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From the load of banana Meenal Salatu was Salam ala should have been would have been sad now Mohammed not only your second vegetarian, I said on why they come we're not going to lie or where to go to

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hope everybody's well Alhamdulillah number 11 1/3 of Ramadan is completed and we've got another three weeks ago. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us with all the baraka and the blessings of the what remains of Ramadan, Amin, amin well hamdulillah just a quick question and I encourage you to send your questions and answer your questions. He was related to the topic. One of the you know, I got an email from a sister very very sad very frustrated and say and she's mentioning that you know, everyone is so geared up for Ramadan and you want to do and connect you so much Riba and connect with Allah subhanaw taala I mean Heidi to you guys, you don't I'm talking about but the menstruation

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hits you and you can't fast and you can't make salah. And so what becomes of Ramadan if I can't fast and economics Allah I can't do tarawih economic Daljit and as we know the majority of the scholars even view you can't recite the Quran, although the minority and inshallah my the minority seems to have a strong opinion that she can recite the Quran she can't just touch the Quran she may recite the Quran, but she can't touch the Quran. And if you want to know all that discussion, Islam from scratch, we talk about the FDLR nonetheless, some consolation for the sisters. I showed her the Allah Anna

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from her from us, we're gonna be some goes on Hajj. And when they arrive in Makkah, they about to go for Ramadan. And then at least some comes upon Aisha and she's crying and he says yeah, Hunter like my sweetie pie, why are you crying, and she says, I have my hates I can't go for Amara when you are in high economic dolloff. So there'll be some says, Don't worry, this is how Allah decreed for the daughters of Adam, and you will get the full reward. So the sisters are the person who is sick, or the person who is traveling. Many times we want to do a vida and we really genuinely going to do it. But something prevents us. We know from the Hadith that whoever is prevented from doing the Ibadah

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because of illness or travel or something out of his control, Allah writes for you the complete Ibadah so maybe the sister, you would have made tarawih salah, oh tahajjud salah, and you would have gotten a certain reward, but because you are prevented, Allah gives you the full reward. And the reward he gives you is perhaps more than the tarawih, who actually made because when Allah gives you it's going to give you a perfect Salah, the first thing you must, he's going to give you a perfect fasting, and then Alhamdulillah You of course don't make up the Salah, but you make up the the fasting at the at the end of Ramadan after Ramadan. And in the meantime, you can obviously do many,

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many things still recite the Quran, the account of the meaning of card in the day, you can still make dua, you can do everything, everything besides Salah and fasting, but then you would never ever doubt that he would that he would is with Allah and Allah will always give more than you can possibly imagine. May Allah make it easy, Allah make it easy. I mean, I mean, we move on Alhamdulillah to the next stage of our discussion about karma. And we're going to talk about the, the event of the buzzer, the buzzer. And while we spoke about Kiama and the signs and the very interesting reality is for most of us, it's perhaps not so relevant. Because Allah Allah, Allah,

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Allah and Allah protect we will perhaps not be around to see those signs we never know, but most likely will not see it. As for the battles of every single one of us will pass through the browser. Every single one of us will take this journey. There is not a single person here that will not except go through the browser, and then be solemn in a famous Hadith. A man comes to the lobby Solomon asked him when is Kiana when is Qiyamah going to happen? And then abuso Salam was quiet. And he looked around.

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And he looked around and he saw the youngest person in the crowd. So that girl there that Sister, what's her name? What's your daughter's name? Elisa. So then I said basically, when Elisa becomes a big lady, when she grows up, for each and every one of you here Qiyamah would have arrived really, for us. When that the youngest of this crowd becomes a big person, we would have all died and our clamor would have come don't have to worry about the BPM, our piano comes, the minute the soul is pulled from us. And each and every one of us has stages in our life. And Allah mentions the stages of your life and you can get gauging where you are on that, on that continuum on that scale. Allah

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says Allah Allah mu no in animal higher to dunya that visually, the animal hierarchy that life is higher to dunya alive and it starts off with play like a small child Wallah who an amusement teenager games was Ina and looking beautiful Jimmy and looking pretty. Whatever hold on bein Hakuna Matata, threadfin Amalia hola and competing one against the other and then to gather as much money and as much children as you can. So we are you in the scale? Are you playing hide and seek? Are you going out and playing amusement with your friends? Are you out in the gym trying to look beautiful? Are you competing with your colleagues? Are you getting that stage of your life we are gathering

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more assets and working on your family game after the eighth Allah says just like right

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like the rain, I generally prefer failure means a farmer, for him is actually the farmer. It is a long discussion. Why is kofod and farmer what does it mean? But it means the farmer, just as the farmer is a mu is, you know, he is the farmer who works on the soil. And he, he sees his fruits and his plants coming forward. And he's so amazed by it. But how long do those plants survive? You buy that plants for that flowers from mommy Mother's Day, how long? It looks so beautiful. Within a few days, within a week, it wilts and he dies. And all this is this is your life. You at the prime of your life. And before you blink, you're going wilting, and you're on your way to your cupboard. So

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as we know, and it's not to be despondent and to be pessimistic, but the reality is the average lifespan is around 70 years. How much do you have left? How much do I have SubhanAllah. And it's for us to think that this dunya is going to disappear from all of us very soon, or within time, but Allah says cool enough syndicate to note, it's a promise of Allah, every single one of you is going to taste this. We're in the Moto fauna with Eurocom yo 1pm And then you'll be given your rewards on the Day of Judgment, your actions will be rewarded for a man Xuxa and inner Whoa, do you really feel Jana for conifers, so anyone who is saved from Jahannam and intergender, then you one life, then you

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succeeded? That's all that matters. Doesn't matter what you acquired in the dunya how much properties you had, where you were in life, how many friends you had on Facebook, if you are saved from Jahannam and intergender, the new one then your life was a success, or Manhyia to dunya Illa Mata and what is life except a fleeting deception is a mirage. It's a it's it's make believe every one of you is born into the world naked, owning nothing and all of you will go back to the cupboard, naked, owning nothing. So what was the point of life? The only purpose is to save yourself from the triumph. A name otaku, Allah says wherever you are, you the raccoon will melt. Wherever you are,

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this will find you welcome to the Bluejeans Bucha era, even if you are hiding in a fortress, they will come and find you. Cool lumen Allah, Allah says everything in existence, everything on earth will end will perish will die. Well yeah, because what Europe because will generally only Crom except the face of Allah, meaning Allah is the only one that is eternal that will never die. So let's talk about death, and the Barossa and the life after death, but it's not actually the word battles of the word. But as luck means a barrier between two things the battle soft is a place between two things. So in Surah Rahman, Allah says Mirage al Bahrain, the two oceans, the rivers

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meet Bay in Houma, bardzo liability and between the two bodies of water these about us is a barrier that they cannot cross the two waters they meet, but they do not mix. So the Berserk is an intermediate phase between two things. So between this life and the Acura is this middle stage, called the bodies, and when there's one into the bodies off, it is when the roof is separated from the body where the body will go on one journey and the roof will go on another journey and the roof is in the body. So let's talk a little bit about the rule. Allah says wias and Ohnaka Annie Rue, they ask you about the Rohan Muhammad, Salah Salem, Cooley, Ro Herman, Amelie Robbie, say that the

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rule is one of those hidden mysteries, which belongs to Allah alone. While I'm out at two minute AMI Lappalainen. Allah only gave a little bit about the door. It's interesting that every society, every community, whether it's the Aborigines in South, in Australia, or people in the tribe in the Amazon, every society believes the concept of a soul. There is no scientific evidence of a soul existing good, everyone believes in it. Everyone knows the such thing as a soul. And we know we know more about your juja module which we know more about the jinn than we know about the dough, how it works, where it works. So what we do know is that the soul from the stomach from our from our from the

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Hadith and Quran, the soul passes through five stages, your or Myro has gone through five stages. The first stage is the pre the stage of pre conception before we were born.

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When we wrote claiming to be the rule was alive before we were actually born. And we'll talk about the evidence of that. The second stage is when the rule enters our body. And that happens in the wombs of our mother. Our role is joined to our body how that happens, Allah Allah, but the angel brings the soul and he joins up with the body in this wounds of our mother, then you are born into a new stage where we live on this dunya we are alive with our souls. And when we are sleeping, something interesting happens with our roof, which we'll discuss now when we when we fall asleep, something happens without then the world of the bodies of the next stage is when our ohana body is

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separated by the angel of death, he cuts the link between us and our body, the soul and the body and the soul moves into the world of the body. This is death, then Kiama is when the soul and the body is rejoined once again, and this joining is permanent, the soul and the body will never ever leave one another after the AMA after the resurrection. So the evidence for the stage pre birth pre conception that we call the stage that the metok It's when the souls

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He stood before Allah and they they took a pledge they made a promise with Allah. So Allah says what if? What if aquifer aboukir mean burning them? I mean the woody him, don't worry at home. Well I had I had him on I'm pushing him, Allah to be Rob become Allah Subhana Allah says, and remember when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam from his loins, all the souls and he made them testify concerning themselves, Am I not your Lord? And they said, Yes. So in the deceit of this item, the item was obviously created in Jannah. And Allah personally placed through a door in the soul in the body of Nabhi item very special is the only one we Allah Himself, place the roar into

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the body of NaVi and then when that be item, and no matter how well it came to the earth, and that search for one another because they did not come to the same place. And they met at Arafa. And that's when they may talk about alpha, and the plains of alpha they meet and they may Toba and Allah forgave them. And then before once they forgiveness was done, Allah then brought out of Nabi Adam from his, his loins brought all the souls out and they stood before Allah on the plains of Africa. And Allah said to the souls, do you recognize that I am your Lord? And everyone said, Yes, we testify. The souls already knew it's in our DNA, it's hard coded that you are Lord and you created

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us. So Allah said that this covenant, you've all made this before you even born. And so the souls wherever they are, they are in a special place in some kind of realm before they enter the body. So this is before birth, then everything has an interesting Hadith. He says, souls are like, troops in a battalion souls are like groups in batches. When Allah created the souls he created batches of souls. And so anyone in the same batch, when they meet each other on the dunya, they immediately recognize and there's some affinity between them. So in the in the world of the soul world before birth, Allah created souls in groups, and those souls have an affinity, they were sort of almost

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friends before they were born. So when you are born, and you recognize the souls kind of recognize each other, they get along, have you ever met someone, it's like, I know you for my whole life, I can just I know, I will always get along with you very easily. Whereas someone else, no matter how many times you meet them, how much you know them.

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We just don't get along. Nothing is not a bad person or bad sister, we just don't get along. And so the reason is, is when they recognize each other, they get along and when they don't recognize each other, then there is some kind of discord between them. And that's why some even mentioned the concept of a soul mate, Allah Allah that in the world of the souls, they had some kind of connection before they came, then we are born.

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And the soul now is taken from the world of the souls, and it's placed into a body and again, Allah subhanho wa Taala decrees, which so we'll go into which body which person will be joined with which body? When does this happen? How does this happen? All the prophecies vary, the creation of each of you is brought forth in the mother's womb for 40 days in the form of an artefact. So you are 40 days in the womb, the first stage is where the sperm and the egg joined up, let's go to Nova. So for 14 days, you are neutral, then you become an advocate for the light for the same kind of for another 40 days, you become an airlock, then you become a mudra for another 40 days, so 420 days or for four

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months, you are in the stage at that point, when that happens after 120 days after four months, then the synth to the to the to the fetus, the angel comes who blows the soul into this baby, this fetus, and at that point already certain expiration dates like you know, when you buy a product, there's already an expiration date this thing is going to end before it's even use before it's open on the this the expiration date, when you're going to die, how much risk you're going to have? Will you do good? What deeds? Will you go to Jana or Johanna, I know this opens up a deep theological argument about freewill and destiny. But there are certain default things. And of course with dua, you can

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even change those things. But nonetheless, these things are brought the soul is brought to the body of the 120 days, and that person now is alive. If that person if that baby or that fetus dies, even before it's born, we give a gentle Salah for that fetus before that it's not a living creature, and so it is buried as such, so then the person is born and now you move into the realm the higher to dunya the life that we have, and the soul in the body into X and they are together all the time. The only time the soul kind of dis engages with the body. The only time the soul kind of moves away from the body is when we sleeping and I'm gonna say this from the Quran Allah says Allahu Allah azza wa

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jal and Fuso Hanaa motiva wala t lambda mu V Manasa by human sequela T kala Alamo, Toyota Seville okra la gente Musa infidel, Nicola Ayatollah Khomeini ittefaq Quran Allah says, It is he who takes away the souls at the time of the death, and that those who do not die in they sleep. He keeps those souls for which he has ordained this and since the rest of them back for a term appointed, so every single evening Subhan Allah and that's why we make dua when we fall asleep. Allah actually takes a kind

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of death, he pulls all the souls. And in some souls he returns back to the body, and others he keeps with him, and they die, and they die in the sleep, they die in the sleep. And that's why when we talk about dreams and Gene and souls, a lot happens in your sleep, because the barrier between the soul world and the gene world almost disintegrates when we fall asleep. And that's why the gene can invade our dreams because the soul is kind of free, and the soul and there are many discussions about the souls meeting each other in the soul world when we're sleeping, but then of course, you wake up and the soul returns to the turn to the body. However, a day will come so hello model

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predicts for all of us, they will come when the soul will be taken and not returned. And the link between your body and euro will be cut permanently and will enter into the realm of the body, the Separation of the soul from the body and the body, the while the body will die but the soul will live on into the world of the body. And the body size weight is a barrier between two worlds it is between this life the dunya and the Akira is the spiders of analysis had either I had I had I had a woman motorcar. Robbie Arun. Allah says at the moment when every single person dies, he will plead to Allah let me go back here Allah let me go back, like only I am on Saudi houses, I may do good

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deed deeds. FEMA tracks where I left behind canola. No, in Kalimantan, who are called elucha I mean, we're all in Barossa Hoon Isla yo yo bathroom, that no you're not gonna go back now. And there is now a barrier behind you basically between you and the living world until the day of piano. So then the our discussion inshallah the next few nights will be around the battles of World what happens the How to the souls, what is the journey of the soul? Then of course, the last stage is the day the Kiama happens. Allah will bring the bodies back to life and he will place all the souls in the body and that will be permanent. The souls will never ever come out of the body.

