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The transcript discusses the payment process for video reminders and the importance of fit minority. The transcript also touches on reciting the Quran and the importance of not breastfeeding after a few months. The transcript uses various parables and scenarios to describe the transformation of the Bible, including the resurrection of the spiritual process and the return of the God. The transcript also describes various events and their potential outcomes, including road races, night market, and weekend party.

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Our beloved Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashrafi moto city and Sadie now Muhammad Ali he also heavy remain beloved brothers and sisters Salam aleykum Welcome to loyal baraka to.

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Oh, you're doing hamdulillah Inshallah, we just begin with a few questions and comments. Firstly, firstly around fitrah and Vidya Photron video, what is fitrah? What is video reminder fitrah zecca tool, fetal Zakka is an obligation, everybody must pay Phaedra at the end of Ramadan, or even before the end of Ramadan. But before Eid Salah and this is a Zakah on every single person per head. So it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, you pay the same amount, so long as you have enough food for the day or eat for you and your family. And you pay per person in your household. So if you are the father, and your wife and your children, some even say you're Muslim, if you had slaves in that

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time, domestic workers, Allah, Allah, then you would pay fitrah on their behalf. And the idea is that you give this amount so that no one bakes on the day that you don't at least no Muslim should be begging for food on the day read how much is the truck. So the visa Salam did not stipulate a monetary amount that maybe Salam stipulated an amount, a quantity of food. And it was of different types of food. So in our terms, it may be three kilos of rice, or three kilos of dates, or three kilos of raisins or yogurt, which is known as you know, a kilo of rice is different to a kilo of raisins to a kilo of two in terms of cost. And that's why you'd find fitrah varies in terms of its

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prices, and which the good thing about it is even a poor person can pay Phaedra and if a person wants to pay more, he also has the option. And so, you know every year they do an assessment, how much is a standard amount so fitrah is on the lowest into deceiving Rand per person and on the higher end 73 But of course, no limit, make sure insha Allah this is paid before the end of Ramadan before Eid Salah as the Nabisco says that our Ramadan is sort of imperfect, a lot of mistakes that we've made, looked at things we shouldn't have listened to things we shouldn't have while we were fasting or hamdulillah but we are not perfect. And Zagato fitter smooth it over it removes all those

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blemishes so when it is taken to Allah presented to Allah Ramadan it is in a perfect state so it's okay to fail. The second point of Vidya Vidya, what is Vidya Vidya is that amount that is paid by someone who cannot fast and is never able to fast. So if you're not able to fast because you are sick, but you will become healthy after Ramadan, you're breastfeeding now. So you can fast inshallah you will be you will not be breastfeeding at the you know, after a few months, then you need to make the day up. So anyone who's traveling or sick but will become it's expected to be healthy again, then you don't pay feed. Yeah, you make the day up after Ramadan, you keep sculpt as we call it, a

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list of how many days I missed 10 days. So after 14 days, that's, that's for a person who is able to fast but for the person who is too old, too fast or terminally or permanently sick. So Granny, if she's too old, too fast now, after Ramadan, she is going to be even older, she won't be able to force even that. So for her every single day that she's not able to fast she pays she feeds one person pays money, it's better to feed someone you feed one person a meal. So you can either bring 30 people and feed them one Brioni and Hamdulillah that your feed here for the month finished. Or you every day give out a meal or at the end of Ramadan, you give one you know, whatever it is, but

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it must be a meal and how much is a meal Subhanallah the amount that has been calculated a standard meal is 23 Rand, that is a the video for the month of Hamdulillah. Any questions on video fitrah?

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Well, hamdulillah another question that came up with relate to the Barossa. Someone asked with regards to sending reward to the people in the cupboard. And all of us as we know we all have loved ones in the cupboard. And we hope that Allah subhanaw taala will bless them through our good deeds. So this is the this the sadaqa jariya imagines Pamela what a great feeling. I imagine the feeling that a person must have in the cupboard. Not only are they being elevated, and no one is coming in and they asked the angels where is this coming from? Why is my copper being upgraded. So that's your son making dua for you. That's your daughter, your grandson making dua, your grandson gave a sadaqa

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charity. So not only is it the feeling of the reward, but I'm still being remembered after me this is a couple Giardia leaving behind good offspring. And so the question about the reciting Quran. Someone asks, is there anything about reciting 41 year scenes on the date? There is no such narration or evidence that to recite 41 years

