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The speaker discusses the negative impact of bullying on children, including bias towards Muslims and the abuse of children by parents and teachers. They emphasize the importance of learning to change behavior and use one's name for personal reasons, rather than just because they are angry. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reserveing energy for one's passions and offers resources on learning the Quran and signing up for a course on YouTube.

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I decided a long time ago, some people are not worth any space in here.

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So they're not worth anger. They're not worth frustration. They're not worth me thinking about them because if I give them mental space, they're living rent free in my head. And they're if I'm giving them my my anger, I'm spending something on them. That's too expensive. My emotions are too expensive to spend on this useless person

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so first of all, thank you for choosing Stuttgart to come here

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while you're right,

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so my question is like in school.

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My name is yaku by the way, and I

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am in school like some people the tease my name because y'all cop like the Christian way in German. And then the play caller purposely and then also like to my culture, which really hurts me sometimes. And sometimes, if I'm annoyed, and

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I really want to know about

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like, I don't physically hurt them. Like it just

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like, I'm just like, please don't do this. Like it hurts me a lot within this to go on, like, what should I do, then? Thank you for your question. Your man, it takes a lot of courage to ask that question.

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First of all, I think that bullying is not okay. A school is a place where children should feel safe, and should be safe from any kind of prejudice. And you guys are German taxpaying citizens, you have a right to, you have a right to give your children a healthy education. And if your children are going to school, they have a right not to be bullied and to be mistreated. So I think parents whose children are being mistreated in that way, should really seriously take it up with the school administration and fight for the safety and protection of their kids. I think that's a fundamental thing as a community that we should do. And we shouldn't just do it for our for our own children, we

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should do it for every child. Like that's not just something we should do for our own kids that oh, they're biased against Muslim kids. No, no kid should be no child should be treated unfairly or mistreated. The Quran said, you know,

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lay a football adult to having the skin you know, or your daughter or your team, he pushes the orphan. So the abuse of a child wasn't even about a Muslim child, it was about any child. And even verbal abuse is a kind of smell. So one thing is, you know, you should tell your teacher about this, you should tell your parents about this and they should talk and maybe they should have a conversation with the parents of those kids who should really know better. But other than that young man, you're going to face lots of situations where there's going to be people that are going to say stupid things. Okay. And Allah tells His Prophet that he has to face people saying all kinds of

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stupid things he says way the Hurtado will die do not call Lucerna when he when you meet people that are acting ignorantly that just walk away peacefully, you'll ever have to deal with people like that. Right? And the other thing is, there was a time where the prophet slasher was his name is Mohamed and somebody tried to insult him and say his name is Muslim. Mohammed means the one who is praised with a means the one who is cursed. Okay, so they tried to twist his name and turn it into something else. And the Prophet says, I'm simply responded, they're not talking about me.

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So when they say, whatever a twist of your name, then you're just act like you don't even hear it.

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Because you know what, to people like that. We call them trolls.

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You know what they need, they need your attention. And the more you look like you got hurt, the more they do it, the more you act like they don't even exist,

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then they get angry. You have to learn to change the game, instead of you being the one who's angry. They should be the one being angry. And then they'll say, oh, that didn't work. Let me act even more stupid. And then let me act even more so and let them make a fool of themselves. But the more you show that you're being hurt, or it's affecting you, the more it encourages them to act in that way you understand? So there are a you know, there are some people who don't like me very much they say things I don't say anything. They say more things. I will say anything. Then they get really angry when I see still Herpe

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because he's because I will say anything because that's not that's the worst thing because they'll the best thing you can give them as your attention

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That's the best gift you can give them deserve that gift. Last thing I'll tell every one of you this is not just about this young man. Yeah, cool. And by the way, if they see your name in German, the German version or the British musical, you, Jacob, or how do they say the German?

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all of that is totally fine.

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From an Islamic perspective, you know why

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Yakov, his name, is actually Hebrew, and it was converted into Arabic by the Quran.

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Okay, and so the name can actually change in how it's pronounced, and from culture to culture. Okay. And, you know what, as far as the name is concerned, it's not an insult. Your name is the Arabic version of that. Okay? But this don't consider this an insult your name, they don't even realize it. But they're not really insulting, you

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really should try harder.

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But the comment I'll make to the rest of you is

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I had to learn this the hard way for myself, look, human beings, we have limited energy in the day, yes or no, physically. And at some point, our body says, Enough fall asleep. The same way you have limited emotional space. You have limited emotional space, you can use and you have limited reserve in your heart, you have to decide where to use it.

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I decided a long time ago, some people are not worth any space in here.

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So they're not worth anger. They're not worth frustration. They're not worth me thinking about them. Because if I give them mental space, they're living rent free in my head. And they're if I'm giving them my my anger, I'm spending something on them. That's too expensive. My emotions are too expensive to spend on this useless person.

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What have they given me that I should spend on that? I would rather use the space that I have this limited space that I have on myself or on people or on Allah, who are worth it. But not on anyone who's not worth it. And you have to decide you may have people in your own family sometimes that have been you for years they've been they've been saying mean things to you. And every time they say mean things to you, you're like I can't believe they said that it hurts me so much. Eventually, you have to learn, hey, you know what, I am the one giving them the space. I am the one allowing them to let me get angry, I need to stop giving them the space because they clearly don't deserve it. It's

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it's better spent somewhere else, then it's so good because at some point, it's not even their fault anymore. They're doing what they're doing. Now it's your fault for allowing it to hurt. You have to develop that kind of a, you know, there's people that belong in the inner circle and there's people that belong in the outsides, you have to push push some people to the outside sometimes.

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