Mohammed Hijab – The Fatiha – God’s Most Important Message to Humankind

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The title "verbal and misunderstood" in the Bible is the final testament, and it is the final testament. The holy Bible's multiple meaningings and connection to religion are discussed, along with the importance of organizing one's life through a map and achieving spirituality. The Day of Judgment and the importance of the Holy Spirit in the Bible are also emphasized, along with the need for people to be a selfless individual when praying with the right kind of language to receive blessings from Allah.
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Komatsu, Lucha cattle Today we're going to be talking about something very important. It's God's message, God's most important message to human beings.

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Say that one more time, no problem. It's God's most important message to human beings.

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God, Allah.

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He said the Quran as the final testament, if you like the final revelation,

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there's nothing more to be revealed.

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And the Prophet Mohammed was the final messenger, this is the Islamic belief.

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And in this book of 6236, verses, approximately 114 actually precisely 114 chapters and approximately 70,000 70,000 words,

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this small chapter, which is a composite of only 113 letters,

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25 words

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and seven lines is the most important segment of the entire puranic corpus.

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This is what the Prophet told us, and he told his companions, he said to one of his companions, level alleman nica Surah 10 they are the most beautiful coral Quran, I will teach you a couple of different semesters, I will teach you a chapter, which is the most

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mighty chapter in the entire Quran before you leave the masjid

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to one of his companions, he said this, and he also said last Aleta Lehman Lamia Krabby Patty Atilla keytab there is no prayer. In other words, the prayer is not valid, unless you read this particular chapter for those non Muslims I know are watching.

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When we pray five times a day, we pray each time with this particular chapter, recite it, and we recite it 17 times on a minimum on a daily basis. And it's only like I said to you, it's only 113 letters, it's only 25 words. So what are these very important holy words to the Muslims

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that together are referred to as Al Fatiha the opening chapter of the Quran,

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otherwise known as the Koran,

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the foundation of the entire Quran, and scholars Islamic scholars say that is because it encompasses all of the major meanings of the Quran, all of the major themes are represented

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in this chapter. In other words, if all of the sources of the Quran

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were nominees and candidates for the representation, the ultimate representation of the Quran, then Sultan Fatiha would be the prime minister of the Quran, the major representative of the Quran.

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So do you not want to know what this chapter is all about?

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Maybe you're Muslim, and you've been reciting this chapter for years, maybe you've been reciting and you don't even really know what this chapter is about. Maybe you don't know what the gems of this chapter the jewels of this chapter, the gold nuggets of this chapter are.

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Let's go through it.

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So we'll start with 111 of blind I mean, yes, some say as best mela Bismillahirrahmanirrahim as part of the factor.

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But for a hadith for a reason that pertains to

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doing is to glial or evidencing

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the case with a hadith which is Pudsey which means is from Allah.

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That starts with

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concern to Salah Bay new avena abdeen is Fein where the Abdi Marcel is a hadith. And in this head is that it starts with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. So for that reason, a lot of scholars have said that actually the Fatiha starts with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. So let's start with Alhamdulillah heublein. What does this mean?

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Alhamdulillah means all praise and thanks belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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That's what it means. All praise and thanks belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Now, let's take it step by step for a second Alhamdulillah who are met who are shook.

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So at hand is a combination of two things. Some scholars say who authentic like has a machete says who are thinner or metal motala different marchelli metal metal

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It is a synonym with the word mad, which simply means praise. But I'm just going to say well, wait a minute, it's a bit more general than that. It is Alhamdulillah it is shocked and mad. It is praise and thanks.

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Because thanks when you thanking someone

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it's macabre, Nia Mati. As the scholars say it's something which you someone give me something. Oh, you know, bro, thank you very much. You give me a nice jacket, you give me this, you give me that? I am thanking someone as a reciprocal response. So that almost time Yes, as a reciprocal response to their initial generosity.

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But praise doesn't need to be a reciprocal response to any kind of generosity at all.

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You see, praise is usually as a result of an attribute that someone has when someone sees

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a big, strapping tall, dark handsome individual like myself, I'm sure the first thing they want to do. I want to joking guys, okay. Just trying to because I know this is a you know,

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I have to give live examples for the people.

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When you see a lay person or a sports person or something, you say wait a minute, this is very good. You want to clap you want to thank you wanna? Sorry? You want to praise? It's a very standard response. You see what I mean?

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So praising and thanking are two different things and what Allah is telling us is that all praise not just some, but all praise and all thanks belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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Now collimate li mean, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah moon. Okay, another moon, which is in this because it's much roar is mean but the absolute Lala moon.

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What does it mean sort of? Well, first, you don't say it's messy. Voila. It's anything other than Allah. Why? Because if it was an aqua that only the intelligent ones, then it wouldn't. There's a chapter of the Quran the verse where Pharaoh and Moses, Moses, Moses are speaking.

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And around us. Omar Abdullah Al amin, who is the rebel Allah says Robert Moses says, He will outdo my by now main quantum mechanics. He mentioned inanimate things. So it's not just about the, the creatures of the intellect. Elijah moon,

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is the same as allow lm its worlds.

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But it's just in a different form, which is a particular form, called john was like of Selim, which is acceptable, sometimes in reference to layer Larkhill, as the old poetry of the Arabs can show. Now there's something I want to show here, this very beautiful thing. Well, either the richness and the depth of the Quranic discourse, you'll be shocked because the Kelly met a rub. Three, two letters of the Arabic language.

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One of them was worship dead.

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But it has so many deep meanings. Rob means Elmo seiter, the really the one who's in control, it means Malik the one who's has the possession, the one who owns.

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So we say a woman's and for example, someone who owns the house or Abu Qatada or bufala. The one who owns something Melek Elmo that bill,

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the one who plans

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The one who plans The one who the basically the organizer, the organizer, you organizing says, you know how we organize things, but Allah organizes the universe.

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And in that, really, he fine tunes the universe.

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He find choose the universe. And we're not talking about, you know, arguments for God's existence. Although they are somewhat relevant here. He fine tunes the laws of the EU. He's the law maker. He's the organizer of the systems of the universe.

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And alaura be the one who sustains and maintains the universe. So for this reason is very interesting when I was reading the Tafseer of Fakhruddin Rosie,

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because he was actually making the arguments of contingency and fine tuning through this particular verse, how he says, Look,

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if Allah is that up, if Allah is the one who lays everything out and organizes it, and sets the laws in motion, when you look into the sky, and you look into

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the constellations and you look into the atom,

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the inanimate things, as well as the animate things, all of that is regulated. And by the way, there is no atheistic response to this, forget about it. You know, forget about I've read their books. I've read all the new atheist books. Believe me, there is no new atheistic response to the fact that there is fine tuning

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On a inanimate cosmological level, why is there all of these? Why are these laws in place? Why is the universe explicable at all?

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But anyway, and Rosie says, if we are sure, and it's intuitive and immediate knowledge is for, for us to be sure that the universe is organized in this manner. So why can't we trust the organizer to organize our lives?

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Allah Allah said, I will time he says, Why can't you trust the organizer, the ultimate organizer, the ultimate planner, the ROB

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he's gonna organize your life. He's going to organize your life, spiritually and psychologically. And in all the ways because believe me, me and you are not capable of guidance. We're lost. We need the map, the road map, you know, when sometime you get lost in your driving, you need a map you need like a GPS, something like that. Yes.

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And Allah He offers that map. And he shows you that he is the best at organizing maps through his Sinhala how he puts the universe together.

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So the same rotblat I mean, can be the same Rob that you do sign up for we're gonna come to that in Sharla when we talk about Yeah, can I wait yeah, can assign. So let's quickly do a translation of hamdu lillahi all praise and all thanks belongs to Allah, the Lord of all of the worlds Kula mercy Allah subhana wa Taala R Rahman r Rahim.

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Al Rahman is they translated to the most gracious to the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful? Those two words

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of ramen is intense,

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intense and immediate mercy. And they're both derivative of the Arabic word, Rahim which is the womb of the mother because Allah, God Almighty.

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He encompasses us with mercy in the same way.

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As the little baby in the womb of the mother is encompassed with the mercy of his mother. Allahu Akbar, Allah say that one more time, Okay, no problem. You see Allah, He encompasses you with mercy and me with mercy in the same way as the baby of the womb of the mother is encompassed with the mercy and our man Allah westney felon

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and in the Arab times,

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fear land is a particular morphological lexical construction.

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It's a particular morphological lexical construction, which indicates the severity and the immediacy of the action. Which is why when you see an angry person, you see immediately that they're angry law. So we see where we are exposed to the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala immediately

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slyke when you It's raining heavily,

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and you come outside and you you know, you're immediately drenched. This is like the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala Rahim you Delilah is Tim raw is continuous there's a continuity in the mercy of God.

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All I think about this for a second man, let me let me just put something to you.

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Let me put something to you. If I were to say to my friend,

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your eyes, your your hearing you're seeing

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how much would you let me take you're seeing for your your your, your ability to see

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if you had 2 billion in the account, and you're yeah $2 billion or pounds, whatever country you're from.

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And I took both of your eyes and I said you the only way you're gonna get both your eyes back and your your eyesight back is you give me that money. And you knew it was possible for me to give you that. It give it to me quickly. These are priceless.

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Even your little fingers, priceless. Your arms, your legs, your hair, some of us are losing our hair.

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But even that, you know, they go to Turkey to try and gameplan this and that. Maybe not maybe not surprised. I'll be honest, it's nice. The hair is not as priceless as the eyes and the ears and you know, hearing and seeing and so on. But the idea is we're given these things in a non reciprocal non transactional way.

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No one told you hey, here's the bill.

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So mannerheim the most gracious the Most Merciful

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Malik el Medina and is also molecule Medina.

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Now after Allah subhanaw taala showed us how merciful he is then

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instability of balancing out him. So he says he is the Owner of the Day of Judgment. He's also the king of the Day of Judgment. Yes.

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And both of them are different but both of them have Akira are going back to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem which is legitimate and both of them Allah said,

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Malik means the owner which comes from Kelly myth, ml

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and Melek means the king which comes from Kelly myth milk, which milk like the one you drink, milk a means sovereignity

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Yes, so Allah is the owner and he is also the king of the Day of Judgment.

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He is the owner and the king of the Day of Judgment.

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And why is it Yama Dean?

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As they say Kemet to Dino to them as you as you give basically you're gonna get so if you are an unjust person, your injustice will be exposed to you on the Day of Judgment.

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As a Day of Recompense, that's a good translation recompense when everybody will be recompensed for what they've done. And that's why lots of Pantone says you're amazing UEFI him Allahu Dena, who will hop Oh, this is that if the day the day when Allah will recompense them, basically on their affairs. So in other words, their

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Deen is mundane, which is like debt.

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And everything that you're indebted to other people for, or to Allah for you will be recompensed on the Day of Judgment.

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This is what's required for justice to ultimately take place a forum which allows for all of the debts to be claimed for killed someone one time or 1000 times. Those two individuals now will be dealt with accordingly shirk, you committed shirk, you'll see on the Day of Judgment, how heavy that is, and what the ultimate demise of someone who's a polytheist will be.

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Yeah, can I Buddha yeah can assign you alone we worship and You alone, we asked for help.

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Subhan Allah now has come to second person it was third persons who are transitioning now to second person which means we are forced, yes, we are forced to make a supplication to Allah. You alone we worship and You alone, we ask for help.

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You will know we worship and You alone we ask for help.

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And in the Arabic language, hey, this is Joomla Eliya to hobro. We have an academy. This is a Joomla fairly verbal sentence, which has been inverted in a sense, which you feel hostile to us. Which means lay off a family which basically means you can't conjunct anything with it. We say you alone we worship we can't see you alone we worship and that one.

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And this means that this is the pinnacle of our critical position. We have a puritanical, monotheistic position

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where we only worship Allah, no Trinity, no policies or no human being we worship No, no, no, we purely just worship one God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The same God of Moses and Jesus and Abraham and all of those prophets. Yes, you alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. Because we're going to need that help. If we're going to get into worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He did not sit autonomous to guide us to the straight path and beautiful guide us not guide me shows us the selflessness of the Islamic position forces you to be a selfless individual. not selfish and narcissistic, but selfless and giving

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out letting outpouring just like ally gives you it how women feel out there. Hi mockumentary Samantha Heidi says, be merciful to those around the Earth and the one in the heaven will be merciful to you.