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As any speciality, there is a discussion around, can we recite Quran and sin the reward of the Quran? One Surah hartham off the Quran can we make we call Sally's etha ithala Like you know your ewallet the follow up to the person in the cupboard. Can this do some deeds you can definitely do, like charity confirmed in the Sharia. You can even do Hajj, there's something called the Battle Hajj. If a person hasn't performed Hajj, you can make hajj on their behalf to Allah on their behalf if they are passed away. As for the Quran, this difference of opinion, the majority says it's fine Inshallah, that you recite a new Nia that you would for the dead person, oh, you recite and then you

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make a dua to Allah through the baraka of the recitation. Grant, my grandfather, my grandmother, elevated state in the cupboard, so that is permissible Insha Allah, today we move on to the day of piano, and Subhanallah the day of piano you open the Quran, the first three ayat, Allah already mentions Maliki omit Dean, everything of our Sharia is attached to the event of piano. You know, you look at your diary. And all of us have a date on our daily diary, the exact same time we're all going to be on the same place that same appointment with Allah subhanaw taala, but they have Kiama in the future. And as we said, the signs have all come and gone. And even if not the major signs and

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of course, our own piano. When the buzzer occurs, may Allah protect us. But of course, the main event is the day of karma. Allah subhanho wa Taala are going to be sources if you want to understand Qiyamah to Surahs explain it very simply short, but explain it in detail Surah Taquile, which we recited before answer in Fatah, which I'm going to recite this evening, and the Prophet Salam and just to remember the chronology, that the earth will come to an end, the major the 10, major science will occur, and then

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the gel will come, maybe Isa will defeat the gel. And then yeah, Julia modules will come and they will die, then they'll be easily CERAM will rule the world for a number of years, the Messianic age, the age of the Messiah, where there will be no fighting, you know, and not even hatred between the animals. Subhanallah This is confirmed in our Sharia and in the Bible. Subhanallah this weekend, of course, may Allah protect. Of course, nobody ISA is a big focus on Easter. And of course, they'll be isa Ali Salam is free of whatever you said about him. But what is amazing is perhaps the most loved individual on Earth is Nepalese or at least we love him. And in a surah love him and Allah guide all

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of them to the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala after every isa passes away and the age of the Messiah ins, then Allah will send what we call the rapture a breeze, that will cause all the people of Eman to die. And when that happens, Islam basically ends, the Quran will disappear, the Kaaba will be destroyed, people will go back to worshipping idols it will become, then this would be the worst of people that ever faithful walked on the face of the earth, just evil and they would start worshipping Shavon completely and doing all kinds of fascia. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause the remaining signs of piano, the earth to split open the beast to come out the sun to rise

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from the waist, and of course, then the fire that will gather all of them and eventually wonderful coffee soon where the Trumpet will be blown. And everything in existence or everything that that is afflicted will die, everything will come to an Allah spondylosis wonderful coffee soon and the Trumpet will be blown meaning the angel would blow the trumpet fossa Manaphy Sam our tea woman fell out and everything, all living creatures. And this again shows you confirms that we believe that these life throughout the heavens and the earth Allah says all the living things, everything in the heavens and on the Earth would fall meaning would die. Everything would perish. Ill mansha Allah

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except a few who Allah has exempted from all as predicted from this to Manaphy coffee, okra and then there will be another blowing. And between the first one and the Sahaba ossia Rasulillah Salam, how long is it between the first blowing of the trumpet and the second one and then it says we don't know? Allah Allah, we don't know how long this would be. Then there will be a second blowing for either whom, for either whom Cameroonian rune and all of a sudden everyone will be standing up looking in shock all of us panda like you know, completely dazed and dazzled that you are or were awoken from the other one lumen Allah you have fun as Allah's fantasies and this shows you who Allah

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is and who the creation is. Allah says, Who lumen Allah you have found that every single thing will perish while your book or watch Rob because he will generally with the Quran, except Allah the face of Allah meaning the Essence of Allah, Allah alone, sustains and maintains for all eternity. And as we said, that very scary Hadith that the angel of the trumpet Israel Israel feel has been, has been commanded to get ready. And he has lifted the trumpet and he has placed the trumpet on his lips, and he inhaled the air and he's about to blow uses waiting for the commands pan Allah Subhan Allah and then we mentioned how Allah subhanaw taala would, as Allah says, In the Quran, Allah will or the in

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the Hadith transmission the Quran as well. Allah will roll up the heavens and will

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Roll up the heavens meaning all of creation, Allah will follow the creation of management, it's all His Majesty, you will collapse the stars and the moons and the planets, all of it, you will roll it up like a scroll, and on the Day of Resurrection, then he will hold the creation in his right hand, no matter which fits his majesty, and he will call out we are the kings now we all my partners, now we are those who challenged me we are there now. And of course, none there will be nothing alive even to to respond to Allah Subhana Allah. And then of course, the resurrection would begin after that Allah so how long it will be Allah would allow those who are die to come alive once the trumpet

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is blown a second time. Allah subhanaw taala mentions the those who deny the resurrection and one Subhanallah it's interesting that in almost every society, and every religion and every group, they believed in the life of the death, the souls persist. Even if they believe in some kind of reincarnation, it was only an hour time Subhanallah that you have a mess denial, that there will be no life of the that you that you eat, you drink, you die. And that's it, that your life is meaningless. You won't be held accountable whether you are a good person or a bad person. Oh, in fact, often the Quran, one of the signs, one of the signs of PMA says, Do you really think a good

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person? leave Islam out of it just a good person and a criminal would have the same outcome? How do you reason? How do you think that a person who had difficulty and suffered miserably on the on the earth a person's karma? You think the people the children who died in the Holocaust would have the same fate like Hitler? And it just nothing happens? We mustn't be a judgment. How else is Clifford the human? How do you how do you reason? All this work? Some will be law here, Jada Imani him and they swear the strongest oath law Jabra Allahu menyambut that Allah will never ever resurrect the dead. But wagon or the haka. Rather, it is a promise that we'll come to where like in Accra, NASA

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and among the people don't realize where the coulomb in CERN and mankind us Allah either me too less over over a year. What when I am dead, shall I then be raised up alive? Allah Allah says, Do you not remember? Do you recall that we created you from nothing? So to bring you back a second time, he's going to be easy. So about Allah without a doubt, but we're up bigger than actual Linux urine was Shayateen assume Molina. They don't know whom hola Johanna Murthy. Yeah, Allah says we will bring you and the devils meaning the gem, the shayateen. All of you will bring you together and you will be kneeling in front of Johanna malice. We're gonna take all of us at some point. Some will be far

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some will be closer, some will be inside, but everyone was passed by Johanna, everyone will experience Johanna mela protectors. Allah says, How does the resurrection happen? And Allah gives many parables and the most common parable of the resurrection. Allah says, well, well Lola the out of celeea Allah is the one that sins the the wind, but to see you do Sahaba and he blows the clouds for sukhna, who Isla Verde may it that the crowds come over a did land and the rain upon this land, in Abbey Hill out of the bottom Oteiza and this dead land comes back to life can early can mature. And this is how the resurrection will come along come about. And so it is mentioned in some Hadith,

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that the cabal of all of us our graves and the graves of the jinn, however it is will be on an open barren land. And Allah will cause a rain to fall and the Trumpet will be blown and like vegetation sprouting up everything will come alive once again. And this moment of resurrection, the resource Allah mentions, and in fact, if we go to the longer part of the Hadith, or sahabi, and a Jewish person got into a quarrel, and in fact the Jewish person said I swear by the Lord of Musa and there'll be some God in the Sahara we got you know, upset and he said, rather by Muhammad so Salam and the end he hit the Jewish person. And the Jewish question got upset and said I didn't say

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anything wrong by praising Nabi Musa, I'm gonna complain to the Narcissus alum. Now he didn't this Jewish man does not accept the visa as a prophet, but he accepts him that he will be just and so we're gonna be some hood, the sahabi out of his over eagerness of the visa lamb and he's trying to praise that visa Salam above Nabi Musa, the Prophet was very, very upset. And he said, Do not make this comparison between the Gambia of Allah when he says this, Now the Hadith comes in, the Trumpet will be blown and all of creation will soon would collapse on the Day of Resurrection, and then it will be blown again and I will be the first and when we say I am the first person that will be

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resurrected out of my cupboard, I will come out of the cupboard, yet I will when I come out, I will already seen Abu Musa alayhis salam clinging and crying against the ashram Allah Nabi Musa will already be standing up and he's basically clinging to the ashram Allah out of his crying and his fear. And I know because I don't know if he actually was resurrected before me, or was he of that special group that was exempted from the blowing? Because Nabi Musa already collapsed before when did it collapse? In the story of Musa we know there'd be Musa asked Allah Allah Allah let me see you. So Allah says you can't see me but look at the mountain

