Certainty in the uncertain world of the people of the cave

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The speakers discuss the importance of remembering the one who memorizes the last 10 years of the Prophet's name and the one who memorizes the first 10 years of the Prophet's name. They also talk about the "fitna" of Islam, the loss of a deceased's success, and the importance of having good fortune in one's life. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for food and drink and a brief advertisement for the "we" concept.

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I wanted to share with you a reminder and a lesson that we can learn from solar to go from solar to gas, that very same solar that we were supposed to be reading yesterday and reading every single Friday, as Mahatma usnm recommends and talks to us about a reward of the one who does so, but I wanted to share with your hubby first and foremost, and that is a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, men have

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the means to Latika. Oh, when I show as in another iteration, he memorizes the last 10 years of Sula together, the duration The one who memorizes the first 10 all the last 10 has been a difference of opinion as to which one it is first or last. The Don't worry about the difference memorize the entire pseudo so you can avoid this difference. Anyone who has memorized the saw saw at the gaff, and maybe some Obama you know, salami says also remembering fifth method, the Gen. Also, you know, the fifth method, the shell, you'll be given protection from the fitness of

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the shell. And you'll notice that the shell is and the base of Allah Allah He tells us in a separate haviv that there is not a single, there is not a single fitna greater than the fitna of the shell when he comes out and when he emerges, and that the province of Obama he told us that every single prophet from Adam alayhis salam, until a Sunni Muslim Obama a US Allah ELO has not met omega dijet except that he won't these people alone this nation have as you can imagine, know how he said, knowing these people and telling them feet, the feet of the shed protect yourself from now, or

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Sarah Mousavi Sarah, Sarah, all the prophets warn the people from the shirt, when there is so much love while he was setting up also did the same thing. But then he said in your vehicle, as usual, he said if the shirt emerges and he comes out at my time, I'll take care of it. And if he comes out or not here, then he should have said everyone take care of themselves. And he left with a super thick gun. And he left with a sword at the gaff and told us the one who memorizes it protects himself from fitness. And why am I sharing this with you to say to you that if that is enough to protect you from the greatest fitna that will ever happen on the face of this earth. That means there has the power

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to protect you from every single fitness that is less than it is the fitness of this dunya the fitness of women, the fitness of money, the fitness of leadership and authority, the fitness of knowledge and keep on going with as many fitness you want to mention. If Sula had enough power to save you and protect you from the greatest fifth novel, then surely surely, the one who holds on to it and holds on to its lessons and memorizes it and reflect and ponder over the meanings and the signs and the lessons in the swap will be given protection from any filter that would exist and become before in any time in any day in any age.

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When the filter between what

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happened, that's a great fitna in the deal. Muslims were fighting Muslims. How are you going to deal with this fitna, but

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I used to reach close the gap every day, use the reach one of the girls every day, and he knew through the school how to deal with fitna he knew how to deal with the fact that he wasn't affected by Muslims fighting each other. Now, I'm going to share with you over the weeks and show Medina some of the lessons that we can learn from the solar. And there is one matter I want to share with you today from the solar. And what is this matter that if we have will protect us from any fitna, it will protect you from fitness. So in other words, it will protect you from any fitness that is less than that. Let's speak about this matter. I don't want to tell you what the matter is. First, let me

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give you the story within the solar. And then you find out the matter. I'll ask you the question, I'll see if he can figure it out. The first story of them is the story of the people of the cave, as how we go. That's the first story. And within that story, there's a lot of lessons that we just need to share one of them. My brothers in Islam of habit. They were people that existed after each other is surrounded by approximately 150 years. So they are just before the sort of muscle of love.

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And they existed at a time in where there were no profits, no messages. There was barely any guidance. There's no issue. There's no skulls, they were doing massage, you know, Friday. There are no Islamic books, there is no Islamic colleges, there is no Islamic websites, there is absolutely nothing of Islamic guidance at the time, nothing. So Panama and they held on to their deed and I want you first before we move on, ask yourself this question. What would you do? What would you do if all of a sudden you'd close down in the world? And also let's assume our canceled all around the world and all the machine for prison and all the scores were murdered and the only the websites

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closed down, and the books were all burned, and the university is closed down, although happened to you, so you can understand one of the stories mentioned in the Quran. Because in an environment where there was absolutely no attachment and no source of guidance to the deal, a lot of sources praises them by making them mentioned in the Quran to teach you what kind of boys these people were gonna need to reflect on your situation. What are you going to do? What would you do in a situation like that? I know we have one Masjid closing down, and people start panicking and start worrying, right? Something about Islam is spoken, and people begin to worry. And a woman removed their

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treasure and the boys the brothers changed their names. And this guy is shaving his beard. Why? Because one thing in Islam was was spoken about, and clearly under freedom of speech. That's all. Imagine your entire DNA shut down. What are you going to do so you can understand the importance and the significance and the courage and the strength of these boys. That's why Allah subhanaw taala mentions their story and Sula to go. And add to that it is the first story that is mentioned. Because their sacrifice and what they did is the greatest sacrifice in the four stories that come with that go for these young boys existing 150 years after he Salah is set up. There is absolutely

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no connection to the dean. All they have is that they would go to and they are lucky him or else haven't got few one lucky. They're lucky one the most correct opinion was a was a stone. And the inscribed in the stone was there was some, some lessons and some heat. They used to read it together in a cave. And they used to review its lessons. And that's how they used to charge themselves with the map. That's how they used with this unlocking.

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So the king at the time, which is a miss theodicy that was the king at the time, very tired ruler, an oppressor a rebellious scheme, he wanted the people to come out on a day of celebration, and so that they worship the idols, there was a day of celebration, the entire town was supposed to come out and celebrate and worship idols. These boys one day, they didn't show up. So a few of them in, they said to the key word, we know the young men that don't come and participate in our celebrations every they hide, they run away. And by the way, these young boys, they were, they were sons of the princess in the king's Cathedral. five inches, candles will be soon as

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they used to wear earrings. They and they had money and they had a lifestyle and they had houses and they the sons of the the princes and the kings of the planet. So you can just imagine what kind of life they have young boys they have all they have a whole life ahead of them among makes it a point to say in no 50 I don't write you could have said no. But he said he's gonna hit the highlights on that they were young men. Why? Because young men naturally they love that they love freedom, that a love restriction. So they love doing what they want. But

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even though they were fit, yeah, look what they choose. Now. What's their story, they got dug deep. And they get called in to the court and they go to the court of the king. And eventually a ruling is given down that they're supposed to be all executed. That's the ruling. Oh,

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Omar associate says you're ready to configure a Yo Yo, yo yo mocha, meaning that's what they execution was that they were going to be killed and how stoned to death. That's it. So they put in prison.

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They escaped from prison at the very same day. As the the trials are being processed in Cork, they escaped from this prison, no time to go back to their mothers Goodbye, nothing. They escape. And they escaped with whatever they have. And they rush and they run a massage and says, What are you here to move?

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a lot of social records to us a conversation that happens among these youth. There was no one there. There was no historian to record it and write it for us. A lot was there he heard it and he brings it out and he puts it in the corner. What

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law says they smoke among each other. And they said to each other.

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In other words, they said to each other, let's run away. And when we run away and get far away from them, so that they don't see us anymore.

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Let's rush to that cave and let's seek protection at the cave. Let's go hide in the cave. So they begin to learn among each other a lot one on how many they work.

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I know he promises that they were seven. Anyway, there's a group they walk they run away. They get away from the sight of the police and from the military, from the army from the Yani society from the members of the community. They rush up and they get to the cave

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and they're standing now underneath that the yo and they're about to enter this cave.

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They stand.

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They look at each other, and I just want you to be there with them. If you are standing outside that cave, what's going on in your mind? What's going on in your mind? You are a cave. You're a fugitive of the law. The people behind them looking for you. If they catch you, you're gone. You're finished. Ahead of your loved one out there is a cave, a dark cave. It's blooming. It's It's time. Once in a mahalo spiderwebs, snakes, darkness, no lighting in there, it's cold. What are we going to eat? How long are we going to stay there for? You know, by the time that people come out, and they search for us, and they look for us. This is something that we will talk about, you assume that that didn't

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happen. It didn't happen. They standing among each other. And they look at each other. And they say, we let go. Young show nakoma poco de

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la come in America, Mexico.

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They say let's go hide in that cave. Surely, no doubt about it.

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spread his mercy upon us. Young Shawn black of CBC, I'm sure there's a sukoon at the end.

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They were absolute certain that Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to shower us with His endless mercy. Not only that, when you come in and recommit.

