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hello beat out amino salatu salam ala wouldn't be able more silly

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Mohammed also nice Alana Haile he went early he was of yourself

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to Steven cathedral cathedral Komodo

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my brothers and sisters,

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Hadith in Timothy and even a mother

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obey the law even though my son and I'm sorry on how to mill the lawn who reported

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that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Whoever among you wakes up in the morning

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Whoever among you wakes up in the morning, secure in his home secure in his dwelling,

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healthy in his body.

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And he has food for that day. Only one.

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So three conditions. He wakes up in the morning secure in his house in his dwelling.

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He is healthy in his body

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and he has his food for the day.

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Then it is as if the whole world has been given to him.

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Three things that there was a wrestler mentioned if somebody wakes up in the morning, secure in his dwelling,

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healthy in his body and inner food for the day.

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It is as if the whole world has been given to him.

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And Hamdulillah

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this applies to all of us except the last part

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because we don't have food for the day. We have at least food for a month.

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And if I know some of you have fought for me for the year

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because you have a main big refrigerator which is the size of a small flat in the kitchen. And then you have two freezers in the garage.

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When will we even eat that food and think about that.

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Now this is one single day if he has food, it is like he has been given the whole word.

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You know the

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mentioned that in October.

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Somebody sent me this picture of this man in Turkey standing there with three loaves of bread in his hand. three loaves of bread

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and the caption said this man owned 33 apartment blocks

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please understand we're not talking about ranch style house. We're not talking about one apartment 33 Apartment blocks. Just think about this several of you here who have rental properties. What is the kind of free what is the kind of rental income using is getting 33

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in 10 seconds, it went to zero.

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Completely every building 33 buildings were flattened in 10 seconds.

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And that man is standing in the line with people with the refugees holding three loaves of bread in his house so Hala

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is also Muslim man

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the reason I'm saying is remember I said when you have how much we need to take a loss monitor every single instance how much we need to thank God knows where

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people get you know they get very irritated they get very impatient. When you talk to them about the deen you tell them about the soul of the D do what is right don't do what is not right and halal eat halal.

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Think about this.

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I know when you hear mashallah, you when you drive your cars, there are two angels in front and two behind and two on the sides. Like you know, the motorcycle outriders for presidents and prime ministers. You got my martial law brothers here. I will not look at them. So you don't know who it is, but

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because of how fast they drive,

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Supposing the same brother,

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they tell him, here's my car.

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You know, here is this Enzo Ferrari. And as you get into the car, I tell you, really just one small problem. These brakes are giving some trouble. I'm not so sure these brakes whether

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I'm not saying they're not working, right. But they were giving me some trouble. So I'm not sure how good they are.

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But most welcome, you know, is what uh, this guy's got a top speed of 300 mile

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As an hour, you know, feel free. There is no cop on the face of the planet who can catch you once you float the accelerator that you're gone. He says they can't even get close to you right?

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What do you think you will do?

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What do you think will do?

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I don't think he will even start the car he will get out of the car, he will take your keys keep your car Salako why?

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Is it because the engine is bad?

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Is it because there is no gas in the tank? Is it because of the it is because of what the brakes the brakes? What gives you confidence is that the brakes will work.

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That's what I call my accelerator versus brake. So as we will discussion which is more important, the accelerator the brakes.

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The accelerator is good only if the brakes are there. The brakes are not sure

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that the point is that right? You're not gonna use it.

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Islam is the brake.

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The accelerator gives you the thrill only because you know there is a brake that works.

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The brick is important without the brick, the accelerator will kill you.

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He will destroy yourself.

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Islam is the brick.

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So Allah does not swatter does not stop us from earning. He doesn't stop us from having power. He doesn't stop us from having wealth. He doesn't stop us from anything which is good.

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But like gives us the bricks. Allah says these are the boundaries, do whatever you like, within the boundaries. Why? Because that is hard for you.

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The benefit for you is if you work within the boundaries, if you leave the boundaries and go somewhere else, then you will destroy yourself.

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I think this is the key thing for us to keep in mind.

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That whatever Allah subhanaw taala della delivery will tell us is good for us because Allah knows best.

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We don't know Allah knows.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala told us about Salam ova Otago rasool Allah also avana Jai Kumar who fondo what the hola in the llotja De Luca and let's round it then is it whatever my Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam tells you gives you ticket

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and whatever he stops you from stop

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have the coverless manager Allah subhanaw taala is Severe in punishment

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for solos or Salah mentioned in another Hadith same thing he said whatever I tell you to do, do it to the best of your ability. Whatever I stop you from stop immediately.

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Now see see the see the wording of that is very important for us to understand this he did not say whatever I stopped you from stop to the extent you can stop No.

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When you have to when when there is an emergency you have to slam the brakes What do you do? You slam the brakes.

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You don't do it gradually you slam the brakes because if you don't have the brake, you will kill yourself.

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So the reason I'm saying if I stop you from something stop completely.

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But when I tell you do something, this is the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala

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just do it to the extent possible it may do your best but we know it where it may not be perfect may not like the huddle for example, right obviously you can't pray for six hours you can't pray for four hours. Pray two rakaat if you can pray to God

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not even a no problem just stay true. But pray to

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but as far as leaving Salah is concerned, no. He didn't say pray as many as you can pray no, no, there's no leaving of Salah for Salah is what has to be prayed must be prayed No excuses, no running here that is the fall.

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So whatever never stops us from historic completely what He tells us to do we do it and we try to do our best. And our Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from the shortcomings. Right? So ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn from this beautiful day and to appreciate him to appreciate Allah to thank Allah to appreciate a source of guidance and to seek it and look for it and try to do the best that we can do. So that we can benefit and we can pass on his benefit to those who are in connected connected with us. Was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was an avid member. Okay,