Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 16

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of alay bills in protecting against evil behavior, including the history of the use of them and a woman claims to have stolen from them. They also touch on the use of Allah's words and the struggles of the father of a young child. The punishment of the eldest is designed to prevent a person from remaining in a foreign culture and culture, and the punishment is designed to prevent a person from being associated with evil behavior and future states. The consequences of the victim's actions are severe, and the victim may have been lied about them and is now being charged with a crime.
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Camden, Kathy

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Obinna, to Masada to

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be in the most global Kareem. I said I want a como la heat. What about our cattle? I welcome you to another episode of our continuing series towards understanding. So our use of this is your host Yasser Colby. In our previous episode, we had discussed the fact that use of alayhis salaam manages to keep a Binyamin with him. In today's episode, we will discuss what the brothers did and how could they possibly face their father after giving such a strict oath that they would take care of Binyamin, how would they possibly go back? Stay tuned and find out lapada can

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McKenna Howdy.

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Natalie Bomi

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding surah Yusuf. We had finished our last episode, talking about the fact that Yusuf Alayhi Salam manages to keep his brother Binyamin by causing the brothers to pronounce the verdict or the ruling upon the one who steals because if he had followed the Kings law, if he had followed the law of the land, then he would not have been able to take his brother and keep him but by allowing his own brothers to testify, and to say what their law would be. And their law was that the person who stole would be kept as a slave or as a servant to the one from whom he stole by allowing them to give the verdict

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he was able to keep his brother with him. So we now move on what was the response of the brothers and how did they possibly face their father and we will as as our customer site versus at the beginning, and we'll explain them so today inshallah with Allah we recite from verse number 77, all the way up until verse number 82.

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Are with a villa humanos Sheldonian watching Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rocking Babu he, yes,

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sir Rocco. Hola, homi

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raha Sufi nuptse wylam Yoga de

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McKenna one law who

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tells me foon Oh, yeah,

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yo, hella xizhou. In

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Shanghai, Hong cabbie, Falco who hadn't

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in La kameena seanie

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Oh la de la he and coda in

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Jeddah Jana Mehta and

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out Rob don't wanting badalona for Rob don't see you have fallen

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out Oh boy. De Li B Oja como la Uli Whoa, whoa, whoa.

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Kimi era g ro ina B Khun Saku

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Xero power Masha hidden

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in Bhima Eileen wama

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one in Florida.

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So, in this series of verses, the story now goes to the brothers of use of the 10 brothers who had begged their father to take Binyamin with them. And now lo and behold, Binyamin has been snatched away in front of their eyes, by their own verdict, they were the ones who pronounced the verdict. They were the ones who said, if we find somebody who has stolen from amongst us, you can take him they were so confident that none of them had stolen, and lo and behold, Binya means bag has the missing cup. And remember, Binyamin is in on the plot, because had he not been told, then he too, would have tried to defend himself. But remember what use of allocate Sam, I told him, don't worry

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about what's going to happen. I am in charge. So Binya means stay silent. And he doesn't defend himself, nor does he say anything. And so silence in this case, is an indication of guilt, that you have found the merchandise and you're not defending yourself. This is an indication of guilt. What was the reaction of the 10? Brothers? What do you think they did? Look at we see now one side of their evil nature, and we say this, knowing full well that eventually they were forgiven, and they repented, and they became righteous, but they went through some phases of bad and good. They were people who are battling their jealousies and emotions. And here we find another evil incident that

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shows the other side of their nature. And the first thing that they say, or do in yesterday, soccer, they set up a hula hoop and they said they disassociated themselves from their own brother. And they said, Well, if we have found out that he is a thief, no surprise, for indeed he had a brother that was also a thief. I use Valley hustler. They accused us of being a thief. Look at the audacity. These people have tried to murder us or throw him into a well, they were the real thieves because they had stolen use of away from his father. And yet, here they are accusing Binyamin of being a thief and saying, even if any, I mean is a thief, no surprise, we knew his brother before and Tito

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was a thief. Now,

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either they were blatantly lying. Or it is also possible that use of Allah He said I might have done something which they called stealing. What does this mean? Well realize that it is possible for a person to do a good deed. And a person with an evil intention will pervert that good deed and make it into a bad deed. For example, I mean, it is narrated in some of the books of Tafseer that use of alayhis salaam, maternal grandfather, not his paternal IE not Yaqoob father, which is how but rather his mother's father, use of Allah His mother's father, it is narrated that he was an idol worship. And when you serve as a child, he tried to dissuade his grandfather from worshipping this idol. And

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He even went to the extent of taking away this idol and destroying it so that his grandfather leaves idolatry. So the fact that he took this idol away, his brothers called this stealing the fact that he's trying to make his his grandfather turn away from idolatry and to the worship of Allah, look at how they perverted it and they called it stealing. So they said, even if he is a thief, Binyamin, then we know that his brother before it was a thief as well. So use of at this point, Allah says, For acelera how used to fulfill NFC what am Yuba dealer Home Use of hid it in his heart, and he didn't show it to them. What is the What did you serve hide in his heart? Again, there's lots of

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interpretations. One thing one interpretation is that he hid the next statement, which is called an anthem. Sharon McKenna will love them will be

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Let us say phone, you are the worst of the lot. In other words, you think Binyamin is evil? No, you are the real evil people not Binyamin and his brother. And Allah knows what you are saying. So according to one interpretation, he hid this in his heart, he didn't say it out loud. According to another interpretation, he hid the fact that he was useful. And if he wanted to, he could have defended himself. Now, here's another interesting theme. Use of it his system, generally speaking, defends himself. But over here, he doesn't, why? It goes back to the fact that sometimes it is in your better interest not to defend such as in this case. So we say that, if your honor has been, if

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you have been accused of a crime, if your honor has been charged denigrated, the general rule as a Muslim, you are obliged to defend yourself, unless there is a greater benefit to be gained by not defending yourself such as in this case, Binyamin does not defend himself and use of Allah, He seldom does not defend himself, because if they were to defend themselves, then the whole plot will be given away. So use of alayhis salaam hides in his heart, it it here, according to the second interpretation, would be the fact that he is used to so use of hid his identity from them. And he did not reveal himself to them what the * at home, his identity to them on an unconscious level,

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McCann, according to the second interpretation, then he physically said out loud, you are showroom mechanic in the worst situation, and Allah knows best what you are saying. So he said, This cryptic statement, if you like, according to the second interpretation, and the cryptic statement would be understood by himself and his brother, and that is that you are the worst and not us. And Allah knows what you are saying, even if I cannot defend myself now. Then Allah subhana wa tada is fully aware of what you are saying.

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Now, after the first initial phase of disassociation, their true nature comes out, which is that they do have a soft spot and a gentle spot. And this is something that we will concentrate on later on in the story. But one very beautiful message of the story. Look at the brothers of use of and what they did. And yet eventually they are forgiven. If there is hope for the brothers of use or for the crimes that they have done, then surely there is hope for me and you, if the brothers of use of are forgiven for physically abducting their younger brother, and throwing him into a well, and separating him from his own father, and causing so much anguish and grief, not only to this young

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child, but especially to their own father. If eventually they are forgiven, then surely there's hope for us sinners as well. And this is one beautiful theme of the story as well. So use of alayhis salaam, then says to them, Allah knows best what you are saying. They respond back. Oh, yeah, you have a xizhou. They say Oh, Aziz. So they call him by the very title that he used to call his master that his master was called by immortalises. And this is the indication that we said that he took over the position of his master, they say in Allahu oven, this lad has a father. They don't say our father. They say he has a father, who is an old man she can carry on. So why don't you take one of

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us in his place. Verily, We see you to be a very generous person. So they offer one of their own as a ransom instead of their younger brother. And this shows really, in the end of the day, that they had good hearts that they generally speaking after all that was said and done. Still, they were remorseful for what they had done, and they were willing to take one of their own innocent brothers and put him in place of Binyamin and this leads us to our first break inshallah to Allah We'll be back right after these messages Stay with us. lafonda gonna fee asleep.

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only in

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La Casa

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de casa

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Santa Monica. Welcome back. So they accuse Binyamin of being a thief and they say his brother was a thief as well. Yusuf Alayhi Salam says Allah knows best what you are saying he couldn't defend himself then

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they felt guilty. They realized this is a major problem. Now. This is a major problem for them. They have given the most solemn oath that they're going to bring Binyamin back unless an army surrounds them unless something happens that is beyond their control, even though this is beyond their control, but this is not something that is an army attacking. This is something that they can try to prevent. So their good nature comes out as well and they beg

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They plead. And they say Oh, you're so if you're such a generous man, you're such a nice man. He is a young child. This is the youngest of them. Remember, he is a young child who has an old elderly father who loves him a lot. Take one of us in his place. So this shows you they were willing to sacrifice one of their own and take the place of Binyamin in order that Binyamin goes back goes back to their father use of it his solemn response, por la de la. He says, refuge is sought in Allah, Allah is the one How can you say this? How can I possibly take an innocent person and take him instead of this person? And notice what use of says, Mandala and nakoda 11. We're giardina mata Anna

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in the Who? How can we take anyone other than the one with whom we found our goods? He didn't say the thief, because his brother was not a thief. Look at the precise wording of the Quran. Look at the precise wording of Yusuf Alayhi. Salaam, he doesn't say how can we take an innocent person instead of the thief? He says how can we take an innocent person instead of the one with whom we found the cup? Look at how long he had to say in order that he doesn't say the word thief in either love or the moon. In that case, we would be doing a lot of injustice. This is a great injustice to take an innocent person instead of the one with whom the goods were found. So they continue trying.

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They continued begging, they continued pleading many different tactics, but they had to give up federal and state assuming this indicates that they kept on begging and pleading and doing everything that they could possibly think of. So until they finally gave up that this is now a done deal. Binyamin has been taken away. Hello. So Nigeria, they came to have a private meeting. So Binyamin is taken away, and the 10 of them now come together, apart from society apart from the other people, and they begin talking to one another what is to be done now. Or that can be Rome. The eldest amongst them said, lm to Alamo and back home or the other Alico, Mo Thea camino LA, don't you

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remember and know that your father has taken the most solemn oath with you, In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. women come Luma forgotten for use of and before you didn't do your justice, you failed and your duty to use. So now after so many years, they talk about yourself. This has been a guilty thing that they didn't want to talk about. They didn't want to mention, they had kept it as a hidden crime. This is how criminals act and think that they just ignore the crime. But now that another incident has occurred, it brings up very harsh memories it brings brings up painful memories of what they have done. And so the oldest of them feels so guilty. So he says, Don't you remember

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the promises we gave our father, and before we failed, we failed to fulfill the promise with use of as well, because remember, they gave the same promise when in law who had for the exact word for word. They said the same thing with use of and the same thing with Binyamin and lo and behold, they are failing both promises. So the oldest of them feels so bad and so guilty for what he has done. And indeed he has done because he is the oldest he should have stopped them. You should have done something, but he didn't do it. So he feels so bad. That he says that felon above the * out of the Hector. Yeah, definitely. Aveo Yakama. Luckily, I will never leave this land, I will impose

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exile upon myself. And this is a punishment, self inflicted punishment, to remain in a foreign land, foreign culture, foreign civilization, away from your wife and children away from your family and society. This is a severe punishment. And only those who have experienced something like this can appreciate this. This is not an easy task for him to remain in a foreign land with a completely different civilization and culture. So he says, I will never leave this land until my Father gives me explicit permission to do so. Or until a law judges the matter meaning either until I die or until Binyamin is free. In other words, another way is left out for me. I'm not going to leave

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voluntarily from this land. Oh yeah, they had they had depth. Yeah, then Allah who had the identity, Abbi? Oh, yeah, como la hooli wahoo Hyrule hacky me. And he is indeed the best of all judges. So he feels so guilty for what he has done, that he wants to prove to his father, that he realizes what he has done. He wants to show to his father that he has done a crime. So he imposes this penalty so that his father may feel that Okay, my sons were not lying to me, especially the oldest one he feels an extra responsibility. Here. There's an interesting facet here. And that is that.

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here Allah mentions explicitly which of the brothers says it because it's a good thing that he says all attributes. The oldest of them says many pages ago when we

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We're talking about the one who said that they should kill use of Allah says Allah Paul aluminium. One of them says, one of them. So Allah doesn't specify which of them. But when it comes to good, Allah specifies which one of them specifically says the good. And this shows us the general rule and methodology that when you want to speak of something evil, there's no need to mention names. And this is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he wanted to criticize an individual for doing an action, he would stand up on the the member on the pulpit, and he would say, why does somebody do this? Why does one of you do

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this, and he would not mention him by name. And this is of the student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because he didn't want to cause him extra embarrassment. He wants to correct a public evil without pointing who the person is. But when he wants to encourage good then he can specify that oh bucket, is this an omelet? Is that an earthman? Is that an ID is that really allowed to have much money. So when he's mentioning good, he mentioned specifically, and when he's criticizing evil, he criticizes ambiguously in vague terms, who is the one who's being criticized, the name is not mentioned. And this is exactly the principle that is in the Quran as well. When the

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evil thing is said, All are called aluminium, one of them says, and when a good thing it says call a Kabira home, the oldest of them said, notice the difference here and let us benefit and learn from this methodology. So the oldest one imposes this exile upon himself and he says to them eligio in a beacon, go back to your father returned to your father. There's no point now staying in the land. What can you do? Go back to your father? For kulu? Yeah, Ivana in nevena. cassara. say to him, oh, our Father, your own son has turned out to be a thief. Your own son has stolen one Masha hidden in Lebanon alumna and we only testified we only gave our testimony to what we know. In other words,

