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The importance of love and knowing oneself in Islam is emphasized, as it is a unified place for Muslims. Visiting the US Embassy and receiving a visa agenda is also emphasized. The speakers stress the need to create a statement about Islam to attract visitors and avoid negative emotions. They also discuss the historical and political importance of the topic, including the "Art of God" and the "immaterial of God" in various industries. The importance of reflecting on actions and emotions is emphasized, as well as seeking out the spiritual light to see if it can bring back the lives of people.

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zilara Mother Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should be able to lead. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Maha lI right Ali was able to send them to slim in

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Morocco. My dear brothers and sisters, one of my friends, rarity in that he reflects on us with questions. He asked me, he said sure, however, how do we reinvigorate people's love for the masjid to have it be a unified place for Muslims education? And he quoted he said as my mama that rosary Ramallah is that Allah he says in Egypt, the Masjid is the heart of the Muslim community, and the factory of champions. Despite the mega foundations and small massages, back in the back of the time of the Sahaba with one law had a much vain we had champions who carried Islam around the world and left the thumbprints to this day.

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That the question, the answer is very simple. It's not love of the masjid or what happens in the masjid but love of Allah subhana Hotel.

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Think about this, why do you go to a house?

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To meet a person right? Unless you are going to a monument or to a tomb which is dead. You go to the house, meet the person who lives there. I think of someone who has a very beautiful house and you go to meet him. But when you reach there, you discover that he's not home. Now what is your feeling? Are you disappointed? Or do you say no problem? It's okay. He has a basketball hoop in the in the yard and a swimming pool and so on. So let me shoot a few hoops and jump into the pool. So what if I couldn't meet him? Now if you said that, then what would anyone's with any sense? What would they tell you?

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala ordered us full Yabu rubber Hazal bathe, he didn't say fully able to handle wait. Allah said worship the rubber of the way worship the rubble bite. And despite which is the cover, this is the problem with our Dawa. We invite to the house not to Allah. That is why Allah subhanaw taala like he said shocked there are a whole many Navassa Imam shocked era agar know Mary namaskar Imam Mira be hijab Mira su V hijab. He said if your love is talking to Allah sanitize era, if your rub if your love is not the Imam of my salah, then my DM is a cover and my shoe is also a cover. Now, let's think about this in this month of Ramadan. Okay, when people love

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Allah subhanho wa Taala they're attracted to his houses. Today, people come to the masjid because they want to go to the gym or to play a game or because there's some fancy chef who's speaking there. And they're going to check out the chef and to maybe pick some faults in his in his career or, or gather some stories and anecdotes which they can go and you know, tell stories and in the US using their own bands or something or some of that activity. The magic today is the alternative that these are this is how these are the words people tell me the Monday today is the alternative to MGM or a disco or a frat party. We even say this quite shamelessly let them come to the budget at least

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instead of going to the disco or the bar, they might in the capacitor. That's why you must create something in the budget that is a halal version of the disco to attract people. What kind of thing is this? What kind of what kind of a statement is that? What kind of thinking that that is why

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when the lecture is, is is detail a little bit longer, people get tired of listening, and they want to shorten it. But have you ever heard of anyone who wanted World Cup football or Super Bowl or NBA or something to be restricted to just 10 minutes. But we hear that all the time for every heart in our bed. If we loved Allah subhanaw taala we will realize that we are being rewarded for every second of our presence in the truck. Those hasard will be on our scales on the Day of Judgment, where one single Hazara could mean the difference between Jana and Jana. We will know that Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning as by name on his ash, that the melodica are present with us and will

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bear witness for us when we meet Allah subhanaw taala and that Allah subhanaw taala promised to forgive all those who are engaged in his vicar, even the passerby who stopped. We know this or this, whereas the time we spend watching Superbowl or whatnot is at best MOBA. Neither good nor bad, and much more likely to fall into macro. Or maybe parts of it even into her.

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Especially if it leads to delaying or even missing Salah that just told me that doesn't happen.

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Now we must begin at the beginning, which is to know and to love Allah subhanaw taala over and above anyone and anything else from that counts.

