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Yasir Qadhi
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alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala Welcome back to our beginning of our new series and this will be concentrating on the life and times of Earth man even I found the third clip of Islam. And as usual we begin as we begin all of the biographies with the lineage and the family in the background. So today inshallah tada we're going to cover basically everything that we know pre Islam and his conversion of Islam, and then inshallah next week we will do his main highlights as a Muslim and then inshallah after that will begin his reign as a Khalifa as a key life. So we'll begin with Mr. Eben alphorn. Even a blouse even omiya even at the shams,

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even abdomen African crusade Nikita so the Prophet sallallahu I cinnamon him join together on the fourth grandfather. Okay, because Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, Ebony, everybody should know Mohammed Abdullah abney

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Hamad Abdullah abney

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have the Matata Ebony

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Abdulmutallab Ebony, Hashem even have them enough? Okay, so it joins with abdomen f Okay, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his great great grandfather and earth man's great great grandfather are the same. And that is abdomen f Okay, abdominal even Jose. Now abdomen of a bronco say he had two sons, that is up to shrimps and Hashem. And from them you have the, the basically the client of the bundle up the chumps and the Kleiner, the bundle Hashem. Okay, so you have the new Hashem, then you have the new additions. However, the bundle up the Shams eventually became known as the bundle omega, because of AB Duchamp's most prominent sun omega. So the bundle of the chumps bundle omega,

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this is basically one clan, and the bundle Hashem is the other clan. And these two clans were closer together than many of the other sub clans of the kurush. So there was friendship between these two clans, but along with this, as is the case with friends and cousins, there was also some rivalry. Okay, so the Battle of the chumps, which is the battle oma, you understand, but oma is the same for our purposes. And the Banu Hashim, they are close compared to, let's say, the bundle of the dog or the bundle ID, they are close. Yet there's also some rivalry and this is of course, the common thing that happens between cousins between close friends that there are good friends, but at the same

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time, that friendship can also be moved into some type of rivalry and competition. And this is well known between the oma yards and the hashemites. And of course, eventually, this will lead to the Ibis dynasty, which is a Hashem a dynasty. Okay, I'm jumping the gun here 100 years, but the Omega clan had friction with the bundle Hashem, for throughout its era. And eventually, the bundle Hashem revolted against the oma yurts and Ubuntu Hashem became the hub bassetts bundle Abdullah, the the sons of Ibis basically there are buses. I'm jumping the gun here in any case, so a small urban fan belongs to the oma yet clan. And of course, the Umayyad clan has many prominent members. The most

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prominent is Abu sufian, the famous Abu Sofia, Abu sufian, who is known from the beginning of this era, Abu sufian, who leads better Abu sufian, who causes better I should say, Abu Sufyan who leads are held Abu sufian who's in charge of the 100 right. I will soufiane who reluctantly embraces Islam the day before the process of enters Makkah. right this is the Abu sufian the senior most leader who eventually converts is Abu sufian. right this is Abu sufian and Abu sufian. How is he related to more our How is it Omar is his father How is it related to Earth man?

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How is he related to Earth man?

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know his father's cousin.

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More are we are is his second cousin. Okay. Abu sufian is his father's first cousin.

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And Abu sufian son is Maria who becomes the founder of the Omega dynasty and the founder of the Omega dynasty. Maria is Richmond's second cousin. We need to understand this basic family lineage because this deals very much with our with our history. So our soufiane is if you like his father's brothers, which is in their parlance, it would be an uncle

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It will be an uncle, the father's cousin, sorry, the father's cousin, it will be their uncle and while he becomes his second cousin, now this is going to play a huge role in the problems that are going to take place in the reign of Alibaba partly because Ali is Bernal Banu Hashim, right and more Alia is Daniel Amaya. And this will bring up the rivalries and eventually this will lead to the formation of the oma yet dynasty. So, the so earthliness from the bundle omega and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has a relationship with the bundle omega as well because he marries into this clan. One of our mothers is oma Habiba, Binti, Avi Sophia. And so the Romanians are also have

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the in laws of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore oma Habiba. His wife is a second cousin of Earth man. So there's another relationship over there, okay, because Habiba is the daughter of Wu Sophia and I was when we just said is the father's cousin of Earth man, okay. So, this is another relationship and there is yet a third relationship, okay. So, there are three ways that earthman is linked with the Profit System, the most obvious great great grandfather's the same. Then we have the Profit System, his wife is his second cousin. So it is an in law, then we have yet a third relationship. And that is a rather interesting one. And that is that Earth man's grand

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mother, his mother's mother, so directly mother's mother, Earth man's mother's mother. Earth mother's mother was Ottawa and Ottawa. His mother was El Valle Ba, Binti Abdul muttalib. Now this is going to be a little bit thinking deeply about this, okay? Earth man's grandmother, is the daughter of

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Abdulmutallab. Okay, so the Prophet systems on his his grandmother,

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first the full aren't his father's sister is his grandmother. Okay, so the Prophet systems

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on his father's sister, Abdullah sister, her daughter is the mother of Earth man. Okay, so Abdullah sister who name is la la, and La La had children of them is Ottawa. And Ottawa is the one who married a friend

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of mine, even I found him she married our friend. And so, the prophets Allah said him and his man or in fact,

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in fact, he is his mother, Ottawa is the profit systems first cousin.

