Doubt Defeating Tactics of Shaitaan

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I'm very lucky to be Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah should be your mursaleen never you know I was eating our Have you been on Muhammad wa early he was like big marine Allah Mala prima donna Illa Miralem tena in Canton came along Martin Lim Nama and pharaoh now one foreigner alum Tana was in Elmira, Alameen Allahu Medina. De teba worried about de la belle de la was nice Innova was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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There is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu attending them, which is considered actually an NDA, a pillar, when discussing the topic of doubts, and this is a Hadith of the process, in which the Prophet sallallahu send them

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warns us about one of the ways that she upon may attack us. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said yet Dr. Shefali arducam, that the shaytaan may come to one of you. And he may say to you, man, halacha Katha woman Hala Kaka, he may say to you who created this and who created that. And then the press hadn't said that we answer the ship on we respond to him, had day ago, man halacha Robuck, until he says, and who created your Lord and the prophecy, they said Lim at this point says if the ship on brings you to this line of questioning, then seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala police there is Billa this person should seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala and leave this line of questioning. Now

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this is this hadith on its own, is a miraculous Hadith. It's an amazing Hadith. Because till today, when we look at the issue of doubts, the same argument is brought today. If you look at some of the modern day publications where where they talk about the belief in God or whatever one of the doubts that has brought, when it comes to their belief in God is this exact point. And that is well if God created everything who created God.

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That's number one. Number two, what's amazing about this hadith is the response of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the verse that I'm doesn't tell us what the answer is. Now, my question is, is there an answer, obviously, did the Prophet sallallahu I know he was setting them know the answer. And the answer is, of course, the process. Selim could have said, well, Allah has no creator. Allah is an Owen Well, after Allah is the beginning and the end. And in order for everything to exist, in order for there to be a creation, there must be a Creator, who has no beginning and has no end. And if you don't get that argument, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. The person that I didn't

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say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, leave this line of questioning, because here the Prophet salallahu Salam is teaching the average Muslim out there a principle, and that is that you are believer, oh, Muslim, you're not always going to have the answer to every single thought that pops into your head, you're not always going to have a response to every single thing that the Shavon whispers to you, you're not always going to have a response to that. Does that mean that a response doesn't exist? Of course not. There is a response to that. But we may not be aware of it. So just because you are not aware of the response, it doesn't mean that the response doesn't exist.

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And we learn a bigger principle here, a bigger issue here. And that is one of the ways that the Shavon attacks us and that is through doubts. And the topic of doubts is so expensive, because the she upon may use doubts in so many different ways. Having self doubt, having doubts in our ability to overcome is an attack from the sheer fun. And we saw this come out, right after the election. I remember Subhanallah tweeting, like three minutes or four minutes after Trump took Florida and I was like, yeah, it's over. And that's the point where where we were all coming to terms with a Trump victory, like a lot of us are we're in denial. And we're like, No, it's not possible. Went through

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the seven stages of grief. Right? And there was finally there was an acceptance. So one of my

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methods of catharsis was to tweet. And so I tweeted, I said, You know what, we'll be okay. Because we've been through worse, and we were fine. And someone tweeted me back and they said, Have we really been through worse? Is that really true?

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And my response was, of course, if you're talking about us as Americans, yeah, we've been through worse. You want to talk about us as immigrants in America or

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are a minority in America, of course we've been through worse. I mean, let's just look at slavery. Let's look at the Jim Crow laws after slavery. Let's look at what happened to Japanese Americans. When internment camps had their law. We're not there yet. And oh, inshallah we won't get there as the last time that we don't get there. But we've been through that the civil rights movement, as if we identify as minorities living in America than our previous generations have been through that struggle. So this is just part of that struggle. And actually, that's part of our our identity. Every minority in America has gone through that challenge. Every minority in America has been

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sidelined, or otherwise as brother Hunza said, Right, we've been through it. And if you want to talk about us as Muslims, then of course we've been through it

