Salatul Jumu’ah – It’s Importance and Benefits

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matter who was staring you know who want to stop hero. When are we gonna be learning in Cerulean fusina woman see Dr. Medina? Me philomel de La MaMa you blame for Haryana? Why should one La ilaha illallah wa ala sharika wash? Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Eddie he was herby woman so Darla and Jean woman stand up so Nettie el Medina, Baron for tala

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Marana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton Zhi Ling Yeah, you have Latina M and on top of La hepco to a party he wanted to know Illa one two Muslim on from buried my brothers and sisters. First and foremost, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to shower his honor and blessings and Rama upon each and every one of us, the Muslims throughout the world that observed the day and the time of the omo jumar. Along mean

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I'd like to steer our attention to one of the beautiful sutras of the poor entitled sutra tomorrow

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and more. So we will look at be in the lead Italia today, the conclusion of soda tomorrow. And I'd like to begin by reciting the first of three verses that I'll share with you in sha Allah hota Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in verse number nine of students of tomorrow

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Nina banyuwangi Bismillah

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e m.

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Either new DNS sauna to me, Joe Moratti fest sorrow, as sound Isla karela. He was a baby.

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Comb in

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Three way Sidley Emery melissani F popoli. From Barrett my brothers and sisters.

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The day of jumaane

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is actually one of the most important weekly meetings that the oma has, it is an IT IS A day that's been institutionalized by Allah subhanho wa Taala that the Muslims throughout the world will come to a gathering or a convention. We don't have to market jumar You don't have to put Facebook posts about Juma you don't have to print flyers or make announcements that people will come the young, the old, those who are knowledgeable, those who are not knowledgeable, those who are practicing those who are not practicing

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the day of Juma or the congregation of jumar. There is no religion on earth that has anything like it where every single week, all the massage kids around the world are filled.

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It doesn't matter who the speaker is. It doesn't matter what the subject is, the massages will be filled and the people will come.

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Allah azza wa jal begins this conversation in pseudo jumar talking about the attitude of jamara in a very strategic way. What preceded this area that I've just recited to you is Allah subhanho wa Taala was speaking to Al Kitab.

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And he told keytab he told the messenger Allah His Salatu was Salam tell the people of the book in Al Melton levita field Runa min. For in Humala pecan for matara. Duna Illa Allah knows it was Shahada for Yuna Bo can be my quantum Dharma don't go and say to them, you know the death that you've been running away from the inner hula people, you are bound to meet it Moeller people

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in Topeka yell Tapi means that you are promised and you are bound for that meeting, nothing is going to prevent nothing is going to stop you from meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah azza wa jal says, and you will return back to the knower of the seen and the unseen, and he is going to thoroughly inform you of all the things that you used to do. So there's a conversation before this discussion of tomorrow. There's a conversation about people who are running away and fear death. The keytab when they were given their scriptures,

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there was an there was a massive gap with some of its followers. They distance them

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cells from the actual message and as a result, they feared death and the sahabas they heard the messenger arlie Salatu was salam, he had the same sentiment, he felt the same way that there may come a time where the oma will also fear death. And the Sahaba is the Ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will our owner, be low in numbers? And the Prophet Solomon says, No, you will be large in numbers, but you will be very weak. And the rest of the world will be feeding on you like wolves. And scholars they say this happens are one of the real or major reasons why this happens is that people have distanced themselves from the horror and

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when you attach yourself to this book, and you recite it regularly and you study it, by default, the believer their minds, their hearts, their Amen. And faith naturally starts thinking about their final day on earth. And you don't forget it. With that your attitude about life you take everything seriously. You never take life for granted. Every footstep you take, you're always thinking in the back of your mind, this could be my last, my last footsteps. Wherever it is used. You decide to go and whatever it is you do, you're always thinking in the back of your mind, I could actually leave this earth today. That's what happens when you attach yourself to the book of a large soldier. Now

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having said that, I want you to keep that in your minds for a moment. Now the conversation of tomorrow begins Alessia Eva Latina M and O people of E men. He then new DLS seletti Meeow meeow. Juma whenever you hear the call for Salah on the day of Joomla

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comes from the word Gemma and Gemma means to gather

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this what you see here every single week.

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I like to think of it as rehearsals for the Day of Judgment.

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Because in porn, a lot also calls the Day of Judgment, yo miljan marry, The Day of Gathering. You see when you and I we pray in a jamara that is also a gathering like that of the Day of Judgment but at a smaller level. Then you have Juma and then you have the largest gathering that Muslims will take part of take part in that will be their strongest reminder of the Day of Judgment which has had.

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So we all have this reminder constantly every single week or throughout our silhouette that this congregation here, it just doesn't happen for no apparent reason it happens for the greater wisdom that when we gather like this, we're supposed to be thinking about our final day on earth. And the one day that we will all gather in front of Allah azza wa jal and be put on trial May Allah so it will give us strength. May Allah azza wa jal bless us with honor and strength in this world and in the author of love. I mean,

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that's the attitude.

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That's what you're supposed to be thinking about when you come for Juma.

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And do you realize that even on jamara, you're reciting so little calf? Sue little calf actually starts off where in Elijah eluna, la Saeed and Joseph, Allah azza wa jal in the beginning of the sutra already starts talking about the earth, and eventually we'll take this earth and turn it back into dust. That's your mentality.

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But what do Muslims do?

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Of course, in a general context, not all Muslims do this, but a lot of them they found the question What time does the homeless start? And so they strategically plan their day that they can come to the masjid maybe five minutes before the Salah begins and say, Okay, I've got tomorrow, who's the speaker? So they decide which method they'll go to based on the speaker. We'll come to that in a minute. So Allah azza wa jal says either new DNS sadati min Arabic students min in this area in Arabic is called min. pub variably. Yeah, pub Barry Leija actually refers to a portion of something. Allah is. Allah is telling us that it is compulsory for all of you to come for Juma, but just a part

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of your day. You don't have to give up your entire Friday. Other religions do this. They give up their entire Saturday, their entire Sunday, but you're not required to do that. So can you imagine the dilemma now for Muslims

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Don't come for Juma at all I was just a small portion min, just a tiny portion your clip it could literally be 10 minutes long. The entire Juma process could be 20 minutes and you can go back to your regular life. That's all Allah subhanho wa Taala

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wants from us at least tomorrow, then no deal is solid to me. Oh man Juma here's the next conversation. fest sell fest I will literally means to rush, hurry up. fest that was also a term that's used it if you have coffee in your hand and somebody says to you fess owl, you literally drop the coffee and you start running.

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Again, think of the attitude that sooner till tomorrow, how it preps you for the day of tomorrow. When you know it's time for tomorrow, or you know, Friday is going to come tomorrow. And you know, you're just hours or minutes away from getting to Juma. your mindset starts to prepare itself well before the day of jomar well before the hour that you're going to go there and you're thinking about what you're thinking about. This could be your last job or you're thinking about the Day of Judgment, you've recited sorbitol cap, you've dressed your best. And you're going to go and walk in for the Juma prayer Alesis fess out, hurry up. Don't waste any time. You know, the irony behind

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Is that lots of massages, you'll see people taking their time to come for Joomla. But then there's a massive rush to leave the Joomla. And then you'll see that there's a lot of people that will still spend maybe 2030 minutes just chatting. And I'm not saying there's no chatting allowed on the day of Jamal but you really have to think priority in terms of what's most important. If the hottie goes over one two minutes late, he hears about it. Trust me, I know. hear about it immediately. This is the dilemma. And I don't want anybody to think that you know I'm focusing on any particular individual or any particular institution. This is something that happens worldwide. Every message in

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every institution around the world suffers from the same dilemma. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength and it puts pressure on those who are in charge of the massages, because they have to figure out now who can do what and the time is it puts so much pressure on them. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength and male allies, which will continue to increase us in faith and knowledge. Long mean, me yo mutitjulu Marty Fessel. So what are you hurrying up to?

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fess out ILA victory lap, Makana, feser Isla Masjid katha, whatever. Oh, Isla, hottie katha whatever, called wsl in in a victory lap. Allah azza wa jal says In this ayah Hurry up but it doesn't say Hurry up to message it so and so or Hurry up to this speaker make sure you get a front row seat. It actually says rush towards the remembrance of Allah.

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Some people they make it a priority, who's the Hatim? Oh, he doesn't speak English that well, I'll go somewhere else. Who's in the mmm in this semester? What's going to be the topic? Oh, I've already heard that topic. 100 times although somewhere else, you're missing the point. Allah says go to the remembrance of Allah go and rush to be reminded about death in the proceeding as people were running away from that reminder. But Muslims are taught, go to the massages, because that's the reminder that you need regardless of who it comes from. And so brothers and sisters allies, so Joel makes it very clear, very direct. When you come to this gathering this rehearsal, make sure that your mind is

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set that you want to be reminded about Allah start paying attention to things like how the presenter, you know, what points is he going through, and being critical of his hand gestures or how he speaks or how the pronounces The I Am G's of every word, these things are trivial. Pay attention to one thing, and that's the only thing that you need from that. And that is, of course, you need to be reminded about Allah. It is actually from this portion of the as some of the scholars held the opinion that the whole tuba is the stage for subjects that increase your email and soften the heart.

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This is not the stage for political discussions, or talking about organizations. This is not the stage for it. And that's important. The reason why I mentioned that is that from time to time, I'll get somebody who comes up to me and the other hotkeys as well. Why did you choose that topic and

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See, there's so many problems happening around the world. Why did you talk about A, B and C and not something else? This is not the stage for it. This is a time for us to be reminded of our position in front of Allah azza wa jal, we're going to leave this world. May Allah azza wa jal increases in knowledge along mean, this victory lap. Here's the next portion, whether we bear Allah so Adele says, okay, you come towards the remembrance of Allah, weather, weather will literally mean sales. It literally refers to sales or transaction. Now this is important.

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Friday in the modern world Friday for businesses and employers, Friday is actually the day where lots if not most businesses suffer the most. Because employers go into TGI f mode, thank God, it's Friday. And this happens usually around the late afternoon from 2pm onwards. So even though they're going to clock out at five o'clock, or six o'clock in the evening, by around two o'clock, they're already thinking about their weekend, what I'm going to do Friday afternoon, I can't wait to get on the highway and just get out of the traffic and my week is done. So the productivity starts to lessen by this time. But later on, you're going to hear something very beautiful. That is a message

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for all believers, I want you to just hold that thought for a moment. But the lesson here, whether it will be or leave off business and transaction, you know, if you're in a meeting, and it's really boring, and it's time for tomorrow, is it easy to get out of that meeting? Absolutely. If you're sitting there writing books, if you're writing checks for your employers, and you see it's time for Joomla is it easy for you to just stop what you're doing and go for Joomla? Absolutely. But if you're in the middle of a business transaction, you're about to make a sale.

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Allah says whether they stop what you're doing, that's the most difficult thing. You actually have to stop that transaction. It's time for jomar on the tour after Sala or you have somebody else take that over. It's actually this portion of the A A that scholars extracted that any business that happens in the time of Jumeirah and you have the ability to stop that the money that's consumed or made in that particular time of Juma is not considered to be halal money. So Panama,

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I want you to think that's a lengthy discussion. I'm just giving you a bird's eye view of what this looks like. And I want you to think for a moment.

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All of the brothers and sisters and Muslims that you know that are not in Juma. I've met Muslims who have never made a sajida in their life. I've met Muslims, I kid you not some Hanalei never forget this. I met a Muslim family in Mecca who lives in the city of Mecca, and have never visited the huddle.

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This is this is our reality, like you can find this happening. And so for all of us who are here, we have a responsibility. Our responsibility is to make sure that somehow we can reach out to these individuals and encourage them and teach them and inspire them come to the mission and see what the Muslims do see what it is that we're learning what it is that we're talking about, feel the inspiration that the rest of you do,

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whether we bear the compiler locum in quantum telemon that is so much better for you If you only knew the next verse,

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either poliana to Allah

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touchy thing on the web to tell whose fault

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to flee.

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When masala is finished, meaning the prayer has been executed Juma is over listen to what Allah tells you can tissue fill out, go back and spread throughout the world. In other words, go back to work. Go back to school, it's okay. You don't have to worry. Go back and seek Allah's provisions of seek Allah's of his scholars say scholars of Tafseer in particular, they say the fact that Allah singled out the time after Juma shows that there is extra blessing and Baraka for those who will back to their normal life. When you go back to work right now, or you go back to your regular routine or your schedule. There is an extra sense of Baraka for the rest of your afternoon because

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why you fulfilled

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The fat tissue to fill out what we tell them and probably left take from the blessings of Allah. Now, this doesn't mean that you should become worldly again.

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But when you go back out there, think about your attitude now. You take nothing for granted. You just got your spirits uplifted and strengthen, you've been re inspired, you feel good about yourself again. That's why the person who stands on this position, the position of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is somebody that has to be very clever in how they present information to one audience regardless who they are. One of the responsibilities of the huthi is to actually inspire people, make them feel good about themselves, regardless of their level of practice or devotion or knowledge of the deen because at the end of the day, that's what you and I need. At the end of the

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day, we don't know what Allah will take from us, but at least we can come to Juma and feel good that there's still hope. aroma of the hot tub rhodiola Juan wanted to assassinate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam several times before he became Muslim. After he became Muslim. Not only was he a scholar, not only did he cry in his prayer so much that he left stains of tears on his face. But at the end of his life, Allah buried him right beside the men he tried to assassinate so Pinilla you have no idea what Allah has in store for you. That's why you never judge one another.

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Never judge someone for their mistakes. It's the worst spiritual crime you can commit is to judge someone because of their mistakes. May Allah azza wa jal help us along I mean, then tissue to fill out what to whom in fumbling that was poodle la kathira la la come to flick on and remember a lot a lot kathira so when you go out of here, think about a lot a lot when you're driving when you're walking when you're sitting in your offices when you're with your colleagues. Keep alone in the back of your mind, but keep them there all the time. And increase add a little bit of more of remembrance to that because remember, that's the attitude you came to tomorrow with. So that's the attitude you

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want to leave tomorrow with. One of the mistakes lots of Muslims make is they give a lot a special time and place.

