Tafseer of Surah Maryam #19 – Allah invites you to Paradise

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Sheldon dia

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim la yes Morona Fein ha la one in Salama, while the whom resume fi hubback Autumn watching till Kelton to Leti no resume in ibird in

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the sort of hola hola Aleem. So yes, we were in the discussion of paradise and Allah subhanho wa Taala introduced to us, the bounties of Paradise and the discussion continues. In verse 62, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, LA is my own effing high level when, in Jannah, they will not hear any futile discussion, there will be no utterance of any form of nonsense, there will be no obscene language, there will be no form of unpleasant communication. At times, you could be enjoying the best of comfort, and it could be compromised by some uncouth behavior. Sometimes you could be flying or you're in a hotel or you're busy dying in and adjacent to you are other travelers, or people

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dining close by. And unfortunately, there's vulgar sometimes on a flight to domestic flight and a person just behind you is just going away and it's absolute vulgar. And at times, you would even rotate your head to kind of indicate or gesture to him with a slight frown on your forelock, to say like this is just unbecoming, and unfortunately, swearing like a sailor as they would say, the vulgar just persists and continues. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in a levena Saba caught logo Minal hos na hola Erica on her mobile I don't lie you're smart Runa hussies, aha, those for whom goodness has been decreed. They will not hear any of the pain and the agony and the screaming

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and the yelling of the occupants of hell, because surely this will compromise their happiness. Lie your smartphone or feed her loved one. They will not your any futile talk. In La Salama, yes, they will your greetings peaceful blessings, salutations and every type of salutations welcome Isla cartuja de ho Luna Allah Eman Calais, Bob. The angels will enter from every door Salam aleikum, be Moussa baritone. Congratulations for you on your perseverance. For now I'm on rocket bed dar bless it indeed is the abode of Astra and of course the pinnacle that euphoria the excitement the jubilation would be when they will be crowned and privilege with greetings from Allah subhanho wa

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Taala May Allah make us amongst those fortunate individuals for buying among fee I issue him was Rory him will resemble that Jerry aralen him were tapas are more the bullet sketches the image of the dwellers of Jana, they will be walking they will be merrymaking yet another owner fee has yet announced their own fee ha. So what happens typically the night before the wedding, and then they want to you know what?

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Do something to the bride or something to the groom and they're going to surprise him and they're going to shower him with with powder or then there's going to you know what, do some crazy and hilarious things and it's just part of the Sokol excitement. And often unfortunately people overstep the mark yet to announce our own fee. So so they will be sitting together. There's a glass there's a goblet there's a vessel yet and as their own mutually snatching it from each other. Learn love one fee ha Well theme, but in this it will be pure merrymaking celebrating and join indulgent and wire toe for Eiling him real man Allah whom

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Maknoon the young lads of Jana will be walking around which the Quran says they will be young and they will remain young. Low on there will be like pearls and diamonds in our ADA whom has a better home low low men thorough like scattered pearls. And in medallic Guten Zilla Allah mana Sufi says that pearls have their own beauty but when they scattered, it enhances the beauty.

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So for baby number one FY 18 was Rudy him were reserved to him during early him we'll talk about some more. He then will be nude in sadlier in a chakra Tila

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Who will be Atari Hello Jana Tila Yuto who suddenly there will be this blinding light there will be this luminous lion. There will be this brightness and this a fulgens that will grip the entire paradise that Gela love whom Rob was somehow anti Jarrah to Gela, whom Rob Oussama Whitey Jarrah for Yamaha, Cora Hiroshi sama Yuka limo, La ilaha illa Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will unveil his countenance to the occupants of paradise, which would be the pinnacle of ecstasy. The euphoria of that moment is simply indescribable Salamone? polam Mirabell Rahim greetings from Allah Himself. Wallah we had the rue ala Dar es Salaam and Allah Himself invites you to paradise. So Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says lions maroon Fe and high level one Illa Salama, they will not your any nonsense of course in hell May Allah protect us. In addition to the pain, the affliction, the agony they will be this mutual blaming they will be this accusing of each other as the Quran says yarujie robot boom Illa Bruyneel told directing the word to each other. You're called on readiness to refer Linus tech guru Lola and lacuna mini in the week ones will say to the mighty and the arrogant one is because of you people we are in hell. And what else would they say? Robin? Ah ha Ola Uber Luna for our team I've ever been for a minute now. Oh Allah this man misled me so give him a double punishment Robina

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in Uttanasana, tena, Koe Barra Ana de Luna Sevilla or banality him find him in a hijab well on whom London Kabira Oh like curse this man. Oh Allah destroy this man. And then you will have the devil that's coming with his disclaimer. And he's disclaimer will be as follows that lesson Allah subhanaw taala invited you and I invited you. So you had two invitations. First, the jump to Li you opted for my invite over the invitation of Allah Fela de Loup Mooney, aloo mu and forsaken Don't blame me blame yourself. Now when people want to vent their rage and the anger and the devil is just walking away from the equation scot free like I'm not liable I'm not responsible deal with it yourself. So

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in hell May Allah protect us May Allah protect us, in addition to the pain and the agony and the misery would be this arguments this frustration this accusation that will go back and forth in Metallica Lucha on the hall sumo ali na. Surely this is an absolute reality the mutual arguments of the occupants of health law your smartphone Fe Lavoie verse 62 of chapter 19 Allah subhanho wa Taala says the dwellers of Paradise will not hear any nonsense in less Allama it will just complement the ambience greetings peaceful salutations acknowledgments compliments to button three button to be done. Congratulations wow amazing awesome Alhamdulillah in living inside Dhaka now Alhamdulillah

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inletting inside that gonna work well over 1000 hours All praise belongs to Allah who delivered on his promise Netmarble Well, Amina Jannetty Hi Sonia Shah, we can merrily and freely walk around in paradise for now a doodle army lien great indeed is the compensation for those who toiled whether Marie's spoon feed her book rotten were Ashiya

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and they will receive their sustenance whether whom and for them risco whom their sustenance fee it book written in the morning actually or in the evening. So there are a few things to understand in this context, what is meant by receiving their sustenance morning and evening? Firstly, we need to know that the Quran is quite clear that there is no worldly concept of night and day law Your Honor fee Hashem son, they will not see the Sunday while as some harira some harira some according to JELA lane, it means the moon or the say cold. So there's difference of opinion on the translation of some harira but this is definite that there won't be the daily Mata RF meaning of morning and night.

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Other scholars say that there will be a different way of understanding the concept of evening and morning not like sunrise and sunset in because that will not happen there. While many scholars argue morning and evening does not denote literally morning and literally evening, but it is a figurative expression of the warmth that they will receive this

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sustenance at all times. So by way of example, you say I am at his place in and out and the morning and evening. So it's not literally in the morning and it's not literally in and out, meaning you there all the time every second I speak to him practically every minute every day. Now you don't literally and practically speak to him but it's a figurative expression of intense relationship, meaning whenever they would want their food or they would desire for anything, they would have it yes what Fakir Hatem Nehemiah your own, the bird of your choice, you fill in for us street you fill in for a quail you fill in for a chicken you fill in for any other bird while Fakir had Team Me Maya

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your own while playing rim me my gosh. Well thank you had him in my ear to hear on the first verse speaks of fruit. Sorry, the first verse speaks about fruit. The second is well a homemade pie you remember yester Hoon, and any bird that you feel in for immediately it would be presented to you whether you wanted machinery in a barbecue style or you wanted cooked it would be presented to you. Well thank you hatin cathedra an abundance of fruit LaMotta to it in 1am new not limited to a season or not restricted to a quantity, what general Jannetty you need done and the fruit of both depth gardens would be closed, so easy access to eight MATEC ina Allah for Roshan Baba in Omaha Minister

