The Promises of Allah

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The transcript describes a false promise made by someone named Jann high-level to the people of Jana, which includes a "branded bomb" that will be proven in court. The promise of Islam is also discussed, with the use of shelling and the use of ridiculous language. The promise of forgiveness and promises of false false ones are also mentioned.

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Law says in the Quran quoting the people of Jana when either as horrible Jannetty as harbor now, and that would include Vietnam War or then Aragona haka for her legitimate

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law says, and the people of Jana shall call out to the people of the fire and they will actually say to them and look at the widget nama where are the knob?

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That indeed we have found the promise of our Lord to be true?

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The whole widget them

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so have you found the promise of your law to be true? on that? They will reply in the affirmative.

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And even that shade bomb, but great deceiver as Allah says, old people know that the Promise of Allah is true.

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Therefore, do not let the worldly life deceive you and do not let the great deceiver deceive you.

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Because che bomb being such an Iblees on your multi AMA has Allah quotes. Allah says, We're all a shape on a map with the alarm.

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And shape one will say, when the matter will be decreed in the hereafter in the law, what are the model Hawk over at

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the Indeed, Allah promised you a promise of truth. And I also promised you so even shaped long will tell us then that I made you a promise. Allah made you a promise. But Allah's promise was a true promise in the law who are the commodity? Indeed Allah promised you a true promise a promise of truth? Well, what? And I also promised you that

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but I remained on my promise to

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Makanda near Lake Minnesota

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and I had no power over you. enlighten the outcome, except for I invited you. So we will have no defense. That shade bomb made me do this shaitan compelled me to do this shape bomb inside incited me to do this. Yes. shaytaan has huge forces at his disposal in order to fulfill his promise to Allah and His promise to us, and His promise to as well as I will surely mislead them, misguide them, lead them astray, deceive them, give them hope, promises, I will instruct them to sin. All of these are from the Quran.

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And Allah Subhana Allah with Allah in response when he made that promise to Allah that I will do all of this. What did Allah subhanho wa Taala and I say to him, fine. Was his minister 30 Min whom? basaltic what actually but I named him behave EqualLogic was Shari confit Anwar, they will hola where it will now here in Doha mache bar in La Aurora. Allah says in that case, was the minister that the minimum basaltic arouse from mankind whomever you can with your voice.

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What actually led him with Haley chlorogenic and a mass against them?

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A mass and draw against them? Your hail and your region?

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Do you know what that means? Your hail and your region? Behaving orogenic

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you hate your infantry. Sorry, your cavalry. What agility and your infantry? Hey, you means cavalry. Original means infantry. So Allah subhanho wa Taala told Shavon fine, you're going to, you're gonna you promise to mislead them. Do this against them. You promise to claim a share of mine out of My servants, then fine. Do what you can arouse whomever you can have them with your voice and a mass against them. Gather against them. Your cavalry and your infantry.

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Or Shari cranfill Ambala lad, and be a partner with them in that wealth and in their children. Allahu Akbar. Che POM can be a partner not only you know, a wealth, been our children, by the words of the Quran.

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And then Allah says what are the whom and promise them? Well, my year in the home was shaped long in love, hurrah. And shaytaan does not promise them anything except assumption.

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These are all the promises of che plan. So he makes so many promises on your piano, he will actually confess and say, Allah promised you a promise of truth. And I also promised you will Magana Lian eaten some bomb, and I did not have any power over you. So despite his forces of infantry and cavalry, and his allurement and his arousing voice, despite all of this, he will say rightfully, that I wasn't

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able to compel you to do anything I immediately or my family or ligaments Obama had no power over you

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in Latin the outcome except the I invited you, just the

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first Egypt. So you accepted my invitation, fill out that one. So do not blame me Woolloomooloo and forsaken rather blame yourselves

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man and be more surgical Alma anthems

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I cannot save you this day and nor can you save me

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and then shade lawn will turn against themselves, meaning everything that he did. There are other verses of the Holy Quran as well would speak about this promise of Allah and this promise of shade lamb in short, a last panel with Anna promises forgiveness, Mo Farah, and the

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and shape arm promises that dunya and all that we seek in this world,

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through wealth through fame through other things, Shakedowns promises a false one, lost proud of who they are those promises a promise of truth. And Allah tells us repeatedly do not let the worldly life deceit a lot of promises true Do not let the worldly life deceive you or the great deceiver deceive you