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My a lot of time is only in the masjid only inside out only in Juma only in Ramadan. But going back to your regular lives lots of Muslims struggle to keep Allah with them. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength. Finally brothers and sisters.

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Well, either our own tgr Ratan

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la otaku calco, EMA

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wamena tj.

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raazi mP

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Alonzo Adel says and actually addresses a problem that happened in Medina. Once there was a time that messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was giving a sermon he was giving a hope. But there came a caravan today, we would probably compare that to expos. That came a caravan.

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And there are two types of distractions on the day of jumaane mentioned in the surah. One of it is business to gelato, and the other is entertainment.

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So what happened is that the sahabas, who were listening to the prophecy, some they hadn't internalized the sacredness of the Holy Spirit, the sacredness of jomar. So what they end up doing is when this caravan came, the business people got up. And they actually left the province. I said, I'm standing What are cuca? Call eema. They left you standing and you were still talking. So some of these businessmen went to the caravan to try to do business. So what follows the rest of the audience were curious. So they just wanted to go over and see what was happening. They were looking for entertainment. So another chunk of the audience went and before you know what the prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is sitting there. So first what happened? Alan mentioned business people. And then he mentioned those who look for entertainment. Listen to how the IEA concluded itself.

00:24:42--> 00:24:58

Palmer in the LA hierro minella. We want to say to them, what is with a law is better than entertainment and business. The idea began with business and entertainment and It concluded by inverting the two why

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Some people care about business. But everyone is affected with entertainment. That's a bigger problem. What are we talking about? This is what I will conclude with in the second part of the hook. But my brothers and sisters may love football okay in our time. May Allah azza wa jal bless us and honor us that we come to this gathering this rehearsal of the Day of Judgment, this convention, this gathering of Juma every single Friday consistently until the last and final breath that we take in this world, a lot of them are called a meta smart one was stuff that will let you all come what he said was some equilibrium for stuff that are in the hall who will have a photo Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Allah, Allah, he was happy he woman was buried.

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Some people come for a job or just for the entertainment.

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They just want to they just want the team to say something. So they can go back and say, Wow, look what he said, Wow, look at that football was amazing. But it didn't actually instill any change.

00:26:13--> 00:26:43

Any reflection, that didn't actually go back home and think about, Okay, I need to make some changes in my life. I need to start picking this book up a little bit more. I need to change my attitude with my fellow brothers and sisters, I got grudges in my heart that I shouldn't have. So I need to address those. I haven't talked to my brother or my sister or siblings or my fellow Muslim for 10 years, I got to stop doing that. These are the things you have to think about. Why? Because we're going to leave this earth.

00:26:45--> 00:27:27

That's the the central core lesson in this or in these verses. That's our purpose, why we are here together. We are all being reminded that there will come a day that we will be put on trial in front of Allah. And we will be asked Allah Julio, poling, Patel, Laila, Cooley, Ahmed, an adult, everything you said and everything you did. And so brothers and sisters aluk includes Willa Hale rozet pain, don't you dare worry, because Allah is the best of providers. That's important, especially for all of you that are working and you took time off your job to be here.

00:27:28--> 00:28:16

And I know in the back of your mind, because we're humans, we're concerned we have bills to pay, we have families to look after, you might be thinking, you are taking a bit of a pay cut just being here. I'm here to stand in front of you. And to remind you will love Ohio rosin pain never has someone given up something for the sake of Allah. Accept that Allah returned for them much more. It never happened. And it probably will never happen. Because it's impossible for you to do something that is pleasing for Allah and then you suffer for it. That's not the relationship that Allah so Allah has with his creation. And so May Allah azza wa jal continue to strengthen our faith. And may

00:28:16--> 00:28:58

Allah azza wa jal put Baraka in our time, male allies, so it will give us the strength that we continue to carry the message of the poor and with wisdom and knowledge and understanding alone, I mean, are you well above these are the words that I leave you with? And we send peace and blessings to Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who really came out on us subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z in the law woman, aka taboo saloon Ireland Debbie yeah you're Latina amen was sold early. He was suddenly motus Lima along masala earlier Mohammed Wilder earlier Mohammed came also later Allah Ibrahim Allah earlier bro Hema indika habido Majeed, Allah Moffitt, Mina Walmsley man well mommy

00:28:58--> 00:29:24

Nina, Nina here human human Amma indikator even semi amo Ji boo Dawa Allahumma Indian Anissa local Jenna Makarova, la Harmon Colin alarming when are the becoming another woman Robert la Herman Polin alarma are better at in efa. dunia has an awful authority has an organizer but now supernovae carabiner is the TR male sifu and I was so down when I learned with Selena what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa