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Why You’re Feeling Ungrateful

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One particular theme that keeps coming up in the Quran when Allah mentions Alan son, and that is when good things happen. What's our reaction? And when bad things happen, what's our reaction? Okay, there are two kinds of reactions. We'll talk about that, but essentially, are reaction to good and bad. Good things happen in your life. How do you react that things happen in your life? How do you react? Keep in mind that our weaknesses have already been mentioned the ones that came with us Hulu I mean agile fika but that's already there. Keeping that in mind. How do most human beings fail when they're tested with good or bad because both of those are tests. Allah says we're either must sell

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in Santa Dora, the analysts MBE aka Aiden aka Eman, fall America Schaffner and houbara. Who, maraca elimite Runa Illa Dorwin Messiah who? Kedah Alakazoo unitil Missouri FEMA Cameroon. When the human being harm touches the human being when tough times hit you, when difficulty hits you when a challenge hits you. Allah says He called on me lying on his side or sitting up or standing like no matter what you're doing Allah please just relieve your Allah just and this problem Yola please make make my dad better or make my child better or give me health again yeah Allah solve this legal problem solve this financial problem solve this health problem. Whatever problem it is, you're

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constantly asking Allah Ya Allah I want this I need this. I need this and I need relief relief relief relief always. And Allah says Allah Maka Schaffner and who do wrong and as soon as we alleviate that, that harm that was hitting him, Morocco Allah Mia Runa Allah Doreen Messiah who he walks around like he was never hit with any difficulty that was killing him that was hitting him or her. Hey, you were pretty Nam. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm good.

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As if all those who has all that humility to Allah disappeared and so did your relationship and connection with Allah no need for Dora. Now I'm good now.

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I mean doors for bad times, and good times. That's one kind of reaction. When our inner darkness in Santa Mina Rama, someone has another reaction, when we make the human being taste some of our mercy that comes only from us some good times, some relief, some happiness, you enjoy just a little bit. Then we take it away from others and Allah Allah is saying that good time that came to you, you're not entitled to it. My health, your health, my money, your money, my house, whatever I have, whatever loved ones I have the people in my life the things in my life and my own being are not my property. Allah gave them out of a mercy only from him not because I earned them. And so he pulls

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back some of what is actually his not mine. I wasn't entitled to it. But when I when he does in the hula Goosen Carrefour, he becomes completely void of hope, extremely depressed. Nothing is good in my life. What do you mean good? Why should I be happy? I have no reason to be happy. You know what happened to me? You know what I've been through. And you're constantly focused on the negative and then as a result because you're so depressed and focused on the negative, you can't be grateful and that's why there's a logical progression go for extremely ungrateful in denial than anything good is happening. You know, don't give me a lecture about how we need to be grateful. I want to hear it.

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Well either and I'm not alone in sunny Arada when Abidjan maybe then the other kind of reaction. Allah says when when we go shower, the human being with favor and luxury and comfort. He just starts ignoring us. I don't know that you just ignored us. We're not Abidjan, DB and turnstyle aside like

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this is like when times are good, man I made some good investments. It turned out pretty good. No, no credit to Allah. Allah says I made I gave you this and you don't even turn back to Me. You just turned away like it's all you were. It was a horror show. Ruka Osa and when harm hits him, when tough times come completely void of all hope. Why they must sell in Santa Boroondara who Moneymoney Lee.

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When the harm comes to him, he starts turning back to God and starts praying to his master. So Maya Willa who never met a man who CMR can we get the reader here and when he wraps him around with luxury and favor, then he forgets everything he was calling, calling to God for and who he was calling to have in common with Allah Allah He underdone. And not only that, he puts other players other entities besides Allah to compete with, and that doesn't just mean he worships other than Allah. It actually means he starts loving other than Allah obsessing with other than Allah, all the time that used to go into Ah, now it goes to himself or into his pleasures or into something else.

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Other things took down competitive space with Allah in his heart. That's what it's referring to the EULA answerability So not only is he himself misguided, he misguides others from Allah spathe Allah says alternata be conflict

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Erica Leland, this is really important to understand Allah and this is describing essentially a believer,

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a believer who when he goes or she goes through hard times makes dua to Allah. When they make dua to Allah, other people see them making dua to Allah and what are they inspired to do?

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Also make dua to Allah. When you see someone in difficulty making dua to Allah, you are inspired to come closer to Allah, Allah so they become a kind of role model for you. When difficulty comes to them, and they forget about da

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and they forget about Allah and they put other and

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by not that difficulty when Allah gives them good times, and they forget about Allah and they completely lose the path of die and lose humility towards Allah. Then not only are they themselves misguided, didn't other people look at them as role models.

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They because they inspired themselves to learn from them. And now when they're gone off the deep end, than others go off to the old Villa and Seville Allah. Allah says quantum atomic Africa Kalina you better enjoy your ingratitude just a little more, because you're from the people of hell. As Allah is very angry with people like that, may Allah protect us from being from them. Well either masala and Santa Barbara on the ANA sama indica, La Jolla, Mata Mina Kala and Mr. Ott who Allah element.

