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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to discuss verses 68 to 76 of Surah Yusuf in which he divulges details on how Yusuf AS manages to keep Bin Yameen with him.

Hospitality was at its fore on the part of Yusuf AS in the form of a banquet for his brothers. On some pretext, Yusuf AS confided in his brother of being his older full brother and also shares the atrocities meted out by their other brothers against Yusuf AS. He takes Bin Yameen into confidence.

Why did Yusuf AS want to keep Bin Yameen with him? Why did Yusuf AS not call out for his father immediately when he was in a position of power and influence? The only sane explanation is that Prophet Yusuf AS would only do as was sanctioned to him by Allah SWT since Yusuf AS was a Prophet.

Yusuf AS put a cup of the king in the bag of Bin Yameen and then the person from within the palace accuses the caravan people of theft. What transpires next? Listen intently to find out.


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Salama alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to yet another episode of our fascinating series towards understanding pseudo use of I am your host Jacobi. In our previous episode, we had reached the point where Jaco Valley his solemn tells his children to enter back into Egypt, and along with them is their brother Binyamin. In today's episode, we will take up the story from there and explain how use of adhesin I've managed to keep in yameen with him stay with us lapada can

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alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu Welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding surah Yusuf. We have gotten quite far in our story, and we are now at the stage where iacobelli his setup allows his children to take Binyamin the youngest child of his and the younger full brother of use of Allah His Salaam and they are returning to the city and he tells them enter in the city from different gates in order not to arouse suspicion and in order not to let people get jealous of all of you coming in together. Today inshallah Allah will continue from where we left off and as is our custom, we will begin by reciting the pertinent verses and then explaining them so today inshallah,

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without that we will recite from verse 68, all the way up until 76

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or wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah you're watching one

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In this series of verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that when they entered from where their fathers told them to enter from so the father had said to enter from different doors, so they faithfully followed their father's wish, and they enter the city from different doors. Allah says Makana Yogananda, whom in a law human shape, it didn't affect at all, what Allah had decreed. It didn't help them against the decree of Allah illa herget and Phoenix jacoba coda, except for something in the heart of Yaqoob that they did. In other words, all that they did was please Jaco, by listening to him. It didn't change the decree of Allah. And we said, this is the way of the

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believer he does everything in his power, and he knows in the end, the end result is with Allah. And Allah subhana wa tada praises yaku. And he says, we're in a whole other element Lima alumna and Yaqoob is indeed a person who has knowledge because of what we have given him. We have taught him this knowledge and he is a person of knowledge. So in this verse, Allah subhana wa Taala, praises yaku and says what Jaco wanted his children to do was a wise decision, even though of course it will not save them from Allah. Nothing can save you from Allah, except Allah. Nothing can save you from Allah except Allah. So Allah azza wa jal is saying the tactic of yaku Of course, was a good tactic,

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but it wouldn't save them against anything Allah had decreed. And Allah says, Well, I can accept a nasty lie Allah moon, but most of mankind do not know or appreciate the blessings that Allah has given them. What a mahalo Allah uses

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when they now entered in upon us, so this is now the second time they are coming, but this time they have 11 amongst them and not 10. Binyamin is present there. So when they entered upon use of our la he, he took aside his brother, so we can imagine that he must have laid a a feast for them, he must have made things hospitable for them. And during the course of that banquet during the course of that conversation, he managed to take Binyamin to aside and away from the ears of all of the other brothers all in me and a hook. He can find it and he said I am your brother, fella Tabitha is remarkable. Yeah, Milan. Therefore Don't be grieved about what they have done or what they are about

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to do. It could be that they had been taunting, Binyamin as well. It could be that they have been harsh to Binyamin as well. And so use of Allah He said, I'm saying, don't be worried, don't be sad, don't be hurt by what they have done. Or it could be that he is warning them something he is warning, Binyamin. Something is about to happen. So don't do anything. Don't be angry or upset. I have everything in my control. And of course, it is possible that both of these meanings are correct. And this is very true that the Quran sometimes uses words and phrases that have more than one meaning and rather than being contradictory, we find all of these meanings are complimentary,

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and they add to one another. So Yaqoob so use of reveals himself to vineya mean, and he tells him I am your older brother, I am the one that they did this and this too. And of course, Binyamin knows full well the entire story, because even though he was younger than usual, he was still aware of what was going on. So he is very happy to meet his brother but now use of having

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Have a plan in mind and use have wanted to keep Binyamin with him. But how will he do so? These are a group of travelers that have come and they are allowed to leave use of alayhis salaam does not have the power to keep Binyamin with him. How is he going to do this? So use of it his solemn does a trick. He plots a beautiful plot for the good and the benefit of Binyamin and himself to keep in yummy with him. Here the question arises, why did he want to keep in Yemen with him in the first place? He knew that his father already missed him. He knew that his father was grieved. In fact, somebody might even ask, why didn't use it. As soon as he became the minister sent a messenger to

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his father and tell his father he is well and alive. Why didn't he inform his father stop worrying? Here I am in Egypt. Why did he wait for so long? And while many of the scholars have tried to find reasons for this, really the only thing that we can say and there's quite clear use of did this because he was a prophet. And Allah subhanho wa Taala told him what to do.

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Use of alayhis salam was a prophet of Allah, he was not just any other human being normal human being, and everything that the profits do, are sanctioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Hence, Yusuf Alayhi Salam is divinely inspired by Allah, that you have to keep your brother here with you why Allah knows best, even though it would cause more distress, but through that distress, the ranks of Jaco would be raised, and perhaps it is possible. The scholars say that Binyamin was being taunted and ridiculed in Binyamin was also having a difficult time so to save Binyamin from the taunts and ridiculous of his brother that he would be kept with use of Allah His Selim. So what does he do?

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Allah says fella murgia has a home butcher has him when he gave them their goods back so they must have come with merchandise for the second time. He gives them their goods back he fills their bags this time gyla tsikata theory

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he put the cup, what cup? It's not mentioned in the Quran, what type of capitals, but it is obvious from the context. It was a very expensive cup. It was a cup worth a lot of money. Perhaps it was made out of gold and this was the common way that the Kings would drink from remember now he is being hospitable to them. He has invited them to the palace. He's invited them to the place of of great fortunes. And now he takes one of the most expensive items there which is a golden flask most likely as you said golden or a golden cup, and he puts it in the bag of none other than his brother been yummy. Then he sent out a messenger and he said or he sent a messenger to announce a year to

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Hillary row in the Sarika

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Oh, caravan people, or people of the caravan or travelers. You are a bunch of thieves. Now these are the only strangers remember this is now Egypt. And these are Palestinians who have come to get some great and are leaving and they are now they have attended a banquet in the Palace of the king. And all of a sudden they're about to pack their bags and leave and somebody comes running up and saying oh you caravan people you are a bunch of thieves. They are the obvious people who are going to be suspect because they have just come from a banquet inside the king's palace. And also they are the only strangers in the entire city. So when the cup goes missing, the logical people to blame is none

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other than these brothers. These travelers, we have to take a short break now. As soon as we come back, we'll resume our story from this point in time. Stay with us lafonda ganas de casa de Maria

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Welcome back. So we said that use of Allah His Sam ordered that the cup of the king the flask of the king be placed inside the bag of his younger brother Binyamin or in fact it is possible and this is probably more likely that use of alayhis salaam himself without informing anybody took the flask of the king and put it inside the bag of his brother Binyamin. Therefore, after a while the flask goes missing the king probably wanted to take a drink or something and he could not find the flask. Everybody is sent looking around for the flask and lo and behold the caravan people are packing the bags to leave so

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A person comes running out for dinner when somebody goes screaming at a 200 year old caravan travelers, are you strangers in a communist area code, you are the thieves. Now, this person, the one who is announcing has no idea what has happened. So he has every right to accuse somebody whom he thinks, because if he had known the plot of use of, he could not have said you are thieves, this would be a lie. So he doesn't know the plot of use of he is in the dark, and he genuinely believes that somebody has stolen the flask of the king. So I do worry about him. They said, turning to him. So had they been thieves, they would have fled, they would have run away, they would have turned

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their backs. But they turned towards the man showing that we are not guilty of anything. How do we walk by letting him know that if they don't? What are you missing? And this is a sign of intelligence, when they've been accused of stealing? While they are innocent, they had to know don't know what's going on. So instead of running away, instead of getting flustered or angry, they asked calmly, what is the matter? What are you missing? Obviously, you're missing something because you're accusing us of stealing it. So what are you missing? colonoscopy do so as Merrick, they said, We are missing the flask or the cup of the king. And as we said, we don't have any details of this flack.

