Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan With The Quran – Day 13

Nouman Ali Khan
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Today inshallah tada we attempt to understand sola and Federalists are number 89 of the Quran a little bit better. It's one of the most beautiful spiritual sutras of the Quran. And the the opening of this surah is actually something that's there's a lot of debate about what it means. And there are tons and tons of opinions, the most systematic way that I can cover that for you is to inshallah not go over the variations of opinions, because per ayah, there are altogether over these first four ayat, there may be at least 3030 to 36 different opinions about what they could mean. What I am going to do, however, for the purpose of brevity, and for the purpose of just academic honesty, I'm

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going to share with you of these opinions what I find the most compelling evidence, and what I find the most reasonable in light of the larger soda, I'll give you my reasons for that. That is not to say that's the only way that the soda has been interpreted. But it's only to say that, as a student of the Quran, and as a researcher, this is the interpretation that I find the most compelling. So it's not the only way of looking at it, but I find it the strongest way of looking at it. Well, what are the other so I begin with that acknowledgement, especially in regards to the first few ions, but let's first translate these few generically as they are, before we get into why that there seems to

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be some complication. Allah azza wa jal begins by a series of oaths. He says, well, budget, I swear by the breaking of dawn, the budget time, everybody here knows what that is. For children, the Arabic language or budget in the Arabic language is an explosion or explosion of light. It comes from the explosion of rocks that that gush water out. And it's the similar notion of the darkness, gushing or tearing open and light coming out in the morning. That's the idea of budget. In any case, I swear by the dawn I swear by the breaking of light in the morning, when I when I shot and I swear by 10 I swear by 10 nights, and they're not specified what those 10 nights are. And then he says

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what chef he will water and I swear by the, the even and the odd chef it means things that are in twos 2468, etc. And what that means singular.

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Water is also used for with the Fatah is also use for all odd numbers like 1357, and nine. But it can also be mean the ones that come in twos and the one that's only by itself, or chefchaouen. What are the are the even in the odd, I swear by the even and the odd. well lately it is and the night that passes or breezes by it penetrates through and goes by very quickly. Okay, so those are the four votes the morning, the 10 nights, the breaking of dawn, the 10 nights, the even and the odd and the night that goes by very, very quickly. These are the things that we're dealing with now why is this so complicated? Well, what is the purpose of these few you know, few things coming together?

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There are like I said tons and tons of opinions about them for just some say could refer to the of course because your time is when the hardest, softest, and the believer is closest to Allah and struggles the most to wake up for that prayer. So love takes an oath by that that time, others have said this is referring to the dark era after the leaving of Jesus and he said, um, for almost 680 years, 580 solar years 600 almost lunar years, that there was no profit coming and it was a long night and finally morning broke, meaning Koran came the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So some have looked at it that way. And then said, Well, I arlynn I shall must be referring

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to the 10 last nights of Ramadan, because that's when the Koran started coming down. And then we're sure for a while water may be referring to the odd and even nights of those 10 nights. So they made it kind of the interpretation and, and then the night that quickly passes by, in other words, the dark ages are over in the morning has now come some have interpreted it that way. Though, I find some some reason to accept that there are other reasons to not accept that all of the reasons that I've read this, this particular one referring to the idea that fudger refers to the coming of revelation has some weight in the Quran, so to take lead, and also previously that just about like I

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forget which Soraka will come out when they leave at the bar was superheated as far in Cuba, I believe modified I believe it is. Right so Allah says he swears by the moon he swears by the night as it gets darker, and the morning that breaks open. This Quran is the greatest event meaning Allah refers to the night and day coming to the historical darkness and then the light of the Quran coming. Similarly Allah says that, you know, there was one lady that was super into the numbers in the hula colada. Celine Kareem, the night that takes a breath or the night that gets darker and darker gets bluer and bluer and then finally morning breaks out. And it takes a breath certainly

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this meaning the Quran is the word of a Noble Messenger, meaning that of jabril and a syrup. So once again, night going away and morning coming is a reference to the Quran coming and removing the darkness from the world. But the reason I don't find that as compelling an argument here is because in all of those cases, the night was mentioned first and the morning later, here you find for Judas first nail is at the end of the sequence. It's actually flipped order and that should be respected that though on its own, you could say fudger is referring to the coming of Revelation.

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There's clearly something else going on. Now the other thing that I want to share with you about what I find the most compelling of the arguments that I've tried to research on the subject for some time, is that

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the opinion that I'll share with you is actually found scattered among ourselves, like among the Sahaba, among the early generations, because there were so many opinions, it's literally what I've done is picked and chose chosen a number of them to weave together a narrative. And I'm actually not the first one to do so the late doctors are actually held this view as well. And I found that a very reasonable argument so that's what I'll share with you inshallah, Tada. As I get to when the lead is, I believe that these four ions are actually referring to one of the most important rituals and cultural practices of the Arabs of Makkah, the Hajj, that all of the all of these oats are actually

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referring to one or the other ritual involving the Hajj. So when fudger is actually the final morning that ends the hedge event, which means this is the morning of Yeoman.

