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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The group of angels are traveling through a cemetery to receive a message from the god of death. They will continue on their journey until the god of death is coming. The winners of the heavenly beast and the god of death are coming, and the winners will be the winner of the heavenly beast. The secret mission to return to Earth is discussed, along with a quiz and secret mission to return to Earth.
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shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, ala Ashraf and mousseline. Sayidina Muhammad not early he also had big mine, my beloved brothers salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We continue with our series around the bursa and dying, and the path that all of us should take Allah protect us.

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As we said, that death is the Separation of the soul, from the body. And at the moment of death, just as there is a birth as we are born, the pangs of birth and labor as we come into the dunya is a type of pain or labor that happens at the moment of our death. And this is called the sakura tumult. Sakara very similar to Sakura, meaning drunk. What does this mean? It's when your mind shifts between this world and that world, you are passing in and out of consciousness. Sometimes people pass away in their sleep, but it appears that every single person will go through a stage of Sakara Allah sponses for Lola either Bala to whom then why when the soul and reaches the throat, one to

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Hina even done the rune. And you at that point in time, we're looking, there will be a moment there is a moment where it's vital Allah, the body and the soul has separated and the body actually sees the soul exerting itself, it has this out of body experience. And so Subhanallah we will talk about the journey of the soul at the moment of death in the next few slides, Inshallah, then I came to see, I'm sorry, so we're going to mention what what should we do for someone who is at the point of dying before we talk about our own journey? What do we do at the point of someone that is dying? So we're going to be Salam came to Abu Salama, great sahabi, as he was on his deathbed, and there'll be

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so and as,

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as Abu Salama passed away, the prophecy will close his eyes and said, when the soul is seized and leaves the body, the eyes follow, and we almost imagine that if anyone has seen a person die, you will see the eyes drifting, and that is almost watching the soul depart and then there'll be some says, Pray, pray to Allah for good for yourselves, because the angels say amen to whatever you are to so at the moment of death, we should make dua for that person that has passed away and then I also made a DUA, Oh ALLAH forgive Abu Salah mahalanobis was making dua for the manual pasta with sabe and Oh ALLAH forgive Abu Salah raises station among those who are rightly guided and take good

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care of his family that he has left behind. Oh Allah, Oh Lord of the Worlds forgive him and us and make his grave spacious and put like that in for him. So all these two hours that we are saying, put light in the copper and we can write these are from the Nabil Salam himself.

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Allah Subhana Allah says that the overwhelming emotion that everybody feels at the moment of death is the great Hatter either Gerardo MotoCorp Robbie, Robbie, Robbie, Iran, literally I'm alone Saudi ha female creme attract Allah Subhana Allah says the moment we pass away, the thing that we would regret the most is Allah let me go back just to do some extra good deeds just to make one more EFT just to make one more speaker just to do one more good deed. But of course when that moment comes, there is no turning back and Allah subhanaw taala However, at this very scary moment in time, this is when your faith Allah subhanaw taala rewards you for your faith. We know in the very famous if we

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decide IRA in earlier Allah Allahu alayhi wa whom he has known Alladhina amanu wakanow yet upon Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this when the earlier many his friends pass away those who are closest to Allah, he secures them it brings them a sense of comfort and he gives them a sense of of ease as they are passing through this world into the next lumen Bushra Phil hayati dunya will era and at the moment of death the thing that gives him the best comfort is they get the good news that on the other side thing is things are much better. And so that is the inshallah the easy way that they pass Allah gronke all of us to pass in that manner. The hadith we're going to mention now is

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sort of like the the mother of all Hadith with regards to the passing away, and it's the Hadith and if you if you ever want to know what it's called the hadith of Barack Obama as a barometer as a hobby, so he narrates his very very long Hadith and if you ever to ask, if you Google the hadith of Bharat even as if it's this hadith, it comes up but even as if it's gonna tell us a narration along the ration about what the NABI Salam said at a Janessa so he says, It was the death of one of the people of unsalted so one of the Sahaba died. And so the GEMA the masjid everybody went and they carried the mate salatu Janaza on the on the man and they took him to the Maqbara to the to Bucky

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Ilhan to Berkeley, Jana to Berkeley. And when they got to the cemetery to the graveyard, the grave

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They've had not been done yet. So they were all sitting within the salon waiting for them to dig the grave. And while they were digging the grave that we saw, looked up in the sky, and looked down at the cover. And he did this three times, he looked up and down. And then he said, us, Allah is telling me somebody's telling the Sahaba ask Allah for protection from the punishment of the grave, ask Allah for protection from the punishment of the grave. And he repeated this two or three times the Sahaba, then said, Oh, Allah, I seek protection in you from the punishment of the grave. And even I him is seeking Oh, Allah saved me from the torment of the cover. When he said, now that I was

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explaining what is happening, what's happening to the soul, at this moment in time and the two journeys, there's only two, two journeys we will take. And it's a scary thing to think about, every single one of us will go via option one or option two, there'll be some says, vainly the believing servant, when leaving this life and journeying into the next life, the year after, just in that moment of Socrates, between life and death, while he's in and out of consciousness, he's talking to his family, when he zones out to the zones into the bodies of at that moment in time than resources, angels will start descending for the good person will start descending, like filling his room,