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But we can obviously assume just like generally speaking, the kings of old would drink from flocks of golden orange rubies and diamonds and emeralds and all of this. Similarly speaking, most likely, this too, was a very, very expensive flask a one of a kind, a unique cup of the king. And that is why they missed it. That is why instantaneously within, we can estimate within a few hours, the cry has gone out that this expensive piece of Queen of cutlery of the king is missing. So they said, What are you missing? He said, we are missing the cup of the king. What he meant to be him lubei. And there is an announcement been made. Whoever finds this cup will get the reward of one Campbell's

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worth of grain. Now this is a unit of measurement right at all times we have kilograms and pounds. In those days, they didn't have kilograms in pounds, they had different weights of measurement. And the greatest weight of measurement would be how much a camel can carry a camel's back, right? This is a large amount, a large quantity. So the king said, if you find anybody there was a prize money now, anybody who finds this flask will get a camels weight of good. And the man says what NFB he's at him. And I am responsible the man, the one who announced it, he says I will make sure that whoever finds this camel, he will get the money that is promised him. Now here slight tangent as we

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talked about in a few episodes ago, there are some legal benefits as well that we learned from the story of use of alayhis salam transactions in particular. And of these we have, for example, the concept of having an intermediary or having a representative take charge of your affairs in Arabic, we call it a Joaquin or what color so you assign your responsibilities to somebody else. And so here the king assign the responsibility, he said, and I because I am I am the one that is in charge. So he assigns the responsibility of taking care of finding the flask and giving the prize money he assigns it to this person, he assigns it to this middleman. And this is something in business

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transactions. In the books of fic. We have a chapter called the chapter of what color are the chapter of assigning you're allowed to assign responsibility of something to a person and this is shown in this incident as well. Another benefit which is a legal benefit is the fact that you are allowed in the religion to announce something called prize money. And prize money is different than the regular types of transactions. Because regular transactions, you need to specify the quantity you will give and the amount of work required. So you say for example, that I will give you this amount of money if you make me this exact item. Or if you do such and such if you water this amount

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of soil or ground or if you take care of grazing this amount of sheep. So you give a specific amount for a specific quantity or time. However, in some scenarios, you are allowed to announce a prize money, there will be a prize for whoever, for example, finds the flask of the king. You don't know how much time it will need. You don't know how much effort will be done. But it is permissible in such general scenarios, there will be a price for whoever is able to build a bridge from here to there, we will give them a price now you don't know exactly how much will be required. You don't know the effort, the quantity, there'll be a price for the best design. So there'll be a price for

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the best essay. These are called prize money's right to Allah in Arabic. And the concept is shown in this narration as well in this story

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versus where the king gives a concept of a prize money even though the exact amount of work is unknown. In any case, that was some of the legal benefits of the story. Moving back to the story, they said, Oh, Allah He, they said de la to LA He is a very solid and very severe way of swearing by Allah. There are many ways to give an oath by a light Arabic The most common is one lie with Wow. And you can also say bill lie and you can say some lie. All of these are ways you can swear by Allah and use the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. So they are Muslims. They believe in Allah, they don't believe in these false idols. So they say we give a solemn oath by our God to law he By Allah, la

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caja Aileen Magna University they fill out, you know, that we haven't come to cause any problems here. So look, they don't even say we haven't come to cause any problem. They say we've been here before. We've been here a number of times, you know very well, you people of this village and town. We have been here so many times. You know, we are good people. You know, we haven't come to cause any fitna and facade any, any turmoil and tribulation, we are peaceful people, we just want to trade and transact and get money and get the grains for our families. So they assign the knowledge of their innocence to the people. And that is the height of how innocent you are, you know, we can't do

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this. One man could not say anything, and we've never stolen before. We are not thieves. You know us, you have treated us so nicely. And we have come here before we are not the type of people who steal. So they assign their innocence to the knowledge of the people around them. Here Now comes the plot of use of family history. All you firmer jezza Whoo hoo inconjunct Khatibi, Yusuf Alayhi Salam said,

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what will be the penalty of any one of you, if you are lying? If one of you is caught? What will be his penalty? Are you familiar jazza? Oh, what is his penalty if you are lying? So here is the plot of use of what is the plot of use of use of alayhis salam knows the laws of his religion surely realize that the shady eye changes from profit to profit. And so in the Sharia of your code, in the Sharia, of the Muslims of that time, it was different than the laws of the land. And if the thief had been subjugated to the laws of the land, he would have been whipped, and imprisoned and then released, and he would have gone back to Egypt, he would have gone back to Palestine. But here use

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of alayhis salam puts the judgment on them. And he says, What is the punishment? In your opinion? What is your verdict, if a thief is caught, and so they responded, all you just Whoo, man, whoo, wujud, Rahi, Sahaja xapo,

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whoever is found with this cup, then that very person will be the punishment, he will be given over, he will become a slave to you. And this was the shediac abeokuta. This was the Sherry app that they followed, that if you are caught stealing merchandise from another person, then you must serve that other person. Now, if they had subjugated themselves to the laws of the land, then this would not have happened. But the trick of use, and the highlight of the permissible trick is that by announcing their innocence, he asked them okay, fine, if you're so sure of your innocence, what is your punishment on the one who steals, so they pronounced a verdict on themselves, whoever steals

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from amongst us, then that very person shall be handed over what karateka legislative body mean, and this is how we deal with those who do injustice, those who do vote, and of course, Vall means to play something in a place where it should not be placed. So somebody who steals has placed something that belongs to somebody else in a place that it doesn't belong to and that is his own pocket, the height of his stealing the worst of them, of course, it should, but of the types of vote is to steal and that you are taking something that does not belong to you. So the better be our at him probably we are iffy. So he started searching. Now remember, this his use of is the Minister of Finance. You

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can imagine a huge commotion has been caused the entire city, all the people of the city are now anxious and waiting, what is happening. Where is this this fancy flask? Where is this expensive item, they would have probably come out there's a commotion going on. They have been charged, they have given the verdict against themselves. Anybody who is caught with this flat, he shall be now given over. And so the search committee comes and says

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The use of Annie Hassan was in charge, and he points to the other brothers. And he goes in order, and he leaves his brother for the last 30 or Bo Rhea to him. cabela. We see, he started with their bags before the bag of his own brother. Why? So that nobody could think that this was a plot already hatched by use of. In other words, Yusef wanted to raise suspicion of the fact that he might have planned this until finally, so Mr. Raja Harmon Where is he? He took it out from the bag of his own brother. Allah says karateka Kadena the use of this is how we planned for use of use of could never have taken his brother according to the laws of the land, according to the laws of the king, except

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if Allah had willed, so Allah had willed and Allah had told us of how to do this. Do not think that you could do this himself. Allah says Karate Kid deny the use of this is how we planned on behalf of use of use of could never have done this unless we had told him so. Allah says notifier da da Tim, Manisha we are the ones who raise people in ranks above others were folk aka lithia, Illuminati and above every single person of knowledge. There is another person who is more knowledgeable than him, until finally above the most knowledgeable person, there is Li Li and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yusuf has a lot of knowledge. Perhaps some prophets had more knowledge than him. But above

00:26:33--> 00:27:04

all of these prophets is allowed him the one who has all an infinite knowledge. And so use of Allah He said, I've managed to take his brother and keep him in his land in Egypt with him and the 10 brothers were now left alone, they could not do anything. The very promise that they had given to their fathers was broken. What are they going to do now? Well, that will be the topic of our next episode, inshallah Tada, I hope to see you then was set on why they come to ye wabarakatuhu lafonda Ghana fee