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So when they saw a man completely wrapped up enveloped in a garment for Salah Musa so Musa said salam to him for a de la so he responded to him for call and he responded to him by saying what unabie out of the kasamh and how do you people say Salaam where you come from? You just say Salaam you don't introduce yourselves. So the man kind of

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was a little bit aggressive and said this is it. This is all the Salaam you guys do where you come from, and Nabeel Tikka Salam.

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I noticed he doesn't say well, I'm gonna be out of the Kuma Salam it says no masala Salam has already grabbed the Fatah and said, let me do the talking.

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And now he's getting put in his place a little bit. Carla, I know Musa

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so. Okay, I get what you're saying. I'm musasa logical. I'm sorry. I'll introduce myself properly. Karla Mousavi

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Mousavi from the children of Israel. Musa have been inside some of our philosophy the most harmonious life okay. Typically a proper name is not used as a Waldorf. Right. But you know, in Old English, I am David of Camelot or something.

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You know, so the use of instead of from like nowadays you say Hi, Mike from Chicago, like, you know,

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you don't have William of Dallas like yeah,

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you don't do that you say from but in old Arabic and old languages you use a lot of right? So musalman is fine. Kalana Am I to Cali to alamanni marmoleum todos de I came to you so you can teach me from what you've been taught in terms of uprightness and guidance. Kalia Moosa, he said Moosa Niala evenement Mila, I am committed and I have I'm committed to knowledge from within the knowledge of Allah, Alemany Hilah, who, lotta Allah who that Allah has taught me that you don't know. Allah has taught me that you don't know why I'm Tyler elmen mineral mela and you are committed to knowledge, some knowledge from within the oceans of knowledge of Allah. I love aka hula, hula Allah,

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that Allah has taught you that he hasn't taught me. I don't know. Which means the lies given your Torah to Allah has given you revelation. I haven't received that revelation, but alas taught me some other things that you never learned. Allah Allah tahbilk. So he says, Can I follow you? Carla in Atlanta satyanarayana sobre you're not certainly not going to be capable of patience with me. Okay, for those of you who are lm lm to hit Cobra and how can you be patient over something you haven't encompassed? You don't have full news of in other words I was telling you before his assessment of masala Salaam is that he cannot be patient over partial information. Okay.

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Which goes back to actually one of the earlier incidents in the life of Musashi Salaam to all the information isn't there and he became upset at the Israel is being attacked by the by the

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right and he took action and he wasn't able to bear just standing there and watching right, anyhow.

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So the the narrator says from here, lambda can be hotrock hombre Kala Satoshi duni in sha Allah subhanho wa Taala camera, Fanta laka all of that until the directorship he recited all of that the Prophet recited all of those ions in this place. fanola Castle they move forward yum Shani is actually walking along the coast of the sea for moderate behemoths afina tune so a ship passed by the Calla moon they called out to them spoke to them and yet below him that they can be boarded on can be bought onto your ship guys for our full huddle huddle. So they recognize that this is the first time we're hearing his name. So they recognize a huddle

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for harmala who Be ready known. So they let him board on without any no loan means competition. Any fee. Okay, for Lumira Kiba Safina jars for so when they boarded onto the ship, bird came a sparrow literally a sparrow came for loca ALLAH hafiz Sofitel. So it said at the very edge and what are the bottom edges of the ship for nakara Phil I have not gotten our nakara thing and it packed into the ocean once or twice like dipped its beak in the water once or twice.

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color coded yamasa

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so musasa Moosa ma na casa helmy while mo cabin l Mila he Illa Miss la la casa de los for women, Cora Tim in all

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the knowledge you and I have from within the banks of knowledge of Allah hasn't diminished what Allah still has with him that we don't have, except like this, the droplet that this bird has just packed from the ocean. That's all we have. So now, you know the story began with I know more. Right and now he's met someone who knows

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More and the one who knows more says, you know, together put together we know nothing.

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For together we really don't know anything. Okay? And there's this humility that's that's coming with knowledge I'm reminded of shabalala the helwys famous quote, Rahim Allah, when he would graduate students he would tell them the same thing every time he would say when a when a fruit when a tree bears fruit, its branches lower.

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When a tree bears fruit and branches lower, and his way of taking when you've acquired knowledge, which is fruit, that it should actually bring you humble should bring you down, not

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be allowed to Jamaica suppose.

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So. So he says, you know, we don't really know anything LMS lamonica Sahaja knows for women call it a minute

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is all of a sudden so now there's this sweet spiritual lesson. We don't know anything except this little droplet. There's this Imani kind of experience and all of a sudden he grabbed the X fundas Allah Lohan and you know where the bird was right at the brink where the water is. So you know the ship is like shaped like this. So the front of it is called a cartoon from Madame. Very front. That's where the water gushes and hits against the ship. Right? So he says immediately he grabbed the axe and he yanked out a board. Carla follow me after Musa Musa was not even shocked yet in lavaca Colorado, so he didn't know why is he acting the board? Or maybe he's doing something I don't

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understand maybe some some new kind of solar. I don't know what he's gonna teach me. He's still not surprised yet, but once he axed it, he loosened it he yanked it out. And it's at that point and musala salon. It hit him What's he doing? What is he doing? So look at Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah wa samosa masala What have you done? COVID Hama, Luna we have known

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a group of people let us board onto their ship they didn't even charge us anything

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amatola Safina to him you had evil intent to destroy their ship Armada to purposely do some do harm to something Ramadan

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mode actually means intentful behavior right? So you intentionally did this to their ship for Hanukkah holiday Allah you damaged it so you can you can sink its its inhabitants or the people on board. The katashi unima you've done something really terrible in but one of the words in Arabic for terrible we'll get into it when you go by ayah Allah Allah when in the calendar Sati did not say that there's no doubt about it, you're not going to be able to be very patient with me. Allah Allah to acid naevi monazite he said, Don't take me to account over what I forgot when I told him and even Mr. eurosla and don't lean on me and be difficult on me in the decision that I made

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for kanatal oola and musanze cnn so the first excuse that musala ceram presented in his defense was forgetfulness. The first line of defense was forgetfulness. Fela Maharajah when and

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then when they both came out of the sea motor will be hola Mineola move us up on

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the past by a boy that was playing with other little children. For adulthood. It'll be a lot see here for Colorado, dia de la casa wa oma soufiane be a trophy or siberica no Yuk takushi and this is part Hadith part describing how Sophia narrated the Hadith. He visually explained what was happening. He said he grabbed the kid by his head, and he moved his hands out like this and he just plucked like he was plucking something like he yanked a kid's neck and snapped his neck. This what he did is very disturbing.

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And then Coca Cola who moussaka children of senza Keaton big enough so what have you done, you killed it? A pure person a pure soul without him having committed murder. You've done something completely unheard of Allah Allah Nakula inoculant Assa t Avaya so i didn't i iterate to you that no doubt you are not going to be able to bear patients with me. Allah inside to Karachi in Baja fella to save me. He said if I were to ask you anything after this, after after it, don't accompany me. God bless Tamilnadu Neeraj, you, you have now reached whatever other whatever excuse you. on my end, you are fully justified in letting me go basically, that's what it means.

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or other in Arabic, not just used for excuse like Alma Andrew McCarthy. I'm reminded of the words in social morality over and over Nusrah. Right, they those words are very powerful because a lot takes an oath, it takes an oath by winds, winds, they do different kinds of things, winds that can pluck trees out of the earth, and then winds that bring clouds and the contrast is that winds can kill and winds can give life. Right? And as a result, winds are a means for human beings to reflect that the creation and the gifts Allah has given you can be a source

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of your destruction and can be a source of your benefit. Water is life but water can kill. When gives life when can kill revelation and benefited from gives life revelation if disregarded will kill.

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You know, Allah says you know like generations in the law young Pharaoh we haven't caught on jaquan Manuel Darby ha ha Bihari over here, honey, because of this Curatola raising some nations and put some nations down, that's because of the word of Allah too, right? So as a result of that, he says, for multi ethnic Quran, as a result, these wins, they always bring you into contact with something to reflect on something to remember. And then he says over and over, and over and they're specifically as enough of an excuse of a case against you, meaning whatever happens to you after winds were sent to you on Judgement Day, if no revelation was sent to you, nothing else was given to

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you. Allah has the right to ask you didn't give you wind was not enough to ponder on. That was enough of a case against you.

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That's actually the implication of overloading that iron ore over and over. So when he says when Mousavi senses rather, he's saying you've got all the justification you need to expel me from this university? Right azuka FEMA Fatmata katajanokka bernasconi higher fitternity fontal aka so they move forward hadda attire I luckily attend is Tama Allah until they approach the inhabitants of a town where they both seek food from the Mr. Tama Allah. Anita Birmingham apparently affected they asked for some food from them just out of hospitality for about a new leaf Houma so they refuse to show them any hospitality for whatever fee * Dada Lido am Kaaba. So they found in it a wall that

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wants to tip over my 11 tips tipping nama Elon is his comment, what? oma via de Hakata then they say that a sofian made a gesture or the Prophet made a gesture so and so. What Sharla Sophia and Kanda who yakushi and ella focu and Sophia made a gesture as though he is passing his hand over something above him, like a wall that wants to tip over. I imagine he does something like this. Okay.

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Now, Fela smart Sophia kuruma illa Mara, but you know, I've heard Sophia and say this story multiple times, I've only used them use the word Milan leaning only ones. So the narrator is even sensitive enough to say By the way, he only used the word miles at one time, but I figured I should write it in color comun at a Navajo masala Salaam said a group of people we approached them for the military monada and give us food when you leave hoonah they weren't even very hospitable to us. Alma de la isla de Hi Tim. you purposely went towards their their wall and you intentionally you know, with full consciousness built it up for them though. Alejandra had you wanted you could have been

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compensated for it. You could have taken from because of it some compensation. Carla de la Cobain Eva Nick saguna, beautiful Kavita really Milan. la sala. This is the part in between you and myself. I will now inform you of the interpretation of what you couldn't bear patients over colander abuse Allahu alayhi salam what is not a nun moussaka, Saba Salim said we wished that masala Salaam remain patient. Focus Allahu Allah Muhammad Rahim Allah so Allah would have told us more about what happened with them.

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So Allah wanted to know more. And what's what's really beautiful here, Huberty Hema, some attribute this too, we could have learned more about their journey and they could have learned more. And some say that they might hear refers to the two kids like he wanted to know about their well being.

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You know, because I wanted to know what happened with those children.

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I Maka yacoubian Houma, XL Mothercare What more could have occurred philosophia colander besides alum yahama la homos ilokano sobre la Casa La nominee, Emily Hema, may Allah show mercy Tomas Ali Salaam had he been patient had he been patient all along Actually, we would have been told much more from their affair, they could have spent a lot more time together and he could have learned a lot more. The one of the morals of the story from the Hadeeth perspective is that a student will lose patience. And when they lose patience, their their journey to learning more will be cut short.

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Though they could have benefited a lot more, they could have gotten a lot more but their temperament kept them so you know, it's not only once intelligence and one's capacity to learn and memorize and internalize that plays a role in one's journey and learning but also one's temperament. You know, once once patients with their teacher and one's in one's ability to accept Look, I don't understand everything. And if you if you tie the themes of the story as narrated in this hadith together, you come away with some very beautiful conclusions and the beginning you're told that everything we know is just a drop in the

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Ocean, right? But when you see things you can't understand at that point to remember, I cannot fully comprehend what's happening here. Because what I know is a drop. And the reality of this is the ocean.

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Right at that point, it's hard to remember at that point. I mean, I saw what happened, I know what happened. How could this be the case, like at that point, you don't want to accept that you don't know the whole story, it's too difficult to see something to, to have some knowledge and accept that you don't know everything. That's really, really hard to do. In my last hobo, colleyville, I actually spoke along these lines, it's another, you know, and that's more, it's not even about learning the journey of learning, but about passing judgment, which is related, right? You don't know the entire story. There's always somebody who knows more,

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even if you've seen something happen in front of your eyes, and that's why even the Coca Cola the admin alene above everybody who possesses knowledge is somebody that a knowledgeable one, right, and a fully knowledgeable I think could be about, about command fully knowledgeable, someone who has the full story that is part of the ayah, in which Yusuf Alayhi Salam and hidden the cup in his brother's bag. And he had done so if you didn't know the whole story, you would think he schemed he lied, he conspired. He falsely arrested. Like there's a lot of bad conclusions you'd arrive and and if don't say use have put somebody else in his place and say, one of the students put one of their wallets in

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somebody else's bag and got them arrested, you would not find that to be an acceptable course of behavior, we will all pass judgment, don't try it as a template of seal of the if you don't try that. But if you did do that we would be I mean, it would be really easy to say, this is what happened. And if somebody says, you know, you don't know the whole story, yeah, you're always saying you don't know the whole story. You saw it on camera.

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We saw it. We know what happened. You know. So when you see something, it's just too hard to accept. I don't know what's behind the scenes. I don't know what prompted this behavior, you know. And that's, that's kind of along the lines of what's what happens in this story. There's, what's happening in front of him is so intense. It is at that time to just take a step back and say I need to take this in and not react.

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And the last thing I'll tell you as it from a thematic perspective, because we'll go I have if I gave you the stories overview last time and disintegration today, one thematic thing I want to share with you how is this connected to the fitted, because the soul is connected to the fitting of the future, the trials that the oma will face in its future.

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You know, one of the most difficult things that the oma will have to learn is to face reality, harsh realities. And every time we face them, we're going to say, why is this happening to us?

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What's the point of this, this is so unfair. And we're gonna get overwhelmed with grief and frustration. And it is at those points that we're gonna have to say, just like the mentor to Musashi Salaam was telling him, you're just not you just don't have enough patience to bear. You're just, you know, you see an injustice around you. And you just question immediately, why is this happening, we need to fix this right away and take, take action right away, hold on, you need to understand that when these returns are happening, and the prophet of Islam would describe towards the end of times, the blood of Muslims is going to be shared, and injustice will be widespread. And as a

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result, by the way, because of this injustice, I couldn't, you know, I can't believe this happened in my own lifetime. When I was first learning about circle graph in the 90s. Right, in the 90s, when I was first learning about it, one of my teachers told me, you know, the time will come to properly describe a time will come where people will be, because of these fit in his analysis was because of these fit, and people will start questioning their eemaan altogether, like things on the Muslims will be so difficult. Somebody might even come along and say, if the Muslims were really, if we were really on the truth, committed to the truth, and allies on our side, all of this wouldn't be

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happening to us. You know, I don't even want to be Muslim, because all of these things that are happening to us, and I could not imagine when that would ever be the case, like, things are bad, but it ain't that bad. I mean, come on, that things are gonna be bad. And people are just gonna say, I don't even want to be Muslim anymore.

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You know, it was things were like, I don't want to tell people I'm Muslim, because I want to fit in. It used to be that I don't want to look to Muslim there used to be that. But I don't want to be Muslim I couldn't imagine. Now, when you say this, you don't have to imagine. You just have to open your email inbox.

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is crazy. has happened within like, no time at all. no time at all. So hon Allah so this is that it's a real thing. It's a real thing that somebody's face gets challenged, when they see a lot of trials around them. And the first remedy to that, in this particular piece of the sutra is humility of knowledge. Just one recognizing I don't

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understand everything and being content with that, and not losing patience over that milazzo Jamaica, someone the patient, and among those who are luck continues to open the doors of wisdom for barakallahu li walakum Santa Monica

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