What is the Islamic Notion of Masculinity (Rujlah)

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea of Islamicatingatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedatedated. They argue that the notion of sex is a choice and that individuals should not speak about it. The speakers also discuss the responsibility of men to treat women with excellence and the importance of prioritizing women over men. Lastly, they mention the use of "araling" in the title of a book and the importance of prioritizing women over men in the title of a book.], [The segment discusses the responsibility of men to treat women with excellence and the importance of prioritizing women
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So the question is that for a chef, yes, it is that in our community, our society, there is something called masculinity. There's something called femininity. So but is there any idea or concept within our deen as such as Islamic masculinity or Islamic femininity and so forth?

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Is there anything that we find the Quran and the Sunnah about something of this concept? Can you please shed some light on this matter? Does that mean that hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was so heavy, he won't talk to him about masculinity and femininity. SubhanAllah? Where does one begin?

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Without getting too controversial? Just to give you an idea of how sensitive this topic is, most of us are aware recently a very famous celebrity online online converted to Islam. And the amount of social media drama that took place around this person's conversion

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was something unprecedented. I have never seen it in my life, about somebody's conversion. And I'm not going to get into the details of that maybe one day, but not for today. What I would do want to point out the level of sensitivity and anger and frustration, that, frankly, was divided by the genders within our own community.

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The vast majority of young men felt one way, and the vast majority of our sisters felt another way. And what I found extremely troubling, was this toxic divide, that does not bode well for us as an ummah.

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And we have to be very frank about this tension, there is no point in avoiding this tension. And I don't care about the controversy, what I care about is the symptoms, the dynamics, the reality of what it demonstrated, for us, there is a lot of

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frustration, anger, misunderstanding,

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that each of the two genders in our own community, in our own Muslim Ummah, in the Western world. And perhaps in the eastern as well, I'm not familiar with that, as much is feeling against the other gender, and will lie he this is not healthy, we're not supposed to be setting each other up as the enemies, which is what is happening. We're having a gender divide, and a potential gender war,

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and the types of language and whatnot and this individual, this personality became a pawn in a bigger battle. It's not about the person and whatnot. It's about how brothers felt and the expressions they used, and the happiness and the promotion, and how sisters felt betrayed and hurt and what not, we need to be brave enough to confront this very awkward reality. And all of it centers around what it means to be masculine and feminine. That's the whole purpose of the anger that happened. Because this person embodies a version of masculinity. That's really what it is that a lot of our brothers, especially the younger ones are attracted to. And they want this version and

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they think that it is Islamic.

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And that version of masculinity. Again, I'm not talking about the person talking about the concept around him the idea was viewed by the majority of our sisters to be not Islamic, toxic, even evil. And when they saw our brothers and masing, who's right on right now, I'm gonna go to this, when they saw our brothers embrace that ideal of masculinity. They felt betrayed, and hurt. Why would you do this? Why would you take this person who is not embodying masculinity, and put him on a pedestal and be so happy make dua for him? Yeah, but why put him up in this manner? And on the flip side, a lot of our brothers became defensive, even if he's made one mistake and one incorrect, he's made nine

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correct, for example, right? Even if this issue is wrong, overall, he is talking about masculinity. And in my humble opinion, of course, time is limited as usual. In my humble opinion, what it is, is that when we live in this politically correct environment, where nobody can speak the truth,

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then extremism thrives. This is what is the reality. When you cannot preach the moderate truth, then those who go to the fringes become the popular figures. Well, Allah had the exact same reasons why a person like Donald Trump and I have to bring in that politics is popular amongst the far right, right, because he says what is uncomfortable to say he speaks the truth in the minds of those who believe in Him not I'm not saying their truth in the mind.

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For those who look up to him, those politically inconvenient that racist, you know, the Islamophobic, the anti Mexican, anti Muslim, anti, they can't say it in this political protection environment, right. So when this person comes along and expresses it, he gets this hardcore loyal fan base.

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And the opposite as well, in the far left, when you have people who again, it's a two way street here. So bottom line,

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it's because we refuse to talk about masculinity and femininity, that these types of people thrive and this entire tension arises. Five minutes left. Is there something called masculinity? Of course there is.

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That's the whole point. This society we live in is saying gender is a choice. It is saying gender roles are a social construct. And if you dare say something to the contrary, you're labeled a bigot, you're labeled A misandry, you're labeled A misogyny you're labeled this and that you shall be fired from your job, you will not be promoted socially. I thank Allah I don't have to worry about jobs outside of Masjid place because honestly, had I been employed by any other place. Even to say there are two genders can get you fired these days. So obviously, when you can't speak basic biological truths, then you have a macho figure coming along from whatever it striper tracks. And he says 80%

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Maybe you know, something that is real and 20% Maybe that's not that is overlooked, because at least somebody is standing up to that walk crowd to that extremist left crowd. So both sides need to put themselves in the other shoes for a little while understand why is there something called masculinity? Yes, of course, the Quran says well, he says that Gurukul artha. The Quran says the male is not like the female will lie. This is so simple. You would think why is in the Quran? Well, because right now people are being told the male and the female are the same. And Allah told us the male does not like the female. If the male does not like the female, what are the Halacha commands

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decorate one who created you from a man and a woman, right? And Allah says, which either mean has old you have from the one the spouse was created, each of the two comes from each of the two, every man comes from a man and woman, every woman comes from a man and woman. There's wisdom in this. And by the way, even to this day, you can pretend you're something else. Still, a child has to be born from a biological man and a biological woman. You can change this biological fact. And even if you try to construct, it's not going to change the reality. So if there are two genders, as we believe, then this automatically implies the two genders are not the same. If they're not the same, this

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automatically implies there are masculine characteristics and there are feminine characteristics. This is something all of humanity accepted and agreed, not just Muslims, up until the modern wokers leftist culture has come and presented an alternative version of reality. There is something called Guru joola. And there is something called Gusa. Now we're talking today about fatawa. For two, what is

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adolescent masculinity? It's a young man. It's basically the beginnings of arugula. For two what is basically the beginnings of arugula when you are starting up and whatnot and of course, the aspects of photo maintain along with you throughout this. What does the Quran tell us about the characteristics of a man? Well, let me mention us some verses and you will see what a man is and it is not any internet personality. It is not somebody who is talking the way that certain people are about women. How does the Quran describe men? Look at what the Quran says. Mineral menina Reja alone. Sada Omar Abdullah Ali, amongst the believers are men, the child, Allah's uses it literally

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the way we say, be a man. That's what a man does. This is how the Quran uses the term. Amongst the believers is a category of people. Allah calls them real men, and he doesn't mean biological men. He means a group of people. This verse was revealed for those who are the bravest in the battle, and some of them lost their lives defending Islam. Allah says these are your men. This is what you call masculinity. When push comes to shove, when courage needs to be shown, when you need to sacrifice for the sake of the greater good men will be at the forefront, sacrificing their lives for their families, for their societies for their peoples for the OMA that's masculinity. What is masculinity?

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Allah says in the Quran, in in Surah Toba regarding, regarding Masjid Koba, right. Lemma student was Salah TacoMan Oh, William Murphy fee, John on your hipbone and your total howto

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Regina, there are men that frequent Masjid Koba and Allah is praising them because they are regularly praying in the masjid, after having done will do and go there small things like this. And this is more explicit into the same concept more explicitly mentioned in Surah Noor freebooting or the in Allah Who until the fall while youth karate has small in the houses of Allah, Allah allows you to raise your voice and to recite the Quran. And there are those who are coming to these who are they the region on once again men notice this is radula men who are these men largely empty jar or two and whatever your own and victory lie upon masala Toyota is neither their businesses nor their

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transactions, prevent them from constantly coming to the masjid worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada thinking of life and death, return on largely empty jars. What about articulable Congress, right? With waiters, aka Johar? funa, Yeoman Takala, goofier Kulu wall of sorrow, these are men who are scared, not of the dunya of the Kiama their fear does not come from this world. Their fear does not come from anything of this dunya what are they Maha? What is the hope coming from? They have to answer to Allah on the Day of Judgment. This is what it means to be a man. So oh youngsters, just because you find somebody saying there's two genders. And then he says bad things about women and

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puts women down and makes fun of women. That's not masculinity. Wallahi that's not masculinity. Real masculinity is not demonstrated by machonis against the women. And for most of human history, women were called the weaker sex. It's politically incorrect to say that they were called the weaker sex not to make fun of them. But to make men in their place. Don't take advantage of them physically, they're weaker, physically, they're weaker. So then you have a responsibility to treat them with more dignity than you treat men. And that's why even in this culture, before this woke ism, and leftism came, even in this culture, it was inculcated in the men and the gentleman, when they see a

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lady, they're supposed to take their head off out of respect for her. When they see a lady they opened the door for her. When there's an emergency women and children first we're going to stay here and die, you're going to be saved. That is chivalry. That is what Islam is teaching what men are that you sacrifice for the sake of the women in the Battle of

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the name of the bad forgot when the process was coming back.

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Most people don't understand what the process was coming back, right. And Angelica is rushing forward because he's wanting to get to Medina, and Aisha is on the camel and he's rushing forward. The Prophet system says, Oh Angelica, that if when Bill Kawaii is gentle, you have fragile crystal vessels on you. This is what it means to be a man. The Profit System is thinking of the comfort of the women. That's what it means to be a man. You sacrifice and you're conscious of the realities of your women folk, you take on the burden, rather than they take on the burden. That is masculinity. As for macho speech, putting women down mocking them, making them feel bad? Where did you learn this

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masculinity from? Were in the Quran and Sunnah. Were in this era of the Prophet system. Did you learn this to be masculinity? So if any convert embraces Islam, we welcome them and hamdulillah but if we want to put them on a pedestal and platform, they had better get their act together. They had better learn to speak properly about the deen if we want to promote them otherwise, if anybody converts, we're happy for their conversion, no problem hamdulillah and those that were not happy, they need to think that's also a major problem right under the doubt. Anyway, back to this issue. Because we don't have time. I'm not going to go there. But there is masculinity this automatically

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means there must also be femininity, that's the whole point. And the Quran and Sunnah also has this concept as well. But today's talk is about photo and masculinity. So to conclude, what is masculinity in the Quran? First and foremost, what we find in the Quran, a level of courage and sacrifice. Secondly, masculinity put your priorities in order your priorities, your schedule, Salah rabada Masjid taharah no business no wealth will distract you from what is your priorities. Thirdly, masculinity means you're not scared of the dunya you're scared of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. That is ultimate masculinity. And then from the Sierra, and the sooner we learn from the Quran as well or

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reach out to our Munna other Nisa, men are regional one other Nisa hawan. They are risk

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sponsible for women, it's not a superiority, it is a responsibility. You are responsible to take care of to protect to defend. That's what being a man is. If your woman doesn't feel safe with you, you're not a man. If your woman doesn't know she can trust you take care of her financially protect her, then you haven't been Amantha her original Blue Moon either Nisa that is the reality of masculinity. So yes, there's something called masculinity and will law he we should not be ashamed to reclaim it. Final point. If all of us collectively as men spoke like men and acting like men, perhaps our youngsters would not be aggrandizing weirdos and other people perhaps. But because we

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live in this climate where everybody is cowering and silent and whatnot. Well then this gives the opportunity of extremism to take place. We have to be the middle nation. We have to be on with and Busselton May Allah subhana wa to Allah granting greatest autofill clinicals which is

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