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So Guide us to the straight path.

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And especially when we pray with the sauce upon Allah, it's manual. This I'm not gonna say manufactured but it's spoken this word is this the surah is spoken

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in such a word in such a way which allows us to when we're praying, make dua for them, it won't be the ones who are praying behind us. So everyone is benefiting, he cannot Buddha because he didn't sit off and guide us to the straight path. So not only the nantahala him The path of those who are favorite.

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This is beautiful. The path of those who you have favorite

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and the Quran says oh my god I love our soul for Allah a Kemal Edina and Nam Allahu Allah him many

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nebia in our Cydia Pina Shahada masala hain hacer una la qaddafi and whoever obeys Allah and the messenger, then they will be with the one who Allah has bestowed blessings upon from the prophets. there be no si de Akina and the truthful ones, were Shahada, and the martyrs will saw the hate and the righteous ones. And what a pleasant company that will be. And so Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is giving us a live,

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example live examples, case study examples of lives of individuals who have passed the test.

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And so we look at the life of Jesus, we look at the life of Moses, we look at the life of Abraham, the stories of all of these things, all of these people. We see Mary, how does she live? The Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet, how did they live? We try and emulate as much of it as possible in order to

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practically live a enriched Islamic lifestyle.

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Why Elon Musk obey Him, not the ones who have earned your anger.

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And Kelly mathema Hey, Bobby,

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it's a bitter tone is actually a state. It's not something like because in other parts of Quran

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it says a hottie ballet? Yeah. So the ones who Allah have

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a less angry with, you can say whatever. Yeah, this is different boob, which means they're continuously in that state.

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Well of Bali, no, of the last ones, the prophet was asked Who are these people? They were talking about another Hadith and Timothy, which is Hassan Rouhani,

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which is a low level of strength, but still a hadith that almost all the digits in Islam use, who are the matabele?

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So the Prophet said, Elijah hood. Now he said, the Jewish ones, does this meet all the Jewish ones? It doesn't mean all the Jewish ones. Why is it because we're trying to please someone here online? No, the Quran says, lay so sour, the Jewish and Christian communities are not all the same. You cannot generalize the Jews. We cannot generalize the Christians. But we're talking about case study examples which the biblical accounts themselves reference, those who oppose Moses, those who mentioned the Quran, part of the clergy, methodology, know how many Torah

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mesothelial hammer as Pharaoh, like those individuals that were entrusted with the Torah, and then they couldn't handle that. And so it's like, Allah says, they're like donkeys carrying books in their back, which is an interesting and vivid imagery. What a deep and interesting you can imagine, I know what you're imagining now is a donkey. Yes, with with books, and but why is that you have a lot of work.

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But you have no actions,

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no actions. And likewise, you can have a lot of Amazon actions, but no, i. So the two must come together. Because a lot Lynn are talking about an Asana, the ones who say we are Christians. Now is it all the Christians, not because Allah says later, so well, then all the same? However, those ones who believe in the Trinity, which unfortunately, the probably the majority, because we would say that is a theological position of contradiction. And actually, this is you're forcing yourself into an ignorant position, unfortunately.

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But how can you do good deeds on this on the on the premise that you Yes, I believe in three in one in one of the three this is wrong.

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So we say Allah has the ultimate map to guidance, and we ask Allah and it does anything you take from what I said. It's just one thing. So does in fact, the heart is asking us the weak, the feeble, the incapable, yes, human beings,

00:23:59 --> 00:24:10

who would otherwise be lost? asking Allah for guidance. So whenever you're praying, think of those meanings quickly to recap. All Praise be to God Lord of the worlds

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the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:34

Or the immediately gracious, the immediately Merciful, the consistently merciful, you could you can translate this in, in many ways. molecule Medina, molecule Medina, King and the Owner of the Day of Judgment, or the king of the Owner of the Day of Recompense, just that they have really have day in and

00:24:36 --> 00:24:53

when the dean will be settled to the sort of the debt will be settled. Yeah, can Apple Do you alone, we worship you alone, we ask for help guide us to the straight path, the path of those who you have favorite, not the path of those of earn your anger. None of those who have gone astray.

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said I want to come around to ya

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