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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early you also have your Nanda and my bad, dear viewers As Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We welcome you from our studios in Cairo, delving into a topic of utmost importance, a topic of one of the five pillars of Islam, Al Hajj, and the filth of Hajj. Hajj is known to be one of lifetime opportunity where people would spend their lives saving up for an opportunity like this. People would spend their whole life saving up and trying to endure this journey a journey of a lifetime. So what should we do when we get to hajj what is how do we prepare to even go to Hajj to begin with? What do we do when we get there?

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Should we ask or should we study first?

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Obviously to study Islam and to study Hajj before we go it is better for us to do so. So when we get there we're able to perform Hajj according to the way of Allah subhanaw taala how Allah wants us to perform it. And upon the Sunnah of His Messenger Samba law it was started I'm joined with us today in our studio is our not other shift we're seeing Clemson welcome shift was him not a conversation I want you to consider

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and inshallah to Allah he will be helping us undergo this journey of how to prepare what to look for and what to do what not to do. So at the end of the series, in sha Allah to Allah, we are prepared to go and perform this obligation of Allah subhanaw taala in the utmost perfection in sha Allah to Allah. So with that we begin check with him.

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Merkel of ego. What do we mean by Phil, for example, because this topic is called fill of hedge.

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What does the word fill mean? Essentially, it's like Mohammed Smilla will handle the level salatu salam ala Rasulillah praise belongs to Allah. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam sentences. So

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if you want to translate it into English language, we'd put it as understanding or to have an awareness or knowing of something.

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And whenever we talk about any Islamic topic, it is important we talk about definitions, because it allows us to stay within the topic of sale itself and to understand which goes back to what we're talking about anyway feel meaning understanding, and to understand the topic, as it was given to us by Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu anybody was

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so filled essentially means the understanding.

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So the topic is feel Cove hedge so understanding hedge What does hedge mean?

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So moving on from

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it has an Islamic meaning as well. And the Islamic meaning of fit would be for a person to understand and how to derive the rulings which are extracted from the sources meaning the Quran and the Sunnah and then to act upon it. So then we go into the understanding of Hajj, it would mean going into the Quran and into the Sunnah the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam extracting all there is to the verses and the Hadith pertaining to Hajj, then you understand, what am I supposed to do on this day because Hajj is all about what to do a certain times. It is not about doing things as you like it's not about just turning up in Mecca and just performing tawaf and

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then going to miss deliver and men and all the other places as you like, you do it as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us. So Hajj, is to understand is to intend to hide yourself is to intend, again, linguistically, linguistically. However, according to Islam, the Sharia meaning or the Islamic meaning, it will mean to intend to go to the house of Allah subhanaw taala to perform certain actions at a specific time, if the conditions have been fulfilled, so this is an Islamic definition of Hajj, so it stops the person performing Hajj at the beginning of the year, because the definition tells us it has to be done at a specific time.

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So what is the ruling of Hajj and what is its reward? So Subhanallah talking about Hajj is

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is always a beautiful thing to do speaking about worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. It is a beautiful thing to talk about. It raises the Eman. So Al Hajj is, as you mentioned, it is at the beginning one of the pillars of Al Islam. And if you imagine, and because it's something that the Prophet of Islam gave us, things for us to think about to ponder and to imagine what is a pillar? A pillar is something that keeps the structure upright. If the pillars are removed, it collapses. So hedge is one of those pillars that allows a person to keep their Islam firm and upright. So the prophets

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Hello Selim told us because it's not about do's and don'ts, yes and no. The Prophet alayhi salam, like we find in the Quran, there are great. There's a great emphasis on the virtues and the blessings of performing the hajj. Allah subhanaw taala tells us first because they are not be quick to the goodness of Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in another sound Hadith, that

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the accepted Hajj has no other reward, except the paradise. So the stakes are very high for us as Muslims, it is the paradise every person has an accepted Hajj.

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Ask those fans that always dread this halogen mob rule and grant us that paradise that we all yearn for and alone I mean,

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can you tell us a little bit of one hedge was obligated and how it was obligated. So in Islam, you find that we don't have the Quran coming down all in one book, and all the rulings at one time upon the Muslims. This happened with previous nations like Musa these animals. However, we know that the Quran was revealed piecemeal, over a period of about 23 years. And we can separate these 23 years into two sections. You have the McCain period, and you have the Medini period. And the Macan period, there was only a few rules and regulations. It was mainly in the Madani period, that there were rules and regulations halal and haram. So for example, the Salah was obligated at the very

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beginning of of the matinee period. And likewise, the event and likewise,

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other halal and haram issues from the shadow from Islam, however, Hajj was something that was delayed,

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and it was correct opinion and Allah subhanaw taala knows best. And, of course, when we're discussing Hajj, and we're discussing other issues, there were always there were always other views. And we must respect those other views. We don't want to say that they are wrong and we are correct. But for the purpose of of learning, we have to start from somewhere. So when I mentioned this happens to be the opinion that we're going to take we don't want to disregard because we have to honor the other scholars who came before us and the other opinions. However, it seems and Allah subhanaw taala knows best that the Hajj became an obligation in the ninth year after hijra, which is

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very close to the death of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam maybe just two years before he passed away. So all those years before Subhanallah, Hajj was not an obligation. So it was obligated and Allah Allah knows best in the ninth year, just now May Allah preserve you when and how was Hajj obligated upon Muslims by so we know that in Islam, that rulings came down gradually they did not come in one go. An example of this is alcohol. We know that there are different a yet in the Quran which talks about alcohol. Originally it was permitted. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the ruling about people not coming or approaching the Salah, do not approach Salah antem Sakala do not

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approach the prayer when you are in a state of drunkenness or you're intoxicated. And then later on in Surah Telma either Allah subhanaw taala completely banned in French Tony rule that you need to stay away from it. So rulings came down gradually. In nations that came previous to us that the way the revelation came to them in one go like to Bennett was right. However, in Islam, we see that gradually rulings came in Makkah the rulings weren't so much it was the focus on Eman was focusing on the belief in Allah subhanaw taala the hereafter. It is only when you reach the Madani period, which is the last 10 or 11 years of the Prophet Mohammed systems like that you find that the rulings

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especially with the swords are Bacara Surah Al Imran and an ISA and Surah. Either these are Medini chapters of the Quran. And in them you find many, many rulings concerning the Salah, concerning inheritance concerning fasting concerning Sokka and whatnot. Now, with regards to the obligation of hajj

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when was it actually obligated? The scholars have differed over this. Some of the scholars are of the opinion that in the early medieval period, that it became an obligation. Others are of the view that actually in the ninth year of the hijra, that it became an obligation upon the Muslims you can perform Hajj before that hajj was known.

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But Allah subhanaw taala Allah mentions it in the Quran when Allah He Allah Nursey hijo Beatty minister to Allah He Sabina that Allah has written has upon people, the pilgrimage, whoever has the ability to do so. Likewise from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said tad do that be quick and hasten to perform the hajj and what seems to be more correct and Allah subhanaw taala is Mister we're not dismissing and it's important that we honor and we respect the other views, but the Hajj became an obligation in the ninth year

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You have the hygena Sharma circle. So as an individual right now

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is has an obligation on me now immediately? Or is there some sort of leeway or, you know, space for me to perform Hajj at my leisure or my time? I'm talking about, like, when I can do it? Yeah, it's very good question. So, if we can establish now that we are in the year, mashallah, more than 1400 years later, then when the hedge was obligated, now, what is the situation? Do I have to do it straight away if I fulfilled the conditions? Or can I, for example, say, right, you know, I've got a few things to do this year, I can leave it for another year, the majority of the scholars are of the view that once the conditions have been fulfilled, the obligation becomes upon you immediately

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without any delay, meaning that you're not allowed to delay. If you do delay it, you will be sinful. This is the view of the majority of the scholars. And there's a minority group of the scholars who to be respected as well, with you like the prayer, they say, you know, and then for a lot of what comes in, you have all the way till the time of Assad to perform it, and they view it like this. However, looking at the evidences, it seems that the hedge is alpha, which means it should be done immediately. Now, as we mentioned earlier, and this is a good argument, this is a good discussion, actually, that the Hajj became an obligation in the ninth year, did the Prophet SAW Selim perform

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Hajj in the ninth year? He didn't SallAllahu Sallam source. In fact, he sent Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu to lead the Muslims to perform Hajj in that year. The prophet is made only on one Hajj in his life, in the year after that. So what is the reasoning thinking why? How did the Prophet is not performed hajj when we know it is to be done straightaway. It is known that in the ninth year of the hijra, that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was overwhelmed with the number of tribes and people visiting the Prophet Mohammed salah, so he was unable for this reason, he gave the responsibility to Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Radi Allahu Anhu to lead the people in Hajj. And then the very next year, the

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prophet RSM did in fact, perform the hajj.

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So naturally, the next question would be What are the conditions of Hajj that make it an obligation on one to do it immediately fold on as you mentioned, yeah, so for the hedge to become an obligation upon that individual, because there's a difference between some hedge being accepted. And the hedge becoming an obligation, because you may find a child who does hedge, but it's not an obligation upon them, whether it is accepted in short, or China. So as for the job or the obligation, then there are a number of conditions. And for the woman, there's an extra condition. So the first three the dimension, the scholars, they say Al Islam, once a person is a Muslim, and also asking that they

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have a sound mind, and that they have reached the age of puberty. And that may differ from males and females. So the signs for both males and females is that if they have hair, for example, going around the private area, then we say that you've reached the age of puberty, and for a woman an extra one, if he or she starts her monthly cycle, then she will be considered an adult. So these are the first three conditions. So Islam, you have a sound mind and you have reached puberty. And also you have that you have the financial means you have the financial means of you going there and returning. And also Rahila is that you have the means of actually traveling safely and returning as

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well. Okay, so the person has the financial means, and also has the ability to go, it's a safe journey for you. Okay. The sixth one, which is specifically for the woman is that she should not travel for Hajj, except with a Muharram that is a male

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relative like her father, or brother, her son or her uncle. Again, there's an issue which some of the scholars have differed over for the purpose of Hajj and whatnot is not for us to go into great discussion over the word is more correct. But what seems to be based upon the Hadith of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam is that a woman shouldn't travel except with a Muharram we know in the time of the messenger, so I said

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that companion, he said your Salah, I have come here because I want to go out and put you know give Tao with you. However, my wife has gone to perform the hajj. The Prophet Solomon said go with your wife and perform Hajj with her. Even though this individual wanted to do this great deed mashallah, what a very JAM PACKED session we have here Dear viewers,

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Inshallah, we were going to be taking a short break and returning soon to continuing this journey with our chef of the fifth of Hajj. Stay tuned. Your viewers welcome back on this series on this path of us.

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seeking knowledge, Phil Cove had we stopped Jana. Our last note was the conditions. And we mentioned that upon the females have an additional restriction or condition upon them, which is to take a man on with them. But what if one isn't, doesn't have a Muharram for whatever reasons and the reasons are many

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let it be maybe a new Muslim who was a convert and doesn't have any male male relatives, or a woman whose husband has passed and she doesn't have a Muslim per se? What What can she do? Okay, so what I mentioned the conditions, the scholars look at the conditions from different perspectives. And what I was talking about are the, the conditions of the job, meaning when does the hedge become an obligation upon that individual, because you also have surety or talking about the sale or the validity of the Hajj as well. Now, once these conditions have been fulfilled, meaning that a person is a Muslim, meaning that if a person who's a non Muslim performed at the Hajj, and then let's say

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that is they accepted Islam 10 years later, that had wouldn't be valid for them, you would have to be a Muslim, for your Hajj to be valid.

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So you have to be a Muslim. And also you have to have reached the age of puberty. Once you've gone past that. It can just one of the conditions fulfilled for it becoming an obligation upon you. And likewise, that you have sound mind as opposed to person who's insane. There's no obligation for that person to perform hajj, because of the hadith of Ali or the Allahu Anhu that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I just said, Rafi al Kalam and fellas, that the pen has been raised upon three, what is the pen being raised mean? What does that mean? It means accountability has been raised from three types of people. One of them is a person who has lost their mind who's insane until they become of

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sound mind. One of them is a youngster. And here's what we're talking about when you were a child, and when you reach the age of, of puberty, okay. So this is the proof to say that person has when you reach the age of puberty, you know, become accountable to Allah subhanaw taala. And third condition are these are three conditions. So the first way is SLM, then puberty, and then being having sound mind. We also mentioned to others, because it's good to hear foster talk about these conditions in some detail, because maybe the person home is realizing was thinking to have to perform Hajj now or not. What's the situation after saying that if you have fulfilled the

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conditions, you have to go.

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The other one is that you have desert, that you have the financial means of you performing Hajj. Now, depending on where you are in the world, you will have different packages, you will have different groups and different ways of performing and enabling you to make the Hajj they will say for example, you pay so many $1,000 or so many 1000 results or pounds or yen, whatever currency that you have, we have a package to take you for hedge and to return Do I have the financial means to go and when I go, if I have a family, am I able to financially have them stable as well. Let's say for example, I go for Hajj, I spend all my money on the Hajj package. And I have nothing for my family

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when I'm away. We say you haven't fulfilled the criteria financially, you need to be able to go and to financially support your family if they don't go with you while you're away. So this is what we mean by financially able to go also that our health is that you have some means. Now of course when the scholar spoke about our hell it means that did you have a camera or a horse or something to travel on? That's not something we do in these days, obviously, even people don't travel to Hawaii by car, but at least it's very rare. What people don't travel by bus and things like that unless you're very close within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. People traveled by ship maybe or they traveled

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by aeroplanes. As long as that is there facilitated for you. Then these are the five five conditions that are applicable to to the male's

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if it is the sixth one, which is specifically for females. And that is that she if she has a Muharram with her father, son, brother or child, okay, even husband. If he's there he can go with the Hajj. We're going to hedge with her. If she doesn't have any male relative with her in a family, then hedge, we say is not an obligation upon. She's not obligated to make hedge in the first place. She may have a strong desire to perform armor to perform Hajj. She goes to the TV and she sees people making terroir from the Kaaba. It's a beautiful place so much reward but the obligation of you you will be asked on your McLemore Why didn't you make Hajj or my Why didn't you make Romana?

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The condition wasn't fulfilled. So these are the six conditions. Should we go through them again, please like so the first one is Al Islam. The second one

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One is puberty reaching the age of puberty. And then third one is sound mind. Fourth one is having financial means. The fifth one is having the ability to travel safely Rahila okay. And then the sixth one is specifically for female for woman is that she needs a Muharram with her, which is the

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good mercy from, say the majority of scholars of the view that she should have a male guardian when she goes on a long journey. So going back to the conditions or the obligation of one, the obligation falls on a person, they must first meet these conditions, but what if somebody wants to go to Hajj but hasn't met these conditions? So let's say for example, as a family, we want to go for Hajj now. My son My daughter's age eight or nine, and they haven't reached the age of puberty they still considered children. Can we perform Hajj there are certain circumstances where if the Hajj is performed than the Hajj can be valid for them and they are rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala for the

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Hajj that they performed.

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A woman she came to the messenger SallAllahu and held up her baby and said, Yeah rasool Allah, Allah He had the Hajj, is there a hedge for this small baby? The Prophet Salam said yes. And you will have reword as well. And this was the nature of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam is that when he would give an answer to people, he would not only give you an answer to what you wanted, but he would give you something extra Subhanallah Yes, he has the Hajj on Yeoman Kiama. It would be let's assume that that child goes up into an adult performance hedge the hedge of Al Islam, that person will have shoulder to hatches long.

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So there are times when maybe these conditions haven't been fulfilled. However, the hedge is valid. One of them is if it was done before the age of puberty, but it doesn't count for the Hajj of an s&m The person has to reach beyond the age of puberty for the Hajj to be considered. You've done it as an adult. Likewise, if a woman wants to travel, and it's the view of some of the scholars,

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that she can perform Hajj, if there's a group of women, and people that can guarantee her safety as it were, then the Hajj is also valid. Even though scholars who say that she shouldn't travel except for the Muharram and she did perform Hajj, the Hajj is still valid, even though she would bear the burden, or the accountability of not traveling with a Muharram but the Hajj would still be valid. Okay, so this is some important points to mention when talking about the conditions.

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So I'm a person who Allah subhanaw taala has blessed me with money and time, for example, and I'm able to perform Hajj regularly in my obligated to perform hedge every year, or is it just that one time it's enough and can I perform it every year? Or should I just be you know, you know, with one so the questions that you're asking Subhanallah we find the exact same thing things happening during the life of the messenger solid.

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Man he came to the messenger SallAllahu sallam said, do we have to perform Hajj every year? The prophets has remained quiet. The man said for a second time.

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Do we have to perform Hajj every year. Again the messenger Seisen remains silent for a third time. He said he also have to perform Hajj every year. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam said if I were to tell you to do every year, you wouldn't be able to do it every year. Hajj is only once in the lifetime. The obligation upon you if the conditions are fulfilled, it's only once in your life. If you have the means to do that more than this is a great blessing from Allah subhanaw taala and then you can do it as often as you like, without causing yourself too much difficulty or your family difficulty financially. But if you have the means, then it is probably the best journey for you to

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undertake Allah Subhanallah the wisdom of the messengers of Allah Allah wa sallam and him foreseeing the future of these millions and millions of people you know performing this act of worship and knowing the difficulty that we will be facing traveling by you know ship and by plane Subhanallah Yanni this gives you only increases you and Iman and then we asked was how to how to always increases in Eman I mean, I mentioned sorry, on this issue, you will find that whenever the messenger SallAllahu Sallam gave gives us or gave us an advice on a matter it is exactly in line with what Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, we're million Tico and in our in Hawaii.

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He does not speak from his own self, but rather he speaks a revelation that is given to him by Allah, terracotta Allah. And as we know Allah jell O Allah is Allah Alene al Hakim, the All Knowing all wise. So whatever ruling was given to the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam, albeit more than 1400 years ago, even though we are living in times of technology and what not the answer that was given then is the most appropriate thing now timeless, timeless elegance

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Hello shifting that will lay does up and we'll get on we've reached the end of our session dear viewers join us next time as we continue this journey of the fifth of Hajj until next time sit down ya come Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh