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I find is Adam Brunel Khurana am Allah KHUDOBIN Aloha.

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From the shack is somebody it was silly Emery looked at me listening. Oh Cody. Hola homophobic dangle multiview La ilaha illa. Allah how much I know Mina Latina, Amarillo Amarillo, Sally has also been happy What was so bizarre to me Robben Island mean.

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One of the descriptions Allah gives of the Quran describing itself and the way that the Quran operates. He says Kitab al Hakim at Ayato, a book, the ayat, the verses, the teachings, the lessons of which were stitched together. So the meanings of the word come, I think, like weaving, or stitching. And when you think about weaving and stitching, it's multiple colors, multiple strands, and they're all intertwined with each other. If you look at one string, or one kind of material, it's a completely different material, and a different kind of silk, or a different kind of wallets, a different kind of material. But a good tailor can actually take two very different materials and

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design something beautiful with them, you would not think that those two things go together. But the artist or the tailor knows how to put those two things together. And the final product is a work of art. Those of you that are in any kind of artistic field, if somebody is a cook, cooking can be an art. If somebody's cooking, and somebody comes and says why are you putting this much salt? Are you putting this? Why are you putting the spice? Just leave me alone, you'll see the final product just you don't know what's going on? Okay, because in the middle of the product in the in the middle of the process, you might not see what the final product is. The same way if somebody's painting, why

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did you use that color? Are you doing this? Are you doing just I'll show you at the end. Just this is my process, because you cannot see how someone an architect, a painter, a cook, people that design things, people that build things, you don't know the map that they have in front of them, right? You don't have somebody who's a designer or an interior designer or something, they go to an old house, they destroy everything, they destroy all the walls, they destroy the kitchen, they destroy me. And then you're like, why did you do that? This is messed up now. So some people can visualize what it's going to be in the future. And then when they see the final product, like Wow,

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that's incredible. Right? So the thing with human beings is you have to have a long term vision to be able to see how things come together. Now the reason I'm giving you this example, is because a lot of times we study Allah's book, and we study Allah's book in isolation. So we'll look at an idea from this surah we're looking at another idea from another Surah we'll look at some some Hadith of the prophets of Allah how to use them. And we look at them sort of in isolation, right? Or nowadays because we have search tools available, and we have so much data mining available. So you can see I want to look up all the places in the Quran that talk about one subject, right so you can do a

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search and you can find all these different ions from different sources in the Quran that are similar or

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We're talking about the same subject and you feel like, okay, now I know what Allah has to say about this topic, because I know I have all of these ayat, which has its own benefit. But one of its disadvantages is Allah stitched that idea in a surah, he put it in a certain Surah, it was part of a larger painting, that was part of a larger divine work. You know, every sutra was the architect of every sutra is Allah. And you know, like, every brick in this building is part of a larger design, every idea of the sutra is part of a larger design. And so you even though we learn from a single idea, and you can compare to another single idea, something is missing, when we don't look at what

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Surah doesn't belong to, why was it put over here? Why not take all of the ayat that talk about the same subject and put them all in one surah and be done with it? Right, we don't, we don't get that in the Quran, you don't get like a surah called the surah of Taqwa. And all the way out of the quarter, they're done. You don't have to deal with that anymore. This subject is complete. If you want to learn about that anymore. Go back and refer to that, you know, if you read another textbook, and you're learning about some topic, and the author wants to remind you of something they talked about before, they said this has already been covered in previous chapters, and they'll put a little

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super, you know, they'll put a, put a little mark and at the at the bottom, you're just gonna see Oh, refer back to chapter two, go to this page or go to that page. In fact, even more, firstly, don't do that. When you're reading the feet of a surah. And Allah talks about something, and they've already done it. I've seen have a similar idea before the second subaqua, the crew, this was talked about already, you can go back there and read what I wrote. I'm not going to write that over again. But the question that comes to mind, how come Allah himself doesn't do that? Allah doesn't just say go back to that's what I already talked about that over there. He talks about it again, when he

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talks about it somewhere else again. And Allah is giving us a clue himself. Allah is teaching us himself. Because Allah says, when you are living from Allah, Allah is teaching you. And you know, in teaching, the teacher is also in a sense, an artist, teaching is also an art. Where's the teacher going to begin? How's he going to introduce a topic? What examples is the teacher going to use? Where's the class going to end? The teacher also knows how long the session is going to be? Is it a 20 minute class? Is it a 40 minute class? How much time do I have to get my lesson across? What do I want the student to think? How do I want to build their thought process? Because I want you to know

