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A powerful message conveying video about dealing with hardship and calamities from verse 76 of Surah Muminun. It is the story of Wahb Ibn Munabbeh Raheemallahu Ta’ala, a great scholar who was imprisoned and how he chose to respond to this trial of Allah SWT.

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Assalamualaikum Welcome to Labor Council everyone, welcome back two people have put on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor. And so, you know, a lot of times when we are in hardship, that's where our Riba that's where our acts of worship really tend to take a dip, at least while we're in the hardship, after the hardship, we might come back to a loss of handling to an increase. But during the hardship itself, we tend to give ourselves a pass and take a break. And so how a lot you know, there's this idea that, you know, when things are good, when things are easy, then I'll worship a loss panatela and

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I'll prepare myself for the hardship. But little do we realize that a lot of times when a love puts us in that hardship, in that trial, that's our time to shine, that's where loss of hundreds Allah wants to see that we're going to rise to the occasion. And we're going to respond the way that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to respond. So the story that I'm going to share to share with you today is of one of the great tabs are in the great students who have been ambassador for a long time and who whose name is what, even when I've been walking the whole time. And what happened when I was was not only a great scholar, but he was also someone that suffered in his life, you know, under various

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governments and things of that sort. And so once he was jailed, and you know, a lot of times when you know when people are in jail or when they're in a situation where they're put away they tend to look for things to kill time right? So they're gonna play cards if they have cards they're gonna sing if they can sing whatever it may be. So as well even whenever he's in jail, a man comes to him and he says to him that when she took a bait adventure and yeah about Abdullah, you want me to share with you you know some poetry you want me to sing in a sheet that's that's what it sounds like right when she took out but what it means is you want me to entertain you so that we can kill time we can

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pass time while we're sitting here in jail. And what have responded and he says national photography Minna de Bella, you know, we are possibly right now living under the punishment of a loss of meaning right now we're, we're in a time of hardship. And he says while long to honor your code and a law says and this is the verse from the just today, so to me noon, verse 76, he says a law says 100 nambla Dobby faster can real be him $1 million own, that very weak grip them with with suffering. And that suffering was a warning, we grip them with some form of suffering with a trial. And the word is is you know, I have now was like we seize them with some form of suffering. And that was a

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warning to them. But they did not yield to their Lord, nor did they humble themselves to him, meaning what Allah subhanaw taala sent them some form of suffering or some form of trial as a means of bringing them back. And instead of humbling themselves, they became further and more distant from Allah subhanaw taala. So what are the Allahu taala anhu he's saying to him, You know what, I don't have time for that a lot. expect something from me as I'm sitting here in this prison cell. So instead, what started to fast and so Pamela prison was already very difficult. And just like now where you know, you have certain times of eating, they had certain times of eating. So what went

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three days consecutively fasting, and so the other prisoners were like, this is too much tequila, whoa, Maha Samia de la. So people said to him, what is this fasting? You know, why are you fasting right now, oh, Abdullah. And he responded with something very beautiful. He says I had a thaliana for Yoni athalon and hubs for death. Now, the other thing about that Elena I definitely means that Allah introduced a new trial in our lives. And so we introduced an extra act of worship. And the introduction here is not in the sense of innovation, but rather a lot, you know, a lot through a trial at us and a punishment on us. And we responded the way that Allah subhanaw taala wanted us to

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respond with more good deeds, with more acts of worship. And so there's really a powerful lesson here that you know, he says, we were jailed and so we were expected to increase in our worship. What that means is, you know, the next time you find yourself in a hardship, don't feel sorry for yourself, don't start to pity yourself. And don't start to give yourself a pass people will come to you and people will tell you, you know, you don't have to worry about worshipping Allah right now you don't have to worry about doing this. Just take it easy, be easy on yourself. But you need to hold yourself to a higher standard and recognize that a loss of having a heart to Allah is

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presenting an opportunity to you and if you pass in that opportunity than in sha Allah, that can be the means by which Allah enters you into agenda will have understood that and I hope that inshallah tada through this, this understanding of this ayah certainly known verse 76 once again, that we also will respond in sha Allah tala in a better way to the trials, we asked a loss of Hannah Montana, not to test us beyond our scope and to give us the strength and the sincerity to respond the way that he wants us to respond. Whether it's in times of ease or hardship, I love them, I mean, desert malachite on inshallah Tada, I will see you tomorrow with Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh