Why the Dhikr of Allah is like a Bookshelf

Musleh Khan


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So here's a really quick way for you to always remember how they killed the care of Allah works, okay? See around us bookshelves, that's the thicket of Allah. That's your brain, all these bookshelves, you have a bunch of knowledge of things are all all in life stored in your brain. They care of Allah as you take a book you open it

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Okay? Remember that way they care of Allah is you have this knowledge and you love Allah and you know and you know Subhana Allah, you know all these phrases, but they're not being said as often as you'd like.

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So what do you do? The kid of Allah helps you to stay in this library up here and constantly opening a phrase, a word in a the poor end, whatever it is, but understand, so think of the thicket of Allah's bookshelves in your brain, and then you open it and that's how you constantly remember Allah