The Muslim Soul After Death

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What Happens To The Muslim Soul After Death – Based On Authentic Hadeeth

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In a minute, or a minute, the believing person when he is about to depart from this world to be detached from the world, what about any minute and he is almost about to go into the heat after NASA lay him and I can be Lulu canajoharie ships to beautiful angels will come down from the sky. They have got beautiful faces full of lights as if their faces the sun itself. That's how much light well not at home Hang on a minute, Jenna, phenomenal agenda, they have perfume from Paradise, and they have shrouding a shroud from Paradise, now to say the rest in English inshallah to buy ourselves time, and then they wrap him and they place the perfume in here. And the angel of death is there.

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And he says to the soul of the believer, Come out, come out to a pleasure from your Lord Come out, come out, to a to a luxury that you are going to receive from your Lord, a year to her rojava, even a beautiful pure soul. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the soul of the believer comes out, or the Angel of Death takes it out in this way, just like water spilling from a jug. Can you imagine water spilling from a jug? How does it spill out? You can see it spills out smoothly, purely beautifully. There are no obstacles in coming out. cafes,

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or the

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Lebanese have this nothing Turkish people have this and drink with it like this. And then the water sort of comes out of the nozzle. Have you ever seen that it's got a nozzle that comes out comes out beautifully is water coming out like a fountain. So it says the soul comes out as smoothly as that? What a description. And the two angels that don't allow the Angel of Death to hold it for long at all. For as soon as they can they take the soul off him. And they place it in this beautiful shrouding and perfume from gender. And they climb up with it into the heavens and every angel that it passes both of their angels everywhere. On Earth in between the skies, as you're going at the

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first level everywhere, angels are uncountable.

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And each time it passes an angel, or a group of angels they say, Man, her the hero

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whose beautiful soul is this. And the angels were carrying it will say for now and even cooler. Someone says son of someone so we asked an estimated lady Can you someone and we'll be with the best names that he was ever called with on this.

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And that will welcome it until it reaches the first heavens or the first guy and it has the first size of gates. And he alone knows how these gates are and what the nature is that there are gates how much the winner of the universe and the black hole in the stars are we we hardly know anything. What's up there. The Hulk was Mr. Berman healthiness. Allah says the creation of the universe and the earth is, is much bigger, bigger and more phenomenal than the creation of the human body. The angels there are angels at the gates of the first guy and they say Who is this soul for this beautiful son and of course said the call it by its beautiful names. And they asked for the gates to

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be open for it. And the gates will be open. And then he reaches the second and every time he passes by by a group of angels they'll say the same thing and welcoming mentioned that Yeah, when you've just now departed from the world and there is a welcoming from a creation made of light. There is no darkness. There's no hatred. You are the famous one popular among these enormous creatures, beautiful creatures and never is late and no one else can see this. And if we hadn't been told by a lion His Messenger we wouldn't have known this reality. We only say what I'm known as messenger tell us what we believe in what they tell us of the unseen it says it reaches a point very high. In some

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habits it says that our last kind of dialer system take this salsa it can see its kingdom and its property in heaven. And then by the time the body is prepared for burial, the soul Allah subhanaw taala orders them to return the soul back this is in the Hadith the process I'm continuing he says take it back Femina. falaknuma freehand on a domain knowledge home Tara from the soil we created the body and them and to it will return them and from it we will resurrect them once again. Return the soul back to the body. It's going to be question great. And they return it into the body from Salalah Selim said then to angels for counting him. Monkey don't wanna kill monger wanna kill? It is

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an Arabic terminology of creatures that are unknown and identified unknown. monka meaning that don't know what it is Nikita, even more unknown munkar Nikki, one that has never been thought of or imagined Nikita, another one that has never been known or identified. It's just different expressions from saw send them gay Moncure wanna kill

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You cannot tell what they are. Can the images is horrific? It's unbearable. And you don't you can't say what they just say they're creatures of some sort. Some of them will see them seeing monsters monsters. They are quite horrific.

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They look the same for the believer and the disbelief. But the difference is for the believer, Allah says in the Quran, out villainess, shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthens and makes firm those of you who believe in Allah makes you firm in this life and your Eman and will make you firm in the hereafter meaning in your grave and in the Day of Judgment, you will not be afraid. So the angels will come and they will wake him up and say Morocco asking three questions. Morocco. Who is your Lord? Wanna Dino, what is your religion?

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The tabula rasa, the boy, what do you say about that man who was sent as a messenger among you? In another Hadith? You probably hear about womac keytab What is your book, and he will say, My Lord is Allah Spano Todd. I believed in him and worshipped him. My religion is Islam. And the man is my prophet. I heard about him and I believed him in follow him. And the angels will say to him, sleep or rest, rest for what is going to come is going to be better, a beautiful soul. And then he is told to look or she is told to look to the left and a little opening, a gateway is opened.

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And they see Hellfire, burning itself terrible, terrible place. And they will say to him, I don't know if it's one Corona clear or others other angels that will be there, we'll say to him, nevertheless, look at that, and the person in the grave moves away, says that is your place. That is your place. And Allah created that place for you. But because you chose to obey Allah subhanaw taala, you have saved yourself from that place, you will never go and then close it. See? So Sam told us that every person has a place in heaven or hell. And whichever one you hold on to is the one. Then they open a door from the right. And he sees paradise palaces, beauty, nor undescribable

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beauty. And he loves it. And they say to him, this is what is awaiting for you now you have earned it, Uganda, this is your kingdom. Or as soon as he sees that promise I send them says the person grave. Says door next door says Allahumma Rob be a commissar? Yeah.

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Oh my Lord, let the world end. Let the world end had

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a woman. So I might go to my family and belongings in paradise I want to go please ended quickly. He wants the world to erupt. So you can go there because of what he is saying in another Hadith also. So he were as they are in the grave. The grave opens up as far as they could see. And it is filled with a garden from the gardens of Paradise as the province of La centella told us in narrow that what we'll call Cobra santoku llama, as a poet says based on the Hadith. And then he said, Well, hello, Mr. OData Maria de Germany, we're in Mahabharata, and it is either a garden from the gardens of Paradise, or a pit from the pits of hellfire. And a person comes to him and sits with the person

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in the grave. His face is full of companionship and, and lovely company. And you say to that person who are you for your faces, the face that brings hate is also in the habit of processors. For what you can let the big open hide your face brings good fortune, it brings good news. You know, when someone comes to you with a smiley face and you say well, you know, my heart opened up. I love your company and they say good things you compliment me give me good news. Contrast that to a person who comes with a miserable face and you notice got bad news for this person comes to you with good news. And you say what you can live big open your face is the face that brings up the good news. And the

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person says to him, no.

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I am your good actions, your righteous actions. Look, you've turned me into this beautiful company for you. And he says and

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I will never depart from your keep you company here. So you don't be lonely. And Hadith of the prophets of Allah sent me says that Allah subhanaw taala. One of the moments that he will be closest to his servant is when they are in the grave, with no knees or jellies. With no Companion of the family from this life, he will be very close to them to look after them. So when a person dies, or passes away in your family or someone friendly to you always remember that no one stranger has not captured him is not imprisoned, is not kidnapped, but he's taken away by the Most Merciful Allah Who created you and me. So he's in good hands.