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angels, and they will be bright like the sun. And they will be, as far as he can see, now Subhanallah, depending on his status, the person who is very, very good, he sent a delegation so much that the room is packed with these angels, shining like the sun, he can't see the end of them, they all come to visit him. And they come with gifts, they come with a coffin with a garment from Jana, now, the garment, the coffin of the Savannah, the body is going to be covered by the people on the dunya, while the soul is going to be covered by the angels, there is a ritual happening for the body, and there's a ritual happening for the soul. So the angels come down from dunya, from the

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Jannah, and they bring with them a coffin, and they bring with it fragrance, the best fragrance you could ever smell through the heavens, then they will sit around him, and then they will be waiting until molecule mode, the angel of death comes, and then the angel of death will arrive. And he will sit at the head of the person. And the angel of death will say, oh, good soul, Oh, virtuous soul, Oh, pious, so come out to the forgiveness and the pleasure of your Lord, it's time to come, it's time to leave this dunya. And molecule mouth will speak to the to the person in such a beautiful way. And such a soft way in such a nice way that the angel that the soul itself will leave the body

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it will not be dragged out, it will live on its own account, and it will come out as water is poured out from a jug. And then molecule mouth will extract the soul. And he not leaving it in his hand for longer than a blink of an eye molecule not only based like, you know, he just touches it for a moment. And then he passes it on to the angels of mercy and forgiveness. And he gives it to them. And then they wrap him up, they cover him up with his coffin from Jana. And they will cover him with sweet smelling fragrances and masks. And as which nothing on the earth King coffee, no perfume on the earth can compare to that, then they will take him basically by his hand. And the sort of bodies

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they had just died. The soul had been disconnected from the body. And now the angels come we are taking you up there taking the soul up and up and up. And so the melodica didn't ascend with the soul. And as they're going through the heavens, they are angels all around the Sun, our angels coming and going do whatever and as they pass a group of angels, they will say wow, who is this every angel they pass by will remark it how wonderful the soul smells and the angels will see. This is Mohammed or Fatima the one who used to pray this is Muhammad Fatima, the one who used to do this and that and they will mention your best praises and they will remember I mentioned the best deeds

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you did in your life the things that will make you happy that that you know Subhanallah in the dunya while your body just died, the people will mention the things you did in your life and now the angels are doing the same for good or for bad, but they will mention inshallah for the person a good thing and and they will mention him or the best of names until he reaches the lowest summer now there are seven somewhat and each summer there's a barrier there's a door there's a gate and they will reach the level the lowest summer and at that point it will they will ask permission for the doors of the summer to open. And if the person is a good person, the doors of the summer would be

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open and that the soul will be welcome and they will be gathered and the soul will be it will rise up and Subhanallah it will rise up and up like the enemies of Israel and the Mirage it will rise all the way to the highest summer just before Jana right to the highest summer and at that point, a voice will call out and this insha Allah is the voice of Allah who will say write the book write me the name of my servant in an Elohim put his name in

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In the book and in Lean, what is lean? Lean is the register of the people of Jannah. It is the list of all the names of people going to Jana. So at that point already, that soul is told that Allah your name will be in that register. And that and Allah says, what will make you understand in circle Magoffin woman Leone, it is the book that is that be witnesses to those closest to Allah and is the book will be written and his name will be written in that in the year and then Allah subhanaw taala will say, Now return him to the earth, many take the soul back down, for I promised them I have created them from the earth, and then it shall I shall return them to it. And from it, I will

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resurrect them. So now the so let's go back to the to the cover.

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He there'll be so Salam said, and right, so now the soul will be will descend. And we'll talk about what happens when you reach the cover. So the angels will take him down, and they will place him and you will basically be attached somehow not into the body but attached with the body. And so he will then be away. This is when the soul will say, Guys, hurry up, get done with my Janessa now I need to go to my cupboard, you're wasting time. And now the Imam makes a long DUA and all of this, Come, come come take me make my Janaza salah. And so I can go to my cupboard. There are reasons as for the disbelieving slave, as for the wicked person,

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at the moment of his death, and when he's leaving this world into the next, the world turns dark, and the angels from Janam descend upon him. And they will look extremely terrifying. They will look harsh, they will look angry, and the faces will be dark. And they will come with them. Some kind of garment from Jana, you can imagine this is some kind of fire or some kind of clothing from Jana to wrap the soul up. And he will see these creatures all around him waiting for him to come out. And then the Angel of Death would walk in, and the angel of death would come to his head. And the angel said, now come out a wicked soul to the anger and the displeasure of Allah come out now to the anger

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of Allah subhanaw taala. And so the soul will retreat into the body, it will pull back. And the angel of death will then drag the soul out, as we know as we all know, as a comb is pulled through wool, or a piece of silk is dragged through a thorn bush, and the soul is dragged out. And then it is passed on to the angels of Jannah. And in the Quran, it mentions how they would beat the soul, and they would harm the soul. And they will put clothing of Jahannam on the soul. And then the soul will give out such a disgusting, horrible smell anything around it that smells it will be repulsed by it. And then they will take the soul up dragging it towards the summer. So he also goes up. But

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when he reaches the first summer, the doors will be shut. And the angels will say there is nothing in the summer that wants to see the soul. Nobody wants to see him he has no permission to come near to the summit. And so then it will be said hola then the voice will be said right for him. He's naming a C gene, a C gene and what is a C gene? It is the record of the people of Jana. It is the name so your name now Allah protect is in the records of Jahannam and the doors of the soma what will be shocked and Allah mentions in the Quran in the living Academy we are yeah Tina was stuck pero Ana Allah to factor hola whom Abu Abu summit so Allah says in the Quran, that those who

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disbelieve the doors of the Sunnah will be shocked towards to them. And then he's they will be written in St Jean. And Allah will then say, and return him to the to the dunya to return him to the to the to the earth, you will repeat the same thing as he was created from the earth you will be returned and you will be resurrected once again. The angels will not bring him down gently, but they will hold him down they'll basically drop the soul all the way down back to the earth. And subhanAllah at that point in time, the soul now knows that he's covered and his job is waiting. And so when he is sort of back attached to his body, that's when he would say do not take me Do not take

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me as the people are moving and he will be aware of every footstep you will be aware of the soul at that point in time is aware of the people around him about what the people are saying about him and so they would then take him to the Maqbara and so in the Hadith enemies who says Willie when he is buried, so now the Janelle Salah happens and it's not in the slides but Subhan Allah, then it's always good to have a big Janessa then Abby says the person who has a janazah of 40 believing people if 40 People send it to Janaza then in sha Allah this is a good indication that your intergender these people are witnesses for you. Think about it. These are they standing to janazah they are

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saying yeah Allah we testified this man is a Muslim, this lady is a Muslim. This person was a believer and the first people to judge you are going to be the people that you're Janessa depending how you live, is how big your Janice's going to be. If you're a person that the people love the people support the people admire the people and respectful they will come and make time they will you know what I'll take that hour from my day to come to his Janessa

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to her janazah Subhan Allah and the bigger the Janessa Masha Allah the better. And as for the other person, as, as some of the scholars said, Some people they pass away and you look at who's at the Janessa there's no one of value or substance. It's actually shameful that those are the people that they accompanied and spend time with criminals other kinds of sinners, they are the ones at the Janessa and so Subhan Allah may Allah grant us a good Janessa and a big Janessa and so then once the janazah is done, and your final final rites for highlights amazing that the finals police who leave is the masjid for the believer of course the masjid and then you are carried to the Maqbara to the

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cemetery and you are loaded into the cupboard with your head first on your right side facing the table, and they will say Bismillah Allah Milla T Rasulullah. They will mention in the name of Allah when you enter on the on the on the path of going to Mr. Salem, and he will be aware of the footsteps around him. And so then when the grave is filled and the sand is placed on top of you, you will listen until the loss of the footsteps leave. And when they finally leave. That is when the fitna the fitna of the cover now is the difference between the fitna of the cover and the adab of the cover. The fitna of the cover is the questioning the trial, the taste of the cover, and the

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other half of the cover is of course the punishment of the cover. Not everybody will experience and Allah protect us the punishment of the cover. Some will experience the name, the reward, the pleasure of the cover. For some people the cover will be a genuine like we say it oh that Amelia Gina, and it will be a type of Jannah for him. But everybody, with a few exceptions will be tested. And that will be the last test of the believer. The last time they will be tested with the Eman will be at the fitna of the cover and inshallah we'll talk about that tomorrow in the law, the fitna cover and the other half of the cover with num Allah protect us and may Allah grant us safety and

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security. I mean, I mean, we just go quickly to our

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quiz. We said how many days in the womb is the soul blown in four months? So after four months in the in the womb of the mother, the soul is brought in and therefore before that four months, technically that that soul is not alive, it will that will that baby or that fetus is not alive, will not perform Janaza Salah if that fetus is aborted or is miscarried. After that it's a living person.

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Let's see who

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Rashanna for Nescafe.

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Rashanna Yeah.

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Is that Yes or No? No. Oh, sorry.

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See, mica eel, Adams. Masha Allah, Masha Allah. I don't see any other sisters. Yes.

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Alma Sally.

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Not yet.

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Not yet either. Okay.

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And see you

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though Barnabas Oban.

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The barn Yeah. Okay. hamdulillah there wasn't any ladies cycle ahead. Tonight's question. What is the question that all will not be asked in the grave. Okay, swan was so we didn't get there. But tomorrow we'll talk about the fitna of the cover. You will be asked three questions. And we'll mention that tomorrow. But for those who know the Hadith, which is not a question so you will be asked three questions. Or you will you'll be asked Who is your Lord? Will you be asked Who is your religion? What is your religion? Will you be asked what is your Qibla? Or will you be asked which Who is the man to sin to you about the Rasul which of these which of the of this four is not going

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to be a question in the cupboard? And perhaps something to think about now, and we'll give the answer tomorrow but in the law, Zack Lehane was Allah say no Muhammad Ali sacristan was sending him no blood Amina, so don't worry Kumar from Allah here but a gadget

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