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The speakers discuss the importance of protecting family members from negative conversations and drama in the home, shaping behavior to prevent harm, and educating parents on one's own family. They emphasize the need to warn children about potential toxic relationships and avoid anyone in the family from causing harm. The success of graduating school and learning the Quran is also highlighted as important tools for being a full-time professional. The speakers emphasize the importance of choosing the right tool for a job and being prepared for difficult tasks, and highlight the success of graduating school and learning the Quran to become a full-time professional.

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Sometimes you say we shouldn't have negative conversations in front of children, we should shield them, we should protect them. But sometimes it's in their best interest to know who's good for them and who's not good for them, which uncle to stay away from, which brother to stay away from, sometimes, not every family situation is ideal. You know, and sometimes parents don't want to hear sometimes children come and say, you know, my brother did this, or my sister did this, or this one did this or this, I don't want to hear it. So I'm talking. I don't want to deal with anything. You know, a friend of mine used to say back, he was from Algeria, and used to say that the you know,

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they're a joint family system. So they've got the guy living there, his wife is living there, their kids are living there, his brother's living there, his wife and their kids, there's like 30 kids in the house. And there's like four or five different couples, and they're all fighting and all kinds of drama is happening all day in the house. But then the grandfather walks home, and everybody's happy, all of a sudden, all the problems are gone, because the grandfather had a policy, if anybody has any fight, I'm going to line all of you up and slap all of you, the father's the mothers, the children, everybody's gonna get slapped. So by the time the grandpa came home, all the problems in

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the family are resolved. That's clearly not Islam.

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Apparently works for their family.

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The idea being sometimes we don't want to hear it, or we don't want to deal with a conflict that actually exists. Sometimes there are members of our family that have a problem, that have an anger problem, that have a jealousy problem, that have a verbal abuse problem. Sometimes they have, you know, physical abuse problem. Sometimes they have a scheming and lying problem they have the people have problems, and who knows family better than family. And so if you have to look, look out for someone, sometimes you even have to look out for your own sibling, it happens. And this father has the sense to know listen, you need to look out for your brothers. You can't you don't be naive,

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you're young, they're older. But don't talk about these kinds of things with them. That acoustal IACA Allah aquatica, because they will they might hurt you in some way. And it's not their fault entirely. In the shaitana, Lillian Sani, I don't want to be in the devil is a pretty big enemy, pretty open enemy for human beings, the devil can come anywhere, the devil is not just there, between you and some stranger, the devil wants to destroy family relationships, he wants to create animosity between brother and Brother, brother and sister, father and son, you know, mother and child, you know, mother and daughter, mother and son, etc. These family relationships is where the

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shaytaan is active. That's where he that's what he wants to destroy. First, what's the best way to destroy humanity, destroy the unit that holds humanity together, the unit that holds humanity together as the family. So shaitan was most active in the family is most active between parents and kids is most active between husband and wife, or siblings. That's where he's most active, these blood ties are these these sacred ties, that's what he wants to destroy first, if these are destroyed, what's left of humanity, then it's all gone. And then there's the you know, the shelter, the protection that family brings is gone. And so he's succeeded successful in his scheme. So first

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thing that your old tells his son is what to be careful about. And that's, again, something we learn about us and our children, we have to warn our kids about things they should be careful about. And we should also be warning our kids about people in our own family, sometimes that may be toxic. That's important. It's actually a son of a prophet. Now, it's so not so important that was recorded in the Quran, to let our kids know, sometimes not everybody in the family is okay. And you know, Ramadan happens and after Ramadan, Eid happens in Eid, all the family gets together, and some of the crazy uncles come to, and some of the wild cousins come to and some of the, you know, everybody's

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together. And sometimes you gotta let your kids know ahead of time. Here's the people you got to stay away from, here's what you have to be careful about. And you have to you have to warn them and educate them. It's the real world, you have to prepare them. So our kids are not naive, and they don't just, you know, in their naivete, trust anybody, because anybody can harm them. And if this this sort of in the beginning teaches us anything, is that family is not necessarily a safe place. His own brothers are the ones that kidnapped him, isn't it? His own brothers are the ones that threw him in a well, his own brothers are the ones that were trying to kill him. So it's not always the