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I will show myself to the mountain and in the mountain basically exploded in Abu Musa fell unconscious. So the reason says I don't know if Nabi Musa was spared the first blowing, because he already fell unconscious in his life to show the honour of Nabi Musa, that perhaps he is going to be of those very few that are exempted from the blowing. How will we be restricted Subhanallah the resources, we will be restricted naked, every single person will stand naked I just said how is it we're going to look at each other. So some you're not going to care about those things that have Kiana you won't take note of what is around you, but every single person will be naked and

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uncircumcised meaning you will be born as if you are born a new and different people will have different depending how you live, you will be resurrected in a certain way, either as a badge of honor, or as a you know as a symbol of humiliation for example, Alhamdulillah this ummah as we said before, the ummah of Nabi Muhammad wa sallam would stand out, hold on Marceline meaning that this is like that horse that is pitch black, it has black hair, but its main is white. So how that the contrast between his ummah will stand out, we will know this is the Omar Mohammed Salam, why, because they will shine what pots, the arms they face, the head and the feet. Why? Because of the

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suit. Oh, because they will do. Imagine think about it. We know when we around people of different faiths, who washes the mix we do five times a day, every single day from the time they become Caliph until the day they die five times a day, and everybody will do remove sin. Every we do remove those and so those pots are pure, and so they will shine on the day of piano and then at least we'll take great pride. This is about Uma. There'll be some Santa mentions. Everyone of course, if you had an injury, or you had a scar, when you are resurrected, it's going to be back it's going to be gone. You're not going to have those effects of the dunya on your body. Except the Shaheed the person who

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died visa vie de la and he was injured. He will be resurrected with his wounds open, fresh it's even bleeding but it smells like musk so his wounds his injuries are a sign of honor you won't feel the pain but it's the to show this man was a Shaheed you know the he's bruises and his injuries are a sign of honor. The hadith mentions them loving those who give them the bills as we call them here. They would have the Hadith says the longest Nix is literal, rather, they will be prominent and they will stand out as they are given other than and standing out amongst everyone. They will stand out amongst the people of on the day of kms or Bill ELLs. It's a great thing to work towards, or

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hamdulillah because I think about Imams is one but bills run around. Then there are those Subhanallah those who are proud and arrogant. They would be shrunk into a tiny, tiny form, and they will be covered in a cloud of darkness they cannot see and the people will trample over them. Anyone who felt himself superior. Anyone who felt himself you know pompous, they will be the smallest of creation the waste tiny on the Day of Qiyamah people will trample all over them. Allah Swan says Walla Walla the Galleria always promises when mom and dad button fill out of the well thought in your to Regina heyy la Omen I'm sorry, look, I'm Thea LUCAM, ma Ratna Phil Kitab Minh che in

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Temecula? Robbie him your Sharon, not only will people be resurrected, but even the animals will come back. Allah says that there is not an animal on the earth, nor a creature that flies in the sky by its wings, except that they are communities they live and they speak and they interact with one another. Nothing ever as Allah emitted in the book and they also shall be gathered to on the day of Kiana they will also be gathered now what's the purpose of the animals being gathered? The animal is not going to Jana Jana, but even within the animal kingdom, Allah will judge if there was if there was the Hadith says that if one animal or priest another animal knows I mean the lion eating the the

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gazelle that is part he's not so it's an operation. That's what he's supposed to do. But when the big animal harms the small animal without any reason, then Allah will sit right that which is unjust Subhanallah to show the idea is if you the person who was a tyrant dictator he sees Allah is judging between the animals, what's going to happen to him when it's his turn, when he oppressed any harm people? Of course, the animals what happens to them? What's going to happen? They're not going to Gen Johanna, they will turn to to sand and Allah's panda will grant him to perish. And at that moment the disbelievers would say yeah, later in Surah Surah.

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I might have to say I don't Yeah, later and equal to the robber. When when they see that the animals turn into dust, we will say how we wish we were animals. So we can also just perish into dust. Some people Subhanallah as Allah mentions, they will be restricted blind, they'll be restricted on the face, they will not be able to move paralyzed. So how why Allah am I like this. This is how you live your life. You are blind to My Ayat, you are paralyzed to doing any good deeds. So as you had lived your life, this is how symbolically you will be resurrected. And the Hadith mentions you would basically be in the form of how you live your life.

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So in sha Allah the person who was a kind, the person who was generous, the person performed salah, they will have a certain form and those who were not they will not be very strict another way May Allah protect us from being resurrected in such a terrible manner.

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We is the resurrection going to happen, where will this happen? There'll be some says, the people will be assembled on the day of resurrection on a white, plain, empty land with maybe a yellowish tinge of a brownish tinge like a loaf of bread with absolutely no markers, there's no hills, there's no mountains, from as far as you can see, it's just empty flat. And it's not on this earth is not placed on this earth. But it would be a place completely outside of this world that we're in. And of course to think all of humanity will be the and all the jinn it would be the end all Yeah, god, oh my god will be there, and all the animals will be there. And all the kings now Subhanallah when you

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read Surah Surah Fatiha when all the kings from the history of time is the and all the tight ends and all the billionaires are there. Then Allah will say Maliki or median I am the only king. Now there is no kingdom besides Allah subhanaw taala in nama you Akira humulene Leoben Tasha in Allah says the village we delay him, Leominster Keisha, Tasha Sophie Hill Assad the day when the eyes will be fixed in order to aid I'm opening enough to see him racing and the oneness of mankind when we are resurrected. There are stages in Keanna and we'll talk about the stages the first stage is like a stage of complete madness, and a stage of complete terror and shock. Everyone being restricted, and

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you realize what form you're in. People will run and scream and not know where to go there's no open there's no building or mountain or anything. You don't see anything. You see people standing there crying, wailing weeping and screaming Allah says they will stand the some will be standing just you know how to standing, others will be running the glances not coming the Marina roussin la Yatta do Illa him Cara whom the minute they lift the head the the eye is filled with terror. Well

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and the hearts are in the the throats for either. The saw ha So Allah says and when the the comes a saw how the calling or the blowing of the trumpet. Yo Maya fear will mean Fe that is the day when a person would run away from his brother You won't even talk to you won't care about your brother will only he will be and he will not even want to look at his mother and his father. The mom will come and say will you help me get away from me I don't know anything about the child to the parent. This is even the pious persons behind the law the pious person will Sahiba tea or money and the wife and the children the culinary mean whom Yo mama is in shutting her up. On that day everyone will be

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careless have another you are too concerned about yourself. You'll be too concerned about your own thing. Would you who Yoma even moose Vera some faces that they however will be right now the HCA to establish it. Some of them at some point. They will eventually be laughing and rejoicing. Well, who would you who Yoma even Elia Cobra and as for others, they faces will be covered in darkness and in dust, terracotta Katara darkness will overcome the Buddha ego who will suffer Fajr these are the people who disbelieved and committed for you were endo Masuda tool as we said we decided that we should have in fedora with powerful Surahs in surah Allah Swansea's either sama Fatah rot Allah says

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I swayed by when the sky completely splits apart. What evil koa Ki Moon Tata rocks and when the stars burn out and they disappear well it'll be harder for Jarrett and when the oceans burst and boil over. We're in El Qubool work the rock and when the graves throw out its contents. Ali McNab some caught them at that moment every person will know what they did are they left behind? Every single person will know almost Yes. You know my condition. The moment is resurrected. Yeah look at this I Allah says now yeah, you will insert all mankind ma Kabira pickle Karim. What has given you courage to rebel against Allah? Who has given you this involvement to rebel against me to rebel

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against your generous load? Allah the Holika fossil worker either like the One who created you and perfect Did you may do in the perfect design? The I used to Rocky Marcia raka back in the form that I had willed you to be kettlebell because the bow and everything but in fact you people deny the Yama Yama madaraka Maria Medina and what will you make no, the day of Kiama that's the day when everybody will be careless about everybody else and they will know what the deeds will will be upon the Melisandre predict protect us. So these are the first stage of Qiyamah as we said is the stage of madness. And we'll talk more about this and the other events. Kiama is a long process. And may

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Allah grant us a good resurrection. May Allah grant us to be resurrected closer than a visa Salam. May we shine bright on the Deaf pm

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I mean our deeds our good deeds be reflected on us and may Allah wipe away all our sinful deeds especially in the month of Ramadan let us leave this month yeah Allah would not a single trace of our sins on us I mean, I mean on Hamdulillah

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we quickly going to our quiz, moon you have the box,

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my show I mean, how many verses is from work? We see 3030 verses this knights equation. What is the name of the angel will blow the trumpet is Seraphin mica eel, Israel eel Malik, what is the name of the angel who is going to blow the trumpet in sha Allah? And then the winners of Uncle Sam

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in last year today

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Running out of people now

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this is Baker Shavon Syed Ali Baker. Talia. Allison Yeah. Oh Asya Vika as the hell Okay, all three because there's only a small sincerly so I had to give a chance to my Shiva Alhamdulillah so the bakers tonight Alhamdulillah and then again slammed for us keeping Baba with Maka tonight Baba and SHA. Allah say them hamazon come later without me