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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi sheds light on what the brothers did after giving such a strict and solemn oath to their father of protecting Bin Yameen against all odds by reciting verses 71 to 82 of Surah Yusuf.

The brothers dissociated themselves from Bin Yameen on learning of the theft and also, compare him to their brother Yusuf AS of being a thief. What blatant lies on their part!

After the initial part of dissociation, the brothers appeal to Yusuf AS to take one of them as his slave and release Bin Yameen due to his father’s immense love for him. This also depicts the good nature of the brothers in their will to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their brother.

The oldest brother now recollects the harsh and painful memories of the past where they had mistreated their brother Yusuf AS and promises to exile himself in Egypt until this matter is resolved either by his father or Allah Almighty.

The brothers explain the entire series of events citing evidence to their father, Yaqub AS on returning to Palestine. But it was difficult to believe them? Why so? Listen intently to discover details.


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