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hautala is going to mold your affair to an easy solution. In other words, you're alone right now your affairs in the city. It's hard to steal. It's as hard as a rock and allow social is doing to mold young children. And it was in a moment, he's going to bend your situation. And he's going to make it easy and flexible. He's going to make it mill far

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below your knee. He's going to make it a comfort and an ease and you're going to escape the situation unharmed. What is this call? What is this called the analogy if anyone knows what's that call? It is you're standing in front of a rock, sharp and jagged inside and you're running away from the law. And you say you should

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have been BelAir. Whoa, whoa, slovenly biller. And that is one of the matters that if you have it will protect you from any Fishman posting have been built there. And the reason he was sending me says, and as he says in the

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end of the refund,

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as well as narrated by

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him in the media, he says

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a sudden event of

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having good foot in a love that is having good fortune alone is among the excellent of worship one could ever do, just sitting down and having good for even in the toughest in the roughest times. Look at the Gulf one of the lessons that we're learning is having crystal vanilla at all times. No matter who's behind you, no matter who's gonna catch you, no matter what's ahead of you, and what future lies ahead of you. And he can you can you feel the situation of these boys and looking at each other and saying young Shawn,

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who's thinking at that moment, but this is what must have been his loss paradise. He says, not only happy that I am to my slave as he thinks of me.

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Think about Allah however you want to deal with you the way you think about it. You think good about Allah, the only thing you will see is good. You think bad about Allah loves mercy, your question, that is exactly what you will get. And don't blame anyone except yourself. Because you found it very difficult to have good for him Allah subhanho wa Taala as a result, there is no formula what happened. You know, the story from now on the story from now on.

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is all one of most of Hannah, who were to Allah gave them as a result of the good fortune of law social. So now I would say what though Shem says

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those are caffeine patently, I mean, they will escape. They slept. And they had good thought in a lot that when you sleep what kind of food do you have?

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When you put your your head at the end of the day on the pillow? What are you thinking about law? You're worried about your future, and you're worried about your past? And you're continuously shadowed by that? What do you have good for in a law that don't worry about the future will take care of it? will take care of it. Are you thinking like that? These boys that's how they slept. They slept on a good intention and good fortune alarm and everything that happens after this a lot of things

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So far social puts them to sleep for 300 years on rock, who sleeps on rock for 300 years at the door. figura, Omar and Omar who made the impossible possible. What

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is our one caffeine methylamine they sleeping in the cave, and the sun would rise out losses What? Oh, you see, yeah, no one wants you to go from when you walk instead of that cave and look at the sun, visualize it, close your eyes. visualize that sun coming up from the east. And one surgeon says, What are Sham say that but there's one more caffeine than the amine. as it rises,

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the the rays of the sun and the sun. This is the opening of the cave. The rays come from the sun, they hit the door of the mouth of the cave, and the rays bend and it goes this way. The rays don't go inside. It doesn't touch their body. And if you touch their body, there are bears out there. Said law look a fear Bahama cheveux it would have been that close and it would have bought them alive. It would have barbecued them 300 years sunrising what do you think what happened to that? So Mara, so

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this is just the beginning of Allah who's gonna give because of their hustle been below the sundries within that it will go the other way.

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And on the other side when he when he said he said what the cave has two openings as opening for me from the east that has an opening from the west. And when he sets, the sun comes from the clue home, that darker color, like a black alone, it gives them a bit of sunlight. Why? Because the body needs some sunlight. But the sunlight from the west as it rises, the rays are light. They're not as heavy and there's not as bright and burning and blazing as when it rises from the east. When it's set in from the west had to change. It's very natural. It's comfortable. It's soft. So it would give them some sunlight. What is the key boom that a Chanel associate says oh, this is happening? Well, when

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fee fish what the mid? And they were right in the middle of the cave for what fish? What do you mean, you should have a lot to you need to think I was young. This is a cave. It has two openings from the from the east and from the west. And there are high above, and the wind is coming in from here and the wind is leaving from me. I need to think of my Corolla you're on a hotel on the coast. And you've got the balcony open and the window open. And what kind of wind comes in, and it refreshes the air. That's how they cave was working for you. First, what do you mean? Allah says he came in at the lab. That's the that's the amazing signs of a bar. So again, for people that have

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been below the level for a while.

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And you assume that they awake while they were actually sleeping. And other nearly the eyes were like this, but they were actually sleeping for 300 years. This is from the miracles of a ma for people that have personal bombilla eyes are open, why they will ever see because if they had closed their eyes, 300 years later, you'd be blind, you couldn't open them because of the fluids inside, not too dry. The eye remains open. But I suppose I often wonder a little early Amelia was that the Sheila? Have you seen people in the hospital, people that are sleeping on in the coma? Only the nurse comes from time to time to flip to the left and right. So that I've developed bedsores. And

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not only here there's no doors on what is changing and left and right when a liberal home

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is fleeting and left and right. Where we are living our best

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angels that would turn them left and return them right so that their bodies continue to function and the muscles don't die. And then it develops over these these vessels on

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top of this, what can you

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And that dog? It was in service of the voice. The dog was in service of the voice and even the animals a lot would put them in service for those as good for the law. What was the dog doing? What can you bear a superman do I believe he had his arms and paws stretched out on the mouth of the cave. And if you see a doctor standing like that, what's that he's ready to attack. He's ready to attack he's in the defense is in a protection bear suit and the dog was moving left and right because Bell Sutton is now permanent. He was in one position the entire time. The Super

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pinata and a number later on when I'm returning home. Radha Alonso, she says if you had looked at him, never made them in whom you would have you would have known what later metabolism In other words, you would have turned away ran down the hill. And you would have told others to run down as well. What have you that's how scary The site was. He did you saw a cave and you looked inside the cave and you saw two poles what do you do? poke into the stick? Well, I turn around and run away. That's what they did. That's what a lot of

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I want to say, now we're late. I mean, one of the men whom are bad, the heart would have been filled with terror and fear and whatever it is, you know, to the point where if someone tells you what did you set out to talk about it? That's how it would have been what

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was socially says, What can only come off now? You just like to

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see the sun going up and down. How many? How many times is that in 300 years? It's about 1200 times. Sorry, 120,000 fires under the 20,000 times the sun would go and it's raised within and it would set and it's raised with vendor 220,000 miracles for people that you know how to have good foliage, and slip on that. But Cincy from inside.

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Just like that. As if nothing happened. bathmat, we woke them up. We resurrected the month like once again. Liana welcome Erica.

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to Hollywood, overwhelm Hollywood.

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Anyway, the story is at the end, that they wake up. And all of a sudden when they're awake, they asked each other how long have you been he say one day, some said half a day

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alone since they entered the cave on time. And 300 years later also finally woke up. So they thought it's like between both of them also a few hours. Old. Bye bye. Oh. Anyway, they said don't worry about that for

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Forget the committee's criminal, yada,

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yada, send someone with these gold coins of us go get us food round 300 years Yanni, and the hungry for 300 years, so don't get us some food. He says fanatical ministering men who get a bit of food don't get a lot. Why so that no attention is given to a similar with a very long with these bags of rice. Where are you going to come with a bit of food so no one notices. And so they go. And he goes until you can imagine as he leaves the cave, and he walks by everything is strange to him.

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And what is the street? Where's the Old Street? Where are the houses? Whose idea was a plane? Well, how did he get there? And it looks this thing that goes past really quick. And it is visa based 300 years a lot of technologies after during that time. And they're looking at him as well. Who's this? Why is he wearing like that? Why is he holding this coin? Is this a circus here? Why is he like this hope? Other people are amazed. What is this? So there's content. And he sees that. And he turns around and he begins to run. And he runs and he runs until he gets to the key and he walks in the cave. And he sees his friends they have all died. And he walks in Allah subhanho wa Taala causes

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death upon him. And that's how they found by the by the people at that time was the Panama Canal. They died and they did not get anything to eat. They did not eat anything. They died when they're hungry. Their hearts were full of Apostle Hannah who died. Their heart was full of hustler bundler that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not want them to leave this dunya with something of this dunya in their stomach. So he calls upon them, and he kept their stomachs hungry so that they have the ability in the paradise over there. That is where the real enjoyment is, for the heart was filled, filled with hustle bundler, and that is the result of personal bunk. Look, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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did to them. So my brothers in Islam, we need to understand the Greek concept in our deal was the one belaire if you have this one body in any fit, they will go ahead, you will go through in any fitness. You know, the problem is nowadays you have people, they sit down among each other.

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What do you mean, I'm

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the only one that failed? If you say that was your husband? I was yesterday with a couple of people. They were saying, now really, really? Do you actually think that Islam has arise from here? Do you actually think that what you see you see how you feel in the

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Gospel, bundler has to be the strongest thing in your heart. That is the first lesson you're learning you're sort of that go. Because if you don't have that, you're not prepared for the lessons that are about to come ahead and sort the cup. You've got to learn that from the beginning so that you're able to carry on the other lessons, we'll share them shall not die that next time else who must have had to fill our hearts with Muslim and ask him some kind of more data to feel that how that vessel inside was

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gonna ask him some kind of data to make us people have a pool of people who benefit from the abundance of a

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or something