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In this video, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi continues to shed light on the life of Uthman Ibn ‘Affan RA.

His generosity is discussed in great detail with support from various instances and stories. Also, Shaykh Yasir explicitly explains on the incident relating Uthman Ibn Affan RA and what was the ruling in that case. We also gather information regarding the leadership qualities that Uthman RA possessed and how he was appointed the governor in the absence of prophet Muhammad SAW.

Uthman bin Affan was the longest-serving of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, leading the community for 12 years. We also gather insight on the Rawdah – nicknamed as the Heaven on earth and how it came into being. Numerous incidents are cited that illustrate different traits of this great khalifa RA.


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hamdulillah horrible alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ah Marina My bad. So, today inshallah Allah we will continue the stories of Earth monument I found all the lava data and and last time I had discussed his lineage and his family and his marriage with the two daughters of the process and briefly Today we will continue with that inshallah inshallah and finish off what we know of Earth man in the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So all that we know that he did the major achievements. Now as I had done with Oba cutter, this is obviously a summary but also a detailed explanation. So we've done all of these incidents in this

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era, but now we want to look at them from the perspective of earthman have been our fun rhodiola one, and also inshallah today we're going to get to it for love permits has to have time, we're going to get to some of the main a hadith narrated about the blessings of recommander football arose among the blessings of Earth man had been a fan. So, let us begin that with might have been a fan. In fact, not much has been narrated about him in the mccunn era, we do not have that many narrations after his conversion to Islam until the emigration to avicennia. We know that he came back from Abyssinia and then he migrated to Medina. And in fact, as I said, because he was from the bundle,

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chumps with the bundle omega clan, it appears that he had a type of protection because the Omega is by and large, the day the bento omega, or the bundle up the shrimps, the same clients we said they seemed an Abu sufian is of that clan, so they seem to have not molested or harassed or intimidated him as much as they did to belong and the other Sahaba and earth might have been a fan was of those who migrated to both of the hitters, as we said, and he was of those who migrated to Medina. And when he migrated to Medina, then we see a number of famous incidents that take place that show the personality of earthman a bit of fun, and of the constant themes of Rosemount rhodiola, one that is

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known even in the McCain era, that one of the things we do know about the McCain era is that he financed the freeing of slaves. So his generosity was something that was a constant throughout this era. Allah blessed him with plenty of wealth, and Allah azza wa jal utilized with man's wealth for the benefits of Islam. And as soon as the Muslims migrated to Medina, the first problem they had was a lack of water. And that is because in Mecca, there was a Muslim. And in Medina, there was no free water, you had to purchase the water. And now you have 300 people that have migrated and they need water. And water is available at a premium. And the main source of water was a well close by that

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was called bitter rumor, bitter rumor. And the person whom it belonged to would charge one hand full of grain for every bucket, one hand full of grain for every bucket. So you do the math, how much would you need, and one handful of grain is going to feed to three people like a handful, put it a med that you have put together. So one handful of grain he would charge for one bucket of water, imagine you have to go wash, drink, clean, all you have to do every single time you need water, you need to give basically it's almost highway robbery, and you have to ration your water out. So eventually the Muslims began to complain of a lack of water, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said, money a steady bit a Roma, wonderful gentleman, who can purchase the bitter Roma for the Muslims. And in return, I promise him Jenna, who can purchase rumor so number of people went and of course Why should this guy sell? He has a monopoly on water? Well, not a monopoly. There were other worlds but this is the most convenient Well, why should he sell so he gave prices that nobody could possibly meet? Until finally a man came to him and negotiated a price of 35,000 Durham's 35,000 denims and he purchased a Roomba and he gave it away 35,000 did hems

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in our times is the equivalent of well if you want it to be actually very specific did hum these days is typically if you buy a average quality did hum is going to be around 40 to $50 if you're lucky otherwise at $90 did him so then ham is around if you'd like even on the lower end $40. So on average this would be like $1.5 million. Right for a group of people that didn't have any money. Or it might have been a fan purchased one well for basically a million something dollars and he gave it he said at large

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So that the Muslims can just drink for free. So we already see from the very beginning of the madonie phase, he's already had a reputation in Mecca and Medina is going to be even more so the generosity of Rothman, and eventually the Battle of butter takes place earthman signs up and he wants to go fight in the Battle of butter. But rocky has health had deteriorated. And so the process of them commanded him not to go and to remain at her side. So he was the one who nursed her. He was the one who took care of her and he was the one with her when she passed away, so she passes away in front of a man and the Prophet system is still at better he is not yet returned. So he is the one

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who takes care of the janazah and buries her in Buckley air and one can imagine that there would have been very, very few people because they've gone to bed so whoever was there, they are burying it up and up his grave is of course exactly where it is to this day. Although the three daughters of the Prophet so send them are buried one next to another, invoke the elegant code in a famous place as soon as you enter a locker but as soon as you enter the brothers can enter and I had a video online you can see it as well as soon as you enter but a lot of time you will find three graves on the right hand side. And these are Rokia and Uncle film and Xena okay Raka Yama, costume and Xena in

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that order because that's the order they died in. Rocha died first, then on the costume and then Xena at the end and

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Rocha passed away he buries Rokia. And as he's walking back from Battier to Medina, remember but there was outside the city, right? These days but there is next to the masjid. The whole message, as I said many, many times was Medina. That was the settlement of Medina. So Bhakti is outside the city of Medina. And as he's coming back in, he hears Zaid inhabitat, crying out Allahu Akbar, we have achieved victory Allah has given us victory. And he mentions all of the people who have been killed in bed and the victories of weather, and he meets Earth man coming back from the burial of a year. So the same day of the conquest of butter was the day that we passed away. And our Profit System

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therefore did not pray janessa over her in over her funeral. Rather, when he came back, he then went and prayed in buckler, he prayed for dopa in Bolivia, a special prayer because he did not catch the actual janazah of his daughter, rupiah. So because of this man had wanted to volunteer, and he had a legitimate excuse and a direct command from the process of not to participate. He actually is considered to be a buddy, even though he didn't go to butter. So he is one of the very few who is a buddy, even though he was physically not at better. And this is a blessing from Allah. He got the best of both worlds. He didn't have to fight. He didn't participate. yet. He is a participant and he

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is a fighter. And this is proven in that when the booties of the world or the world booties were distributed earthman got a full share of a fighter. So the profitsystem assigned him exactly what he would have gotten if you were physically in the battlefield, because he wanted to go and he had signed up but the processor said no take care of Rokia. So he is obeying the process and by staying at home, and therefore he is considered to be someone who is a boundary. And many years later, 35 years later, when the riffraff and the rebels and the people the whole hot they call them the people that were causing fitna they started accusing Earth man and they started grumbling about Earth man.

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And you can see how shallow their their criticisms were. We'll talk about this, of course, in three, four weeks or shallow when we get there, that some of these criticisms were so blatantly shallow of them. They said he didn't participate at better. This is of the criticism that eventually is going to cause the death of Rickman just look at the fact that they're mentioning something so shallow, he didn't participate at better. And they actually said this when they were around and surrounding his house because the siege lasted for, you know, weeks as we'll come to it lasted for weeks that they they demand demanded demanded and of what they're saying is you didn't come to better any 35 years

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later, a bunch of people who didn't participate in even one expedition. None of these are Sahaba around the house of Earth man. None of them ever saw the prophecies of them. And they have the audacity to complain. You didn't participate at whether and the man had to explain to them, I didn't participate because the process have commanded me not to. And he actually gave me a full share of the Battle of butter. So he said this as an 83 year old man, he goes back 35 years, and he tells them I didn't actually more than this 4047 years he goes back and he goes, I didn't participate because of the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and

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Rocha passes away.

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In a world of the third year, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then offers his daughter ohmic wisdom to earthman. And we mentioned the stories last week that Omar had offered his daughter hafsa. And earthman had politely turned her down, even though he might have been interested, but he knew that the processor was interested. And so the processor offered omega zoom to Earth man, and only a man, the servant of Amina and Abdullah, only a man was the one who prepared omega zoom because they would obviously like all women of our times, this is the custom of the world that they are prepared for marriage, they wear a special dress and they are the standard, you know, decorations that every

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culture has when a woman gets married, so only a man was the one who prepared or Mickelson for a small event. I found rhodiola one. And he married her in a world of the third year of the hedgerow. And barely a year goes by when his son Abdullah passes away. And we mentioned the story of Abdullah's death as well. So Abdullah passes away in jumada, oh well of the fourth year of the hedgerow. And so the only grandson of the process of them to Earth man is Abdullah. So mine has the honor of being the father of one of the grandchildren of the prophet SAW Selim. He has the honor of being the father of one of the grandchildren of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is

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Abdullah. And as I said, we have absolutely no narrations of Abdullah whatsoever, because this is early Medina, early Medina, third, fourth year of the hegira. All we know is that he passed away because of some infection because an animal had pecked him and so he has some infection that festered, and then he passed away, as a young kid of six years old, young child of six years old, and the Prophet system himself pray janazah, and earth man was the one who went into the back there and buried him somewhere in bulk that we don't know exactly where, but in Berkeley or somewhere, is also one of the grandchildren of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is Abdullah, even

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man, even our fan, now in the Battle of ushered in the Battle of this man participated with with one of the people or as one of the people as one of the Warriors as one of the fighters. And he was of those who repel the orange in the first instance. However, as we all know, the story caught it the minority doubled back and surprised the Muslims after we would estimate at least two hours or three hours, and the Muslims had completely thought that the war is over. It's done. And they had some of them had taken their armor off. And many of them almost all of them had abandoned their weapons. And so they're just cleaning up and they're taking the aneema and they're just packing and we're

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basically exalting or over the victory, and hardly anybody launches a surprise attack. And I talked about this in a lot of detail. So many years ago, when we did the Battle of boyhood, and some groups of Sahaba

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attempted to repel other groups of Sahaba were more concerned to find the Prophet slowly sell them and they fled to find him so they didn't flee the battlefield. They're running to see where is the profit so they sell them and one group in the Helter Skelter and chaos, they turn their backs and they fled. And Osama bin I found was of this third category, that the confusion, the chaos, the surprise attack, doesn't know what to do. There is no reinforcement, there is no leadership right now to unite them. He simply runs fearing for his life. And Allah knows best what we would have done think about that as well. We would all have done more than this. Right? So he turns his back and he

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runs away. And Allah subhana wa tada mentions this group of people. And in the Quran, he explicitly says, I have forgiven you. In the Quran, it is explicit. And this is Surah Allah imraan verse 115, explicit Allah and Milan, verse 115, in Vienna, well lo Minh como yo multiple German, those of you who turn their backs on the day the two armies met in their masters, Allah Houma. shavon will be the mecca civil shape on cause them to slip into error. Because of some things that they had done this is this is a weakness that took place and shavon took advantage of it. Then Allah subhana wa tada says, that whatever the alpha level and home will no longer have food on hand him, Allah has

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forgiven this from them, for Allah is of food and Allah is heading. So Allah explicitly says alpha love wine home, and alpha means in Arabic, erase as if it never happened.

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As we said many times when we do an alemannic iPhone to find alpha means to erase as if it never happened. And the law uses the term alpha. So it is quite literally as if it never happened.

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Therefore, anybody who mentions this as a criticism of Earth man has contradicted the explicit text of the Quran

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that Allah azza wa jal himself says, I have it as if it never happened. And Allah is of a fool and had him. So this cannot be used as a criticism of Earth man, even though those people who killed him used it as a criticism and in defense and others, they said, How could you say this one, Allah himself has said, Allah has forgiven Who are you then to find this problematic? So Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven and of course, the context really, it was so chaotic, there was no united group and people just fled Helter Skelter some of them and earth man was of those who met who happened to do this and Allah subhana wa tada says, it is something that is completely forgiven. We also learned

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from the Sierra that Earth might have been, I found was chosen multiple times, at least on three occasions, he was chosen by the prophet system to be the governor of Medina, in the absence of the process. And by Governor we mean the one in charge the mayor, whoever, like there has to be somebody in charge of the affairs when the process was not there. And he chose a few people, even Obama was one of them. Even Massoud, sometimes he chose earthman, even a fan. So Iceman is one of the few people whom the Prophet system handed authority over to when he himself was not in the city. And this means that Earth man would have been delivering the whole tuba, he would have been leading the

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sidewalk, he would have been in charge of dealing with any affairs that take place, solving any problems do being the quality or the judge. All of this would have been the role of the man in the life of the prophets of Salaam, when the process was not in Medina. So this was a great honor for us man. And it demonstrates that the process of trusted his leadership skills, of course, the most honorable and the most important incident that takes place with Earth man.

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In the Sierra is of course, the incident of or they be the incident of the day be when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided to send an envoy to negotiate with the court. And initially, he sent a Sahaba, who was not a karate, he sent a Sahaba who's not a karate, and they made fun of him and they ridiculed him. And they in fact,

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cut off the, the, the kneecaps of the camel, you know, they hamstring the camel, they just, they cut off something so that the camel cannot walk properly, so that he had to walk back, like as a humiliation for him like that he wouldn't be able to, he wouldn't be able to ride the Camelback to the Muslims. So this hobby comes back. And the point being we're not going to negotiate except with one of our own, like their jelly, their their arrogance, like we went to Russia. So the process of them said to her Omar Omar, you go negotiate our terms. Because Omar is a strict man we are what are the terms of the treaty? What did the process some central morewith we don't want anything from you.

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We just want to do it on the soul. We don't want anything from you. You have no right to stop us. You see us in the home. You see us with our sacrificial animals, let us perform their own work. As I said, when we talked about a baby and the incident, the orange had never refused anybody in its history to enter Makkah, because that's not their prerogative. It's not there, right. And it was well known that even a tribe that was at war with Porsche, in the assurance room, in hedge, and in the four months of shorter term, they would be allowed to come to Mecca without anyone stopping them or harming them. This was one of the reasons why Porsche was respected, that they didn't become

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petty when it came to the hedge and ombre anybody could come. So the first time in Arabian history anybody was taught was the process of entering Makkah. So he says I would have not called Bob.

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He asks me where to go, excuse me. And Omar says Yasuda law, you know that I have no one left of the bundle ID in Makkah, and, you know, my stance and attitude towards the whorish. And there's towards me.

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If you want, I shall go. I mean, he's not scared This is or more. But he's thinking in terms of politics, who's the best person if you want, I will go. But if you want your rasulillah should I suggest someone whose family is more than mine, so he knows how to correct things. And he knows the most effective, whose family is more than mine and whose family will protect him from any harm. And that is Earth man. I've been a fan.

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So the process of them agreed with this position of aroma and we know what multiple times he suggested things and the shady Koran or the process of them agreed with it. And this is one of those times that Omar understood you know, my personality and reputation is probably not the best if you want to get the job done. And honestly, this is truly a great sign of Bob that he steps down. And he allows somebody else to take his place because he understands that

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This is not a matter of ego, the process of chosen me, it's a matter of who's going to get the job done the best. And my reputation and interactions is maybe going to harm the job. Why don't you choose somebody who has a better CV, a better resume for this position. And this is a sign of humbleness that only a great leader can have.

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And Omar was indeed at arogya over a month, he gave up the position because he understood earthman is better than me for this role.

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And so the process of undress agreed with his Yes, Earth man, Hugo, and earth man, and ultimately been a fan was of course from the bundle mania. And remember, now, the most senior person alive in the chorus is Abu sufian.

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And Abu sufian is the normal Earth man is his sort of man's father is his first cousin. Right? So Abou soufiane is like an uncle to him, literally, Maui as his cousin. That's why while we defended her excellent, quote, unquote, when the other issue happened later on, we'll talk about that very briefly. So I'm not understood that this is Jamelia, that these people are still in that mentality. And they will respect Earth man more than they'll respect me. And they'll listen to Earth man and negotiate Earth man better than they'll negotiate with me and SubhanAllah. This is the reality really of the world that people have this inherent tribalism, even if technically, they shouldn't

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even have it. I mean, to be brutally honest here, let's be honest, when it comes to even this land that we live in, who will be representing us best in the media, it won't be someone with my skin color. Let's be brutally honest here. If we could find somebody to have to negotiate our space in this in this in this land, still, there is inherent racism. And if we could find a Caucasian convert, we could find an African American, they have more claim, even though I was born here doesn't matter. The reality is, I am viewed as an immigrant and a son of an immigrant. because technically, I am the son of an immigrant, right? And this is a very true reality that we as

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immigrant Muslims need to understand and be like, oh, by the way, there's that we need, we need to understand, we need to be vulnerable over here and realize that you know what,

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people flocked to have their own kind. And if we can have a person who represents us who is of their ethnicity, in fact, it will actually be better for us, unfortunately. And I say this as a secondary immigrant. A lot of times we try to dismiss the narrative of people that have more lineage than we do. Yes, it is true in Islam. There's no such thing as lineage. But this isn't Islam. This is Jerry Lee. Right? Let's be honest here. This is people who are coming from Jerry Lee, it is true that the ideals of America say doesn't matter where you're from, let them say that look at the racism we know is happening. Look at all of what's happening. In the end of the day, it is a undeniable reality,

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people are more comfortable with their own group their own flock. So we as well at times need to be more like I'm going to be locked up. At times. It depends. Sometimes it is sometimes that the point is just to give an example that's practical here that yes, we do need people as well who have more authentic lineage, they go back not just 50 years, as in my case, with my father coming here, but rather 400 years. If we find somebody and 100 I have some friends even that they repair their their ancestors came on the Mayflower Muslim converts. Right? Now, if somebody like that, I want another colleague, one of his ancestors, actually a famous president of the 1800s, in his last name, which

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is, is the same as that I know this brother is well known in the community is activist. So his ancestor is actually one of the presidents of early 1900 in America, right? These types of people when they come out and say, I'm a Muslim. That's a huge difference than me and you coming out and saying it right. There's a time and a place where we we need to take charge, there's not a place, we let others take charge as well. This is the the the the the leadership of our club, and then it gets back to our story. So if man is sent, and of course, as soon as a man comes into Makkah, and Subhanallah just imagine he's coming to his home city, he hasn't seen it in six, seven years.

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They've been exiled in band. They've been asked to leave. Now he's coming back. And this is his city. He knows every street every alleyway. everybody recognizes him. This is one of their own. And as he enters the city, some people, the riffraff immediately began to say go back. We don't want to hear this and that, but one of his cousins about it beside them. That is his second cousin. He recognizes him and he embraces him. And he gets off his own horse and gives them on the horse. And he says to him, you're under my protection today. Because that was the only time I keep on telling you. You had to have somebody protect. You had to have somebody say this is my responsibility. And

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because there is no bureaucracy there

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is no visa, there is no office you apply to everybody has the right to extend a personal invitation to somebody, everybody, every quarter sheet. In fact, this right has been given to Islam as well, our process to them said, Every Muslim has the right to extend this a man, this was in classical times that every Muslim can say this traitor is my responsibility to this person coming in this craftsman, whoever he is my responsibility that I allow him to come. So you all have to protect him.

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So with my earth model, the Allahu Allah is protected by his basically second cousin about urban side of that house. And a man says to him that you know, you have this horse, you have my protection, do what you want, you're free to do whatever you want. So now that he has this guarantee, and he has the amount, now he has to go to the houses of all of the leaders of the Porsche and negotiate one by one. So he goes to Abu sufian, he goes to sulphonic noumea. He goes to the the big shots of the horizon. And he proposes the conditions of the process in which are very simple. There are no conditions, we're just coming for Ramadan, we don't want any war, you're the

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one stopping us, let us come in, we don't want any harm, no trouble, there's let us come. And each one of them refuses and says we're not going to allow the Muslims to come, we cannot allow you to come and the news spreads that Earth man is in town. And in Makkah at the time, there are two categories of Muslims, number one, Muslims who have been imprisoned by their own families, either literally in shackles and change, or they have been basically threatened to be killed or whatnot if they leave. So they're not technically in shackles, but they cannot leave without a theme. For whatever reason, they cannot go. They everybody knows that there's a bounty on their heads, they

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cannot go out of the city, because you need to hire somebody you deserve. There's a risk to go. That's one category of Muslims. Another category of Muslims are secret Muslims, people who had converted, but nobody knew they had converted. And Allah explicitly mentioned this category in the Quran, where does he mentioned this in the Quran, who can remind me?

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Allah explicitly mentioned this category in the Quran?

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Anybody so when Allah subhana wa tada mentions the conquest of Makkah. And Allah says that we're it not for my bounty on you. Allah had averted war, were it not for my averting war, you would have done things that you would regret meaning you would kill people, and you wouldn't even know they were Muslim.

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Right. So this is explicitly mentioned in the Koran, that there are groups of people that had converted in Makkah, and they hadn't announced their Islam, and maybe another Muslim might have known but it wasn't public. So when Earth man's news spread that he's in the city, both groups of Muslims wanted to see him. And it appears. Now, we don't know this explicitly. But it appears that he held a secret meeting with these groups. And this was also one of the causes of his delay. Because we know he was delayed. One of the causes of the delay was the arrogance of the leaders to meet him took time. But Another cause of delay was to get these Muslims and assemble them and they

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needed encouragement, they had been cut off, they're being persecuted. And earthman is here in direct access to the process of them. There's no messenger that can go between them. No emissary and so they needed some boost some encouragement, and a smile was the one they're meeting with Earth man, can you imagine and that, you know, situation, right. So it was a huge relief to them, and to hear news of the process of them, and for them to convey their specific requests and two hours and greetings to the profitsystem would have been a the best miracle or the best calming for them in this tense situation. So as we all know, this caused his mind to be delayed significantly beyond

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what was to be expected by at least half a day. Like what was expected to be maybe a two three hour trip becomes maybe an eight, nine hour trip, right six, seven hours extra bare minimum. And, of course, as he's walking out, so the correlation offered him you know, now that you're here, you might as well do tawaf. We allow you to do tawaf, we allow you to do to walk around the catwalk, and earth might have an iPhone, of course, refuses and he says, it is not permissible for me to do tawaf when you are depriving the profits of someone doing the off. It is not permissible for me, I cannot do it off when the Profit System has not been allowed to do talk. So we all know that this extreme

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delay, caused rumors to spread. And no one has mentioned how or why these numerous were spread. These rumors were spread. But you know, the fact of the matter is that this is exactly what happens when people are just wondering out loud talking, you know, one can imagine somebody would have said, Where is he is he Alright, maybe they've heard him maybe they've been president. Maybe

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They've killed him, right? And then that maybe they've killed him becomes a rumor. People are saying they killed him. And then that rumor becomes, oh my god, there's people. So it one thing literally out of nothing, right, and we're lucky, every one of us has experienced this in our own lives. Sometimes we have been a part of it. Every one of us like once, sometimes without even any, in this case, the rumor was completely baseless. There wasn't even a hint that Earth man is imprisoned or harmed, right. But this is what happens. And it's human nature. And it shows us as well, that this is the reality of human beings. When everybody starts to say it, then it becomes something that is

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almost effect. And this is now we the Muslims, the Sahaba are getting worried. And this worrying is translated into concerns of what's happening to Earth man, slowly but surely, the rumor becomes almost an allegation and effect. And even the profitsystem is now hearing that Earth Mandelbrot might have been killed, or Amanda might have been killed. And that was when the Prophet system announced that we are going to avenge the death of Earth man, if this is true, that if this is true, we are not going to let this go in waste. And that is when he asked the Sahaba for a special oath of allegiance, obviously famous by autoren, one by one, and the oath of allegiance was special. And it

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was, it was so significant because the Muslims are in their home. No armor,

00:31:36--> 00:32:10

no helmets, no Spears, no bows and arrows. Some might only have what is called a traveling sword, which is typically used for animals. If an animal it's not the sword of war, it's not the sharp skim tart, it's more of a thing that you're going to fend off animals from. That's all they have. They're tired. They've been walking for two weeks. And they're now you know, tired and hungry, and the porridge are well fed, well armed, all of their supplies are there. And numerically they're more.

00:32:11--> 00:32:21

So the process of them demanded the oath of allegiance that we if need be, will defend the blood of Earth man, and none of us will turn our backs and flee.

00:32:23--> 00:33:08

And that was an act of bravery, of immense courage that we all know Allah, this was the wisdom of Allah testing the Sahaba 1400 of the Sahaba gave by autoren one the oath of allegiance one will not feel we know from we mentioned his name and everything, he refused to give the oath of allegiance and his hypocrisy was demonstrated the rest of the 1400 gave the oath of allegiance. And of course, the most significant. And what really demonstrates the highest honor for a man is that the Prophet system at the very end of this, he took his own hand, and he put it in his hand, and he said, this is the hand of Earth man. This is Earth man's beta. So he acted out of man. And this is the highest

00:33:08--> 00:33:22

honor that the Prophet system ever gave to this man, that his limb becomes Earth man. And he testifies with his tongue and his body, that if Earth man had been here, this would have been Earth man.

00:33:23--> 00:34:04

So the Prophet systems test gear, or his testimony of Earth, man is the highest possible he literally acts it out. And then he says it, this is on behalf of Earth man. And this is the greatest honor that the profitsystem has given to Earth might have been our fun. And for us, this is enough, but there are so many other ideas as well. But this one had it is enough. And, again, just to show you how ludicrous the allegations were 35 years later, can you believe some of the people outside the house of the man who eventually killed him, said to her left Earth man and they utter it one

00:34:05--> 00:34:15

man was absent from baotou ridhwan. Can you believe this was an allegation, right? Earth man was the cause of the Autodesk one.

00:34:16--> 00:34:59

And one of the one of the accusations that the people the riffraff gave, is that he he was missing at least one. Right? And it shows you the mentality of those people. He was missing at button, right? He fled or hurt. He wasn't added one. This is what they were saying of earthman will lie it shows you no matter how much good you have people with the disease will flip it around and find a fault. because technically, he wasn't that better. Technically he fled. Or hood. Technically, he did not give the bail himself right. So technically, it's as if what they're saying is true, but we're lucky how false is it even though the specific

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

points with true if this is their mentality What do you think of the rest of their accusation? And we're going to come to some of them later on inshallah Tada. So

00:35:09--> 00:35:10

another incident

00:35:11--> 00:35:20

and this incident is one of those those controversial is what I went over it in the Sierra, we're gonna have to go over it again as well right now it's one of those awkward ones that we have to just be honest about.

00:35:22--> 00:35:27

And I'd rather you hear it from me then you hear it from others as I said so many times, and this involves a particular

00:35:29--> 00:35:46

person who had become motet in the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. His name is Abdullah inside of a sudden, Abdullah bin Salman even in Abu Saud, and Abdullah had accepted Islam before the conquest of Makkah. He had emigrated to Medina and

00:35:47--> 00:36:06

shavonne caused him to slip and he made a statement of Kufa and he then rejected Islam and returned back to Makkah. Okay, one of the very few, as we know, there were literally a handful of people, literally just quite literally a handful of people. He was one of them.

00:36:07--> 00:36:12

And his story involves a lot of things that by the way, the correct version of this story

00:36:14--> 00:36:14

was that

00:36:16--> 00:36:53

he was one of the scribes of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet system was reciting, dictating to him sudo to the moon, to the moon. And the first page of it mentions that Allah has created in such a few accidents of whim Magento Khurana McGee, so Magento note for the Allah cotton for Allah Allah de modo for for Hakuna Matata a woman for casona Obama hematoma, Shana helicon. Right. So it's a very powerful passage we created in sand from this, then we did this and we did this, we did this very powerful passage. And Abdullah

00:36:54--> 00:36:58

just happened to remark to barakallahu as an oddity.

00:36:59--> 00:37:17

And the process of them said, that is the end of the verse, which it is to fret about our column. So the hardest thing we still recite it to this day, right? So shavon caused Abdullah to feel doubt that it can't be the end of the verse because I just said it.

00:37:18--> 00:37:22

You see what happened here? that it can't be the end of the verse. I just said it.

00:37:24--> 00:38:09

And this doubt caused him to then leave Islam and returned back to Makkah. Okay. So in the time of the process, I'm barely a handful of people became martyred. And we know the penalty for it in Islam. And so when the Prophet system conquered Makkah, as we know he gave that list now, scholars differ how long it was, but it was literally 567 men or whatever for men, and literally a list of less than 10 people out of two to 3000 Just imagine less than 1.1% Okay, these people we have to not forgive them. You remember the story, Abdullah? is one of them. Okay, Abdullah inside, never saw his one of them. Now.

00:38:10--> 00:38:11


00:38:12--> 00:38:32

is one of those who have the army who conquers Makkah, he returns to his house. His house is now back to him now, and he's living in his house. Lo and behold, Abdullah shows up. Why would Abdullah show up to Earth man's house because Abdullah and earth man were foster brothers, Abdullah's mother,

00:38:33--> 00:39:13

suckled or fostered and took care of Earth man. And they grew up together. And foster brothers form bonds, like brothers, even islamically. And at times, even emotionally, and man and Abdullah were those types that they formed a strong bond growing up. So Abdullah is his foster brother. And he shows up in the house of Earth man, begging, crying, pleading for his life, saying he's sorry, saying he is now a Muslim again, he was wrong to become a motet and he regrets it. But now of course, there's a warrant, there is a warrant out for him, right, not dead or alive, dead.

00:39:14--> 00:39:56

Because our process of them said, What to whom, kill them wherever you find them, even if they're holding on to the cat, but there is no sanctity to this list. To this list, there is no sanctity. Right? Every one of them and a crema. Now, by the way of this list, half were forgiven, even remember, he's one of those half of that list, half were forgiven. He's one of those that are eventually forgiven. So his story is that he comes to the house of Earth man, begging, pleading, crying, he and earth man really feels the sincerity that he was he genuinely regretted leaving and becoming worse that he genuinely felt bad and he wanted to make up and so he begs Earth man to do

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

something. And so when things had calmed down, and the

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

Battle or sorry, the conquest is over and things seem to resume so it's not as if it's just the day after the conquest. Allah knows how many but maybe three or four days after the conquest, or if man takes Abdullah by the hand and takes them to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and begins to shefa for him, Shiva intercede for him, and he says Yara Sula. This is my foster brother Jada sutala. His mother took care of me. His mother love me more than she loved him. And Yasuda he came begging and pleading, Yasuda Please accept his Islam.

00:40:32--> 00:40:41

And he is there. trembling, okay. And the Prophet system is silent, saying nothing.

00:40:42--> 00:40:55

dead silence, pin drop silence. Just imagine the whole, you know, crowd and whatnot, Earth man has presented his case. And the processor is not moving at all. Just silent.

00:40:56--> 00:40:59

When the pause gets very long,

00:41:00--> 00:41:21

then the process of said very well, I shall accept. And Abdullah, embraces, cries says the Shahada, and Abdullah northman leave happy. The Prophet system turns to the rest of the Sahaba they have gone. And he says, wasn't there an intelligent man amongst you?

00:41:22--> 00:41:26

When you saw that I hesitated.

00:41:28--> 00:41:30

Couldn't one of you have done the deed?

00:41:32--> 00:41:34

You see what's happening here, right?

00:41:35--> 00:42:06

And they said Yasuda law, we don't know what you're thinking. And obviously, how are they going to do something? What if it was wrong? Right? You had a pseudo law? We don't know what you're thinking, why didn't you give us a motion with your eyes to indicate, you know, like, show us with your eyes like, show us like this, whatever, you know, do something, at least indicate and we would have done it. Not even your mouth, just say it or a Shara. Right. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:42:07--> 00:42:36

Mark and Elena Vivian and yakun ella who are in a tool area, it is not befitting that a prophet has hit enter to learn how to learn is a phrase in Arabic, it's translated as a betrayal of the eyes or treachery of the eyes. What it means is that it is not befitting the dignity of a prophet, that he says something and his eyes indicate something else.

00:42:38--> 00:43:22

If I didn't want to forgive him, I should say it or else not say it. I'm not going to do like this, would my eyes and then verbally say that's not befitting of a prophet? I'm not going to communicate my wishes in that matter. It's not appropriate. It's not befitting the dignity, dignity of a prophet that he resort to this, I can't do that. Okay. Now, this incidents, this incident is actually a very, very deep one. It's a very profound incident. And, again, I'd rather you hear it from me than anybody else. Because it does demonstrate a reality that is awkward for many modern Muslims to embrace. But honestly, it is a reality that any politician understands. Any person of leadership

00:43:22--> 00:43:39

understands. And that is, you can't always be merciful, merciful merciful. There has to be some strictness and justice. There has to be the exception. We've said this many times that you show, something that people should be scared of.

00:43:40--> 00:44:21

And the general rule is mercy, mercy, mercy, yes. But you can't just forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, because then you're gonna have too many Abdullah bin officers, what happened? There has to be some exceptions. And here is again, the awkward thing that many modern Muslims, they project an image of the process and that goes against the serum. And that image when it goes against the Syrah, then they read the surah they get down on their Islam, or when orientalist or non Muslims bring this up, and they throw it into the minds of the Muslims. So it kind of destroys their emotion, and it doesn't need to be the case. The fact of the matter is that less than point 1% of the people that

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

are on this list, and even of that point, one half of them are forgiven such as Abdullah some of them willingly like it crema even abijah willingly he genuinely comes back, as you know, and he tells his whole story, and I went over it when I talked about it, and the process of him embraces it. Yes. Okay, that's good. You're genuine. And some of them reluctantly, such as Abdullah, this is reluctant, nobody can deny this. The Prophet system at this stage did not want him but nobody's doing anything. And he cannot be other than drama Tell me like the knee of the processor was let the DVD

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

And I wouldn't have refused his acceptance. But I wouldn't have accepted it. You see this? Perfect, because he cannot reject someone's Islam. But he didn't want to accept it either. But the Sahaba as well we understand their dilemma, how can you How can you stand up and do this deed? In case what if you're wrong, you're in big trouble. This is also understood from their perspective. So

00:45:26--> 00:46:08

the Prophet system then accepts Islam. And here's the point now, that some Hello when Abdullah does convert, as the later historians mentioned, a mama that had been in his car and others they say that after this acceptance of Islam, nothing has been narrated from him except good deeds. Like he genuinely benefited the oma. And this demonstrates that Allah azza wa jal knows, and no other human being knows. And it demonstrates that even at times, the prophets lie Selim HIS WILL was something and Allah will something else. And it was a laws will that took place and not the will of the Prophet system.

00:46:09--> 00:46:11

And this is a very, very

00:46:12--> 00:46:51

theological after the tohei. The point that even rasulillah sysm wanted something, but a law knew something else is better. And Allah decided other than this, and it didn't happen. And of course, now that he's a Muslim, so then of course, he's treated like a Muslim and everything is normal. And in fact, Abdullah fought in many expeditions, he fought against the Romans, he fought against the Byzantines. In fact, he was one of the most important commanders of Egypt. In fact, our Sudanese brothers owe a lot to him because he was the commander who conquered Sudan, the upper part of basically Sudan. And he his army was the army that opened up officially in many areas of North

00:46:51--> 00:47:32

Africa. So Abdullah, actually, Abdullah bin Sayyidina, Abu Salah, actually was one of the main victory commanders in Africa, one land after another, and eventually he was appointed appointed one of the first governors of Egypt as well. One of the first Muslim governors of Egypt was the same. Abdullah had been assaulted, then Earth man was killed, and the type of man who was appointed or thrown was killed and the fitna broke out. And Abdullah resigned from politics. He didn't want to get involved. And he was one of the handful of Sahaba very few, who said, I don't want to take either side.

00:47:33--> 00:47:47

And he went to a small town in Villa de Sham and lived a very low key life without getting involved in this side or that side. And he passed away, basically, towards the very, very last days of

00:47:48--> 00:48:20

khilafah. And in fact, he made out to Allah that oh lord take me when I am praying Salat and friendship. And one day he did will do and he prayed selected fudger and he said Salaam to one side and before he could say the other Salaam, he fell down dead during slotted fidget during fidget sada. So some Hello shows that his repentance was sincere repentance, and that he genuinely wanted to make up for all that he had done, and allies accepted that inshallah tada from him. And

00:48:21--> 00:49:00

and, and so the interesting sort of Abdullah bin Avi asahina vector. So we talked about the conquest of Makkah, and this is mansha for his foster brother, back to the next major incident is the Battle of the book. And again, every one of you knows this, the famous story of the process of him standing on the hilltop, and he is basically having the fundraiser for a book, who is going to finance JCL Ursula, who is going to finance Jason Ursula, and I guarantee him genda. And so if man stands up, and he says jasola 100 camels with all that is on it will be theirs, and the process of continues to ask, and he gives another 100 and another 100. Until finally he says that

00:49:01--> 00:49:45

whatever a man does, after this will never harm him. And another version of the process of them was asking for battle the funds for the Battle of to book and earthman came with a sack full of coins, a sack full, and he poured it in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the coins just piled up. And this is more than millions now gold coins more than millions now. And the processes and this is like a massive pile in front of the processor. And the processing began flipping the coins in his hand. And he said well law he Marlboros man, my father by the loom. And the thing earthman does after today can never hurt him. No matter what he does. He has purchased genda today,

00:49:45--> 00:50:00

and this by the way, it's as if the Profit System is saying these statements to protect the honor of Earth man, that these types of statements like no matter what he does, that's it. He has demonstrated the man today that

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

In essence, he basically gave almost all of his fortunes that he had. And by the way, this shows you this is the son of Allah azza wa jal so many multiple times as man is giving his money, lo and behold, it comes back all over again and more. And he gives it again, lo and behold even more, he gives it again, this is a son of Allah azza wa jal that this man is giving and giving and giving and yet Mashallah, he's always in the top few of the Sahaba in terms of wealth, because this is the son of Allah, whenever you give, you will get it back and more than that, and earth man's life proves this over and over again. And eventually, of course, and the so it is as if man single handedly

00:50:41--> 00:51:22

financed the has voted to book all the rest of the Sahaba. Their additions were a small percentage, the bulk of the financing, single handedly was recommendable. And I have said this many, many times before, each of the Sahaba had a role, or if might've been a fan was not known for his physical strength. He was not an entrepreneur. He wasn't known for charging in the battle. He was he had a thin body. He was a thin man, and the average stature. He wasn't known for the physical, but we didn't need him for that. We didn't need him for that we had him on we had signed them up, of course, we had a board with a manager, we had our data we had so many of the Sahaba. That's what

00:51:22--> 00:52:00

they're known for. He wasn't known for his military genius either, but we have hardly been awarded. He wasn't known for his so many other things. But what was he known for number one, and that is his finance. And number two was the Quran, his recitation and his preservation of the Quran. And for both of these, the oma has recognized him. That's what everybody associates with man, his generosity and the Quran because he was always reciting the Quran and he died upon the Quran. And the Quran is called misafirler of money. Right? As I said, this is how Allah honored him because that's what he was known for his generosity and his haoran and in the ninth year as well in the Battle of Tobruk

00:52:00--> 00:52:39

after they came back in the ninth year, oma cusum passed away as well. And there were no children, Sophia and him had Abdullah Omar costume and him had no children, she died without progeny and Subhanallah once again, we find the patients that when he was married to these two ladies, he never married any other lady, even though it was the custom of the time and almost everybody will book it had multiple wives or what had multiple wives. But of course, this man is married to the daughters of the process, somebody is not going to take multiple even as hire is not going to so he was waiting for so long. And he has no children, no, no children to show for it. And he is now almost in

00:52:39--> 00:52:48

his mid 40s no children, but he is patient and what's going to happen before he passes away he has almost 15 children

00:52:49--> 00:53:07

This is a lesson your patient you and Allah will give you back and he was married to the daughters of the process and he was patient with them and he didn't take any other wife because he knew that would hurt the process immediate worth nothing so when Eliza then gave him back nine sons five daughters

00:53:09--> 00:53:13

not from Rocky and amico son but from the other ladies after he married. Okay, so

00:53:14--> 00:53:59

on so on, Mickelson passes away. And eventually and and of course when omega zoom passes away, and by the way omega consume. We don't know what her name was, was that her name? Or was there another name that she had? Actually, we don't know, some there's one or two early authorities they say that her name was omega. And omega three was her cornea and others and this is the majority opinion was that she was named Mickelson. That was her name. And it was rare, but not unheard of, to name a person by the cornea. It was rare but not unheard of. And it was very common that there was a name, but the name was in effect forgotten, and the cornea becomes the name.

00:54:00--> 00:54:44

And if this is what happened, then maybe omega might have been the name that Khadija chose. And then at a very young age for some story that we don't know. The Kunio Mickelson was given and that was her name and of course we give an example Abu Bakar right. A worker Abdullah who knows Abdullah it's gone it's the cornea now becomes the name. So maybe in this case on Mickelson had a different name and it was not unheard of, but very rare that very rarely, the child would be given the Kenya as a name. And most women say this is what happened with Mickelson that her name was Nicole so and as I said somebody llama say her name is omega and the cornea omega film is given. Nonetheless omega film

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

passes away. The process of them is in Medina, he is not traveling he is in Medina and her body is washed by Sofia the onto the process of them and a smart been to maze and the Prophet system is outside of her room. And he is

00:55:00--> 00:55:37

Physically handing the shrouds one after another, to the two ladies that are doing loose with and he's giving commands how to wash her body is the body of his own daughter how to wash her body, wash her with this and do that and then put this on, then put that on, and there's a curtain and he is then handing, and she had five shrouds one after the other, with all the time he is handing each one of those five shrouds to his own daughter, and the prophets has accompanied the funeral, obviously to Buffy after praying over it in the masjid. And it was a very emotional day, everybody was crying. And this was one of the rare times the Prophet says of himself was crying in public, obviously, this

00:55:37--> 00:56:19

is his daughter, and this is now all of his children other than Fatima, right? All of his children other than Fatima, and so he now is very ohmic with him. And he asks them that, so who's going to lower the body? So he asks, Who amongst you has not touched his wife last night, meaning you don't, you're not have been intimate. So I, Li and Todd and others said we haven't. So you said you buried the body you can hold on to the body and and and do it. So Id and father living at birth, I will tell how somebody didn't say these are the four people, they went into the public. And they were the ones who held the body of omega film, and then lowered it into the grave. And rest man remained sad

00:56:19--> 00:56:36

for a long period of time after this and his sorrow could be seen from his face. And wherever he went. You could see grief, he's lost two lives. He's lost a son. He has now no family, no family, he's now back a single person. And he would be now

00:56:37--> 00:57:03

he would now be 4443 44 years old. So can you imagine? I mean at this stage of his life now, and he has no family. And he's very, very for loan and sad. And it is narrated in one Hadeeth nerd rebel hates me that the profitsystem saw him sad. And he became sad. And he said, Oh, man, if I had a third daughter, I would give her to you as well.

00:57:04--> 00:57:47

So beautiful Hadith lowchen en de salud salita, if I had a third, I given you two, I would have given you a third. And this really shows the status of the last one. I mean, really, only the the the the statements and whatnot that the process you can tell from the readings of the of the head, you can tell he was a beloved, soft, shy man, this is what I found was that everybody really liked him, because he was just one of those people, there's just a clean, decent hire. Nobody has anything negative about it, I found. So even the process and when he saw him so sad, he said, If I had a third, you would have had her as well. And of course, that's there is no third fault and was

00:57:47--> 00:57:49

married. And Zainab and

00:57:50--> 00:57:52

the others are now the other is gone. So

00:57:54--> 00:58:36

of course then remains. And the very last thing that we know from the Sierra, in the lifetime of the prophets was on the very last thing that we know is that once again, his generosity is demonstrated. So the mccunn stage, the madonie stage, and right to the very end, it's as if Allah azza wa jal, always allowing Earth man the opportunity to spend massive amounts of money. And that was the very last thing that we know that he did, in the lifetime of the process of them, that the Prophet system wanted to expand the message, the message is now falling short, is small space. And he says, who will purchase this plot of land, and Allah will give him a better plot agenda we need so there was a

00:58:36--> 00:59:05

plot in the back of the machine, and that's for sale, who's going to purchase this and allow give him a better plot in general. And so earthman negotiated a price of some say 20, some say 25,000. Durham's, and he purchased that land, and he gave it to the processor. And so one of the last acts in the life of the process, and of course, money is going to happen now is that and this is a battle of what an amazing, amazing investment, that very property, where is it now?

00:59:06--> 00:59:08

Which part of the masjid the older,

00:59:09--> 00:59:25

the older, he literally purchases the road on the back portion of it. Right? And quite literally, he purchases, the one plot of land that our prophets have said is heaven on earth.

00:59:26--> 01:00:00

So a part of the road Ah, what an investment. Just think about that, right? Everybody who has ever prayed in that spot of land for the last 14 and a half centuries, that is a man's investment. How can you compete with that? Just imagine everybody who's ever walked there. This is the investment of Earth might have been our fun. This is what he's done for the oma. That's what our process of him said whoever purchases this land alone will give him a plug better than this agenda. He purchased an older right there, well, not the whole you get the point. One plot of the

01:00:00--> 01:00:41

Although that we're still praying on to this day, from the finance of Earth man, I've been a fan. So Subhana Allah, He purchased the water, and he purchased the masjid. And he financed the book and on and on and on, he freed so many of the slaves that are now famous Sahaba This is Earth might have been a fan. I wanted to quote 1015 a hadith about the blessings of recommend, but you can see that that's not going to be possible today. So we will talk about next week for deliverance man. And also we will mention some of the things that happened under Abu Bakar and Omar time. And also some more details about the story of the shooter, and the choosing of a man that will be in shallow Tada, our

01:00:41--> 01:01:24

topic next Wednesday. And then we'll talk after that about some of the things that happened during the collapse of Earth man. And then we will eventually get to the sad and the tragic reality, which is the opening of the doors of fitna for this oma, which is really the one of the most tragic scenarios of the early Islam, the death and the martyrdom of Earth might have been a fan. And that story I can mention in detail because the people on the other side were all people of fisken fool, none of the Sahaba on the other side, right? The next Phaeton in the time of alley, we have to be much more careful. And I'll have to zoom over bird's eye view and be very cautious because we Sunni

01:01:24--> 01:01:47

Muslims believe both of these sides were good people. And we cannot criticize the one theologically and that's in the time of it. You've never thought it as for now in earth man's time, no problem. We can, I can go into some more digital Shall I will go into some detail about their complaints and their background and whatnot. But these people who killed Earth man eventually become the average.

01:01:48--> 01:02:24

These people who kill it with money eventually, they are the ones who Miley himself fights in the one. They are the ones who then assassinate it as well. Right? In fact, I'm jumping the gun here. But just to give you some excitement, there is a theory in early Islam even that one of the main killers of Earth man literally is the one who then becomes one of the founders of the hostage. And that's very reasonable theory, that one of those people, the riffraff was the group leader eventually becomes the group leader of the same group that is going to attack both alley and while we're, and that's a very logical extension of the theory, and so we'll get to that inshallah with

01:02:24--> 01:02:30

data in around two, three weeks time. Any quick questions about what we've covered today? Yes.

01:02:39--> 01:02:48

Sorry. 155 so the suit of Milan was 155. So the other end Milan was 155. I said 115 Yeah. 155 Okay.

01:02:50--> 01:02:54

Sharla would that will pre selected, selected ation was inshallah next Wednesday.