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case that just because someone's family Oh, it's okay. They're with their cousin. It's okay. It's okay. It's just their uncle. No, don't be naive. That's that's something even though Quran is selling this in very explicit terms. So that's the first thing but more importantly, what I wanted to focus my hotbar on today with you is what he says next and what impact it has. He says what can radica HDB Karim mukha that is how Allah has especially chosen you, your master, your nurturing Master has chosen you. Each Dubai in Arabic is used when someone is chosen for something based on a skill that they have, based on some qualification that they have. To give you an example. If I just

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go to the store and pick out a blue shirt. I could have picked a white shirt. I could have picked a green shirt I picked a blue shirt, that's not HD but that's a stuffer. But when you hire someone for a job, right when you hire a cookout or

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restaurant you hire the best cook, you don't just say this guy is wearing a blue shirt, you got the job, that's not how that works, you got to hire the best cook. That's called HD BA, the right kind of choice for the right kind of job. So when someone's qualified to do the work, and you, you select them, or even if you're working on your car or something and you need a certain tool, you pick the right tool for the right kind of screw. Right that when you make that right selection, that's called HD VA, when he uses this word for use of at a salon, he's telling his son, you have a skill, you have good qualities in you. And those qualities are the basis on which Allah is choosing you for a

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special task. And then he starts telling him not only you know what, what skill is that where you live, you come into we Lilla Hadith, Allah will teach you it seems Allah is going to be teaching you how to interpret all kinds of speech, not just dreams, you're able to figure things out what people say, and what's behind what people say. Sometimes people say one thing, but it's something behind it. Another reality behind it. He's gonna make you highly intelligent at analyzing speech. When you are living committed, you are living committed, we live a hadith, where you Timonium Mata, who are the ICA and Allah will complete his favor on you, meaning you have a great future ahead of you. You

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have a fantastic future out of you know, this is this talk father is giving to his son, that Allah has chosen you, you have a special skill, then you're going to learn to interpret all kinds of speech, you're very intelligent, and your Allah will complete his favor. I'm sure Allah has a great future plan for you. And then he says, come out at a Maha Alaba Waker. And it's the same kind of future that perfection of Allah's favor that Allah gave to your ancestors. Ibrahim is Huck, meaning you are part of a proud legacy, you're gonna make your ancestors proud. These few words were so important. And I will tell you now why I highlighted these words. Because soon after this

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conversation, Yusuf Ali Salaam has been kidnapped. And soon after that, he will not see his father again. He's going to it's going to be his entire youth, his childhood is going to be spent in a non Muslim family, he's going to be a servant in a non Muslim family, there is no Islamic influence, he's not going to go to Islamic school, he's not going to have a masjid access. He's not going to have any sort of Muslim community environment. He's going to be in Egypt, where they don't worship Allah actually. And he's going to live in a politician's house. So if normal people's house you might not see all that corruption, but he lives in a politician's house, who's got a psychotic wife

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on top of that. And he's a servant with no adult moral supervision. Nobody, you know, servants, they serve their master and do whatever. But in their free time, they're free to do whoever whatever they want. At least if we're a child, there should be some kind of parental guidance, there is going to be no parental guidance, there's going to be no societal guidance, this society is about environment. And by the way, after spending some years in that negative environment, he's going to get falsely accused, and he's going to end up in jail for a few years. And what kind of positive environment is there inside of a jail? What kind of people Is he around, he's around criminals for

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several years. He's not around some positive atmosphere that is going to cultivate his personality and bring him some, you know, some goodness, what did we learn from this? What we learn is, no matter what negative environment he found himself in, he was able to hold on to his religion, he was able to hold on to the strength of his faith, all from what from the validating words that his father gave him as a child. When his when his father told him that you have a bright future Allah has chosen you, Allah has honored you, Allah has given you a special status. Allah sees something in you. You have a brilliant future. Then he when he internalized that as a child, he's able to take

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that light and doesn't matter what darkness is around him. It doesn't make him dark. He's still got that light inside of him. And why is that important to highlight for you and me, because we have to be careful what we tell our kids. We have to be careful how we talk to our kids.

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