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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of signs to indicate offense or evil behavior and the holy spirit's use of animals and its potential for harm. They also touch on the issue of the angels being punished by the prophets and the need for them not to enter houses with dogs or large animals. The labeling of "angels" may indicate afraid of them, and the holy spirit's use of animals may indicate afraid of them. Additionally, they mention the holy spirit's use of animals and its potential for harm.
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There's a very famous incident where the Prophet slicin and was sitting with Abu Bakr so do follow the law of title. And a man came and he started to insult them. Now the Prophet, sly subtler, you know, has this incredible bandwidth of a forbearance right, he can tolerate so much. And we see this frequent in the seat of the profit slice lm where someone comes to him and says things to him, that none of the companions can tolerate, but the profit slice them can tolerate. So they're sitting there and this man keeps going on and on and on. And the prophets lie Selim is, you know, is holding it in our back kettle, the alongside and who is also a very forbearing person, he can't take it

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anymore. So we'll make it on the line who, especially as the man insults, the Prophet slicin, stands up and starts to respond, and the Prophet so I sent him he simply gets up and he leaves back and goes to the profits license after that, fearing that he offended the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and also last by Salaam. He says that before you spoke, Allah subhana wa tada sent an angel, that that was to respond on our behalf. As soon as you started to defend us, a loss of the angel went away, and a shape bond came and sat there and said, a devil came and sat there and said, and the Prophet slicin, I'm so glad I did not want to sit in the presence of the devil in the presence of that shade

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bond. Now Subhanallah, what that teaches us is there are certain things that offend the angels, certain things that make them go away. Now, the angels that right, they're not going anywhere, no matter what you do, they will write down every curse word, every nasty thing that you say or do. And though it's offensive, they will write it because they have to write it. But there are other angels, angels of mercy, the ones we've been talking about, that come when you do the kid, when you remember a lot when you do, the harder when you do when you pray, those angels will go away from you. And instead they will be replaced by sailplane. So it's important for us to think, you know, what are we

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doing to offend the angels as well, you know, what are we doing to send them away? What are we making the ones that have to write right down? And are we ashamed of that. And so Subhanallah we find anger and foul language and sin and all of these different forms of corruption and disobedience. They send them away. Not only that, but the Prophet slicin. I mentioned that there are things that physically repulsed the angels as well. And particularly the prophets lie. Some taught us not to eat garlic or onion before we come to the masjid. One of the biggest last sentences of the message is good breath using the sidewalk before the prayer brushing your teeth before the prayer,

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having good breath, right. And the prophets I said, um, he instructed us and he said, Salalah Hardy, who was Salam as well in America to other mimir to add them in one masala and that look, even the angels are affected by that which affects those who pray, the angels also don't like bad breath. They don't like to smell that garlic or that onion. It also loss ice and I'm said not to spit to your right side when you pray because there's an angel that would be there. So you don't want to harm them or offend them not, you can't physically harm them and don't do anything to offend them. Now, even on the spiritual side of this all, you know, there's a very beautiful statement that's

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attributed to Sofia nfld Rahim Allah to Allah, that he was asked, How do the angels know that a person intends a good or an evil deed? You know, because obviously, there are certain things that Allah subhanaw taala alone has access to. So how do they know when a person intends good or evil? You know, when he said, he said, when someone intends to do good, Allah subhanaw taala causes a sense of musk to start coming from him that only the angels can smell. And when a person intends evil, that person starts to smell that, that and the angels smell that and so the angels already kind of have an indication, based upon that smell what you're about to do. And you know, there's a

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very famous statement from from one of the tiberi, who said that if Sims had a smell, then he wouldn't want to sit next to me. So how not to the angels, it could be that they literally have that smell, then you have a narration that I hesitate. You know, I don't mention this when I teach the story of jabril anymore, because it opens up a can of worms, and any of you who have taken that class, you know that I'm already you know, very, very limited by my time. And by even saying that narration I opened up so much and just people get confused for the rest of the night. So very famous Hadith, that jabril alayhis salam did not enter the house of the prophets lie Selim. Because the

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prophets lie Selim had a sculpture and he had a dog that was under the bed of he saw the love or belonged to an Heston or a saint or the love and humor are so on so forth. And to read it Salaam said that look, the angels do not enter a house that has dogs or or SWAT pictures, drawing sculpture so on so forth. Now, that Hadeeth raises many many issues for us, right? Number one, look if there is any house that the angels would enter despite something that they usually don't enter, it would have been the house of the prophets license so even the house of the prophets I send them was not entered by Julian it his Salaam in that situation.

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Number two, I mean, are we a dog hating religion? Right? Absolutely not. Okay. In fact, we know the Hadith, of a of a woman that entered into paradise because she gave water to a thirsty dog. The prophets lie Selim, you know, said that a person could keep a hunting dog, a person could keep a dog that guards property or so on so forth. This is obviously not a dog hating religion, per se, the only thing we're prohibited from is keeping a dog within the home because of you know, impurities. Not that a dog is an impure animals, not an unjust animal, but the saliva is impure. So if the saliva gets on you, you have to remove that an adjuster, you have to remove that impurity and so on,

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so forth. What about pictures, pictures, sewer, obviously, in that time, you know, there is no such thing as photography, it refers to sculptures and drawings and things of that sort. That's what testsuite actually meant at that time. Now, obviously, if you're keeping pictures, or to sweep, you know, drawings, or so on so forth of living beings, at a high place, or in a place that it commands some form of respect, that's what the prohibition includes. So the prohibition won't include, like a photo album, or something that's on the carpet, or kids dolls, or toys, and things of that sort, it's referring to pictures that are held in honor. So either they're drawing, right or they're

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sculpted, or even photography, if it's put in that same place, then it would take the same ruling. Now also, is it that the angels are forbidden, you know, altogether from entering? Does that mean that if I don't want my angels to write down something I'm about to do, I'm gonna put up a picture so that way, the angels that write will leave know those angels are saying, these, this is clearly referring to melodica Tawana, the angels of mercy, those are the ones that would not enter. And somehow I looked for an explanation on the dogs and somehow, like you find many, many, many different explanations. And this is just something obviously, that you say a lot has messengers lie

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seldom know best. So you know, whether it's the explanation, that that some dogs might be might have jinn inside of them might have possession. And that's why the angels could not be there, just as they would not sit in the presence of God. And it could be that it could be the Ninjago factor the impurity of the saliva, it could be that the angels obviously occupy a very high space and so that would be beneath them. Allah knows best we don't delve into that. But don't do anything. You know, that's going to cause the angels to not be around you. And that's going to offend them and stop them from coming either around you or in your house.

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