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His mother Ottawa is the process of his first cousin. And so earthman is a type of nephew to the process of him so you see, all of these interesting relationships come together. Now. What threw me off for a while today was that it is mentioned in a number of books that Ottawa was the twin sister of Abdullah outwash was the twin sister of Abdullah and this I found a little bit problematic because the Prophet systems father and earth man's grandmother, therefore, this means they are the same age. And I found this to be a little bit head scratching. How so?

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age doesn't seem to make sense. Right? Because how now you guys are following the problem? Or are you already lost? Are you even paying attention? Okay, are

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you looking for the light? Okay. Okay. hamdulillah So, why is this problematic?

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So you have two generations versus one generation right and they're both supposed to be the same age so Abdullah and outwash are supposed to be twins

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and it is said that our our we know that our man's grandmother whereas Abdullah is the process of his father. So what is the age difference between

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our our what is the mother Sorry Sorry, my part my issue Sorry, my bed I will buy your ba and Abdullah are the same age.

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Make sense now. Sorry, my bad elbow a lot and Abdullah are the same age. Now. What is the age difference between the man and the Prophet system? This is the key. All the books agreed that Earth man was around five and a half years younger than the Prophet says.

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To me, this was a bit of a problem.

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Because if Earth man is five and a half years younger

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Then to say that his grandmother, and the process of his father should have been the same age seems to be somewhat problematic. So I spent some time trying to figure this out, because Is it possible or not? And this is what I learned was best. So, Abdullah married Abdullah being the process was father married at what age?

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Very young, very young, between 18 to 20. Okay, and the processor was born immediately. So suppose Abdullah had lived let's suppose that he didn't I suppose we move on. Okay. So what age is available are going to be the same as Abdullah. They are twins, okay. Now.

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Earth man's grandmother

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would have also been obviously at this age, basically, Earth man's grandmother, when the when earthman was born, must have been between 23 to 26 years old. Because the Prophet Mohammed system was five years old, whether its mind is born. Five to six years old birthright is born. You guys following the Prophet Muhammad system is five to six years old one earthman is born. How old would Abdullah have been if he had been alive? 25. Okay, which would have been the age of Earth man's grand mother, you guys following? Okay, maximum 2526 years old, not more than this. Can you be a grandmother at the age of 26?

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So, technically, in that society, it was possible.

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Very, it's not impossible, but it's not common. Okay. Imam Shafi Imam Shafi very famously mentioned in his book, Khattab alone, that he has met, he himself said that I met a grandmother who was 20 years old.

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This is a Michelle fairy writing 200 years after 157 years after the process, and he's writing in his famous book, okay. In those days, they would marry early as we know. And in fact, society would marry early, not just Arabs, the whole world would marry early, as I've mentioned many times in other lectures. So technically, then, technically them it is possible that

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Alba and Abdullah were twins. And Alba would have been in her late 20s. And out of what would have been in her early teens.

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And earthman is just born at that time. So because I found this very bizarre sat down, figured out some ways and said, You know what, it is possible. It's not the norm it is possible. What this also shows which is very interesting, and that's more important than the fact that there were twins is that Abdullah and Ottawa were full siblings.

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Abdullah and Ottawa. We're full siblings because I've done multiple Abdullah's Sorry, I'm getting confused. Abdullah and by law, my bed, I've done bit over full siblings, how many how many children that have been will have how many wives husbands whatever have been with it.

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Just one of them has to be right.

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Abdulmutallab, the prophet systems grandfather in the days of jelly Of course, this is before the coming of Islam. Abdulmutallab had throughout his life, Six Wives, okay. And from these Six Wives he had quite a lot of joy. We actually don't, there's a whole list and whatnot. But the wife who gave birth to most children was the grandmother of the prophet SAW Selim. Okay, her name was Fatima, by the way, her name was Fatima. And Fatima gave birth to three boys and five girls, eight children, one woman gave birth to eight children. So the bulk of our lives children come from Fatima. Was that clear? For example, Abu lahab was a single child with the mother, for example, okay, others were

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like single or two. I forgot the name of the first wife but I had it for the old the eldest was from a wife Angelica who died he had only one brother and she died. So and it had it was the the eldest of all of the children of Abdulmutallab when the incident of simsim happens and how it is a teenager when the incident of zum zum re discovery and had it is a teenager so he is literally 4050 years older than Abdullah way in which older so the point being that

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Fatima had

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around eight children, three boys and five girls and the three boys are the full brothers are

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Abdullah Abu Talib

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la Zubaydah.

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Abbas is not the full uncle. Zubair. Okay, so these are the three full brothers

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And then there are five sisters and one of those sisters is which one I by law I will be with Sophia as well by the way, but no sorry Sophia is not Sophia is from Hamza Sophia and Hamza together, no Sophia is not the full. So in any case the point being that Earth man even a fan therefore, his grandmother is the full aunt of the profit center. Okay. So there are three relationships that have been often has with the prophet SAW Selim, and therefore in this regard, of course, he is one of the closest of the companions and out of the four whole affair, of course added to the Allahu Allah is the closest in terms of nessa and then after that is earthman and then I will work and then in terms

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of nessip you get them I'm saying in terms of lineage, okay, are the law the law one and then Earth man and then it will work out and then remember, ignore hop. So this is the lineage of Earth man, even I found the cornea or the Arabs, as you know, used to have a cornea. The cornea of Earth man was a bomber. He was known as a bomber in the days of jelenia. However, he changed his cornea. After he married Rokia, the daughter of the prophet SAW Salem, and a son was given to them was gift was blessed to them by Allah xojo, who was named Abdullah. So his cornea was then changed to Abu Abdullah. And so Abdullah is of course one of the grandchildren of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, and we'll talk a little bit about him today. We don't know much about Abdullah, we'll talk just a little bit about him today. So his cornea was a warmer and then it became a boy Abdullah. Okay, so this is the boy Abdullah earthman, even our fan, and we have one more thing to discuss. And I've said this many times, every time we discuss a famous personality, the Arabs would have a number of things they would have, they would have the lineage which is in Arabic danessa they would have the cornea, which is the Abu or own, then they would have the lockup or the nickname or the title.

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So this is the nickname or the title, the arrows would love to give lots of names and by the way to this day still many Arabs they have you know, the name and the cornea and the average non Arab gets confused like wait, I thought his name was Mohammed Abdullah come from No, Abdullah is Mohammed. So they still very common to this day. So what was the lockup? Or what was the the the the title that people knew, man by it is the famous title of Zulu rain, thunder, and all of you notice the new rain is the famous title of Earth man, I've been a fan. Now, I tried to look up did the Prophet Mohammed sysm himself named him the new rain? Or was this something that later people did, and I could not

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find any Hadeeth I could not find any Hadith of the Prophet solo, I sell them. So my assumption is that this is from the Sahaba. Because we know that the Tabby rune knew him by the neuron. So it's well known even by the time of the tap your own that he is the neuron, the one with two lights. So who would have named in this, if the Prophet system had done it, we would have found a headache, and I did not find any idea that Allah knows best. So it's not the process of therefore, the Sahaba would have named him the neuron, the one who is blessed with two lights, and it is well known why he is called the neuron in one of our books of history, one of the saburo mohalla, even every sufferer

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was asked, and he was one of the politicians of the oma years and a distant relative, and somebody who worked with while we are the last one, that he was asked, why is Earth man called the one with the two lights? What is the reason why this man is called lunar Orion? And he replied, because it is not known for any other person in history, that he lowered the curtain on two daughters of a prophet other than him. Lowering the curtain is an Arabic expression, which means of course, being intimate with, okay, it's an Arabic expression, which is polite expression that you close the bedroom door, let's say, okay, so there was no person in human history that we know of, that was married to two

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daughters of a prophet, other than Earth might have been our fan. And so the daughters of the prophet SAW Selim, being who they are, he is called the one with two lights don't know, right? The one who was blessed with two lights, he was blessed with two. Now there is another interpretation as well, which is not that common, and frankly, it doesn't. It doesn't make sense particularly but some really, I must say he was called Blue rain, because he was of those who prayed to God at night, and he read a lot of Quran and praying 200 is one light and reading Quran isn't another light. So he is the one of two lights because he's reading long 200 but the response to this is that he wasn't the

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only person to read long 200 with lots of haoran lots of Sahaba and have your own did this. So Allah knows best is pretty clear that he was called Zoo Orion because he was married to two daughters of the Prophet so sort of one after the other, and no other human being in history has ever been married to

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Daughters of a prophet other than Earth Mount ebonite fan so this is a unique blessing in human history given to this individual Earth man, even our fan from the low to Allah and who and of course the two daughters are real here and on Mickelson Raka, and amico zone of poverty. In his study, he mentioned a little bit about how Earth man looked, and he said that a man was of average height, thin appearance with a heavy beard, and he had large joints and bones, and His hands were relatively long. So a thin skinny type of person whose bones and hands are relatively long, and an aquiline nose is a narrow, perfectly shaped nose. And His hair was typically below the ear lobes. And those

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days men would typically have long hair, so it's mainly been a fan. The image that we have of him was a relatively thin man, not very, very muscular, like automobile hottub, we know that he was a very muscular person with broad shoulders. earthman was not like that he was a relatively skinnier man, and not that much flesh and not that much muscle. And he was a person who was not very tall, not very short of average of average stature. And it is also mentioned that his skin color was lighter sweetish Brown, which was the color of the correlation overall. And again, he's a pure color sheet. So the correlation overall they were of the skin tone, which is lightish brownish complexion,

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and this was the color of Earth man, even our fan, Earth might have been a fan of his personal life. Of course, he was one of the longest Sahaba who lived he died at the past the age of 80. And so during the course of his life, he married multiple times, and a total of eight women. He married over the course of 50 something years, and his first and second wife were the daughters of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and of course ohmic wisdom and his first wife rupiah Rocha, the daughter of the Prophet so seldom, both Rocha and oma consume had been promised to the door, the sons of Abu lahab and the days of jelly. They had been promised to the sons of Abu lahab and Rokia and oma costume were one year apart. They were one year apart, and Rokia had been promised to the older son roozbeh ibn Abu lahab. And Omar costume had been promised to the younger son, and when Islam began, and when the process then began preaching monotheism, as we all know, a Buddha became his worst enemy. And Abu lahab was the one who instigated the boycott. And Abdullah was the one who said no buying and selling, and I

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would not have wanted to demonstrate how strict he was gonna be. And this was a very big