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Baraka, they will be reclining on couches, the line in Botswana in now generally the external is of a superior quality and the internal is of an inferior quality. You will find many people will attire themselves with a very elegant suit, but inside probably his inner garment might be torn or even his sock might be torn but his shoe is a very branded shoe. Yeah, the inner the lining of the couches would be of soap. So if that's the lining, then you can apply in your mind. How amazing and how awesome the external will be. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Wella whom resume fi her book written? Well, and she Yeah, it comes in the Hadith that whenever a person goes to the masjid are at Allahu

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Allahu Newsela who Lama Radha or Raha when a person goes in the morning and the evening for the fajr prayer for the evening prayer that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala prepares his noodle noodle in Arabic refers to the food or the start is with which you welcome a guest with which you welcome higher than those who know whom young met Dean. So when you're welcome someone just you know, you can munch on some nuts here. There's some dates here. There's some zamzam Your people will have different type of edibles just at the entrance hall before you formally make yourself into the dining area. Law you're smart enough in high level and in law Salama, one of whom is goofy, her book rotten, we're Ashiya

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verse 63, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Pinnacle Jana to Lottie no retheme in Ibiza and Dena MADD, Canada, Korea. Now Tilka those who know Arabic basic simple is used to reference something remote or to reference something close but to elevate and impress its significance. So by way of example, the very

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second chapter of the Quran in the very opening and if la meme Olalekan kita daddy, Allah says that book and in the harsh of Gela Lane it is mentioned your daddy comes for Veeam to impress the greatness of this book that book telecoil Jana telecoil Jana till Kadar Asada to Niger aloha in living in Allah Yuri do not renew when Phil rd telecoil Jana that paradise new resuming arriba Dena min Karnataka Priya this Jana is for Our Bondsman who possess Taqwa they will inherit it. Allah uses the expression of inheritance. Those of Our Bondsman our servants, our bonds woman who possess taqwa, they will inherit it. Why is Allah reference entry into paradise with the term inheritance

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out of the urethral Eros? And the scholars tell us because inheritance is the strongest form of ownership with which you transfer anything. One is a gift you something, one is you purchase something and one is you inherit, surely the only way you can cancel that inheritance is if the dead man becomes alive. And that's obviously not going to happen. Liat hollowness Jana had jelly jelly

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Jamal FISA mill here

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in the Lavina Cafaro was struck by Rwanda law two factor hola whom Abu Abu summer wala yet hold on and Jana had jelly jelly jam aloo FISA Millfield Allah subhanho wa Taala says those who died as disbelievers, the doors of Paradise will not be open for them and they will not enter paradise until a camel enters through the eye of a needle which we know cannot happen and the doors of Jannah will not be open for them. May Allah subhanahu wa taala make us amongst those fortunate people who die with iman. We simply cannot say with relief my brother and my sister, the examination is still active and our results have not come out. So we cannot rejoice we simply cannot rejoice. Okay, so

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Allah says this paradise, Our Bondsman who possess Taqwa they will inherit it, meaning once they've been given this Jana permanently it is yours telecoil Jana Atleti who refused to move Hobbema according to Malone, verse 64, Allah subhanho wa Taala says woman xS xello. Ellerbee amrev Bake Lahoma Boehner ad now why Mr. Hull find out why Mr. Boehner Dalek why American Book NSC? Yeah. So there was a slight pause in Revelation, just a backdrop to verse 64. There was a slight pause in Revelation. Some of the disbelievers passed the remark and made a comment. What Daraa who rubbed boohoo, it looks like his Lord has forsaken him. Well are you so beloved, after a period of time

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after an interval revelation came down? This verse likewise Surah to loha Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Moussa Donica Rob Booker wama Allah, your Lord has not forsaken you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in certain relations it appears that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Gibreel Zorana AXA Rami Mantis orona Oh Gibreel visit us more frequently visit us more frequently. And then Allah subhanho wa taala, inspired Gibreel to reply to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the following manner. And this was revealed in the Quran. And that is the opinion adopted in Tafseer. Earth money as well.

