Advising And Educating The Person Who Isnt Eating Properly

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I mean, so a lot of you know,

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remember, number one, a lot of data photofiltre be under the thumb, the book about it,

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and so on, before we get to that.

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Question is, if you were in the presence of someone who was not in the way supposedly

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meaning you sitting in a gathering, someone's grabbing a cup with the left hand, and he or she basically was drinking on the left hand. What should you do? Should you just be quiet? Because none of your business? Oh, should you talk to them? Tell them by the way? Could it be a meaningful show? Why don't you do the right time?

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To talk to them? But what about what if that person was the host?

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Is the host should you embarrass him? Or should I say no, he's the host. So be polite in his presence. So therefore just keep quiet.

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One of the person was one of the person was older than him

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and elder was illegal drinking and he or she basically the all of them you should you also stop them and let them know what what they need to do.

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What is that person who's older than you? Is your parent?

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Your father, your mother? should remind them I told them that, you know, it should equal the last time you the right time, right. Yeah, especially that right? Well, he said You

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mind your own business right?

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alongside that, so regardless who the person is, regardless who the person is, the sooner is that you teach the people the way they should in a moment number from all of the level above and actually make memory while the DVD Matthew

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chapter 18, from what is in front of you, and then advising, advising, he says what I do so advising and educating the person who is not eating was not eating properly, basically,

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given me Sara all the time. kalakuta when I'm officially Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi salam was the son of the of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam from his wife.

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He said I was a boy under the care and protection of the prophets of Allah. Hi, I'm

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Carla cannon, the editor tissue for Safa. As a boy, who said my hand used to go all over the place. You know how kids eat, when they eat, they just look for the fancy things that look like. They don't care. So they put their hand in almost every part of a cafeteria. I mean, this is a kid What do you got to talk in?

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However, the prophet SAW Selim still with a child, he will treat the child like He will teach someone who has no condition. So he said for Karla, Kakalios Romani, sola, Yama, sandmann, la wakulla. may mean

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he said magician, yeah, voila, Simon mentioned them of us pound, which may say Bismillah what could be a minute and eat with the writer or couldn't MIT and eat from what is in front of me? So this is now an older man. I mean, a younger boy, basically, the professor did not say that it is a key just leaving the group up and learn No. He taught himself about audio editing, of eating. Also the height of the banquet or the alarm on an anchor and also the lighting.

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A man or a person ain't with his left hand in the presence of a last message.

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So can you imagine

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this guy just eating with

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the prophet SAW somebody addressed them and he came in?

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He didn't say anything wrong, right? Was it a very polite man? Could be mean? And lots of like saying why don't you input your items I

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thought about a lot of stuff. I cannot

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generator of the hypothesis on a nominal kid.

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He said he said that our girls just basic like he didn't like this coming from the office. Some of us a lot a lot of was a hypocrite or Manasa

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ignorant person on a lot of but eventually he says my last thought I cannot. Which means Just leave me alone. That's what it means. Exactly.

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probably from arafah in a few Muslim he said, after that. This person could not raise his right hand up to his mouth afterwards. Which means was paralyzed.

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Because I'm feeling right now this Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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He said, I cannot. The prophet SAW some responded saying Allah. Let's go

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Which means may never be able to.

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So you're saying in Oregon Lee, they may never be able to raise your hand.

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And he was never, he was never seen raising his right hand. I

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mean, he was paralyzed by the darkness Allah sallallahu wasallam. So in these two incidents, which are the profits or losses, I'm instructing a young boy. And he also started an adult. So if you ever seen any gathering someone who's eating or drinking without with a left hand, instruct them by saying, why don't you do the right time? Do it in the most listen and polite man. Don't say, hey, you

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don't call people like that. Instead, say, you know, I really prefer that you can drink

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you know.

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But just be careful.

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with your left hand, maybe the person had no idea that it's wrong, because I've seen it. In all my classes I try. Whenever I travel as people, they come to ask questions. They'll be standing there grabbing a cup of tea or on the left, and they drink and they ask me questions.

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So I just thought the person said, Well, why don't you drink for the right time.

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And it was just it just for him, it didn't look as if.