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dishonor for the Arabs to cancel a wedding. I mean, in any culture, to be honest, right in any culture, but especially amongst the college themselves, that would not have been any reason, because it was common to marry a cousin, a distant relative, this was very common, and it was a very prestigious arrangement amongst the both the, the bundle Hashem or marrying amongst themselves, that would not have been any reason to break it off. And in these days, of course, the Koran had not been revealed, that prohibits Muslims from marrying mushriks. This is early Islam. Okay, so a Buddha have decided to cancel. And in a very crude manner, as well, as we know, he taunted and he sent his sons

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to publicly break it off, and it was obviously emotional for the daughters you can imagine. It's not something that is, this is I would love for you. What do you expect he's going to do this? And so Rosa and our table are the two brothers or expand our table. They both broke off their engagements, their marriage, the marriage had not been consummated. Of course, it's not just what do the nigga had been done, or whether it was just a promise in either case, it had not been consummated, and both Urbana Tabor broke off the marriage. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then offered a a to Earth man. And this was his first wife at the age of probably 35 or 34 years old, or

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it's a man did not get married. Why but we'll talk about in a while. He did not get married until the age of 3435. And man and Rokia

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had a child by the name of Abdullah Abdullah was born in Abyssinia. He was the first child of the Muslims to be born in Abyssinia. So he is the first Muslim the Muslim his grandson is the first Muslim to be born in Abyssinia. And

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he returned back to Makkah and then they went to Medina. And when and his mother passed away as we'll talk about, then his Abdullah suffered a tragic death It is said that and of course we know that the processing of all of his children whenever

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To the mother passed away and his grandchildren other than Fatima and the children of Fatima, we talked about this in our theater in much more detail why theologically and whatnot. We talked about all of that we don't have to go over that. Now. It is said that Abdullah, the young boy was barely six years old.

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When an animal basically attacked him and wounded his face close to his eyes, and the wound continue to fester until he passed away from that and when he was barely six years old, and he passed away in early Medina in early Medina, and he passed away. A few years after the death of his mother Rokia. soroka passed away first and then Abdullah passed away sort of man lost both his wife and then his son. And as for Rokia wonder Roca die everybody should No wonder if the year died, the Battle of button on the very day of the victory

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and this is the son of Allah subhana wa tada that even the biggest victory of our prophet SAW Selim, it was demonstrated to him that he is still human, the biggest victory of burden and on the same day Raka passes away. And of course, rupiah was very sick. And we do not know the sickness, the doctors will these are the different times we don't know what was the disease. But she was so feeble and so sick that Earth man was excused from participating in better I will come to this next Wednesday, Earth man was excused from participating in weather in order to take care of wakaya and when they even had it, I came running in from butter shouting and yelling that we have one and we have so and

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so has been destroyed and so on. So that was when he heard the news that rock is being buried, literally when

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zayde is rushing in to the city of Medina, at that point in time Roca is being buried. So the Prophet system was not able to attend the funeral of Rokia because she had already been buried when he returned to Medina. But of course, he prayed and made while for her after he returned. So a year passes away. And they have this young boy, Abdullah, who is probably three years old, at the time, probably three years old at the time, and at this point in time, Omar Ebner hottub, his daughter hafsa, has just become a widow add butter as well. And so he goes to Earth man, and he says, My daughter hafsa is a suitable candidate. Why don't you marry her?

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Okay, and with Maddie been a fan says what

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he says, I'm not interested in marrying now. And Omar knew he's interested in marrying he has a young son, he needs to get married. And earthman politely turned upside down. And this hurt Omar, but he didn't know the real story. What was the real story that the profitsystem had been speaking about this and he knew. So out of shyness and out of modesty and out of preferring the process of himself, he gave up.

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And in return Allah blessed him with someone better than hafsa for him. And this is exactly what the prophet system himself said that when he heard that Earth man had turned upside down, he himself said Should I not offer a man someone better for him and should I not offer have saw someone better for her

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and that is how the two marriages took place at a roughly similar time. Okay, at a roughly similar time, both of these marriages took place. And it was at this time that earthman then married or Merkel's home, okay, Rocky has passed away the barrel of butter. Now on Mickelson, and omega zoom as well, she had never been previously married. And she had been promised to work towards younger brother or Taiba or Japan or a table or two brothers, the sons of Abu lahab. So omega film had been promised to a table and Otaiba had been particularly mean and nasty and breaking off the marriage. It is said an admin is helped by the way that do I was made against him by the process of them. And

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he died a very vicious death in the days of early Islam. In fact, according to him in his house, on one of his journeys to Syria to the end, of course, in those days, Arabia did have lions and tigers and zebras, which doesn't have right now, in those days there were these animals just like an Africa would like so it is said that a lion basically attacked him and ate him. This is the younger one who was particularly cruel when he broke off the engagement and was very nasty and that and so do I was made against him and that came into effect this is oma costume was betrothed to David. So all my costumes, betrothal is broken off and she performs hedger along with

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With her younger sister Fatima, and the two of them are unengaged, right. They don't have anybody promised to them at this stage and so on Makoto and Fatima come to Medina, a year passes away. And the Prophet system then offers omega film to Earth man, even our fan. And by the way, there's no doubt that the presence of Abdullah really facilitated this marriage as well. Right You have a young baby boy whose mother has died, a toddler whose mother has died and we know that as the Hadith says alhaja to be Manziel at home this is a hadith Alhamdulillah to be Manzella to the holla is like the own right the mother's sister is like the mother. Okay, so there's no question that this would have

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also played a role. The Prophet systems grandson does not have a mother who better to be a mother to him, then his mother's sister is harder and that's why our we can say another reason for the marriage as well would be that Abdullah needed a mother and therefore only consumed married Earth man had been our fan and they stayed together for seven years for seven years. And they did not have children called de la la did not any, there was wisdom that we don't understand that they did not have any children and on may consume as well passes away in the very last year of the life of the process of them few months before hydrated water, and Shaban of the ninth year of the digital, one

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year before adjusted weather in the night and the 90 of the Hedren, Siobhan omikuji herself passes away, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself varies. on microfilm he is present at her burial, and he buries omega film and I went over the details of woman costumes burial and death in the Sierra. at the Battle of two book type one talks about the battle to walk and after this, we talked about the burial of oma costume. So while the process of his daughters are his wives, he of course does not marry any other lady. After the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he married some of them died, some of them widowed. Some of them were divorced, excuse me. And so he married

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six more ladies over the course of the next basically 40 years, he lived a long life. And over the course of the next 40 years, he married six other ladies and which each of them he had children and I'm not going to go over all of these children because he had a total of nine sons and five daughters. Mashallah about a color. So he had 14 children, 14 children, we're not going to go over all the names and all that that's a whole different, different level that we're not going to go to. However, none of these children are Sahaba because obviously, when are they born? After so none of them are Sahaba okay, because he did not marry basically is left to the death of the Prophet so I

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said them and then children came to him at a much older age, and none of them saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we will just mention so you should know two of his children. That's it. Abdullah you must know because that is the grandson. Okay, that must be memorized of the grandsons of the process of his Abdullah who passed away at the age of six by the way, we don't have anything else about him because again this is early Medina This was very early Medina we don't have any information, no reports nothing about him. The second son of Earth man who has achieved some fame

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is a band aid been Earth man a bit of fun, a band even Earth might have been a fan and ban was one of the most famous scholars of the Tabby rune. And he is well known as the narrator of Hadith he is well known as one of the famous so some of the children of the Sahaba not all of them, some of the children of the Sahaba became famous scholars

00:33:38 --> 00:34:24

and have them is about a bit Earth man, and also the grandson of Abu Bakar as well as recommended with me, Mohammed Abu Bakar, became one of the most famous scholars of his time. So some of the sons and grandsons of the Sahaba became of the most well known aroma of them is about Eben earthman had been our fan. He was of the famous fuqaha of Medina. So in the generation of the tab your own, there were famous scholars about his amongst those elite group of scholars. And he is most famous, especially for us and his name has come up in the very first Sierra that ever gave the very first Sierra his name has come up. Why? Because a ban even earthman even our fan was the first person ever

00:34:24 --> 00:34:59

who wrote a booklet on the Sierra. Nobody preceded him. He is the first author of the zero. So when I talked in that lecture about the sources of the Sierra, I mentioned, the first author whoever wrote a book about the Sierra is Earth is about even Earth might have been our fan. And he wrote this, at the request of the Omega Khalifa, Solomon Ibn Abdul Malik, cinnamon Abdullah Malik was the califa before the disease and he requested about even Earth man to write an outline of the life of the process of them that outline

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Must have then been the first official book ever written. And this would be around 85 to 90 hedgerow 1990 something hedgerow abandonment is man died at the age of 100. Sorry, in the abandonment of man died in the year 105. Ah, he died 105 Ah, so around 90 or 9500 Rock Band writes the first booklet on this era, where is this booklet along with everything else of that generation, we don't have it however, we find reports in abundance happen others. Remember, later authors came and absorbed earlier works. So a bands source becomes one of the primary sources of business,

00:35:47 --> 00:36:29

one of the primary sources of in this app, and therefore, we can safely assume that, that aband, even our funds book has been completely absorbed and scattered in appropriate places in the voluminous book of Venice hop, which is the first book that we still have of the Sierra, and abandonment of this man, as well participated in the Battle of the camel without a shadow the loved one. And we'll talk very, very, very briefly about those battles when we get to them. And we'll just gloss over them as is the methodology of his son. Well, Gemma, so this is the family of Earth man, I've been a fan, or it might have been a fan, even in the days of Jamelia was known for his shyness

00:36:29 --> 00:37:17

and modesty. And in fact, it is enough of an indication that he himself never got involved with alcohol, or women, or any type of vulgar entertainment in his entire life. In fact, he never even prostrated to an idol in the days of Jerry Lee. And he himself says this that I hated alcohol ever since I knew what it was, like, who what man of intelligence would drink, to take his mind away, he never once took a sip of alcohol even before alcohol was heroin. And this is not like many of the others. So habit, one is held his head up. But I found his fitter I told him, this is not good. And so he never participated in any of these vulgarities. And in fact, he was so shy and so modest, that

00:37:17 --> 00:38:06

in fact, he himself never proposed to a lady he was too shy to propose to a lady. And that's why he never got married, growing up until the Prophet system gave him his own daughter in marriage at the age of 3435. He was so shy, that he never proposed to a lady. And only one the process of him then offered his daughter to him. Rokia did earthman even offend Mary for the first time. And then the second time as well the process of offered his daughter to him, right, so this is the shyness of earthman, a been a fan. And he was also known even before the coming of Islam for being a sharp businessman. And he had already accumulated a good amount of wealth, even in the days of jack Lee,

00:38:06 --> 00:38:17

it is said that he inherited a good amount of wealth from his father, I found had passed away before the coming of Islam, we don't really have much knowledge about him. So his father had left him a good amount of money.

00:38:19 --> 00:39:01

And he used that money to buy and sell, and he would travel frequently to Syria and to Yemen. So he was involved in the caravan trading, and therefore he had amassed a good amount of wealth even before the coming of Islam. So Earth man, because of the fact that he is from the main inner tribes of the chorus, the bundle, omega is one of the inner tribes in the bundle Hashem was when the inner tribes, unlike the bundle ID and the others are some of the outer tribes, the bundle omega and the bundle Hashem are the most important clans of the kurush. So because man is from this, and because of his of luck, and because of his modesty, and because of his wealth, growth, man became of the

00:39:01 --> 00:39:24

most beloved of the young men of the harsh, he has have the greatest potential in the future. And in fact, books of Arabic literature mentioned that mothers would sing hymns, the baby rhymes to their to their babies to go to sleep. And one of these lines that the mothers would sing was a book about money

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

with money that I swear by, man, my love for you is like the love of porridge for Earth, man. You know, so the mothers they sing these things to put their babies to sleep and they have these poetry. So one of these lines that became known amongst the ladies of the Arabian Peninsula, was a book about Rahmani Hubba coronation lyrics money, that I swear by a Russian man my love for you is like the love of the crush for Earth man, Superman became one of the most beloved of the young men of the operation. This is because of his pure of love. It is because of his good characteristics.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

In nature, and it is because of his honesty and his upright characteristics. So therefore it is not surprising that when Islam was presented to him, he was immediately

00:40:13 --> 00:40:34

open minded and he was of the earliest converts to Islam. In fact, a smart urban fan was the fourth person in the world to convert to Islam. The fourth person to convert the first one and two are abubaker. And Ali, as we know, right, followed by Zaid, Zaid, even Muhammad ibn Zayd ibn

00:40:35 --> 00:40:36

Zayd have been

00:40:37 --> 00:41:24

how to the one whom the process of adopted and then the adoption was an old. So these are all by the way, inner circle of the Profit System. Right? The best friend, the nephew, the cousin, and the adopted son. So it can be said that the first person outside of the inner circle to convert is mathematically enough or smart enough and therefore becomes the first person to convert outside of the immediate inner circle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and how did you convert aboubaker so Derek was the one to give him Dawa Abu Bakr Siddiq was the one to give him the hour. And a walker Cydia, of course was a large soldier used him to guide at least a dozen people to Islam

00:41:24 --> 00:42:04

in early Islam. And the first person that a worker gave Dawa to was Earth man, which shows us the status of man in the eyes of ibaka as well, that obaku diff knows who are the good people who are the morally upright people who are those that are already good characteristic, they're going to be attracted to Islam. Can you imagine the first person a worker knocks on the door is there a command and he tells us man that the Prophet Mohammed system has been sent by Allah with a new message with towhead come and listen to his teachings. So and he also goes to obey the law at all have been arrested, I will come to his story later on and so forth, man, they both then come to the house of

00:42:04 --> 00:42:41

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam at the invitation, I will record the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recite on to them whatever had been revealed at that time, and he invites them to Islam. And earthman immediately accepts the invitation. He says the Shahada, and he becomes the fourth person to convert to Islam. After Abu Bakar and Ali and zayde. Number four is Earth man even I found an earth man then tells the process of an interesting story. This is found in a book called the inside, which is one of the earliest books of history I've quoted a lot of times, and you should just at least know the name of it. Inside stubble cart is one of the earliest books of Islamic history. It

00:42:41 --> 00:43:27

predates even a property. And it is basically a biography of all of the early Sahaba, and taboos of Islam. And in this book, the husband side, he mentioned the story of arithmetic. And I found that when Earth man accepted Islam, or as man said, O Messenger of Allah, I have a story to tell you that why am I so quick to embrace Islam, that I've we just returned from a sham from a Syria. And when we were camped at such and such a place, and I was about to go to sleep just in the middle of basically sleep and wakefulness. When I heard a voice, I heard a cry. And the cry said, all you who are sleeping, rush back to Makkah, for indeed a man has finally come forth from

00:43:28 --> 00:43:44

no time to sleep, come back to Makkah. And as soon as I returned home, I heard that you now have a new message. Okay? And we know from the books of Sierra, that the jinn became very excited, and they spread this cover and news. And so

00:43:46 --> 00:43:59

when I found was of those who heard this blessed news, and he then rushed back to Makkah, and a walker then approaches him and he knows this must be what I had heard. And of course, Earth might have been a fan.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:43

After his conversion very early on, we don't know exactly when the Prophet system then offers him Rokia in marriage. And one of the interesting things to note is that Khadija is still alive at this time. And so Khadija herself prepares to hire and attends the wedding. And this is one of those then therefore, imagine early on, right, because clearly, they did not attend the wedding of oma costume. She did not attend the wedding of Fatima. Okay, so this is the last wedding that Khadija will attend. Okay, so, how deja was done with repairs and so forth man becomes the son in law of Khadija as well. Okay. And so that's, of course, we don't know any details but clearly are at demand on the

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

low end as well would have met Khadija because now there are Macron and we don't know anything of that conversation what not but he's one of the few people who has also met with Khadija rhodiola one now it's not because of his high social status and standing. He will

00:45:00 --> 00:45:44

was not tortured the way that the non horseshoes were tortured physically. He was not tortured the way that the non qualities were tortured. And we don't know of any incident involving him being inflicted with physical pain other than one minor incident. So we don't know anything that happened to him. And this, by the way shows that the Quraysh really loved him so much, that he is so beloved to them, that they actually never did anything against him, other than his own uncle, his father's brother. And of course, his father's brother will get away with more than a stranger will that it is mentioned once that perhaps he was visiting his uncle, we don't know how but his uncle, his father's

00:45:44 --> 00:46:27

brother, and haccombe even have a house one day then basically tied him up, most likely in his own house, whatever, he tied him up. And he said, I'm not going to set you free until you worship our gods and give up your religion. How dare you abandon the religion of our forefathers? How dare you abandon paganism and respond, refuse to give up and he said, Well, law he will never leave Islam. And eventually haccombe then released him. This is really all that we know of the physical pain inflicted on earth man. And there's no question that Allah subhana wa tada protected him because he was so beloved even to his own people who did not like Islam. They could not get themselves to hurt

00:46:27 --> 00:46:55

this humble, shy, modest young men that they knew growing up, they did not gang up on him, the way that they ganged up and even killed yourself, and sumaiya and beta. We all know their stories. So there's no doubt that earthman therefore, feeling the tension as well going on and perhaps because of this incident, or if man decided to be of those who emigrate to habitat to Abyssinia. So earthman took Rokia

00:46:56 --> 00:47:02

with him amongst the first batch that immigrated to avicennia. And when did this take place? Which year?

00:47:03 --> 00:47:04

What year did it take place?

00:47:08 --> 00:47:11

The the fifth year after the buzzer

00:47:12 --> 00:47:17

you're guessing what? You guessed right. Okay. It's the fifth year after the battle. You're right.

00:47:18 --> 00:47:47

is the fifth year after the battle, okay. the spreading of Islam the coming of Islam, the fifth year after the preaching of Islam. The Muslims emigrate to Abyssinia and this man and his wife lokoja are of the first batch remember, there were two batches. Remember, there were two batches earthman and Roca are of the first batch and they are of the first families to emigrate, and it is said in a hadith

00:47:48 --> 00:48:30

that some scholar says life is not but the concept is valid, that the prophet SAW the seller may special to Africa and earth man that may Allah accompany you. Earth man is the first person to make hedger with his wife, after the Prophet lot after loot from the time of loss or loot up until now, nobody has had to flee because of persecution of religion with his wife till the time of harassment. So Allah knows best of the authenticity of this hadith but it is of the things that is that is mentioned. And earthman then returned back when the rumors spread the declaration accepted Islam, and then he did not go back to every senior he then stayed. Okay, so recommanded Rocha, you lived in

00:48:30 --> 00:49:08

Brasilia for a few months, Abdullah is born there. So Claudia was pregnant when they went by the way, I forgot to mention that Rocha was pregnant when they went to I was senior, she gives birth and avicennia they bring the child back when the rumors spread that the police have accepted this. Now you all know, this is all rehashing we're just putting rathmines narrative into the timeline that inshallah everybody knows, hopefully correct. This is well known stuff and shall Okay, so this man comes back, then the second immigration happens, correct. He does not go with the second immigration for reasons that are not fully clear, but most likely, he then felt that it is better for him to

00:49:08 --> 00:49:50

stay in Makkah that some security will be achieved in Makkah. And he then remained in Makkah, with raffia and Abdullah and then he migrated to Medina. He migrated to Medina and so he is one of the few Sahaba who is basically the villager attain both hedgers This is a great honor. There's an elite group of Sahaba they did both hydrous to Abyssinia and to Medina and refined in our fan is at the top of that list. And we'll just have one more topic inshallah we'll do and then we'll Next week, we'll talk about the Medina and phase of man. One more thing I wanted to talk about because I knew I wouldn't have time to do although the Medina and phase but I just wanted to mention one more thing

00:49:50 --> 00:50:00

about recommended but I found that from the beginning or if man had been a fan is associated with the Quran is associated with recitation of the Quran. The preservation

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

of the Quran, the memorization of the Quran, he is in fact out of the four halifa all of them are associate with the Quran but with man has the most association with the Quran and arithmetic and I found was of those who in fact he is the narrator of the famous Hadith disciple hottie He is the one who narrated it. All of you know the headache, but he is the narrator. Hi eurocom mantle ml Purana wa lemahieu. This is from might have been our fan narrated, the best of you are those who learn the Quran, and then teach it to others. And he was well known amongst the Sahaba for being of those who recite large quantities of the Quran. And he is one of the main narrators of the Quran as well. So

00:50:42 --> 00:51:26

anyone who gets an ijazah or a senate of the Quran, right, one of the main ijazat or the Senate, it goes through earthman, even our fan, and even the ages that I have, it goes through Earth Monday, but I found to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the earth might have been Ifans preservation of the Quran is something that is well documented. And he was of those who said, he was of those who said that if our hearts were pure, we would never get tired of reading the Koran. If our hearts were pure, we would never get tired of reading the Koran. And he was of those who said that. I don't like it that a single day goes by without me looking at the Quran. I can't stand the

00:51:26 --> 00:52:11

day going by without looking at the Koran. And he was the one who said, three are the things that are beloved to me of this world. Number one, feeding the hungry, number two clothing the naked. And number three, reading the Quran, these three things I love the most. And, in fact, we all know, while it is also narrated that he would read large portions of the Koran at night. In fact, it is narrated from some of the tablets that are thematic and I found was one of the few people who would recite the entire Koran in one night. Now, this is something that technically is not encouraged for the masses. For us. There are a hadith about this. But there are exceptions and people like Earth

00:52:11 --> 00:52:54

man deserve those exceptions. The general rule are processing them said you will not understand the Quran if you read it in less than three. Right? So 10 Jews a day is the max that the ultra righteous should aim for. And who amongst us has ever done that? Okay, although we're lucky if we finish it in one year. But that's besides the point. So the point being that the general rule you should not read the Koran all in one sitting or gathering, but Earth man and a few others it is narrated from them very few, that they would recite the entire Quran in one night. In fact, in the mussenden, if it actually is mentioned. And Allah knows if this authentic or not that one time Earth man finished the

00:52:54 --> 00:53:20

whole Koran in one Drucker one rock and that was what he prayed that said he didn't pray anything else that night. Now, the if you look at the the time that it takes, this is a question that comes Is it even possible to recite the Quran in one night. So if you look at the 13 that some of the Quran do that are very quick in the recitation, you can say around some of them. Some of them have quick recitation.

00:53:21 --> 00:54:08

So I'm the boss and others that have slow recitation, they go to 27 hours, 25 hours, right? 2527 hours, okay. But there are those who recite very quickly with property you can read, you can still listen to them. And they've done it in 1516 hours. And this is on YouTube, where you put it all together, it's around 1516 hours. So imagine if somebody is reciting, with Tajweed. And you can follow along, and it takes around 15 and a half hours. Okay, so then somebody like Earth man, who is reciting to himself without the tweet, right quickly, it is understandable that 10 hours, for example, he might be able to zoom over the Quran, that somebody like Earth man, as is an exception

00:54:08 --> 00:54:50

for the rule. So realistically, it is possible that if you begin at Asia, and you are on earth might have been a fan. Realistically, it is possible. It's not impossible. Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah we don't have to aim for that at all. It's not something that we should even strive for. And as I said, well, life's lucky if we even read three pages a day. That's the reality that unfortunately, a lot of Miss Stan, many of us don't have that relationship with the Quran. Nonetheless, this man was of those who always had a very, very strong relationship with the Koran. And in fact it is befitting therefore, that he dies and is martyred and is killed, with the most half in front of him. reading

00:54:50 --> 00:55:00

the Quran, and his blood literally falls on the must have. This is a befitting death for Earth man, even

00:55:00 --> 00:55:45

fat. And therefore it is not a surprise that the single Sahabi who is most associated with the preservation of the Quran, up until today is Earth man have been a fan. In fact, we call the most half What do we call it? Almost half Earth money. Don't we call the dude with money most have right? Why? Because this man had been our fan was the one who took charge of preserving the most half of collecting it. We'll talk about that in shallow data in our next not in the next one and the one after that, but the point is that the name of the most have that we call it even in English, the earth monic cannon even in English, we call it the earth monic cannon. So out of all of the Sahaba

00:55:45 --> 00:56:27

the one person who is most associated with the Quran and it is so befitting and this is how Allah rewards though the the the sincere and those that are righteous that withmany been our fans name is forever associated even amongst non Muslim academics. They say the earth manic recession there are manic canon there are semantic most have and that's to this day we look at it we say why we'll talk about of course the details you know vaguely but we'll talk about the michellin in two weeks the Atlantic Canada's and canonization and collection of the haoran and this is of the blessings of a lot to Earth man even our fun and inshallah with this we will pause for today and continue in

00:56:27 --> 00:56:33

shallow data next Wednesday between Allahu taala Okay. Very quickly your question was spent and then we conclude

00:56:34 --> 00:56:44

we will talk about this when we get there inshallah and I have given much longer lectures in this regard very quickly Any other questions before we finish for today inshallah about with a bit of fun? Yes.

00:56:47 --> 00:57:03

I've done enough of them enough is the great great grandfather, and they are both equidistant for equidistant the processes and earth man or equally from abdomen f inshallah. So inshallah we will continue next Wednesday with the life of Earth man in Medina.

In this video, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi unravels the lineage and family life and delves on the early life of the third important Sahaba and Khalifa to walk on this earth -Uthman Ibn ‘Affan RA.

The  kunya of Uthman Ibn Affan RA was Abu Amr, later changed to Abu Abdullah after birth of a son. Uthman (RA) was a man of medium height; he was a handsome man with excellent features – wheat colored hair, a thick healthy beard, big boned and wide shouldered. Uthman RA was an embodiment of generosity and kindness, humility,modesty and piety.  In spite of being affluent, he spent a life of simplicity and would often sleep, wrapped in a blanket, on the sand of the mosque.he was blessed with nine sons and five daughters.

Uthman ibn Affan was the third of the successors of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and was related to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in more ways than one.  Uthman was married to Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Ruqayyah and when she died, he married Muhammad’s other daughter, Umm Kulthum.Uthman ibn Affan RA was hence,called the possessor of two lights,  Dhun-Noorayn.

Uthman RA never indulged in alcohol, women or idolatry. He had always been the bearer of the beacon that was associated with the preservation, memorization and recitation of the Qur’an. His good deeds such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reading the Qur’an took predominance always.


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