Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 14

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Use your blessings wisely – This talk was given at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.

2017-06-08 – Ramadan 2017

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Although some are still allowed via Manuela, one of the IOD that was recited in the fourth Raka is a very common verse. Gianna Lachlan was somehow a basato Lf EDA, Allah mentions that he gave you the blessing of hearing of sites of the ability to think. Any mansion's larhonda come to Sharon so that you may be grateful. In the last sequence, the last panel and Sandra says Miranda comeon, federal Miranda llahi. Back, what you have will eventually expire and disappear. But what is with him will continue. And Allah subhanaw taala goes on to mention when I mean no sloty henneman veka. And whoever does good whether he's a male or a female as a believer, that he will find that with a loss

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of Hannah Montana, and so on, so forth. But there's something that I want you all to think about in the spirit of Ramadan, I recognize that we're already late tonight. So I won't take long with this concept. And half of them in Raja Ibrahim, Allah said that many times when we think about the blessings that Allah has given us, they are recited in my attic, first and foremost, which means the means by which we get to know him. If you think about the key purpose of your sight, the key purpose of your hearing, of your ability to think and contemplate and reflect all of these, first and foremost, are Wassall in the art of means by which you get to know him supine and whatnot. But he

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said, one of the biggest mistakes we make in the discussion of gratitude

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is that we automatically think about counting our blessings and not using our blessings. What does he mean by that? If Allah made you wealthy, and you say, and Hamdulillah, I'm rich, and you say Alhamdulillah, day and night, you praise Him and you think him day and night, but you don't use the wealth that he gave you. To alleviate the suffering of others, then you will mean a loss of Hannah Montana as an ungrateful person, a lot. We'll see you on the day of judgment as an ungrateful person. If Allah subhanaw taala gave you strength and power. And of course, the worst person in the sight of Allah is someone who has given power and he used it to oppress, because even the most

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powerful, He who has all power does not oppress. But if Allah subhanaw taala gave you power. And you said, Hamdulillah, I'm powerful. And you said that hamdulillah all the time. But you did not use the power you had to lift up the powerless, you will be a lot as a tyrant, even though you were saying Alhamdulillah A lot of times, we automatically go to a sugar Belizean, thanking Allah with our tongue when we talk about gratitude, say Alhamdulillah and everyone should say Alhamdulillah every, that's what we automatically go to. But he said, the key function of every single blessing that Allah gave you and what he will ask you about on the Day of Judgment is how you use that blessing to

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please Him and to benefits. That's the first thing you will be asked about on the Day of Judgment, not what you said about the blessing, how you use that blessing of Allah subhana wa tada that he gave you how you use that wealth, that privilege that power, that stature, that eloquence, that knowledge, that information, that companionship, that social circle, that social network, all of it, how you use it to benefit Allah, your health, how you use it to benefit the religion of Allah, how you use it to benefit the creation of Allah, everything that he's given you a loss of hundreds and we'll ask you about that. And that's why a mama Shafi Rahim, Allah to Allah said that knowledge is

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not that which is memorized knowledge is that which benefits and if anyone would have wanted knowledge to just be that which is memorized, it would have been a chef or a because he had the greatest memory of all of the, all of the great imams that we study in history, but he admits knowledge is that which causes benefit which brings about benefit, not that which is contained here. There are people that walk around like libraries, but what does it benefit people? How do you use that? for good? Allah subhana wa tada says to the family of Devo Danny is Salaam David peace be upon him as a man who Allah dealt with the chakra? Work deeds of gratitude, yeah, that would work great

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deeds of gratitude, show the gratitude with what Allah subhanaw taala gave you by using it in a way that is beneficial. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when you are raised on the Day of Judgment, the person's feet, no, no person's feet will move, how to use an autobahn until they are asked about four things. And normally, he seems off now about how many years you lived and how you used those years. You can make it in the Guinness Book of World Records for living the largest the most years out of anybody.

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person that's ever lived May Allah give us long lives of about the righteousness and good deeds. But if you meet a law with 200 years under your belt,

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and you did not use that those years to do good things, then someone will come on the Day of Judgment, who died at the age of 18. And they have more to show and more to benefit themselves. And all of those years that you had that you could have done good will be used against you. I'm just me FEMA blah, about your body and how you consumed it. We're all tired when we go to sleep at night, exhausted from whatever it is that we're doing. What are you exhausting yourself with? You know, we all have mileage on our body right now. Everyone has mileage. And some of us would like to argue we have more mileage than others on ourselves. How did you use that mileage? What were you driving your

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health lives? What were you doing with the health that a loss of hundreds out of give you with the strength that a loss of hundreds I gave you How are you consuming yourself under enemy heat? Now the NFIB alone will ask you about your knowledge and how you benefited with that knowledge not how much knowledge you had. If you show up on the Day of Judgment say yeah Allah, I'm memorize the six books of Hadith. Great, what did you do with it? What did you do with those books of Hadith? What did you do with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it's not just memorization but benefit. Finally, unmannerly HeMan Enoch de Saba who were female amphicar and about his wealth from where he

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got it and how he spent it, how you acquire that wealth. And how you spent that wealth May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be a people that use what he has given to us in a way that is beneficial. May Allah subhana wa tada allow every blessing that he has been that He has given to us in this world to yield for us His favor in the hereafter. May Allah subhana wa tada enable us to do good allama in Vic rica will shook rica was near about the to Colombia I mean, just like more famous than I want to go home