Fasting during the Sacred Months, Mondays, Thursdays and Ayyaamul Beedh

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Fasting in the four forbidden months of which you said, I believe was the son of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Aslan, could you tell us, which are those months? The four forbidden months known as a shuru. hurum, the four foreign months where it is asuna. It's voluntary. It's segmented fast. Ah, Delica delicia more RAM, and Roger. If anyone fast during these four months, it is recommended. It comes in the volunteer fast.

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Okay. Thank you. And now, the nine categories you mentioned is the fasting on Monday and Thursday. Can you tell us why the Prophet Mohammed Salah stem recommended Monday and Thursday for fasting. The reason why producido salam recommended the Muslims to fast on Monday and Thursday, according to the audit of muscle damage. On number 200 number 86. One, the beloved partner xlsm said

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when someone asked him that, why do you fast on Mondays and Thursdays? He said, these are the two days when the deeds of the human beings I showed a last minute Allah and he pardons the believers

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unless two believers who don't look at one another. So Allah does the angel that delay them. There's reason for Salaam preferred fasting on these two days when the needs are exhibited to Allah subhanaw taala he preferred fasting on those days. Further the Hadith in

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the Muslim world number two, Book of fasting, Khalid number 2606. That once a person asked the Prophet that why do you fast on Mondays? The Prophet said, I fasted Mondays because that is the day that I was born.

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And that is the day when the Quran was revealed to me. So because of these two reasons, fasting on Monday is also recommended.

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Now that's a very excellent day Monday and Thursday to fast. May Allah make it easy for us to focus on those two days continuously inshallah throughout the year. Dr. Zakir another of the categories you mentioned that Muslims encouraged to fast throughout the year is the AML bead, which you've mentioned 13th 14th and 15th, the middle portion of the each lunar month. Could you explain the significance of those days please.

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A Yamal bead

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are the days of the full moon. And that is the 13th 14th and 15th of every lunar month. And the Beloved Prophet naturalism said as mentioned sooner on the site, Book of fasting added number two for two for that the beloved partner Salah Salem said

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that you should fast three days every month

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and that would be equal to as they have fasted for the full year.

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And the other audit of say Buhari one number three, Book of fasting and ID number 1975 says that

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when you fast for three days every month, for the full year,

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it is as we have fasted for the full year because every deed gets multiplied by 10 times. So if your first three days every month is equal to full month and the first thing you did every month, it becomes the full year. So that varies in the province or some said first three days every month so that as they have fasted for the full year and if you fast

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every year of your life, see that every month that they are fasting for the full life so that's the reason why moves Rossum said fast during the beat.