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Walmart net unnecessarily elaborate Arabic that Gibreel is saying and this is what Allah had inspired Jibreel alayhi salatu salam to say, one man at a net Zulu inlab Umbra Arabic, we only descend on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by the decree of your Lord. So it's not at my discretion. And yet again, it's another reflection, as great, as huge as Jibreel alayhi salam was, he only had power in the area in which Allah had given him power. So he could traverse the skies to the earth in a second in a second with Revelation. But Gibreel Alayhis Salam could not remove the soul or blow the soul without the permission of Allah subhanahu wa taala because that was outside

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his domain that was outside his domain. He was not he couldn't send down a droplet of rain or he could not stop rain, because this was not in his control. And I think we also need to remind ourselves that when Allah subhanho wa Taala has made something easy for us, then we need to be humble in that particular expertise that Allah has given to us. If somebody has been blessed with a particular skill as a sister, mashallah Allah has blessed you with bacon. Now another sister asks you how to make it easy, man. You know what, you just put so much flour, you just put so much eggs and you just pop it in the oven. No, it's not so easy. It's easy for you. It's not easy for her.

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Allah has blessed you with the ability of oratory. How do I conquer my fears? And how do I do public speaking is easy, man, you must just be casual. You mustn't be afraid you must stand up and you must address the people. No, it's not easy. A person is asking you for direction and he doesn't know how to go to a particular place and you like just go straight. You know where the gas station is? No, he doesn't know. That's why he's asking you. So let us not be proud in the skill that Allah has given us. Whether you're a karate bone a Yak, tuba, Kumar, Allama hula, hopefully Aktobe if Allah has given you a particular skill, then do not be proud and arrogant about it. Do not refuse it but

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rather assists people as Allah has made it possible for you. Woman at an SLO Illa be umbrella bake. We do not descend but through the will of the Almighty Lahoma Boehner a Deena warmer hull fina warmer Binah dyadic to Allah belongs whatever is ahead of us and whatever is behind us and whatever is between us this could either refer in space or intense. So in the future tense that is in the knowledge of Allah, physically, whatever is ahead of me belongs to

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Hola Wolmer Khalifa behind me either the past tense or in space, whatever is behind me belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala warmer Bay in a Dalek and the present tense and the present location all belongs to Allah subhanahu wa Donna. And as the scholars tell us, it belongs to Allah HALCON Milken enter sorrowful, Allah created it, Allah owns it and Allah has access over it. So there's so many things people built, but they don't own how many builders have put up so many homes, but the poor man doesn't own a roof. How many people own many roofs but they didn't build it. How many people own certain investments but they don't have access to it. A boy would say I have X amount of money,

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okay, it's Francis, can you bring? No My dad says I'll only have it in the holidays. Or when my when my investment matures, or when I hit the 60 year mark or when this happens. So you don't have the sunroof. Allah is harlot. Allah is Malik Allah is matar sorry, Allah created Allah owns and Allah has access. And then the verse ends verse 64, woman cannot have brokenness See, your Allah does not forget Sedna. Musa alayhis salam when he described Allah before Pharaoh, he said liable lurid be Wella Yun sa May Allah does not earn any does not forget, just marvel at this amazing Well, every quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala is amazing. Allah never forget a simple thing. I brought my car

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keys in my room. I know I left it here on the table. There's one closet, there's one car, there's one room, and I'm like adamant that I left it here. And then my spouse tells me probably in the kitchen and I'm like, No, it's here. And my son says well maybe it's in the bedroom, or it's in the dining room and I'm arguing No, I know it's your only to discover I forgot it in the bathroom. Or I left it you know outside on the table. And I slipped up about one simple thing. When I cannot book in sha Allah never forgets. The indication of this idea in this context is that whenever it is necessary for me to come down on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will surely dispatch me

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and Allah will never forget. Hence Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what the worker Alhaji let ILA your mood rely on that Allah who never dies and ask from that creator and from that been who never forget? May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless us with the sweetness of Doha mean your blood Amin are suddenly level Marisa lumada and a bit you know Muhammad while early he was happy he emmalin well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen