Time to extinguish those sins!

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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The speaker discusses a remedy that takes care of sin and stops it from eating up on the person. They encourage people to feed their needs and help others, even if they are distressed. They also urge people to join them with Mercy relief and prevent sin from eating up on people.

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Do you have that one sin, that sin that just keeps on eating up on the inside of you, however much you ask for forgiveness, you're just always worried that ALLAH SubhanA wa Hanna, I just not forgive it, and you just feel so troubled by it or maybe it's multiple sins and we all have those, none of us are free of sin. Subhanallah I'll tell you a really quick remedy. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that charity extinguishes the sin just like water extinguishes out fire it puts out the fire. Imagine when you give those who are in need, you're extinguishing out your own sin. Imagine when you are feeding the poor you are extinguishing out your own sin. When you are feeding

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the malnourished children. You're extinguishing out your own sin. When you are relieving those who are distressed, those who are homeless, those who are searching for any means just to survive. You're actually not just helping them but you're helping yourself first. Think about it in sha Allah together. Let's start helping others and helping ourselves out taking care of those things before we meet on subhanaw taala. Let's feed let's give let's help. Join me with Mercy relief. Check the link in the bio and extinguish out your sins today. Don't wait till tomorrow because Tomorrow is not promised