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Okay, so Medallia for the night has been spent. And now it's the day of slaughtering the animal. This actually represents very importantly, for someone whose hedge has been accepted, even in the early times, and of course, now in Islam, we know if your HUD has been accepted, it's like you're starting a new life. Right? So that morning actually represents a new life. And by the way, when you wake up in the morning, when you pray for budget for prayer in the morning, the prayer for that isn't hamdulillah Hilah the ohana, but Adama Amata. Now you think, you know, Praise and Gratitude belongs to Allah who gave life to us after he had given us death. Right. So the idea is that once

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somebody has completed their Hajj, they're actually starting a new life altogether. And they're going to celebrate that new life literally with a sacrifice. That's the kind of the continuation of the the sequence of Hajj Of course, that fudger came after 10 days of struggle, what are these 10 days, the first 10 days of the ledger, which is also fine founded on classical opinions of the interpretation of these IOD. So it's the ritual of Hajj, the culmination of it, and what led to the combination of it is these 10 nights. Now it comes to worship very well what of the the even and the odd, which is also referenced later on in the Quran. The tradition of the Arabs was that once the

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Hajj is done and the sacrifice is done, you remain at least two extra days or three if you can ferment the Nigella Khomeini fella if Maliki aumenta Hara if mala illimani Taka, Ron even says that whoever stays behind it stays a couple of extra days that they have to at least stay two days. But if they want to make it a third, then that's good for them. So now two, possibly three was shell free? Well, what others have also within the HUD narrative, interpreted these as a shuffle would be all the even days of the HUD and the what of the single one the odd number that's so important is because it's 10 nights so it's an even number, right? But one of them is actually really significant

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out of Alhamdulillah for like the Prophet says that's the ninth night that's an that's an odd night. So it's been it's been kind of made prominent by the word and wetter. also possibly important, because the Quraysh felt that arafat was on the outskirts and beyond arafat like when you go to Mr. Lee find stuff when you finish that ritual and you will go over to miss edify This is the largest, the longest and the most exhausting part of the Hajj. The night the longest night is the most any finite, and the longest days you would know how to after that. That's the hardest part of the HUDs. Right. But the Arabs of Makkah thought that they don't have to actually go out there they're locals

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they're exempt from them was that if our struggle so the the evening of the ninth or the ninth turning into the 10th is actually been given special significance in whichever you want what and then of course, when nearly it is it is going back to the beginning the night meaning that last night of the hives that's quickly passing away as if it's making a complete ring. It started with fidget and in a sense it's referring to fragile yet again, that night of muslin defy that quickly passes by yesterday actually means knuckleballer something to penetrate something like of spear penetrating armor is also called yesin. Massara the verb is used. So the idea here is that Allah is

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referring to these. Now why did I say that I find this the most compelling argument for this particular suit. There's a few reasons. First of them is the sequence of sutras that we're dealing with here, you've got this sort of little feature, and you've got a sort of very closely related to its subject matter coming up. So little ballad loxy movie hadn't. But you've got the time of the year and the ritual that makes this play significant. And then the land itself that makes it significant in the next so it's got the time and the space in a sense that are coupled together in the soldiers. That's one very powerful argument. The other argument is if you look at the spirit of

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Hajj itself, the purpose of Hajj is that somebody leaves behind everything, and every status, every responsibility, every burden, every pleasure, every difficulty, they've left everything behind, and they come before Allah, in a sense, spiritually naked. In a sense, nothing is I mean, we're all dressed like we're dead. We're basically dressed like we're supposed to be buried and we come back

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Allah azzawajal with no distinction between ourselves no color distinguishes any more no status distinguishes us. Unfortunately, nowadays it does. There's the VIP package and then there's the you know, the the poor guys that have their tent out on the rocks that are about to tip over package. But the spirit of HUD is supposed to be everybody's absolutely equal, there are no VIPs that's the point of Hajj and it's supposed to replicate. When we are going to come back in front of Allah on Judgement Day, that's the point of Hajj is to actually do a rehearsal of what's going to happen on Judgement Day, Allah will make a call and we will all say love bake, we will respond to his call.

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Right? So we are voluntarily coming before Allah as a rehearsal of what we're going to be doing when we come before Allah, on Judgement Day. The reason I find this the most compelling narrative is when you study the end of this surah Allah says, Yeah, I used to have so much my inner energy in Arabic He rabita Maria holy theory by the Holy Trinity, and in many ways, that's actually a depiction of Hajj itself. A content soul, a content person, coming back to Allah literally, when Allah has come back to me, and we say, here I come. What's the Arabic word for here I come. The bake, it's responding to Arabic. And when you're done with HUD, you're completely content because your sins are

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forgiven. You've got a fresh slate on life. Yo, Robbie, admittedly before a lot of crying before this, but um, you know, leaving all of your sins behind, leaving all of your grievances behind your sadnesses behind, and then allows us to fully feel a body enter into the midst of my slaves, when in your life will you be in a bigger gathering of the slaves of Allah that Hajj

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and that's actually a mimicking of the slaves of Allah that are going to be entering into gender, and then what holy and therefore if your sins are in fact forgiven, you're going to be entering gender as well.

Surah Al-Fajr – Part 1

The opening oaths of Surah Al-Fajr have been the subject of over 30 different interpretations. In this video, Ustadh Nouman outlines some of them, but focuses primarily on the one he believes is the most compelling; that these ayat are a reference to the Hajj. Here, he says, Allah evokes the spirit of the Hajj, that momentous occasion when we leave everything behind – money, status, ego – to stand before Allah, materially and spiritually naked. The day of nahr (sacrifice) is the culmination of 10 days of struggle performing the Hajj rituals, and marks the moment when we are cleansed of all our sins, ready to start a new life on the path of Allah.

2017-06-08 – Ramadan 2017

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