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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The New Industrial Republic has created confusion and confusion among various groups, including the use of cutting and snapping horses and not being optimistic. The narratives of the story also touch on the use of cutting and snapping horses and the importance of not being too optimistic. A group of young people on a mission to find their way to the boulder in a sea face the challenge of staying under the sea for 24 hours and eventually reach the boulder. They also discuss the use of words like "monster" and "monkey" in English and Arabic.
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Salam ala

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obey you know God narrated to us that the prophets I seldom said and Moosa karma has the benefit when he saw that musala salaam stood giving a sermon to the Israelites and children of Israel for so Allah University alum so he was asked which, who among the people is the most knowledgeable or knows more not most knowledgeable, I would say more knowledgeable, right? And a lot of transitions make that kind of quick jump and say most knowledgeable. The reason you can't say most is because it doesn't say let me start superlative Alameda de la metalliferous. comparative, it's not superlative, right? So I know he said I know more. And of course, this means in the context of among these people

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I know more, right? flattop Allahu alayhi so Allah reprimanded him is let me let you know that I'm in a he, whereby knowledge was not attributed back to him. This red piece is actually shot of the Hadith Lama who Hata boho mahatama tan, Muhammad Mahabharata de la Mata Lieberman who host Nam Raja t Yamazaki along with Akira who be mockery human who that's all explanation, so I'll skip that part. Okay. That's just from a hadith. In any case, if let me let me lay, you guys just did mobile app, I believe I was hearing some muda muda muda.

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Right. So when you say I'm Romain who, for Rhonda? Right, so we wrote de Rue de and ordered right. So the mazoon version, the latest version could be euro de, and your roadie and your dog and that's where you find lumea Rhoda.

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You see is actually a live example of what you guys just did. It could have been lemmya, Rudy, and lamb yard also, all three of those would have been acceptable. Anyway, so as whereby knowledge was not attributed directly to Allah, even in that, and here is a moment of pause for us to understand that the Prophet Musa is not being reprimanded the way we enter you. And I get reprimanded. Like, if I, for example, say some obnoxious person asks, What's that?

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Who knows more Arabic in the room or something? And you say, well, saddam does know, you should have said Allah knows better. No, no, no, no, no, in a given context, you can say who knows more. And clearly, he didn't say who's the most knowledgeable, he just said among you. I'm more knowledgeable. But profits have a higher standard than normal people. And even things that are actually completely harmless for us to say, Allah will hold prophets to account for even those things. And this is actually a way of adjusting wishing the standards he has for us from the standards he has for profits. And this is the case even with our profits on the large island, he is reprimanded in the

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Quran, he's corrected in the Quran over things that for any other human being would not be a sin, they actually wouldn't be a problem at all. The fact that he frowned at a blind person, for instance, and the word ABA means just a bulge on the forehead, he got frustrated as a blind person kept interrupting him in the middle of a conversation. And by the way, blind people are much better at hearing one senses gone, the other sense gets heightened. So he's fully aware that he's in the middle of another conversation. And the Prophet didn't say stop, I don't like what you're doing. I'll talk to you in a second, he simply developed a bulge on his forehead, which is completely

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acceptable, by the way even more acceptable because a blind person can't possibly be offended by a bulge on someone's forehead.

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That's not even possible. And yet the IRS came down. Right? So they're held to a standard that we're not held to and that's this is an example of that. And if you don't keep that in mind, then it just becomes casual. A thought creeps in the minds of a Muslim. Well, prophets made mistakes, they kind of messed up sometimes No, no, no, hold on a second. It's they are they are still not sumangala SATA, and we have to, we have to hold ourselves to that belief, when we read the text of the Quran. As a matter of fact, I don't know if I talk to you about Solomon, Alexander. or doubt it Ceylon. Because you know, when the case of Sullivan Underwood comes up in the Koran, it makes it seem like

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they they made a mistake, like it makes it seem like Solomon missed a prayer, for example, at least because he was taking care of horses. That's the common way that that part of the Quran surah Assad is explained in the book to hoebel hive and the key lobby, right, that I as opposed to remembering my robe. I just took care of the horses, as a matter of fact that the seat is rejected by you know, some classes because I could not, there is no authentic narration that says that in his prayer, first of all, and second of all, from the text of the Quran, it's very difficult to just accept that at face value that he just he took care of horses in Missoula.

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And it's even more difficult to accept that because just a couple of hours before or the previous I can't remember. He's a walk

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He constantly keeps going back to a lot repeatedly goes back to a lot. So he's already been described as someone who, like unusually remembers a lot a lot.

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And then the very next ion were to assume, based on based on the words and the killaby that he missed prayer and you know why they say Miss prayer had that awarded with a job Tara? What pronoun is that? A lot of

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she right, but it doesn't say who she is. So they say until the sun disappeared behind the veil. And they assume it's the sun because it's feminine, and the sun is considered feminine. The Ayah doesn't say a lot of fishersville hijaab now what a lot of you guys just saw what pattern is that?

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The wallet

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that I wanna isn't it? What is the future of

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each other is this Can you see about the sun, a single entity, each other?

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The sun with something else. Actually, what he did was he was taking care of the horses, he made battle horses, he made the March, he made the mush. And they go and they go next to each other and they together disappear until he can't see them anymore.

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The wallet is used for the horses that he was taking care of. Until they went off into the sunset in a sense, okay. And actually the advocate ob is, is I love taking care of these horses inspired by my remembrance of my love. I'm actually taking care of these horses, because they're going to do the work of the dean. Then he's doing this FISA vilella hotta. There's another reading of the same text, which doesn't violate any authentic narration, except it violates what became very popular historically just a popular interpretation. we edit it and retains the integrity of Solomon Elisa now, right? So, once you have certain principles in your mind, like the integrity of profits has to

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be retained, then the way you read the text becomes different. And the way you question text also becomes different. You know, we don't jump to conclusions about about profits animal Satomura

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Oh, anyway, there's one more thing about since Solomon came up, so when the horses came back, when horses come back and your horse trainer, what do you do? You check on them,

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you check on them, and they make it sound like he was so upset that he missed Salah that when they came back or when he went back to the horses, he said Bring me those horses, and he slaughtered all of them.

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Okay, you slaughtered all the horses and Mr. Razi comments, all the opinions about those IOD, you know, photography Thomas Hamby Suki whether or not he began to must, I won't translate must hit by the limb, and the next by the limbs, the legs and the next. Okay. So most scholars say must hand me any man can be seen, he passed over a knife over all of them, he sliced all of them, these horses made me forget my prayer. And then the scholars got into this whole debate about well, if he slaughtered horses, he must have done this free service a lot to give them a sadhaka as the Bihar as you know, to give up, because they couldn't fathom that the Prophet would just because, you know,

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what does it sound like at face value, he became upset, and he lashed out at the horses, but you know, when you mess up, and especially if you miss a prayer, you don't blame anyone else who do you blame yourself? I said, Well, no, he just saw as an opportunity to just slaughter horses and give them in charity. Like that's not what the text is saying at all. I don't know how you'd say mom, Rosie said so and I could not I just I don't agree. I reach okay. I don't agree. And I read it because he was like, I can't agree. I don't know.

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hammock ally really love you but I just can't my conscience is not sitting well, I'm gonna keep reading and keep reading. And then Imam Razi.

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Animal Rosie says, I don't agree. I was like, Oh, go on.

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And he says if must the word must, means to like slice. Then you know what do you do with fum? sacral butyl Ooh, si como de con, no Quran. Do you know when you can find water do massage over your heads and and your hands?

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It's a lot of time came you didn't find water.

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So I was like, such a gangster. And that was awesome. And then he says i'd also when you slaughter in Islam for originally slaughter is an act of mercy in Islam. So the way you slaughter is not by torturing an animal.

