Jannah #21 – Meeting Your Angels in Jannah

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One of the things about the blessed presence of angels is that there's something that overcomes you when you're surrounded by the angels from Allah subhanaw taala and of the greatest features of the last 10 Nights is that a person exerts themselves so that they can try to be amongst those who the angels are descending upon. When Allah subhanaw taala praises you amongst that group of angels, they love you. What is it like to meet those angels in Jannah that used to sing your praises while you were still here in this world?

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We know from a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the keeper of Hellfire is named Malik and Malik is a name that's derived from the word Wilk which refers to power and strength. So this is an angel that has a hideous appearance only to those that are in hellfire though Allah subhanaw taala creates all of the angels beautiful, but he's made to look that way to those people that are in hellfire. As for the keeper of Jenna Lima, Lima Rahim, Allah and even cathedra and others narrates that his name is little blonde with one, which is a name that is derived from the word a little blah, pleasure. So Subhanallah even in the name of the chief keeper

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of Jana, is Lila is pleasure. Whereas the name of the chief keeper of Hellfire is Malik is power and strength. And that kind of sets the tone for how you're going to interact with the melodica with the angels in Jannah. Now, what are the different types of angels that you find in Jannah? Because you've been hearing about them, even as we've been going through the different stations, I remember into theater Rahim Allah said that amongst the angels are those who are appointed in charge of Paradise, and those who are preparing the honors for its people. So you have those Mala Iike that are getting Jana ready for you right now. You have the angels, as he says, that are preparing the

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welcoming gifts, you have those that are preparing and sewing the garments, you have those that are shaping the jewelry for the people of Ghana, you have those angels that are building your palaces, and taking care of your gardens before you get to Jana, you have the angels that are already preparing the food and the drink getting your meals ready for Jana. And he said all of these angels are anticipating the entrance of the occupants, and they have prepared for us what No, I have seen what no ear has heard, nor has it crossed the minds of any human being. And he says again, the keeper of paradise, of course, the chief angel is called but as one so we can break down the

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categories of the angels as such, you have those angels that make the announcements. They make the announcements that are pleasing to you and they make the announcements when ALLAH SubhanA what's Allah has something to share with the people of Jana. And then you have the angels that are constantly there just to congratulate you. And Allah subhanaw taala says, yeah, the Hooroo and I even called about Salam when it can be Moussa bottom for network ba da. So just like you had angels that welcomed you and congratulated you when you first entered into Jana. Now you have angels that are saying Salam Alikum Bhima so bottom piece be on to you for the patience that you showed funair

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merkaba Doc, what an amazing reward you have now, we hope you're enjoying your home now. And you have the angels who not just give you salaam but they serve you. They bring you things in general. They take you places in general. And so you have the ones congratulating you the ones giving you salaam, the ones that are serving you. And then just like you have the leaders of the human beings in a particular place and Jana, you have the chief angels to breed it has set up Mica ilardi has Salam as far afield as salam, those who Allah subhanaw taala calls Elmo paciente umbra, the angels that were in charge of apportioning the Command of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah so you have Gibreel

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say you Dermalogica, the chief of the angels, what didn't you want to see Gibreel at his salaam, who brought down the WA He who brought down the revelation, who accompanied our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who the prophets lysozyme described in his full form as having 600 wings that had rubies and pearls coming down from each one of his wings in such a beautiful way. And now you get to meet Djibouti Ronnie has set up, and maybe you get to talk to Djibouti at it, sit down and ask Djibouti eradicate Salam about his unique perspective of the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and in fact, the seed of every prophet, you can ask Djibouti at his Salam about the time

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that Jana was first created, and what it was like when he saw it and he thought that every single person was going to enter into this place and celebrate with Djibouti it it is set up you have mica eat it his Salam, who is the angel of Rama belief and our Yeah, we used to, by the command of Allah. We're

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Wind and rain, and all sorts of mercy upon the people in this world. And now as you're enjoying the rain and the breeze of agenda, you can talk to Mica ilardi Sinha, you have a Salafi lady who's Salam, who blew into the horn and nextleaf is sore. And through that blow took the lives of everyone. And you might think, well, what is there to that, but it's an off he is one of the great angels. And by the way, he has a beautiful voice, which we're going to talk about in Charlottetown. And of course, even medical notes, the one who took the souls of people and for the believer, The Taking of the soul in this life is not one of pain, but rather one of pleasure as we move on to our

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next destination. Now Subhan Allah the part of this that I really want to get to, though,

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is that the scholars mentioned that you will have the angels who were with you in this life with you in paradise as well. What's the proof of that? Remember when you were dying? And Allah subhana wa, tada sent the angels to you? And they said, no, no. Oh, yeah. Come Phil higher to dunya. Well, Phil,

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we were your close friends. We were with you that entire time in this life. And we're going to be with you and the hereafter. What a comfy hammer touch the heat and physical Wella comfy hamata don't wait till you see the Jana that's been promised to you. Wait till you see this place where you will have everything that you desire, and everything that you asked for. So those angels that were with you in this life, they come with you into Janna as well. And in this life, you couldn't see them. You couldn't talk to them. But now you can actually talk to them. And just like when you want to talk to your old friends, your old companions and reminisce on those moments, you can reminisce with

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the melodica as well reminisce with the angels on some of those moments that they were privy to, even if you didn't feel their presence. So you have the angels that used to protect you, and more akibat and these angels that used to protect you might have information about times that you were protected that you didn't even know about. So what if they tell you about a time that you are about to get into a car accident, but Allah subhanaw taala commanded them to avert that accident from you, or something terrible was coming your way, but you made a do and Allah subhanaw taala told them to do something for you. And they start to tell you about those moments and reminisce with you. And you

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have angels that are reminding you of your private moments and do us because Allah subhanho wa Taala boasted about you and you have those angels that were part of those celebrations. When Allah subhanaw taala forgave you. And Allah subhana wa Tada spoke about you and a little brother or Allah subhana wa Tada found you in a helicopter or found you in a masjid. And the angels are telling you about those days, and celebrating with you now, as they remind you of the time that Allah subhanaw taala celebrated you before. Now I want you to remember that hadith of the Prophet slicin where he said that if you were like you are when you are with me all the time, the angels would greet you in

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the streets. Well now you are like that. And you are with the Prophet slice alum. So the angels are literally greeting you in every single alley of Jannah reminiscing on your private moments and celebrating the public moments that are yet to come. Yeah.

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A year to one left, sooner and more coma in

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your ward G BK all blee at

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Malia Featherdale for leafy i Eva the wonderful Legion naughty