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A lover of the Rasul Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if the heart is responsive to this, then the slave loves the Masjid. As I mentioned, it is not what happens in the masjid. It is why you go there. If you go there for the activity, then there is no difference between going to the masjid and going anywhere else. If you go there to talk about Allah, to worship Allah, to learn about him, geladeira know to connect to him to seek to please Him.

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You won't find standing place in the masjid, just like you don't find standing place in in Super Bowl. I hate to make this comparison, but I'm forced to do that to help people to relate to the activities that they do today. It all boils down to what you see as your need. When we have a need, we don't need an invitation. Nobody goes to the hospital because he likes the decor or he or because he was invited. He goes there because he has a need. And he knows that if he doesn't go, he will suffer pain. Or maybe he will die. People in our home countries they stand in long lines on the pavement outside the US Embassy to get a visitor visa.

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Nobody invited them. They must pay for it. Then they must buy a ticket and pay for the trip. But they are willing to do all that because they see it as their need. Do we see Jana as

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seriously need or just as a nice to have thought?

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If we see it as our need? Why do we need inducements and invitations to go to the house of Allah and ask him to give us a visa agenda.

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When you love somebody that love is the inducement. You don't need frequent flyer miles or loyalty points to go to meet that person. You don't look at your watch when you are or your for when you are listening to them. You don't think of what else you will be doing. Where else you would have been whose company you are missing, because you are with your beloved.

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Being with your beloved is the price is your reward is your game. You don't need anything else. If your beloved said to you.

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Thank you for coming. Here is $100 for your travel. You wouldn't take that money. I will feel insulted to be offered money to meet someone that I love.

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The meeting itself is a reward.

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But visit the house Allah. We want rewards and inducements. While we are there we are thinking of what we are missing. And where else we would have been all the rewards that Allah subhanaw taala gives us without asking and not enough for us. We take them for granted. Maybe Maybe they don't even register. Is this a sign of love? Do we love Allah subhanaw taala and what will we say when Allah Subhana Allah asks us if you truly loved it.

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On that day, my brothers and sisters It is not our smooth talking that will help us our hands and feet, our eyes in years. Our body will speak and it will say what we made it do. After all, didn't fear what Allah subhanaw taala said, first Guney calm was cruelly while the Furu, Allah subhanaw taala said, Therefore remember me, make my Zika and I will remember you and be grateful to me for all my favors, and never be ungrateful to me. Did you not hear this? What is the value of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala said that he would mention us.

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Allah is mentioning me on his ash, does this register? Does this have value for me? Imagine that Allah is saying that is my slave farmer who is talking about me, that is my slaves. They listen to listen to him reciting Michael

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Russell as a result of gender Allah subhanaw taala waits to listen to his slave recite his color. It's like waiting for in the days of radio you waiting for the radio to the channel to come online.

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And when the slave comes online, Allah subhanaw taala draws the attention of his office, McConnell via the midnight hour close to Allah subhanaw taala to the voice of his lip, and mentions that slave by name.

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Do we believe that? Do we believe what our sources have told us? Have you not heard the Hadith about the gatherings for the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala in the Hadees in most of the Messiah, and as we Malik of the Allah who reported that also As Salam said, no people gather to remember Allah subhanaw taala only desiring his only desiring by that by the gallery, his countenance

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except that it will be announced for them in the heavens. Stand forgiven. Your bad deeds have been replaced with good deeds, not just forgiven. They have been replaced with good deeds, because they gathered to remember Allah subhanaw taala This is not in a forest of Oregon reported, there was a self said no people gathered to remember Allah, but that the angels surrounding

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cover them with Mercy

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Send tranquility upon them, and mention them to Allah subhanaw taala among those near to him, and this isn't a Muslim, I asked myself, if I'm aware of this, when I am in such a gallery.

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And if I have that, how can I get tired of being there?

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Am I aware? Or am I not aware?

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How can I want it to be shortened? How can I leave except with a genuine sense of loss and tears in my eyes?

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All of us know the answers to these questions. I don't ask them to get answers, but to remind myself of what my focus should be. Remember, no matter how good a shot you may be, you will only hit what you aim at. You can't aim at something in front of you and expect to hit something behind you.

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And that is why we have the first Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Ameerul Momineen. We have Omar Abdullah Delano, who said, I heard also Elijah that I'm saying actions are according to intentions and everyone will get what he intended. Whoever migrates for Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, the migration will be for the sake of Allah and His messenger, messenger and who,

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whoever migrates for worldly gain or to marry a woman, then his migration will be for the sake of what he migrated for, right? In Ebola era, Lavinia, we know this or this.

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Nia is not the only thing. Nia is everything, without the right near the action is wasted, and may even be harmful. The root cause of all this is that we have lost a lot with respect to knowing Allah subhanaw taala of getting close to him, or building a relationship with him. Who is Allah? Who is Allah. Think about this. There is a little bird called the Black Capped Chickadee. It is the state bird of Massachusetts. It is smaller than a sparrow. It's a resident bird, which means that it doesn't migrate.

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It doesn't migrate south in the winter, and lives through our brutal winters with temperatures sometimes 20 below as I'm writing this as our readings cold but it is snowing and it's a second day with temperatures of 10 to 13 below.

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And as I look out my window, what do I see a Black Capped Chickadee taking a single seed of black our sunflower, black oil, sunflower from the feeder and flying off to Egypt, why only one seed that's all she can hold in Arabic. She flies at full speed, brakes in flight to land perfectly and gracefully.

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Like a snowflake on the feeding bar. Then she pokes her head into the feeder, picks her seed and flies off again full speed. I always wonder why and how she never crashes into the feeder because air brakes didn't work. I marveled at the fact that Allah subhanaw taala created his little miracle, which lives through this winter and is unfazed by snow or ice. You know what is the meaning of minus 20 minus 20 means that if I go out into that weather, without proper clothing, without insulation and so on and so forth, and I take a nice deep breath

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my lungs will freeze and turn into ice

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and I will die that bird this week.

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This is Allah

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this is Halloween

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the best of the one who creates as I watched the snowfall. I remind myself of the results of Wilson snow is COVID got snowflake his name was given snowflake Wilson Bentley

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was born in 1865 and died in 1931 Who over 40 years photographed 1000s of individual snowflakes and perfected the innovative photo photo micro graphic techniques which prove that every snowflake is different in structure

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every snowflake now I asked myself why whatever loss that I had created all snowflakes are like

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like an extrusion process where everything is exactly the same. We don't know Anyway, how many of us are looking at individual flows, snowflakes and photographing them if Wilson Bentley had not done is had not done this amazing piece of research who would have known that the texture of of every snowflake is different

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likewise, why the variety in sunsets and sunrises I know we've talked about the the difference in atmospheric content and you know refraction of light and all of this stuff. That is that is that is how it happens. That's not why it happens.

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likewise, the variety in birds and animals, insects and plants, via the variety of people, the colors, the type of birds, the talents, including their ability to irritate others, while the variety in our emotions and thoughts and actions, why the variety in languages and colors and shapes and textures and sounds.

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And I've not even begun to haven't even cover and began to cover everything about the let alone the entire alien world that exists beneath the waves of the oceans. And what to say what the skies

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all that we can see and far more

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that we cannot see.

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I can go on forever, and yet it will not end. Allah subhanaw taala is the witness. He said to Abba, what are talcum mean? coolly Massa, ultimo, when in doubt, don't ever delay love to her Suha in null in Santa Ana Zulu, one of the lowest lows aluminum kuffaar. Allah said and he gave you all that you asked for? And if you count the blessings of Allah, Never will you be able to count them. Verily man is indeed an extreme wrongdoer and a disbeliever. Do we reflect on what Allah subhanaw taala told us? Do we see how it applies to us? And ask why. Always ask why. Only then can we understand the wisdom behind it? Did we reflect our order Allah subhanaw taala said while ago Marfil RB Jamia

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Mustafa Illa sama fossa Han savasana what we call the chain I live, here it is who created for you all that is on the earth. Then he made his Stiva towards the heaven and made them seven heavens. And he is the or knower of everything. Just think about that. Think about is if Allah says He is the One who created for you.

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All that is on the earth. Why?

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Europe? Why? For me, why for me? We all know the answer, so that we can recognize Him and thank Him and worship Him so that we can obey Him and follow the beautiful sunnah of his Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam

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so that with this understanding, we can illuminate our hearts with the know of his glory and majesty, and drive out all the shadows and darkness of doubt.

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The darkness of anxiety and depression and fear and apprehension

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so that we can love Him and thank Him, as it is his right to be loved and thanked. But what do we do that?

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Do we do these things. That is what we must revive in our minds and hearts and lives to reflect that is the most important habit to inculcate the oil to ourselves, to take time.

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Take time out simply to reflect, to sit without disturbance or distraction and reflect on the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala to read his book, and marvel at his words, marvel at his words, not just translation, there's a huge mistaken idea that transmission and meaning are the same thing. It's not the same thing, not by a longshot.

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Translation is translation is just the same word in another language. Meaning is what does it mean to me deep down in my soul? What am I willing to pay for it?

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To look at our to look around at his creation and remind ourselves that he told us that he created this for us. How thankful should we be for them? How thankful to be

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and to remind ourselves, that no matter what, one day, we must leave it on to meet him.

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It is up to us how we want that day to be we must create the circumstances for His mercy and seek his forgiveness.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to do the deeds that will make that day the best day of our lives.

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My beloved sisters, seriously let us reflect on this. This love for Allah subhanaw taala that is so missing in our lives.

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That's why I want to end with this. One of my favorite I had this

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season as we Malika Villanueva relates that wrestler as a seller, once passed by a Bedouin was making the following dua in his salah.

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And he

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and I translate his head, or the one whom I cannot see, who cannot be imagined who is beyond

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On discription, who is unaffected by happenings, who cannot be overwhelmed by the twists and turns of time, who knows the weight of the mountains, the volume of the oceans, the number of falling raindrops, the number of leaves on the trees, and everything upon which night darkens and upon which the day brightens, no sky can hide another from him. No surface of the Earth can hide another from him. No ocean can hide anything within its depth from him. And no mountain can conceal from him anything within its rocks, make the last part of my life the best, make the best of my deeds, the lowest, and make my best day be the one when I meet you.

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Think about this Listen, before I go to the continue with the Hadith. Just think about the kind of reflection the kind of thinking that this beautiful man was was was was engaged in.

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Do we think about drops of water and individual raindrops?

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Last week, I was at Bay Path University Long Meadow and I said to them

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long meadow where we are now has a land area of 9.7 6000 square feet 10 square miles, that is 35,200 acres. And one inch of rain on one acre weighs 113 Tons 113 Longmeadow has had 5.5 inches of rain this year. That is 3,977,600 Tons 3,000,009 77,600 tons of water

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this year.

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Now think about this. All this water came in the form of individual drops or snowflakes. What if 3,976,600 tons of water had dropped from the sky

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from a height of 10,000 feet in one colossal sheet.

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There would be no libido

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how therefore should be thank Allah subhanaw taala will not only sense what we need, but sends it in a way that reflects his love and mercy.

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This reflection is what has gone from us.

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This is what is wrong with our doubt.

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And this is what we need to correct to bring this back into our lives to live lives which are alive. We live lives which are connected to Allah subhanaw taala to live like like thinking reflecting intelligent people.

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Not just you know moronic robots who are constantly seeking stimulation stimulation stimulation, and we think Tao is to create more stimulation in the budget.

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Reflection is to cut off stimulation and connect with Allah subhanaw taala didn't

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to His love and His glory and His Majesty to his hacia

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which when in the heart, which sincerity then converts into hope, into his love. And this is the basis the foundation of reliance of Torquil on Allah subhanaw taala which is the force the life force that makes us winners in this life and the next Robina dominant force and our loved Aquila learn how to handle Cassidy Robin attina for dunya has an adorable Villa at Arsenal dog and I love and that was some of the Halloween kitty Riley he was I remember