Preparing for Ramadan – EP02 Understanding Fasting and Ramadan

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Episode 2 of ‘Preparing for Ramadan.’ On this episode: What does fasting mean in Islam?

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu welcome to episode number two of preparing for Ramadan. Now for talking about avant and fasting, we must understand what fasting actually is and what we mean by fasting. Well linguistically, so yam or fasting refers to holding back or abstaining from something. So for example we see in the Koran sort of medium we hear that buddy of mine has set out is told the only Indian adult to live Imani sama. Say that I have vowed to the Most Merciful meeting last time to Allah too fast Well, a nun who can Lima Yama in Syria and I will not speak to any person on this day. So here in this area we hear that the fast of medium it has said was not the

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fasting of eating and drinking but the fasting of speech or speaking to anyone now for us islamically what we're referring to when we say fasting is more specific not we're talking about abstaining from anything that would break our fast and we'll talk about what those things are in a future video inshallah Tada, but abstaining from anything that would break our fast for a specific time period from federal until Muslim or dawn until dusk with the correct intention. That's three things now, what do we mean by the correct intention? Well, the intention is not something that needs to be verbalized. It's something which is in our heart, and that is simply that we have the

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intention to fast the fast of Ramadan. Now, the intention in order for it to be valid needs to be made before the exit of time before it comes in the Prophet. So I said, I'm told us that whoever does not make the intention to fast before aphasia, then there is no faster than meaning there fast is not valid. Now a person may say, Do I need to wake up every morning and renew my intention? No, as long as you made the intention at the beginning of Ramadan to fast the month of Ramadan, then that is enough because that intention is not broken that continues throughout the rest of the month of Ramadan. Mind you here we're talking about obligatory fast here, not the sudden or nothing fast,

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those fast it's a little bit different. When it comes to the intention, we can make the intention after federal We know this because the Protestant senator woke up one morning and he asked his family members his household if there was anything to eat, they said no, he said in that case, I will fast and this is referring to the non obligatory fasts. Also, when it comes to the ruling of fasting, we know that fasting is obligatory, we know that the prophesy send them when he mentioned that Islam is built upon five meaning five pillars, one of them was fasting the month of Ramadan, but the question must be asked, Does everyone have to fast? Well, we have five conditions or five

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categories that need to be fulfilled, for fasting to be obligatory upon this person. So the person must be Muslim, it must be sane, they must have reached the age of puberty, they must have the ability to fast and we'll talk about what the ability to fast is in a future video inshallah Tada, and number five, that they're not traveling or not a traveler. Also, there's a sixth category, and that is only for women, women who are not menstruating or women that don't have postpartum or post Natal bleeding. So the one who fulfills all five of those categories who said six for women, then that is a person upon whom fasting is obligatory, it is thought up for them to pass the month of

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Ramadan. All right, we'll leave it at that for today. I will see you in Georgetown in the next episode. By the way, if you have any questions about this specific video, leave it in the comments and I'll try to get to as many questions as I can and Lost Planet Allah knows best until next time, inshallah Tada. I said on what a coup de la he or what I can't do