutely wonderful to have you with us today. Take a deep breath in and let's focus in on the sound

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Ooh zoobi He mean a shape on your Raji

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go ahead

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no problem if you want to just stop you can just say che

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Sorry, that was me. I did that sorry about that. Okay, I know it no one else can hear just bear with me at home. Can you put your teeth together and say in Szell Szell love does

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I have to absorb your mistake on that because I said SATA. And so did you. So May May your bad D I want to take your bad deed in this world and may Allah forgive it. Because I put that in your head it's it it fly friends at home, sir. It just like love caring for sharing the link. Baraka Lo Fi comm. Good job. How do you feel about that? Read Bismillah

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Alhamdulillah though I think you did a fantastic job. Would you do? Can you give it one more time? Just this first phrase with me? You can still hear me right? Can you say? Yeah.

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You can zoom down go down comb.

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Yeah, you had

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to go back.

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Good job. Good job. Now try one more time. Put your teeth together in dozens. Lantus. Do you shave or normally

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zealot is

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it che alizee sons Allah this Zanatta Sarathi

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zealot as

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the CHE on the good job now bring me the law here. Can you give me the good job try try by bringing the tongue out to the edges of your top teeth and say I'll leave leam

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really good job barkcloth V comm great job sister RFR and Carrie Barca de la Barca Lo Fi comm Alan was Sanchez marhaba become great to have you. May Allah increase you in your ability in recitation a lot more Phil Warham Great job, brother shahid. Are you all set to go? Can we open you up here? Or we'll be learning immunoassay Utah shaytaan your Waje Where did I get my brush? Here we go. Yes, well, Chad Mark lafay can go for it.

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righty Bismillah Hara minute

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Yeah, a you honey. So go rub

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in those I love

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the shade on

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bash I had you just laid down the foundation. Do it again. and stitch it together for me. Yeah.

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One sound Yeah.

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Ey Oh, hon.

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Go for it.

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Hey, you.

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Sue. Good.

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Just just on that one safe. And nice suit. telco and suit. Del goo.

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good. There's a little bit of tension in there. I want you to tap the teeth and say suit that suit that

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suit. Delco.

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you have

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you have

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to I love it. Now after the cough. Drop your whole jaw and say rah rah rah with your jaw. Rob balcom, Rob Bell goon

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Rob ah rah rah or Oh, Rob Vancouver.

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Mark Alavi can pull that all together because the roof from the front of your mouth is not going to work. Robert Robert is not needed here.

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suit the suit, telco or rob dunkel.

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Hey you

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you got it good for you one more time more growl or are bound cool

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beautiful it's your Lord. Now I want you to hit that tuning fork in

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a no good Zara

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beautiful you see your mouth it's relaxing here say in

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Lanta saya it

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it to one one set ID

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the the iron is getting pushed you know what what should you do with your iron? I want you to lift it up say sir, I saw it for the better wait for the scene to finish sa ah D

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the good

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He or nobly

00:20:04--> 00:20:05


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your law is real nice. Now pull that together and tell me in Zanza Allah does

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I D shave on I'll leave

00:20:27--> 00:20:28

those there love

00:20:30--> 00:20:31

they shave

00:20:34--> 00:20:53

Mark lovey come by the chat you always make me smile. I still want this word though. All right the Can you click the word everyone had home click the word as saw it. The SA remember scene is not the only letter there's an olive that you're making.

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And from the first part of the throat comes the

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and from the second part of the throat comes the ah ah ah ah one is flying.

00:21:07--> 00:21:11

The other one is lifted in in

00:21:13--> 00:21:14

London does

00:21:15--> 00:21:19

de che or not I'll leave

00:21:20--> 00:21:24

beautiful lovely friends always an honor sister Maryam you want to do this?

00:21:25--> 00:21:34

Back Luffy come great job brother. ChIAT anyone at home? Who's following along do your best is tomorrow. All yours? Thanks brother shad.

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Me inish ah oh

00:21:49--> 00:21:50

gee G

00:21:54--> 00:21:57

au Han NASA

00:21:59--> 00:22:00


00:22:05--> 00:22:06

T che

00:22:07--> 00:22:09

want more time do it again

00:22:16--> 00:22:17


00:22:32--> 00:22:37

the first time it came through the second time it did it, it got cut off.

00:22:39--> 00:22:42

But it has Zillow does it.

00:22:43--> 00:22:46

Show shaitan Aldine just remind me with me right?

00:22:47--> 00:22:48

All right.

00:22:51--> 00:22:52


00:22:55--> 00:22:57

All right. Mark lafay COMM

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ASEAN family Great to have you with us Rubina and family as salam aleikum Thank you brother shahid. Sister Maryam, contact me on the chatbox so we know I heard you read Great job, um, the law. Sometimes connections not always perfect. Whomever you want to take.

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it's her connection if we could let her know when we're at no pressure. Anyone want to read anyone else? Any questions here guys? We're coming to the top of the hour so I'm going to let you all go at home to my villa Zach law Clayton in South Florida guys for sharing that link. Any questions anything you want to do? So how about this YouTubers Facebookers Do you want more access into Quran revolution? Do you want to come sit in on a few classes? Or or is this not as beneficial to you? I pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses everyone tremendously gives you a day full of bounty full of love full of light come on friends. Maria no problem you're the same God a little shaky. QR students

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can we give a little love to everyone at home? Can you use the

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the satellite antenna within your heart to broadcast love peace Salam positivity, resonance and connection through the internet. We all believe in the same thing. We all want goodness. Just like love hair and friends. All right, Omar Khan. Does UCLA fair and friends we will see you all soon. We hope to do this more frequently. Look for us definitely on Monday. On Monday afternoons for level one. There's an art of understanding class and tonight if you are all okay anyone wants to post this in the chat box? A my seven o'clock 7pm Central time that is Dallas, Chicago St. Louis Middle America time. We are going to be all together just like hello Karen friends.

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So sister my Oh, I did get to hear you though.

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So yes, it's your mom. I'm going to open your mic backup friends.

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It's going to be a

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yes you get an idea on how greenrevolution works and what it's all about. I'm gonna let you all go so I can wrap up appropriately with the students. Thanks guys. I hope that Allah subhanaw taala gives you the best. Well I know that he has the best written for you grab on to what Allah subhanaw taala has written for you that abundance is waiting. Thanks friends Peace upon you around you and made emanate from within you