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this is now two minutes could be here. The first meaning is when we testified initially, we only testify with the knowledge that we had. The second meaning of this the more apparent meaning. They are saying we know for a fact Binyam install. We are saying this because we know it for a fact we started with our own eyes. So why am I hitting a levy Melinda, we know for a fact and we are testifying that Binyamin stole. Of course they are testifying based upon the preponderance of the evidence is pretty obvious that the flask is found in vineya means sack and Vidya means carriage, and lo and behold, Binyamin is silent and he appears to be guilty, because he's silent and not

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defending himself. So to them, it is a clear cut case that Binyamin has stolen and has been a person who committed a very major mistake. So they say we're not inventing this, we're not flying, all of us are witnessing what we have told you. When I show hidden a lobby, madam now, one couldn't be happier mean, and we didn't know the unseen. We didn't know the future. When we testified that we will withhold that we will protect video mean, we had no idea what would happen in the future. It could also be that we didn't have control over what Binyamin did when we didn't see him. So we're not controlling vineya mean, when he's not around us. It could also mean that we don't know that

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when we gave the verdict upon the thief that it would apply to our own party and apply to Binyamin. So there's a number of meanings and all of them are correct. One I couldn't be happier when we didn't know the unseen. Number one we didn't know the unseen when we testified we're going to protect Binyamin. We didn't know that this would happen. We testified honestly, but we didn't know the future. We didn't know the unseen number two, we didn't know what vignette means private moments were when he went out alone when he was by himself. We don't know what he did. Allah is the one who is witness to that. And number three, when they asked us the ruling and the verdict of the thief, we

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had no idea that it would be used against us. So don't blame us. What am I gonna let it be halfling and then they try to offer up some more evidence. They try to prove that what they are saying is true. They say what's a little funny attended a kunafa ask the village that we were in meaning ask the people of that village. If you don't believe us go ask the people of that Village. We're not inventing this up. And if obviously a coop is an old man now he's not going to go all the way to that village. So they say ask the village that we have come from what era let the acapella mafia and even ask the caravan that has come with us. Now obviously in those days, they will travel in groups

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and large caravans and so they have other people from Philistine from Palestine that have also been in Egypt and they have now returned with with the brothers of use of so they say go ask our fellow travelers

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They wouldn't lie. We're not inventing this up. Now, why are they being so tense and so guilty because they know that they've already lied about Jusuf. They know that they've already offered false evidence for use of remember, it's very similar now is that when they come home from use of abduction, they bring an evidence and they say, here's the evidence. Now they come home and vignette is missing. Now they bring evidence, but this time they're going out of their way. It's not just us, but it's also the village. It's also the people of the caravan. Go ask them what in Nadeau saw the horn and we're telling you the truth, but Subhana Allah, that's exactly what they said when they

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when they kidnapped us of Allah His setup and they took him away because they said the exact same thing and they said, well, not until the moment Ilana will akuna saw the thing, you're not going to believe us even if we are telling the truth. And here they are now telling the truth. And obviously Yeah, God has been stung with from them too many times. He has already been stung from the incident of use of and now lo and behold, Binyamin has been snatched away as well and he has been accused of a crime Yaqoob knows cannot be true. This is a father. This is the father of use of and Binyamin. He knows that this is not my son, my son would never ever steal, and now they come forth, and lo and

00:26:15 --> 00:26:49

behold, they are missing use of from 2030 years. Binyamin is missing and then also his oldest son is missing and the oldest son it can be assumed as well was the favorite son after use of and Binyamin. So now they come home, only nine of them out of the 12 and even one more son is taken away. What was the response of Yahoo. And what did he say when three of his sons were missing? Well, that is something we will find out in shallow data. In our next episode. I hope to see you then was set on why they come to LA he was about a casual look on the Ghana feed

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi sheds light on what the brothers did after giving such a strict and solemn oath to their father of protecting Bin Yameen against all odds by reciting verses 71 to 82 of Surah Yusuf.

The brothers dissociated themselves from Bin Yameen on learning of the theft and also, compare him to their brother Yusuf AS of being a thief. What blatant lies on their part!

After the initial part of dissociation, the brothers appeal to Yusuf AS to take one of them as his slave and release Bin Yameen due to his father’s immense love for him. This also depicts the good nature of the brothers in their will to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their brother.

The oldest brother now recollects the harsh and painful memories of the past where they had mistreated their brother Yusuf AS and promises to exile himself in Egypt until this matter is resolved either by his father or Allah Almighty.

The brothers explain the entire series of events citing evidence to their father, Yaqub AS on returning to Palestine. But it was difficult to believe them? Why so? Listen intently to discover details.


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