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being tested and tried by Allah subhanaw taala is the Sunnah of Allah. Every single generation gets tested. Every single one. Has he been NASA and UTRA, Konya, Punahou, Amana, hula, you've known that to the people think that they will be left alone because they say we believe and they will not be tried. Well, I could Fontana leadin. I'm in Kabul him. Certainly we tried those who came before them. This is the nature of our existence, to be tested and tried. You look at our history as Muslims, every single generation went through a test and went through a trial, why do we think that we will be different? Why do we think that we will not be tested and tried? Yes, maybe you as an

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individual haven't gone through it. And so you think to yourself, Well, I've never been through something that bad, right?

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But we as an ummah, we as a people, whatever you identify, whoever, whatever segment of society you identify with, I guarantee you there is some test that you've been through. And that is not to bring you down. That is to give you hope. That is for you to think when the shapefile whispers to you and says to you, you can't do it. You can't handle it. This is too much for you, you remind yourself you say bIllahi min ash shaytaan regime, and you go back to your athlete, you go back to your creed, what is your creed? Well, part of our creed is to know that Allah subhanaw taala law you can live alone, if son in law Wasaga, Allah doesn't burden a soul with more than they can handle. You know,

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this is a statement that people love to tweet, and put on tumblr and put on Facebook and all that it's a feel good statement. But that's not what this is. This is our aqidah This is deep rooted, firm belief. And it is in times of tests and trials, it is in times of difficulties that we turn back to our athlete. That is what the data is there for. And so in those moments, we are able to defeat the ship on

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when the Shavon comes to you and says to you, you can't be better. You cannot succeed. You're stagnant in who you are. You remind this Shaban

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of the ability of Allah subhanaw taala to help you. And I often say if you don't believe in your own ability to accomplish your goals or to overcome or to be better than believe in the ability of your Creator, Allah subhanaw taala to help you. So in our moments of difficulty in our moments of hardship, when we begin to buy into the rhetoric of the Shabbat and think to ourselves, I just cannot progress, I cannot move forward. This is me I'm stagnant. We remember the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. We remember that Allah subhanaw taala can bring us out of any situation that we are in, you know, sometimes we look at ourselves, and we have already defined ourselves. And we put

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ourselves into these nice, nice, neat little categories. We look at someone who's religious, and we say, well, that's just them. That's just that person. Me, I can never be that person. A sister, for example, who doesn't wear hijab looks at sisters who were sisters who wear hijab and say, well, that's just them, like, I don't ever see myself wearing hijab.

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And I often tell sisters and brothers who are looking to improve themselves as well, that yes, you may not be ready right now and that's fine. That's okay. You may not be there yet, but at least make the intention. Believe in yourself. That one day that can be me. And you don't know Maybe Allah subhana wa Tada will reward you for that intention. We know that's one of the principles in Islam, that even if we don't we're not we are incapable of doing an action. If we have made the intention Allah can reward us for that. The prophets that I send them told us that a person may sleep the whole night and get the reward of praying to a young lady for the whole night. How does that happen?

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prasadam told us that this is the person who goes to bed at night with the intention to print the family

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but they're not able to overcome their sleep, the sleep overtakes them. And they wake up at Fajr time, the whole night is gone, they haven't prayed. But the prophets I send them says that Allah writes, it is written for this person, as if they prayed the whole night. So our intentions are important that we believe in ourselves. We believe that we are able to do these things with the help of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is from our udia that is from our worship of Allah subhanaw taala our slave ship to Allah that we believe that Allah can help us and have that husband of one biller to think good of Allah subhanaw taala and not think bad, and the irony of this she upon convincing

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us that Allah who will not help us that Allah who will not aid us in becoming better is that the ship bought himself believed in Allah subhanaw taala is ability to forgive him and help him because after the Shavon disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala, after he refused to prostrate to other money, Saddam when Allah commanded him to do so, after all of that, you know, when he did, he made to Allah subhanaw taala he said, Rob beef and litany, Allah Yomi veritone. He said, My Lord, give me respite, give me delay, give me some time, until the day on which they are resurrected.

