The SECRET That Made This Sahaabi VERY Rich

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The narrator describes a time where people in the household are going to sleep at night, which is a volatile time for many people. The narrator explains that during this time, people are going to do things like washing dishes, opening stores, and doing things like selling books. The narrator also mentions that people in wealth have more room to put money in their houses to avoid getting distracted during the early morning time.

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The fact that a loss of Hannah what Allah has placed Baraka for us in the early morning time as well, okay? That's what the prophets of Allah for it was.

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Booty can Almighty fievel Korea, Allah subhana wa tada has placed bought aka for my nation within the early morning times. So there's a special type of Baraka that happens at the early morning times. Now this is a tip for some of you

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that the fundraiser time is a time where most of the people in the household are going to be sleeping. So those mothers who are working at home, perhaps working from home with a business that they've made a model that can work from home, if they do it at that time everyone is sleeping, perhaps even the husband is sleeping, right? In chocolate, the husband trade treasure and then went to sleep right.

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Or even better yet the husband is also up. But this time, there's no distractions really. And a lot is placed a special type of Baraka during this time, anything that you want in your life to be mobarak use this early morning time, especially the time from after fudger till

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till the sunrises, that is the most volatile time that is one of the most volatile times for a person to do anything, whether that be memorizing or on whether that be whether that be reading something, whether that be business even that's what the narrator of this particular had, he suffered alarmingly for the environment. And he realized the potential of this idea. So in the morning time, he would do his transactions after Friday, early early morning times with all the merchants in the world are sleeping. And sometimes I go to stores, and do you know, talk and pull the leg of the the merchant? I will say why don't you open your store up in the morning, of course

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budget where I come from? It's a it's a little bit later.

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So I said why don't you open it up around six o'clock, you know, this is six o'clock, normally we'll be here then I tell them this honey, even if no one is here, unless I don't want to I don't want Lisboa who's going to be there. Even in the veterans society. People are sleeping sometimes in Medina, Frederick becomes really great. Some people are going to go to sleep, not everybody is going to be practicing this, he realized the practice. So in the morning time, he would conduct all of his transactions right in the early morning. So the Sahaba they said that for castable amount, what I thought his wealth became very much and he became very, very wealthy, because he would conduct all

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of his business right in the early morning time, to a degree that some of the narrator's they said that he had so much money that he didn't even know where he should put it, like he didn't have enough room in his house to keep his money. Now, of course, nowadays, we have banks, but at that time, they had to keep monies in you know, money in their houses, so he didn't have room in his house to to place money.

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And normally, people in wealth have big houses as well. So you can think of that this person had made so much money simply by doing these transactions at early morning time and attaining that marker. So anything that you wish to do in your life that you want to have Baraka and do it in that early morning time, especially the time that is between the end of your salon until the sun, the sun rises and even after that the logic of that is the reason a lot of time for a person to do thicker for a person to even conduct business after he's done. He has gone on the morning and so on and so forth.