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that teaching is not the same as giving information. There's two different things. giving information just means here, I can hand you the book here, here's all the information done. That's

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it handed you the book, you have the knowledge, you have the information now, figure it out yourself. And you have many of you have been in schools where the teachers are lazy. So they say, open up chapter three, read, and then they're checking their own emails, right? Because they're like, Oh, I'm just gonna deliver the information. I know what you you, you figure it out yourself. But a good teacher says, I'm going to take you on a journey. I'm going to start here and there and, and from the beginning, you might not figure out what the teachers logic was, why is he starting here? Why did he begin here? Why is the ending there, but by the end of it, you end up learning

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something you never forget? And that's the mastery of a good teacher. Right? So this is something Allah azza wa jal does in the Quran. And the reason I give you this long winded explanation is because there are two things Allah connects together that you would not imagine would be connected together. And he does this on multiple occasions in the Quran, took two cases that are very prominent that come to mind are SOTL and filing suit Mohamed, now these both of these students have something in common, these pseudo social and financial number eight, for those of you that are curious, and Bahama disorder number 47. Both of them are largely concerned with the Battle of

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Largely the subject in both of these sutras, is commentary and discussion having to do with the first major battle in the life of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and the first war that the Sahaba had to engage in his followers, both from Mecca and Medina had to engage in war and with very little resources, and they did so this was the first time that the mission of the Prophet artists Otto salaam, shifted from preaching and sharing delivering the message to actually being on the battlefield against the enemies of Allah. Right. So this was a major change and to address that change and to teach Muslims how to prepare for that change. Allah revealed commentary on it multiple

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times. And two of those times are soulful and fun, and sort of Muhammad. Now you would think if these are the sutras that have to do with battle, we're gonna learn all about how Allah is help is going to come how the angels are going to support the believers like Allah will send the unseen armies to support them, how the Muslims have to prepare for battle, how they cannot be

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cowards, how they have to be courageous how there are going to be people from within the military, within the Muslim community that are going to try to undermine because, you know, some people don't want to go into battle, right? So they're going to try to undermine the military from within how some people are going to be traitors, they're going to sell information, they're gonna give information to the enemy, their loyalties are on the wrong side. All of these kinds of things that are all related to battle will be discussed in these solos. And that's actually true. But then what Allah did is he stitched something else inside of both of these spirits that you didn't expect. And

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I read this ayah to you from salat wa Hamid. Allah is talking about the hypocrites who don't want to go into battle. They said it was I thought Islam was going to be easy. When I joined when I when I accepted this religion in Medina, the Prophet SAW Selim was already the governor, so life was gonna be easy, and all of a sudden, now we got to fight Quraysh seriously, they're the superpower. They're the big dog around here. How are we going to take them on? This is suicide. We're not going to do this. This is foolish. I don't mean Oh, come on. I'm gonna sofa and so Takara we should this this belief, we should have this faith, we should have it like these idiots. These fools. They're gonna

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go get themselves killed. That's what they're going for. So there were people that were questioning this call from the Prophet sighs now, by the way, those of you that that might be curious. This is not the first time Allah has made such a demand. Like our prophet is not new to this kind of instruction. So Allah who I listen, I'm calling mica to be Domina Rasul Allah tell them I'm not a new invention from among the prophets. Musa alayhis salam give Dawa to the Quran. So there was a part of his life where he had to do Dawa. And then Allah had allowed him to escape across the water. Do you know the story? Then the Israelites were in the desert. And when they were in the desert,

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they were commanded to go and fight oppressors. They were actually commanded to go and fight, and their followers refused. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam was giving Dawa to hit the frowns of his time, the Quraysh the leaders of Qureshi were the first one of his time. And then just like Musa alayhis salam, he had to make hijra, this time, not across the water but across the desert. And then once he makes that hijra, he's actually commanded to fight the same way that the followers of Musa were commanded to fight. So anybody who's familiar with biblical history, this has actually happened before. And this is part of the Sunnah of Allah with the great messenger Musa alayhis salam, which

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is now being repeated by the seal of the prophets of Allah who are listen anyway. Side note so what is it that Allah stitch that was unusual? Listen to this ayah file as a to mentor when later on that it's quite possible that if you turn your backs Allah tells the Muslims that are thinking about turning their backs from battle. He says to them, if you were to turn your backs from this cause, and to FSI do fill out the that you will end up creating a lot of corruption in the entire region, you will cause great deals of corruption in the entire region. What took up there who are ha Macomb

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and you will end up cutting family ties. This is the part that strange, a surah entirely dedicated to battle and Allah says and you'll end up cutting family ties. So to land fall long Surah about battle battle, battle and battle and at the end, what will or ha me go home I will be bubbling theater Billa the people that are connected to us by blood, family relations, the relations of the womb, meaning anything that ties me to someone else because of my mother, my sibling, my uncles, the blood ties, blood connections, Allah says they have priority over each other in the book of Allah. NAFTA was a surah about family. And these ayat were in the Surah about family understandable. But

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what are these ayat about family ties and keeping the family tied together? What are they doing in a sutra about battle? What is the connection between those? And this happens multiple times in the Quran? Where did I start this? I started with Allah stitching things together that you won't expect. Allah and His Hekla does come of the ayat. Allah is teaching us something about the goal of battle.

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The goal of when kings used to go into the battlefield, their goal was to conquer more territory, isn't it?

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When kings used to go into battle, their goal was to control the waterways or to capture new resources or to enslave people. You know, this was the you want to expand your territory, you want to build your empire. That's how you're going to build your empire by taking more advances or the goal for battle might even be survival. There are people that are coming to invade you, you have to fight back. So it's either offense or defense. This is what battle is. But Allah has given us in very subtle and beautiful language, the ultimate goal why? Why the Muslims fought? Why the Sahaba were fighting. Actually, they were fighting to save humanity.

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II and to save humanity you have to save the family.

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The real goal is actually to keep the family ties together.

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Subhanallah the ultimate goal? Allah, Allah brought his Deen so people will do right by their family.

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I'm very lucky.

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And now if you think about this for a moment,

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Allah azza wa jal describes thank you

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that the hypocrites, the worst of them, the ones that are actually undermining the struggle, what does Allah say about them? He says, Well, Yakata Amata Allah Hui, and

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they cut apart what Allah commanded to keep together. They want to break families, Allah commanded, families should say together, and they try to break them. So in these few minutes, I'm just going to give you a couple of quick pointers about why this is important for you and me now. First of all, Allah is Seeing some of the greatest sacrifices that the Sahaba were asked to make. They were asked to make those sacrifices. And one of its great benefits, one of the great victories of Islam was going to be family ties will no longer be cut. That's going to be one of the great objective, you would think when the victory is done, we will have that palace, we will have that island we will

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have this this Navy will have this port will have these no you will have family, you will have families.

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This is something Allah puts together that human beings could not have imagined how can this be the goal?

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So what does it actually mean? Allah gave us in the Quran, he you know, you would, you'd be surprised when we think of Sharia when we think of law. Right and the law revealed by Allah, when you study the laws revealed in the Quran, the vast majority of the laws revealed in the Quran that are in detail all have to do with the family.

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They all have to do with the family.

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When Allah is other than that, maybe Allah will talk in detail about spending in the path of Allah. There may be some details about riba that does not have to do with family. But there's a huge amount of space dedicated to inheritance. What does inheritance have to do with the family and making sure everybody's done dealt with fairly in the family?

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There's lots of space dedicated in the Quran on divorce, which is a family matter. Lots and lots of space dedicated to that matter. Why is Allah giving so much importance to matters of the family, because human beings on this earth when they were brought to this earth, when Adam Alayhis Salam and our mother Hawa were both being sent to this earth? Then Allah said, will not be to Barbu company Barnardo you're going to be enemies to each other because of the devil. He's going to make you enemies to each other. How does the how does the devil make us enemies? He doesn't, I don't know you, you don't know me. But you know where the real enemies are going to be inside your own family.

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He's going to try to destroy your own family. He's going to try to make you know miscommunication, hatred, anger, you know, resentment. You know, these kinds of feelings between father and son.

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He wants you to think Oh, my father doesn't get me. My father doesn't care about me. My father does this. My father does that. You don't know how he's been excellent. And you have you develop this resentment. And he wants to go into the Father's heart and say My son doesn't respect me. My son doesn't listen to me. My son doesn't. You know, he's, it's such a disappointment. He's so ungrateful. He saw this, he said, and he's building this hatred between father and son to cut the or ha Mako is building hatred between husband and wife. And then even further, sometimes he will use the parents to put hatred into the children, like in the story of use of are they Saddam, actually,

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when you study the biblical account of the story, the sons of you Jacoba his Salam. One of the reasons they hated Yusuf alayhi salam is because they came from a different mom, because jacobellis had multiple wives. And they were from a different mom, and their mom didn't like that. So their mom hated. You know, that Jacoba Islam had another wife and had a child with them. And they almost adopted that hatred from their mom. Right? They adopted and how far did that hatred? Take them? How far did it take them? So you could have hatred towards people inside of your family? You will find young people that are sitting at a dinner table, and they're texting their friends going.

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And then their mom says, Who are you talking to? Nobody? What?

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Their face completely changes when they turn to their family. And their face becomes full of joy when they're talking to their friends. You know, yeah, it's my mom. She's annoying.

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You know,

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would you add nothing? We're talking about homework. She gets on my nerves.

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You know, what is that? You're sitting together. You're in the same house. You have the same address legally. But the ties have been caught.

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They don't actually exist. There's there's no real communication left. And one of them

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goals of this religion was that families should actually be bound together.

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And there are reasons for that, of course, why do people become distant from each other anyway? It's not because I'm not blaming the teenager on their phone, they find a connection with their friends, why did they find such a connection with their friends? Because there was no real connection available at home. Something was missing at home. There's when there's a gap, human beings need to fill that gap. When you don't have somebody to talk, if the only conversations you're going to have are going to be dry conversations, or aggressive conversations. Why are you sitting like this? Why are you standing like that? Why are you dressed like that? Where are you going? What are you doing?

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You eventually a 14 year old is gonna be like, this is? God, there's so annoying. I just want to get out of here. Why are you always complaining? Oh, go Oh, you're your dad will call you say Hey, son come here, or what is it? Another complaint? What you want to complain about now?

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Right. So in your head, he's already just a ball of complaints. That's all he is. He just exists to nag. Right. And the problem is on the Sun side. But the problem is also on the father's side, the father is not realizing that he's constantly doing this. And if somebody was doing this to him, he wouldn't be annoyed, do. And then what we do, the worst thing we do is then we bring the religion into it, somebody will use this code, but it's being recorded, they'll use this recording and send it to their son listen to this, you need to listen to this.

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You see what he said this part from this part to this part?

00:21:29--> 00:21:35

You know, we like to do we like to use our religion as a weapon to make people feel bad.

00:21:37--> 00:22:15

We like to use Allah's Dean as a weapon to make someone feel guilty. Fathers will use it to make sons feel guilty mothers will use it to make sons and daughters feel guilty husbands will use it to make wives feel guilty wives will use it to make husbands feel guilty. Our religion did not come for you to use like a baseball bat to beat somebody else. That's not the use of this religion. You know what that is? That's just you want them to feel bad. And now I have oh, I can use Quran to make them feel bad. Even better. That's a pretty powerful weapon that's better than nuclear bomb. I could throw that at them. You know what Allah says about you? I heard a football about that. Let me pull

00:22:15--> 00:22:20

up the pneumonic, clunk video, here, watch this, this is about you.

00:22:21--> 00:22:47

That you know what that is. This is actually when we don't think we don't realize that the word of Allah is high. And my feelings, my the Quran did not come to justify my feelings. And the Quran did not come for me to use the Quran for my feelings towards somebody else. It didn't come for that purpose. This is blasphemy. It's a joke. It's making the turning the Ayat of Allah into a joke.

00:22:48--> 00:22:59

Husband and wife arguing with each other saying, oh, you know what, you know, the wives are supposed to be this, this this, Allah subhanaw taala says, this is this. And the Prophet says that this this is and she says you're no Sahaba yourself, you know?

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And then they go back and forth.

00:23:03--> 00:23:18

What you know what that is you? It's not the religion and then you come to the Imams. And you say, what do you say about a husband? Who does this this this? What does the What does Islam say about that? While your husband standing sitting next to you? And you kind of

00:23:20--> 00:23:37

or the, you know, the the wife? The wife says it or the husband says, What does Islam say about women who do this, this and this? Can you tell me? You're not asking a real question, you want to get an answer that you want to get a screenshot of that you want to slap somebody with. That's that's what you're actually doing.

00:23:38--> 00:23:56

But you know, what's behind all of this? Before if you have to use the religion, to actually attack each other? If that's the point that your relationship has come to them the love, and the love and the care and the communication that is supposed to be there and that relationship is already long gone.

00:23:57--> 00:24:00

Do you use the religion to make somebody else feel bad at your office?

00:24:01--> 00:24:42

You use the dean to make somebody else feel bad and you're among your friends. You do that to anybody else? No. But you do that with your own family. Men do it to women, women do it to men parents do it to children, the only Quran that parents know what will validate the Sunnah they don't know any other Quran. This is the one to help you know what Allah says my parents write this I don't know other Hadith. Until you know until my nuclear week this hadith I know no other Hadith No, Allah. This is that we are supposed to be humbled before the book of Allah and you cannot use your anger. I'm going to end with this. This is long discussions but I wanted to give you food for

00:24:42--> 00:24:45

thought I was supposed to end at two o'clock so

00:24:46--> 00:24:53

I cannot use my anger towards someone to make them cut ties with the family.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

You can be angry a lady in the audience here could be angry with your in laws. You can be very angry with your

00:25:00--> 00:25:08

because they could have done a lot of wrong to you, I don't deny it. They're the worst people, they're Shayateen they make their own look and look like a nice guy. Great.

00:25:09--> 00:25:57

But your son says I want to spend I want to go salaam to my uncle from my father's side. No, you know what they've done? You know those people? You know what, if you love me, and if you look care about my feelings, you will not go talk to them. You see that relationship between that boy and his uncle, no matter who his uncle is, his uncle could be phenomenal. But that that relationship was not made by you. And it was not paid by your by his dad. That relationship was made by Allah. And that relationship, no one has the right to break it. Because Allah made it. And he says, what we know are Javi Babu whom I will be bubblin fee kitab. Allah, your feelings do not get to cut any

00:25:57--> 00:26:21

relationships. There are men and women that get divorced, divorces allowed in our religion, it happens. And there are many children here that are children of divorced parents. And when they have children of divorced parents, one parent, the mother or the father, they make you feel bad for even calling the other parent who you're talking to. Oh, okay. Yeah, I know. You don't love me that much.

00:26:23--> 00:26:53

And they'll make you feel bad, even if sometimes not even by words, but by gesture. This is called parental alienation. And they'll do and you know what that is? That is a lack of fear of Allah, your anger towards your ex husband, or your anger towards your ex wife allowed you to cut family ties that Allah made and you're actively trying to do so. Good luck answering to Allah azza wa jal, this was this is the ultimate goal of one of the ultimate goals of Islam was to keep the family ties together

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to keep bonds together. And by the way, even if someone is oppressive, or abusive, or anything else. I'm not saying accept abuse, don't don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying to accept abuse. But I'm also not saying to run away. You have to confront people in your family instead of breaking ties. You have to draw boundaries in your families that are breaking ties. But this is something that our religion teaches it's it's one of its most fundamental Jihads This is one of his most fundamental battles. That's why these are out there in the sodas are battle. It's hard Allah I this is a Ramadan is a time for you and I to get closer and closer to the Quran. And to really think about what Allah

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is saying. These Ayat came and at the end of these ayat, you know what Allah said? He said, The Brunel Khurana

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don't take then contemplate the Quran, or some locks are put on their hearts. No, no, I've already made up my mind. I don't want to hear it. But the locks already there. I don't need to contemplate the Quran because when I contemplate the Quran, my heart is supposed to melt. My feelings are supposed to be surrendered to what Allah is saying, I have to look within myself Am I guilty of cutting family ties? Am I guilty? Am I doing this directly or indirectly Am I Am I part of that? Because I cannot be I cannot afford to be because that is actually one of the greatest crimes in the Quran. That called for the Muslims even picking up their swords and shields to go risked their lives

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so that the future families can be saved. May Allah azza wa jal give us a real understanding of his book and a real love and understanding of the Sunnah of His Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, and may Allah azza wa jal allow our families to stay together as Allah has commanded them to be BarakAllahu li Walakum feel for Al Hakim when a family were er, it was

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Hamdu lillahi Wa Kafa wa Salatu was Salam o Allah I but the hidden Athena stuffer husana Allah afford him Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Amin rather early he was the

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one who carried by the

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