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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the truths of the Quran, including the belief that God has promised to protect all people, the existence of a single word for every man's life, and the existence of a permanent peace be upon all. They also mention the Q booked as a message of peace be upon all, and encourage viewers to like and share the video.
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I'm about to share eight very important truths with you that we hold to be self evident. One, that the Quran is the truth from God Almighty to the Quran is the last and final revelation sent down to all of mankind, which contains a successful guidance towards life, liberty and the pursuit of paradise. Three. Tucker, is literally the spoken word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him through the angel Gabriel, and that there has never been, and shall never be any men may document likened to its magnificence and perfection for that the crown has been preserved for a miraculous 1400 years, and will continue to be preserved until the end of time because God Almighty

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has promised this, he has protected to all 114 chapters of it never has a single word or verse been altered, that would God's infallible system intact. The Qur'an shall remain in all its glory forever. Five, that the Quran is a call to the oneness of God, whose worship remains for himself only, not to be shared by a son, Father, mothers, nor partner of any kind, that this oneness entails the belief in his absolute sovereignty over all of creation, his befitting attributes, and his deserved worship, that among God's messengers was Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Ishmael, Isaac, Jesus, Moses, and finally, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all. And that their messages how this same

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teachings and ethics, all pointing to the divinity of God, and a life of worship, and morality, six, that the Qur'an is not only a religious doctrine,

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but a guy to a total and complete way of life, that it encompasses all aspects of life, from social and economic issues, to cleanliness and purity of the heart. Seven at the Quran, and its final message will remain the truth forever. That if you read the Quran, with an open heart, you will see its magnificence and miraculous nature for yourself. Hate at the message of the Quran is slang. And that through this book, you will attain true liberty and happiness. I hope and pray that this will motivate you to connect with the Quran. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me. I really humbly appreciate it please take one extra second to like and share this video along with doing your

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best to help the D show and reaching our goal. Thank you Peace be with you.

Eddie shares with us 8 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind About The Quran


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