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Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The upcoming " Diaper Friday" event will include a presentation of Islam, daily prayers, and a combination of joyful thoughts and experiences. People will receive a combination of joyful thoughts and experiences to remind them of the period between failure and sunrise. Underground and forgiveness are emphasized, and individuals are advised to avoid accidents and not get too caught up in small talk. The importance of being present early on a schedule is emphasized, and the hotbar is highlighted as a unique experience. Finally, a monthly donation is requested for people in need.
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Can I humbly law him who want to stay in a war and still feel one oh they'll be in trouble the unforeseen our CEO Dr. Marina

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woman googling for the worship of Allah Allahu Allahu Daschle.

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One will have more than add to who also some of our value

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system values are in favor of having the Kitab Allah will heavily heavy heavy more humbling some Allahu Allah uses them or shall God Oh goody

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hola hola think

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that also my uses Allahu ra he was really he was in

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Milan dieticians all over the world. I mean you tomorrow.

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He's says

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that the sun did not rise or set on a day that is better than Friday than a doula

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had and Allah

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said Allah guided us to it and people missed it.

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That is in the Hadith here is salatu salam wants you to begin to understand that Yama of Friday of Juma

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that actually so many people missed it. But Allah azza wa jal told you about it and guided you through it to what he likes. That it is a day of so much Baraka in it. But Allah has certain has reserved it for the best of woman that Mohammed Ali Salam, and only that he says, Jana, Hula, hula and our India is Allah made it easy for us as Friday is a hateful silence.

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So we need really to understand the immense pharaoh of Allah azza wa jal and how is it that we can turn Friday into

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in what terms is it because the for us? Is it a of happiness that primarily is anchored in the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal and His mercy because of that you become happy and joyful. In addition to other worldly means that increase your happiness. But the real joy is the joy of being close to Allah azza wa jal.

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So other people missed it, but you have an opportunity to take advantage of it. And finally, just analyze not only important today it has been important from the beginning, and we'll be important till the end.

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He says that it is a little cinema that day he says

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he was created Adam was graded on a Friday. Well, he could have done he had been admitted into Friday, by antigen on a Friday will be hopefully turning, he left Jenna on a Friday.

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We'll have a lot to do with Joomla. And he was sent down to Earth on a Friday. So he was created into Jana our agenda to Earth on a Friday, and he died on a Friday. And he said

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so that's the beginning, the beginning of our story is on Friday.

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And the end of the story of humanity on this earth will be also on a Friday because he says Allianz Salatu was Salam was taking a photo of his Sokka. On Friday also there is the method of blowing into the ward and Asaka the death of humanity that will take place on a Friday. And he says something interesting about animals, living beings exploring humans and the jinn. He says one I mean death, but in in law, he also

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means to have the data collection solution.

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It says there is no living being except the gin and the INS except that they are frightened. And they are listening attentively from fidget till sunrise to see whether the Day of Judgment is going to start on that Friday.

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And that tells you that the Day of Judgment will start in that period, the beginning of it is that period between failure and sunrise.

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So the beginning and the end,

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and after that he

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said that Allah azza wa jal will gatherer days, we'll give them form. And we'll gather the days of the week.

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And we'll gather Friday Zahawi Friday will actually take a shape on the Day of Judgment will be Zaha only are glowing and shining. How around Friday will be its people, the people Friday.

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It will live

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their way for them, they say that their color or their life will be like snow.

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And they will smell like mustard.

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And people will admire them until it leaves them like a bride into its home until they enter Jannah.

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So it tells you just like there are people of the Quran, who study the Quran until they are known for it. And there are people who have Hadith. Also there are people of July

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and we ask Allah but Allah meaning when we listen to all of these things that Allah Azza do will make us people of Juma doesn't have that intention because what's going to follow is going to tell you what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had said he is awaiting all of us but we know some of these things but we need reminders.

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So he said

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in a hadith manifesto, Module One

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all Bamian please.