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Tonight we'll talk about preparing for this. How do we prepare for the We Are The Auntie passed away of the marketing mama Granta I placed in Jana. We never know when our day will come, our moment will come. But we can prepare for it. Well, we don't know when exactly we should prepay I wanted to do as we should make your Allah grant us a good day. Grant is a death which is a it's a sign of success in this life when you die in a good manner. So what is a good day, the resources, remember the thing that destroys your pleasure, meaning the death remember is often if you're going through hardship, and you remember death, it will actually give you some comfort that life goes beyond this. And if

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you're having a good time you're partying, remember this it will restrain you. And there'll be so some people, if Allah if Allah is, if Allah is pleased with you, if Allah wants good for you, then he sweetens you up before you die. So how is it what is What do you mean he sweetens me up before before we die, he gives you good deeds, you do good deeds, you start doing righteous things, or you become sick. And as you become sick, of course, your sins get removed, and so you get purified before you die. And then when Allah takes you, you're taken in a good state, that'd be the case for all of us. The signs of a good death obviously Alhamdulillah we make dua for this. We make dua for

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this year. Allah the best says the best way of dying is to die with the Kanima waiver says whoever dies and his last words are La ilaha illa. Allah is guaranteed Jana maybe all day with a Colima as our last words, another sign of a good death and he says the believers when they die, there is some level there's some kind of perspiration on the forehead. Another sign is to die on a Friday with Thursday night and dying on a Thursday night on Friday. We had some indication of the situation in the cupboard will be made easy Allah makes it easy on those days. The Shaheed obviously the person the martyr, who dies PCB de la he dies while fighting in jihad. Then this is any Shaheed is given us

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an upgrade if they die in the state of your jihad, and they are so these the Mujahid the one who dies fighting, and then there are those who have the honor of being Shuhada. For example, the person who dies of plague, we make dua for all those who pass away for COVID that they are counted as Shuhada the person who dies of plague is counted as a shade. The person who dies from drowning or is crushed. Some you know, a car accident or wolf falls on you crashing because such a violent death. Allah counts you as a Shaheed a woman who dies in a pregnancy childbirth she is counted as a Shaheed anyone who dies defending not only his religion, but his family, his honor, some, you know, someone

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wants to rob you, and may Allah protect you actually die in that altercation, you will be counted as a shade shade. And of course, one of the

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ultimately in general anyone dying, and they are in the state of Nevada What a beautiful way of dying while you are making soluble stone is when people die in the sujood or they die while they're making the loss or they're fasting and they pass away My Allah grant us to die in the state of Nevada, whatever dies, sing La Ilaha illa Allah and they are doing deeds that are seeking the pleasure of Allah and that is the last of the deeds and anyone who dies and the last of his deeds is to worship Allah and please Allah he will be guaranteed Jana who ever gives charity and that is the last of his deeds, you will Interjet them there was someone that we know Alhamdulillah now you know

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you can automate your charity. You know you can actually join when you can say look for the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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I want you to donate there are some websites that do this let me know if you want to get involved and supporting the sister possibly before Ramadan. But she really put in that link that I want to automate my charity and so she died but the charity is going in fact it's a deed off the she has passed away a charity is going Subhan Allah so these are signs of a good day and submit Allah grant is all a good day. I mean, when molecule mode comes may we be in the best state? I mean, I mean, we moving on to our quiz So Alhamdulillah I mentioned that we had a crossword that was released last week and we're going to mention our winners are winners for the crossword. three winners. Emilio

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amidu wise

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amidu The wise mashallah you want our crossword is male as well Hamdulillah you and on online shafiqul Is my so she also won then last night? Yes, the prizes. Last Last question. Which two sides will occur on the same day? The sun rising from the west and the beasts of the earth this will happen on the same day. So let's see inshallah

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again, tonight's question when I do the DRO how many days will you be in the womb before the soul is blown? How many days? You can answer that in the meantime

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they are no sisters. Yes.

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Let's see.

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The winners of last night's quiz

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you see Williams? You see Mashallah. And

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feitos Amin. Mashallah, those

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Zack Allah He was Allah say no Muhammad Allah Azza Islam was serene loadable elemina Salaam Alaikum