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And if you study the statements of the chiffon, ot this whole time, he's acting very arrogant. Paula Anna fireman, he said, I'm better than him. Hello, Danny. Manawa hooked on when you created me from fire and you created him from clay.

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He's very arrogant. And then in a moment he changes. He says that to be my Lord.

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Right, my lord, which is from the etiquettes, of making God that we that we that we acknowledge our slave ship to ALLAH SubhanA data, we acknowledge the lordship of Allah, Allah, He says, My Lord, he understands that Allah is his Lord. He says, that I'll be for under any and this is like a very nice way of speaking. He says, Before Anthony says, My Lord, give me some time. Allow me to stay alive in a Yomi. But I thought, why did he make that statement? Because even after disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, which is Cooper, right to reject a commandment of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah is what Allah commands him and he is in the gathering of Allah and he's any and he rejects the commandment,

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believing that he knows better than ALLAH that is Cofer, that is disbelief to say, I know better than Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah is wrong. And this is what he was saying, by the way, that Allah is wrong for commanding me to make such that.

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Even after that, he believed that Allah can help him. He believed that Allah can answer his dua. And like I said, That's the irony of the way the chiffon works because he convinces us that Allah who will not listen, he convinces us that our Tao will not be answered, He convinces us that Allah will not help us improve Subhanallah we missed one prayer, and the shade sounds like you're the worst Muslim ever.

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Don't even bother with the next prayer. How many people miss a prayer because of the previous prayer?

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Miss measure?

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And then the whole day is shot. Why? Because you wake up you miss measure. And then the chiffon says like, what's the point of praying the HUD when you miss Vijaya? And you're like Sahil Lee writes,

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what's the point? And then you miss the HUD and then acid comes in, you're like, well, what's the point of praying? So I miss Fajr Enzo? And then Margaret comes and you're like, wow, I've missed three prayers today. And then Aisha comes and you know what? When Aisha comes, you get home and your soul is craving the worship of Allah, your soul is crying out saying, please make sense that to your Lord. And I know you felt that I know you felt that position that time when were you you are craving that worship of Allah, you need that spirituality because Allah has created you as a spiritual being. And so your soul is crying out and saying, Worship Allah, and you need that worship. But the

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shaytaan comes and says, You've missed four prayers today.

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What's the point? And subhanAllah we go to bed, praying, none of the prayers, we let the she upon overcome us.

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And by the way that she had plan has a strategy in which in which he works. Right? All of these doubts are to get us to his main goal. Do you know what the main goal of the Shabbat is?

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The biggest goal that he has, and I often tell my students, when discussing the topic of the shaper and out of all of his tricks out of all of his strategies, there is one at the top

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and that is despair, a loss of hope. His end game is to get you to lose hope.

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His name IBLEES by the way,

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means if you go to the linguistic understanding, please comes from the word of the verb blessa

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which means to lose hope. Allah Subhana Allah says, or Yama tipo Messiah you believed was removed on the day that the Hour will be established meaning the Day of Judgment, the moody Moon, the criminals will be in despair. Right. So his name means a loss of hope.

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And that is what he tries to inspire within mankind. And that is the only way the shaytaan can completely win. As long as you have hope. The shaytaan cannot win, because the shaytaan can deceive you, you can give in to the tricks of the ship and you can disobey Allah once and twice and three times, and four times and five times and so on and so forth. You can live your whole life upon the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. But if you have hope in Allah subhanaw taala then in a moment, you can defeat the shield plan. In the moment you can utter the words Yara Be my Lord, forgive me.

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And in that moment, the ship on is defeated. We can live a lifestyle of sin, day in and day out. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us this, and I had these books, see the price of them told us that Allah subhanaw taala calls out to his servant

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and says, You have now Adam, Oh, son of Adam, you can go out and commit sins.