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What are these amino acid EPFP what does that mean an imam or Saldana? Khattab Allahu Allah Who What are your What are you the

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name of your alma mater. He was here to tell us that it says of course is based on Friday. We will be intention that I'm doing this for masala. So he bathed on Friday and he puts on perfume. This is exclusive to men. He puts on perfume, puts on the best clothes that he has because after all, remember we said it is what

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he right. And this is what we do on age you baby you put on best clothing that you have. You put on what perfume and says he comes and he says close to the Imam

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and he prays as much as Allah will right for him to pray

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and he does not hurt anybody.

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And he does not engage in unnecessary idle speech while the Imam is talking.

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He says Salatu was Salam in de the seasons between this Friday and the one previous will be forgiven an additional three days, meaning he will get the reward of forgiveness for 10 days for that act that he did.

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as some scholars have said, is the mirror of the week.

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Seeing a hadith the prophets of Allah Allah you It also

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comes with our bond, our bond Cafaro Tolima, but you're not familiar much today. But think about it. It says the five daily prayers and one Friday to the other, and one Ramadan to the other, they forgive the sins in between as long as you avoid the major sins.

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Some scholars have said based on that, they said that

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is the mirror of your life is its obligation once.

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So how will you perform it and the effort that you put in it for it to be Mabou righteous

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determines the rest of your life.

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What you've done before, and how the rest of your life will be lived that determines because

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it says Alia salatu salam places and does our

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agenda. The righteous has has no reward except Jenna. So if you do it well, that's the middle of your life meaning where you succeed. And this is the level one is the mirror of your you

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how well you perform. And if you're diligent in your labor, that that will influence the rest of you your socio molucca Ramadan, Ramadan is safe for you. If you obey Allah in it, Allah will preserve you for the rest of the year.

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While Juma is the mirror of the week, Friday is the middle of the week. If you've ordered everything you will Japan, Allah will bless the rest of your week for you.

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So basically,

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he said salatu salam In another Hadith, because we take it lightly. Doesn't really matter. But no. He said that a salatu salam further manifests as a omentum RT nowadays, as

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he says that if you wait on a Friday, you will continue to be in a state of purity to the next Joomla and that's not a physical state appealed, you still need to make wudu but the influence of that purification will touch you so for the rest of the week when does

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so it's not something that is can be taken lightly. In fact, it's something that is needed for you to feel a Friday to to be a blessed Friday. This is how you start and it changes your attitude about the rest of the day that the rest of the week because you look forward to it.

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In another Hadith,

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he says was salam

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Marcelo Hello, this is Google Karateka want to share with me? What did I mean an EMA and you will Emile who kuchibhotla will be equally

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sensitive. Okay, me

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He says Salatu was Salam Manama

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Bay's meeting washes his hair and the rest of his body

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when he comes early for Salah and we're going to start with each one of them to explain them further in sha Allah but let me translate the entire Hadith first. He comes naturally to the Salah, and he walks and he does not take a ride but actually he walks and he comes close to the Imam sits close to him and listens attentively and does not engage in unnecessary and counterproductive speech or actions. He will get for each step that we take a huge reward it's fasting and nitrate.

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For each Saturday we'll be taking just for the things that you have done just before coming to the salah. That's what you will get for it. But let's understand here what the prophets Allah audio system is saying what he wants from us. The first one is baby and that's a given. I will take five minutes from us, but a full shower in the body.

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Worker water Kahiki pruning

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This is one of the earliest Sooners to be forgotten in Islam is coming early to Friday. Because the early says of Sahaba they will use to come early as early as after fajr

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they will pray their Fajr take their breakfast what have you and then they will come to them.

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Now we do not need or may not be able to do that today.

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But coming early to the Salah is very beneficial for a couple of reasons. One is every aid has an offering

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you up as a candidate

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for a Do Not Ha is the animal sacrifice what is the offering for this?