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You saw them in the neck. But the IRS says he sliced their legs and then the next Why would a profit torture an animal

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slicing its legs and then its neck. He says then actually the horses come back after being exhausted. He Pat's them on the leg, and he strokes them on their neck, which is what you do when horses are exhausted and you're checking on them.

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If describing what he was doing, and it's completely consistent with the text, and you don't

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have to imagine the word Sikkim knife in the text.

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integrity of profits, it's not hard to retain just just be just commit yourself to the text. You know, with all due respect to the other opinions with all due respect, it just I just, this is more convincing. We'll hold on anyway. So it's an another example of that. He said I know more. And this is sometimes important for a teacher to say, this is also important to defend. You know, if, you know sometimes teacher students are asking of not acting obnoxious, why aren't we learning chapter seven? Why are we learning chapter four?

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I know a little bit more than you just a little bit. I am not saying I know everything, but I just Can I can I just teach you right now. Okay, fine. Sometimes you have you do have to put a student in place, you have to remind them of their place. And you have to do that. So and by the way, he's teaching balloons while

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they kind of have a tendency to get out of line a little bit sometimes.

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So sometimes they have to be told and I

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just listen, will you? I know. What kind of question is are you asking them?

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What kind of what you ask a Brahmin which who of the people is the more is more knowledgeable?

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If you follow a prophet isn't the answer to that question automatic? It's not a question you don't even need.

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And when a ridiculous question like that is asked, then you know what it has to be spelled out, so he's not in the wrong for doing so. Anyway, Allah uses it as an opportunity to take him on a journey. And so banner for cola houbara

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li not actually not at all Leon Don't be much more rain. Of course I do have a slave right at the merger of the two C's who are liable Minka he knows more than you holla A or B woman levy.

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Yes. It means yes, of course. And also another meaning is he he and a similar words or B. Woman levy or Obama color Sophia and Sophia scenario A or B? Okay, finally B. Who is it that I can be with him? How can I get to him? Who is it and how can I get to him? Those are the two variations of the narration call at the hotel he said go take a fish photography MC tail and put him inside a MC tail mc 10 means a basket as my notes. We are finished. We prefer hi to modificata hood wherever you lose the fish for who are some what Obama call for was ama, then exactly that's where it's going to be and perhaps the narrator said not some mob but some which is an appreciation of how sensitive

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narrators were. I can't remember if he said summer or was there a little inch at the end of when he was saying some and he's had some so he says since I'm not sure I'm going to say I think I heard Sofia and say sama but he may have said some

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now well the whole time

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he took the fish and he put it inside the basket so Manta la casa he then he marched forward he went ahead well whoever Fatah who you shall noon he and his young assistant is young man has young lad. You shot the son of noon you shadow noon, which is the Bible calls Joshua. That's the biblical Joshua had that attire a Sahara until they approached the Boulder. So they approached this large boulder was a horrible masaharu sama. This saga is a separate word or service son or daughter sorry. Well there are Osama they placed their heads on the rock. Like they leaned at it and they just kind of passed out. Okay, for Raka Musa so Musa woke up with Robin Hood, and as he woke up startled, the

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fish actually started it got disturbed to how did I come out and the hermit the narrator or the Mahajan actually explaining it started moving despite the fact that it's dead will keela kinda mushy and it's also been said that it was roasted already. It was already roasted fish and it just kind of started moving in

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Florida so it left for sakata fell by half so it fell into the sea for Dakota Sevilla who fell back the syrup and then it took into the sea a path that looked like a mirage I'll skip the and then made a small opening kind of like you know the week it made awake so this makes it seem like they were in fact nourishing makes it seem like they were walking in land and then they jumped into the beach. Okay, so I'm stuck a lot more under the hood Juliet Alma so Allah held the the fish on the flow of the water meaning the fish didn't jump into the water it went on top like a jetski kind of thing. So held I held it on the surface of the water pasado Miss la park

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so it went like a spear like it went forward like a spear. Well, how does that Miss look? For color hacker that whistle talk. So and then the narrator says this is what a spear looks like. And he started kind of demonstrating visually. And so they say he did some visual demonstration and he did put that in the narration as well. From telecom Gianni battiato at Laila tema, well Yo mama

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lately yo Mishima actually

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should be anyway. So they both started moving forward. They went ahead, they didn't realize the rest of their night and the next day too, so two days worth, like a whole 24 hours worth of travel they continued heterodox Academy until time came of the evening.

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All right, I'm sorry early morning early photoreceptors young lad. artina that brings us our lunch. Nakata, Latina Mensa, Nina Hadassah. This is directly from the Quran we know we've met with quite a bit of exhaustion. But while I'm here Jade Musa had Tasha was a haiku Amara, hola and Musa did not meet with any exhaustion until he had way past where Allah had commanded him to be. In other words, Allah did not give him any sense any inclination that he's passed beyond where he's supposed to be called Allah who Fatah who says young lad said to him, either way, neither Sati Did you see when we took refuge towards the Boulder, for Indian acetal food, then I had forgotten to ship the fish

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rather amantani who ilimitado nascara and number Chetan made me forget to mention it at the time that the roasted fish actually woke up and

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took off.

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What de Vila who Phil Bahia whenever I think of it, it did take a really strange way into the sea. What's our job about efficiency when it's dead to what's on the surface not under?

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You know, it's going you can see it going

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for Canada, Lil hood saraband Allahumma Japan. So the fish actually looked unreal for the fish there was this Mirage like looking weak that was there and they found both of them found it strange By the way, this hadith saying lahoma jabin suggested Moses I saw two because I love Why Japan is the Houma Japan. Right and that further corroborates our data didn't use he also is a winner because the user is topping talking to musasa suggesting Moosa saw the fish take that road too, but Allah made them not remember. And then he attributes that to shaytaan tangible memory he Leonardo Da da da, this is sharp so we won't go into that color lomasa Daddy kumbhakarna NaVi musasa that is what we were in

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pursuit of foetida Allah Allah Hema kasasa so they retraced their remnants their footsteps, step by step process, I mean, step by step, Raja cassani atheroma. So they came back, tracing their steps had that entire Illa sutra until they ended up at the boulder where they originally were for the original Musa janmaat. Tabitha Mata is the shelf word. So when they saw a man completely wrapped up enveloped in a garment for Salah Musa so Musa said Salaam to him for de la. So he responded to him for call and he responded to him by saying, What unabie out of Dhaka Salam and how do you people say Salaam where you come from? You just say Salaam you don't introduce yourselves. So the man kind of

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was a little bit aggressive and said this is it. This is all of a sudden you guys do where you come from? And Nabeel Tikka Salam.

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And notice he doesn't say Well, I'd be out of the Kuma Salam it says no masala Salam has already grabbed the Fatah and said let me do the talking.

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And now he's getting put in his place a little bit. Carla and amasa.

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So okay, I get what you're saying. I'm musasa radico. I'm musala I'll introduce myself properly. Carla Mousavi

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Mousavi from the children of Israel. Musa have been inside some of Buffalo today masaba nice light okay. Typically a proper name is not used as a model.

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Right? But you know, in Old English I am David of Camelot or something.

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You know, so the use of instead of from like nowadays you say Hi Mike from Chicago like you know

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you don't have William of Dallas like

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you don't do that you say from but in old Arabic and old languages you use a lot of of right so most of us when he's fine. Kalana it to Cali to alamanni marmoleum tarsha. I came to you so you could teach me from what you've been taught in terms of uprightness and guidance. Kalia Musa, he said Musa in Niala Alvin l Mila, I am committed and I have I'm committed to knowledge from within the knowledge of Allah, Alemany Hilah, who loves Allah who that Allah has taught me that you don't know

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