The 99 Names of Allah – 015 AlShakur

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The speaker discusses how people appreciate shacks and thanking them for doing good deeds. They also mention a gathering where people value metal because it is what people value. The speaker encourages individuals to value their accomplishments and thanks them for doing so.

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Unless there is a shocker, that appreciative. He appreciates and rewards us for the little deeds that we may do. He tells us when Jeff Hill has an active Allahu ashram Fannia whoever does one good deeds for him or her or 10 Good deeds. So Sue said Allahu Allah He was in the teaches is that when you do one good deed, Allah subhanho data gives you 10 Good deeds or even 70 or 700 or even more surprised that

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you intended to do a good deed and a shackle that appreciate him one, he rewards you for just intending to do a good deed. You remember Allah subhana wa gana in a gathering in this world and Allah azza wa jal remembers you in a gathering of angels glovework That should really should cool. So brothers and sisters, the next time when you look at somebody who is giving all these talks and they have a million views on their YouTube channel, and they're making so many people come to Islam, and you wonder how can I ever be like them? Remember a show called is very appreciative. Even if you do a little he appreciates it. So the next time brother, the sisters, when you know somebody who

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does something nice to even if it is metal appreciated, value it because that's what a shackle that preceded one teaches us to do