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He says when the harm comes he makes dua to us when I wrap him around when we cover him completely and envelop him in favor. He says all of this favor came to me because of knowledge I have I was given all this because I'm a genius. That's why well here Fitness on it is nothing but a trial. You earn nothing in life because you're so smart. All of it was just a test when I conducted a home in Ireland, most of them don't even know lawyers, I'm all in Salem in da l. Hey.

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Some there's another human tendency some people they love asking Allah for good things. Love that's the only relationship to have Allah I'm making dua to Allah that I get that outfit I mean do I do Allah get those sneakers? And we've got to Allah that you know i What's that new Nintendo thing that came out the Switch

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switch for even before it you let make it eat sooner Can I need

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making logical law for stuff all the time do I have to allow for someone when you say that the only stuff you make dua to Allah for know what I'm supposed to ask Allah right? I'm being religious.

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You're religiously materialistic?

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Right? You're just asking Allah for stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff. And you know when you ask Allah for things like you Allah pass me the test, Allah has been the test Allah and then you fail.

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Only thing you ever asked Allah for was dunya related? And does Allah always give you dunya? When you ask for it? No. So you don't get it. Then what happens when either messiah will massager for you're also an Knuth

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and as soon as Allah because you're going to only ask him for worldly things, and he won't give you then you become void of hope. completely depressed.

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Ah, what's the point of die anyway? I made dua and I still failed.

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You know, I may die and I still I didn't you know, I didn't achieve what I was hoping to achieve.

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So if I, what's the point of die? No, I tried it. It doesn't work for me.

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As a matter of fact, things are much better when I don't I feel happier. I know how you feel happy, I get you.

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But this is another tendency we have. This is again, our loss. Were either an under annual insanity or Allah whenever we're not happy Johnny B. He was our Messiah who shot further food law in our yield. Another tendency, he says when we give the human being favor, he ignores it turns away like life is good. Who needs God? I've literally met people who've said, I have a good job. I'm healthy. I have a car, I have career. I'm happy with my family. I look good, I feel good. I have good money and whatever. Why do I need religion?

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What do I need him? I have everything I need. I mean religion is for people who need it. I don't need it.

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Allah says when I shower him with favor, he ignores me, turns to the side. And then Allah says, Messiah who shot and then another kind of person when harm hits them. For those who are in early learning makes long, elaborate doors, nonstop doors. Now he puts in his he's put in his place and he comes back to Allah and starts making dua like Allah is describing the hypocrisy of it. This is the kind of person when good times will come again. What's gonna happen again? Well, I needed religion for that time. I can go back to my old state now. You know, for in Idaho or, or Santa Catalina if you live in Alika el Bella in the CNIL in Santa Monica Ramadan, very happy ha we're interested from

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three to one prima donna tidy him. Finally, inshallah Kofu. Allah tells us Prophet sallallahu sallam. If they ignore you turn away from you.

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If we haven't sent you to guard over them or watch over them, your only job is to communicate a message. And if we make human beings taste any mercy from Us, and even little bit, they get overjoyed for the hobby Ha, temporary happiness. And as soon as some calamity hits them because of their own sense, because of what they've done themselves, human beings then just tend to be extremely ungrateful. All the good that Allah has ever given them forgotten.

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And of course, this is the tendency that we talked about previously in a previous discussion sootel Fajr ism Abdullah who fakra Maha Maha Firehole or be acraman of Tantra, Allah He the scope were Kulu Robbie 100 and that will Allah gives him good he says, Allah is really good to me. You know, why Allah I know Allah has honored me look at all the stuff he gave me.

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Look at all the stuff I have. This is an indication of Allah loves me. I'll take some of those things away. He says, God doesn't love me, man. God hates me. Look at what he looks at what you put me through Robbie Yohanan. You know, some things are taken away from you and you're like Allah. Yeah, I don't know what he has against me. When he just loves putting me through misery. He just loves humiliating me. If this was the attitude of Prophets, can you imagine? What would new Hala Islam say about Allah every day for 950 years?

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When he said I'll be a criminal acraman or Obeah Han and one of the most noble messengers of Allah is insulted, made fun of spit on every day, for generations.

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Is he if anybody has the right to say Allah hates me, Allah is just putting me through a hard time he loves humiliating me. It would have been somewhat like new Hyundai sedan He, Allah azza wa jal will describe was one of Lula asmita Rowsell one of the great results messengers, one of the most honored messengers, why is it that your difficulty and mine that people put us in or we put ourselves in is translated into Allah put me in this, Allah humiliated me.

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You know, and the only way Allah is good to me is if my worldly life becomes better. That's that's the only way for me to know Allah is good to me. In other words, we've become materialistic even in our relationship with Allah. This relationship is supposed to be spiritual and it itself has become you know, based on material parameters.