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So I realized when the person doesn't show any kind of reaction, that means he has no idea that it's wrong. So I explained that to them. But if the person is Oh, I didn't, I didn't pay attention. That means they know what's wrong, but just can't forget about it. I try as much as possible whenever I see people to instruct them shallow data, and educate them again, in the best manner shallow, or

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non Muslim. Most assuredly ask them.

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But if you would like to shed like coffee on what's really called that it's just like a Sunday tomorrow, body.

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Composition we want to but not not mandatory, a lot sooner when you drink to sit down. Now, I'm going to assume that this

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isn't the sort of a process of Assam that you sit down when you drink. Actually, yes, it is a sort of the process of

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She reported that the prophet SAW someone's never seen basically, drinking. While was standing. However, I live in every thought about a lot. And in response to that one day, he did that deliberately. He did that basically,

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to show the people that it's not how long to drink standing, even though it's most preferable to drink while sitting down. He meant a lot for their loved one, when he finished, the leftover in the cup, he stood up, and he drank water while he was done. Then he said, Call me my friend. I didn't do that. Because I need to stand up for it just because I heard some people saying that is not permissible to do was that he said no, it's permissible and he gave his evidence is evidence was and is an abuse of a lot of sediment, he was hydrated, whether during the Hajj and it was out of a day. So the people who are wondering of the prophet SAW Allah some was fasting or not. So the prophet SAW

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some photographer, the handler, so they want to know, and you stood sort of as if he was actually sitting on the back of the couch. So he stood up, sort of on center, and he was doing what everybody was watching. So he was the reason he did he did that. So a lot of those will argue that it's not an evidence rally, they said the process awesome. He did that for a reason to show the public right. He wants to show the Avengers as far as they can see him some of us but still hated it hated some of us or something when he was drinking, he was standing on his feet so so it's not hard on but it's definitely preferable to for the person to sit down while during that also past reading.

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And I noticed the culture of a people they eat and drink while they're walking, not even standing. But it's not that the etiquette or the other

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you know the reason for that or sitting down any

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life some added the professor Sam Harris says that the professor said, Now we have more trouble

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and the person who drinks while standing knows what he's thrown into his stomach, he will throw up many that's very awful. The hair is not that authentic, Allah Personally, I need certain letters. So if you ever get a chance to sit down or stand can do it. It will it will come in a hurry or maybe in different circumstances you're gonna have to do it was done and that's fine water fountain for example. You're not going to sit down with a water fountain. So eventually gonna have to use the circumstances.

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So if someone needs to the right time and then in this case they will smear their hand with all the kung fu that in Mashallah. Now they want to drink, what are they going to do? So some people, they grab the cup and their left hand, and then they cannot support what the right hand as entertaining. I'm just drinking with me right?

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Now, I'm not sure honestly, that this is counts as Derek and that it doesn't sound like that doesn't look like that. I will not approve it. I personally don't approve it. So what are you doing this case? Yes, they just leave their fingers. If you have a Monday and then just you know, we just linearized victory can

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Milan, San Diego grab a sandwich and soda

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switch, right, keep switching. Don't say right, left now keep switching now.

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Drink after you finish eating?

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Is there another part of the process of making the last thing he eats on the last day of his food to be drained? I'm not sure about that. In particular, you know, we know the proper service. And he said that if someone wants to fill his stomach, he should divided the three quart, three actually serves one for the food, one for the drink, and one for the air to breathe. So does that count as the order in which you should, should eat and drink or this is this is just to give the generic basically division of the stomach. I don't see this to be the old Milan. So if someone needs to drink while they're eating, it should be fun. Unless doctors say it's not healthy. And it's medical

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issue, then I should avoid that. But it was just a matter of fact, if it was i'm not i'm not sure about that.

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To correct him. So they kind of know

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each one of us or something like that. So we kind of use the same kind of thing like a sci fi guy that you respect, and he's much older than us.

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you could say Yo,

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but it could just talk to

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someone who

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could just smash it at the beginning. That's all everybody a job is awesome, say so and so sometimes, and that same guy that and the way you see that elderly basically is eating with his left hand, you might see someone who's younger that you can come and talk directly to so make that as an example for the older one. So both of our left hand side equals the right hand because of the some of the profits or losses. Let the other listen to that discussion. This is

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equal the right hand.

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As for the story I mentioned, I'm not sure about authenticity. It doesn't sound like

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a Sherlock