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But if you call upon me, you invoke me.

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You seek my forgiveness, I will forgive you well, barely, and it means nothing to me. And then Allah subhanaw taala addressing us, the children of Adam says that if your sins reach the sky, the clouds in the sky.

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And if you come to me, and you seek my forgiveness, I will forgive you well, buddy, In another Hadith Bootsy, we hear Allah subhanaw taala telling us that he says that his servant, the servant of Allah will go out and commit a sin and come to me and seek my forgiveness and I will forgive them and it means nothing to me, then they will go back out, commit another sin and come back and seek my forgiveness and I will forgive them and then they will go out and come back and this will happen over and over again. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says this person can keep doing that, and I will keep forgiving them as long as they keep seeking my forgiveness. The ability to seek

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forgiveness comes from having hope in Allah subhanho wa taala. As long as that Hope is alive, the shaytaan cannot win. As long as we believe in Allah subhanaw taala has ability to help us as long as we believe that if we call out to Allah, Allah will be there. Then forget Trump forget the racist forget the bigots forget the alt right forget the white supremacist. Even the ship on himself cannot defeat us as long as we have hope and Allah subhanaw taala and I will conclude with one of my favorites is in the Quran. Where Allah subhanaw taala says to mankind, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to mankind, Allah tells those people and what's what's interesting in this area is that Allah azza

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wa jal is not referring to the pious person. Allah addresses the transgressors, Allah addresses the sinful people, Kalia Eva de la nostra who Allah unfussy him, say to my servants, those who have transgressed against themselves and these transgressions or sins. Notice how Allah subhanaw taala still refers to them as their eBuddy He says, My servants, they are still my servants, there are still my slaves, the most sinful person on the face of this earth is still a slave of Allah. They still have to abide by the laws that Allah subhanaw taala the natural laws that Allah has, or has has set for mankind. Whether we choose to be a slave of Allah or not, to some degree we're all

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slaves of Allah subhanaw taala quality or a body and Nadine Astra for Allah and foresee him la takana tumor Rama, Tina, say to my servants, those who have transgressed against themselves not the pious people. The transgressors.

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Say to them, never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in hola hola. Yatra Vinoba Jamia Allah forgives all sins in Noho hola for Rahim Indeed, He is certainly the all the all forgiving and the All Merciful and that my brothers and sisters is the key to defeating the Shia THON because the battle that we waged against the Shia THON is a daily battle.

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Daily the Shia THON is attacking us whether it be with doubts, or getting us to lose hope or the plethora of other strategies that the Shavon uses. But Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is a question by the way I get a lot. People ask the question, Why does Allah Why did Allah allow the shape on to live? If he's going to try and mislead us? He actually threatened to mislead us before we even existed. Well, we are now much man

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If he said I will mislead them all together while they learn No, I will I will miss guide them what OMA Nia gnome I will arouse in them their sinful desires while or unknown and I will commend them. This is the type of control he believes you have has over mankind. He told us he made these threats before we were even alive. But Allah still answered is to Allah allow them to live. People say why, why allow the shaytaan to live, if he's going to do all of this stuff?

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It is because Allah subhanaw taala has given us the most powerful tool and that is hope and Allah and the ability to seek forgiveness. But notice that seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala begins with us. Allah will forgive any sin as long as we seek forgiveness and that is where the Shi Athan wants to intervene. He doesn't want us to get to that point where we uttered the words and that my brothers and sisters is the ultimate key to defeating the Athlon I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this victorious. In our battle against the Shia THON I asked Allah subhanaw taala to revive the hope in our Ummah and ask Allah subhanaw taala to gather our uma Unitas upon goodness Allah Huma

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Amin Subhana, Allah Morbihan Dek a shadow Allah Allah and a stockbroker to be like what is that Kamala Clara was set Ahmad Aiko rahmatullahi wa barakato