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He says on a Salatu was Salam

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ala Salah Attica,

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who says one book comes fully meaning the only as to the Sudan,

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as it is offered the camel to Allah oxygen.

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And the one who comes after in the second hour

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is because he has offered the cow and the one who comes in the third hour be as if he offered the sheep and the one who comes in the fourth hour as if he had offered the chicken and the one who comes in the last hour before the email comes as if he had offered an egg

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offerings. But at least an egg is better than nothing.

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So the earliest you can come to her was it who would write that for you that you have offered something and given it to Allah and think about it. What are you doing is that you're getting yourself ready for the salah. And

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because you're sitting and you're remembering Allah azza wa jal and you are mentioning his knee and the Sudan, Suriname upon the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up so you say when I come really what should I do?

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It's a first of all Salah Neville, pray as many rock as you want, then sit and read sorted.

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If you cannot read it, then then schedule a time for you to read it. Why? Because he says out of your Salatu was Salam. And again this is a reminder I know that we know this, but we need to hear it again.

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So what can we do about

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it he says if you read sewer ticket on a Friday, you will have white between the two Fridays, Allah will give you like between the two Fridays. So this is light in safe and in tiny

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light in time as a day pass. There's a life in space. And other heavy says avala women and oedema Bonilla who have been elevated it he says he will have life between him and the oldest house which is what Canada.

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So you have a connection and spatial connection to the kava life between you and the cabin and life from here till next Friday just for Solotica.

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And he also said

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he say what else can I do? It says when he mentioned by the Halifax

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he says increased upon me and for me, because it will be presented to me. So while you're sitting waiting for the sedan, all of a sudden the Australian animal has been alone. Most of us in the model have a lot more so they will send him I don't know how many 100 times 200 500 Because the more that you do the bushing will be the Rasulullah Salatu was Salam. And don't say I love him, if you will do you mentioned and if you mentioned him you will love him. So this is how the prophets of Allah audiences want you to express that love by increased Salah and so love on him. Alayhi Salatu was Salam and if you cannot do it before Friday

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schedule a time or you will do it after. After awesome, but you say to you, so I'm doing 100 every week. stick to that. And that will grow into something that is great.

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So when Chiron will take up, what if I'm late, and I come to the masjid after the man comes on the limbo, and the weather is calling the. He says alligator. So that was said.

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When it's Friday, they will be Angel sitting at the doors, the entrances of the mosque, why did the name of everybody who comes down because inside

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until the one that starts calling the other end, and the Imam is on the main board, they close those books and they sit down.

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So Sahabi asked another alternative as the sahabi.

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It says what that must be written for those who came late that they attended Friday. He says yes, it will be written for them that they attended Friday, but their names will not be in those books.

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Their names must be in those books. This is exclusive to those who come early and who can come early. And will be some of us have an exclusive you can't really come early. I'm working I'm doing this and doing that. And Allah knows that excuse more than anybody else. But if you have the intention, that if I could, I would, Allah writes that for you. And under your days off, test yourself, when Allah gives you the opportunity to move the hours of the day so that maybe I can work a little bit three to one a little bit earlier. But maybe I could use that to come really to a Friday to gain to gain all these words, test yourself by saying, Am I genuine in my intention

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because when I'm when I have the layoff I still come late. Right? Or when I can come early, I still don't test yourself. Because you do want you need to be recorded.

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And that will be presented to Allah as soldiers and whatever honorable mentioned that is.

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And he says that as Elijah was said,

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Misha will have your carrier, he walks and he does not right. And that points to the virtue of walking to Juma.

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And again, you may say, Well, that's not really easily applied to that we say do your best, do the best he can park as far as you can.

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And walk the rest to the masjid.

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By doing that you're giving other brothers who are coming late the opportunity to take your space but also what you're doing is that you are applying that sunnah of actually working to the house of Allah xuejun As far as you can, as long as it's convenient, there's no hardship and once a Sahabi saw another walking

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to the rescue on Friday for another we pulled an airship failure so lysyl Allahu Allah uses among many other mouthpieces, he

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is on walk into a Friday and he said kill the good news the prophets of Allah audio send them says that when your feet become dusty because of walking in the Cause of Allah azza wa jal hellfire.

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So this is he says even

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and that's a sacrifice as Allah, God loves me a license to make us of those who sacrifice

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have to rely on the cathedral even without a comfy who also uses Yvonne also when

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he was when he was selling them.

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He continued, I think it's a lot to a tsunami that he had been an Imam, he comes close to the email and that tells you that there's a virtue to be close to the man as much as you can and that can only be accomplished when you come early. So if you come early, in fact, Allah favors you with that excess, as close as you can to the email. And if you put the distance between you and him, the prophets of Allah to send them said in a hadith what as a homeowner had

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people will continue to put distance between them and Bucha until Allah azza wa jal put put distance between them and their fortune.

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Like in the Jana they will be at a distance why? Because he did not come close and you had the opportunity to come close to rush to the obedience of Allah Azza Villa coming near the EMA because your experience of the hotbar will be different

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and you can test it if you wish, sitting in the first line in the last line and you'll see how much you get from UCLA

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and he says what a beautiful and he did not commit level level is unnecessary, counterproductive, useless teaching

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actions example. If you tell your brother who's talking and during Friday

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listen if you just tell him listen this is level that's considered level. And Mother Son Hassan lover if you are playing with the pebbles or with the carpet while the Imam is giving the football this is considered

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unnecessary movement unnecessary speech counterproductive to the intention of Masada. But what happens if that's the case? You lose the root of the drama

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is still you perform the obligation but you lose the reward of the drama included if that is causes training.

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You lose the room and there was an incident where you

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are The Allahu Allah He was sitting in the hotel listening to hamburger you so that was certainly the case. Imagine that listen to how Medallia

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they will also have a comms either It's so dumb or otherwise.

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And you ask a question and oh baby looks at him angrily doesn't say anything. That he asked him another question for weight looks at him angrily and does not answer him. Then after Rosada becomes obsessed over why are you angry with me? Why didn't she answer me? And he told them he says you have nothing from this giraffe except the words that you have spoken. And the other Hadith that says you did not attend to my witness. He says why it says you spoke one from Medallia.

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So that's how he goes. And he asked Is that true and the profits of Latinos in essence, they are spoken.

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In another heavy this thesis, even explicit specifically when it says that of a person comes into demand. And he does. And he hurts people around him

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kuchibhotla obovata, that will be written for him as

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performed the obligation to lose the inventory photo Friday.

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So you want to make sure when you come into gym, you don't pass to people unless there's a gap and they did not fill it, then you are allowed to do so. But don't deserve

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and prefer people by passing through them. Or also people are sitting together because it says in the Hadith column you will read by in f9 he did not separate between two people. People are sitting together they want to sit together you come and you impose yourself in that space without their permission. You're not allowed to do this you have to say can I and they have what allow you you can otherwise you can.

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So you have to take care of that when you come to South Africa before the Salah in the Salah in the parking lot after the Salah you don't hurt anybody. You don't want to lose the reward of the Joomla.

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So we do this, imagine every step that you take from your home to here or be the Moodle one here, fasting all of it, and praying and tonight's and that is a route that is waiting for the believers waiting for those who take Joomla very seriously. And it says also in the Hadith.

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External answer

00:23:09 --> 00:23:14

it still means listens with his ear and listens with his heart.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:26

And that is the beauty of coming to the message and reading Quran and making the prophets of the body because it gets you ready for the hook.

00:23:27 --> 00:23:44

And if not, your heart and mind will be distracted. So it's not enough for the person just to be physically here. The heart has to be here as well. What you do first and the ruler who were unsettled meaning your ears and your heart says same thing with the football.

00:23:45 --> 00:23:48

So if we do this Friday will be special.

00:23:50 --> 00:24:31

Especially in the dunya especially in the era. I want to emphasize that we it is really upon us to be finding something that is unique to make it something that is a tremendous a beautiful ad based upon the worship of Allah azza wa jal if you would move further, you will be like any other day if you need what will be like any other day and you will lose the rewards that are in it. But if you honor it, Allah azza wa jal will honor you and you will get its rewards. If you forget about Friday and you don't attended the one who misses three consecutive Fridays it says Alia Salatu was Salam about him for about Allahu Allah Calibri and another Hadith he says. He says that he's a hypocrite.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:59

Or I'll put a seal on his heart. It's not it's not something like fighting is a must. And honoring it is an honor in itself. But I want to say make it special. Make it special for yourself and make it special for your family but the family feel if you have children or the children feel that this day really is a special day. From the moment that they wake up and you're warm inside the house is different from a food that they eat for breakfast or lunch for the better for me

00:25:00 --> 00:25:39

A perfume that you put inside the house for the energy inside the house for what you will take it before after, let them feel that this is really a special day because when you honor Friday like that it will stay with them when they're older. And they will always remember my mom used to do this on Friday and my father used to do this on Friday, and perhaps they will continue to do that right after or whatever life will take them, they will come back because of these memories that they have of what you used to do on that day. And there's nothing special or bad about cooking something special on Friday or doing something special on Friday. There's a lot to animal basis for it.

00:25:40 --> 00:25:48

And that whole story tells you a lot about the condition of the Sahaba their contentment and how impoverished they were.

00:25:49 --> 00:25:50

This is an Buhari.

00:25:52 --> 00:25:55

This is a there was an elderly woman who used to cook for the profit

00:25:58 --> 00:26:10

each Friday meaning as they are leaving the mustard she would cook something for them. Now what will she cook, she will cook bar meat shade, and a silver which they call swiss chard.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:23

A vegetable and Barbie mixes that together and she cooks that and that's what she offers to them as they are reading from the mystery. The Sahaba would say we used to look forward to Friday because of the food that she

00:26:26 --> 00:26:30

still has how simple it was because in their eyes it was alive.

00:26:31 --> 00:27:13

So yes, we have a love this connection or attraction to Friday religiously, but there's nothing wrong with it happening in worldly terms as well. So enliven you Friday, bring it back to life come really to the salah being recorded among those who have attended, offering sacrifice a bigger animal as you can imagine, Allah has zoomed in and remember that is one the mirror of the rest of the week. If you invest in your Friday, Allah says a little less of the rest of it. And finally I mentioned insha Allah as as an addition to it. If you can donate make it a habit and the brothers have mentioned to me that they have this automated donation where it will do that on your behalf. So

00:27:13 --> 00:27:25

whenever you can $1 235 But the beauty of it is that it's a continuous search that you could set and you could forget about so as a lot of big island of Hawaii novella

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makers of people of Friday are behind me make SSOs whose dice answers on the day of Friday mechanisms remember Allah often on that day make us as those who can relate to those who bless you on the day a lot less of that day our hammer honey yeah Allah make Friday true eight for us, Yamaha Nene and forgive us all of our sins in it. Yeah, Allah bless for us the rest of our week. Bless us the rest of our year restaurants plus was the rest of our life was an anime for all the best in this dunya and in the app, and protect us from the worst of this dunya Indiana protect us from the evil of ourselves a labor of our sins, and Atomy protect us from the whispers of the Shavon and those who

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are helpers helpers, protect us from our own weaknesses and our addictions protect us from our sins. Dr. Pamela honey, yeah, we asked you the greatest and the highest levels of January

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5 doses and we see some protection from hellfire for us our families and Medallia salatu salam ala Matt in the dunya has an overlap MLT has one thing either now will be delivered to banana DNA.

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Blue banana party alumni, you know,

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they could go shopping and go.

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You had a you were a medic and study in an Aquila while attacking NIDA and fusina for time

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