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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The representative explains that there is a shortage of students who can afford to attend the Sunday school, which is causing the school to operate in a "fundraiser" mode. They ask for $15,000 to support the use of MSG to buy school supplies for 18 students who cannot afford to attend the school. The representative encourages the customer to worship Islam and have a positive association with the message.
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Euro commission is special because it has a lot of refugees. And we are home to a very large refugee community. We have a Sunday school that we operate. And to be frank, it's not the most well funded Sunday school that you've ever seen. We're in chronic need of supplies. And we have many students that come from impoverished backgrounds that cannot even afford the tuition. Now the machine does its best to try to sponsor students. But there's an enormous shortfall when it comes to the students that want to be able to participate in the Sunday school programs versus the ones that can afford to so we're running a fundraiser we're asking for $15,000 to support the use of MSG to weaken school,

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and what that goes to 8000 of that is only going to cover the tuition and the school supplies for 18 students who otherwise cannot afford to attend the school. And as we said, most of these kids come from refugee families, the other 7000 is for school supplies will be purchasing to smartboards purchasing an actual printer, the Utica meshi weekend school has been using a home printer like you and I might use in our own personal office to serve over 100 students. Right so this is the type of shortage that we have when it comes to funding things. So we're reaching out to our to our support base if you're planning on worshiping Allah subhanaw taala with your wealth and Allah has made that

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easy for you that this is one cause among many, many causes, how to help the refugee population not just in the place where they are immediately refugees, but also in the place where they settled and helping their next generation to be strong believers and to have a good positive association with the masjid and a good positive Islamic education as much as we are able to. So if you're able to worship Allah subhanaw taala through this means we highly encourage you to May Allah bless you and accept from you and from us as well but a coffee calm Salaam Alaikum

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