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AI: Summary © The series of disconnected and disjointed statements from various speakers discusses prophets and their roles in various situations, including the Day of Judgment, a chef, and a woman named Missy. They stress the importance of having a certain quality, such as being a good chef or a good person. The negative impact of fasting on one's health and social media accounts is discussed, along with the potential for a job opportunity and acquire good manners and morals.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The other one is as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 day five

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so how's your fasting going?

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How's your day going? so far? They five almost a week gone from llamada

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and Subhanallah this is the case of Ramadan every year. It comes we're so excited and happy Ramadan is here Ramadan is here and then we don't even have that time to really enjoy that happiness and before we know it, it's gone.

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Let me share with you a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Ali subtle Salah

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he says in this hadith reported by Edison and very sound authentic howdy

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nikolina V and that was Mr. Java. AKA

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chef actually omit yomo pm

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every prophet has there is Mr. Chef that is granted. And the Prophet Mohammed it Sufism says that every nubby have utilized their his or his

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every night he has used Delta, that dot that is Mr. Jab, Prophet Ibrahim used it Prophet Adam used it pocket, you're not used it. All the other prophets have used the DA, except the Prophet Mohammed sauce and he says, I do I still have that mind. That is granted. And I have started to be used in the Day of Judgment, to intercede on behalf of my own mind, to intercede on behalf of my own mind. So if you were to imagine,

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you know, I'd love to be a person in you know, as ASAP

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as that person in the ASAP would be amongst the people have maybe doomed. And then and then here's the loss of Allah. Because that's all that is said to Sam. He'll be coming. No, he'll be in there. Why interceding?

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So we'll come to Prophet Mohammed Al salam to Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he would introduce it on your behalf, or Allah. He is from my alma. He is good. Is this all low? Allah please, please. sheffey agraphia Allah, please intercede that I want to intercede on his behalf? And then Allah would accept and then the prophet will come and tell you? Why.

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Come, go, go to Shanghai loss, you're safe. And then the prophet will go to another one. And then he will go to another one. In fact, the prophet alayhi salatu salam he was interesting to both Muslims and non Muslims know how, what in the day of judgment in that day, in fact, the Day of Resurrection when the sun would be on the top of their heads. People that are sitting there naked waiting for waiting for the hiset to start, and they said hasn't started yet. 50,000 years geomechanics Carlo comes in alpha Santa in a day equivalent of 50,000 years. So here's everybody's sitting and waiting. Muslims, non Muslims like everybody, they just want his app to start. We'll come to Prophet

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Mohammed, awesome, and he will go and he will make sure to Allah well as all the other prophets would say, No, I've seen I've seen myself myself will come to Providence to them and he will go make sure to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, praising him glorifying him for what you have just started ASAP. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala within the Prophet goat palace I'm coming and Allah Subhana Allah will come down and he said was done. So this is in fact a chef for both people from all faiths in fact

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and then this discussion chef

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Sharma for people like you and the people that that that that love the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salaam.

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let me ask you this that to earn the chef out Rasul Allah, especially in Ramadan Now, is there any quality in you that the Prophet would love? That will earn you the chef? Ah,

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let me ask, let me repeat this. Do you have any quality in you that the Prophet Mohammed as Islam likes or loves? That will earn you he shall find it in judgment.

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The Prophet Mohammed is a person who loves the flock, good manners, good morals. Good Ramadan? Has it all done? Better luck. Has Ramadan perfected your luck?

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How are you doing with anger? Usama? Ramadan is just a school. It's a school. So how's anger doing with your normal especially, you know, like Muslim countries, you know, outside you know, especially before mechanic time, people like don't want to talk to no one. They say Oh, don't even go and bite. Don't. Don't try to go and buy meat just towards the end of the day when you're eating

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Asking the butcher holds a knife you know getting angry with something crazy people as if they're fasting and you just like don't talk to him fasting

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that's not the essence of fasting that is not the essence of fasting so determine perfected your clock or at least better your clock

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so there's I'm asking you is that any quality that the profit that you have that property would love that will make you earn his chef on the Day of Judgment

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How about your smiles in Ramadan

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when you're driving when you go into the masjid

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how how's that going?

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Let me ask you another question. How's your park influence in the moment

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when you go and park and double Park and triple Park maybe even quieter pocket and you parking on the block people who need to go and then this gives you a no go and waiting for you until you come easily

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don't even don't even say I'm sorry and as you look at them in a new stereo What are you looking at? I was praying but you don't know the needs of stuff

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Is that good?

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How about if he you know

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feeding inshallah maybe

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poor Muslim help them you know to break their fast even what always check is Ramadan even with you know with the morsel of date

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these are the good luck that we need to learn in Ramadan ladies and gentlemen. So inshallah tada let us all in sha Allah you know, we still have candidates delay the beginning of Ramadan, let's shall not try to work hard to earn this work and do this lack of the profitable love so that we can earn a shift out of judgments.

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You know, bring a smile in the face of your fellow Muslim or Muslim. Just smile, smile.

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You know, make somebody smile.

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If you know somebody who's going through some difficulties or hardship, why don't you go and shallow data and try to help them to alleviate that pain. Allah subhanho wa Taala will alleviate your pain in the adjustments. Try that and

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bring the smile in the face of your of your brothers and sisters.

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Maybe you could have a date or a bag of dates. And then before breaking the fast go around me we go down if you live in a Muslim country, you will come down and go to the masjid you know and then go to a brother or sister put your sister and then give them those dates and say please please break your festival with this date.

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How easy is everyone is it has an Effie I know you have your dates but could you please break your fast with these dates? Yes

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earned the chef our boss

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hello it's work hard inshallah. I hope you're not you know getting bored with these messages because if you're getting bored, just give me the you know the noun and then Sharma will

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now I cannot stop them. I know that a lot of people can do that who are benefited from them.

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So please, what I'm trying to do here and I'm trying to say is

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let's try to earn this quality this clock because as the Prophet Muhammad Allah Sufism says, Those who will be closer to me in the Day of Judgment. Those who have good luck.

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Acaba, Camila, Madison, Yama, Yama, hacer la, those who will be the closest to me to give judgment, or those who have good luck. And ladies and gentlemen, I don't think there are any other opportunity better than this opportunity in Ramadan, to earn this

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and acquire these good manners and morals. So that's inshallah, who to either, you know, work together and try to practice and implement what we learn through the life of the Prophet Mohammed also set up and making lots of asking Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those that would only shift that is a common law as of tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012. I say I said I'm going to add up