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And then hamdulillah Hina Hamad who want to stay in on a steady who want to still fiddle when out of alignment should all the unforeseen elements say yet yeah Maddie namah yet de la vida mobila warmer you will further her the Allahu wa shadow Allah in the law where they would actually Cara wa shadow under Mohammed and Abdul rasool Allah Masami will send him over buddy Ken and abena Mohammed, while he was off be he was sending me Lomita Sleeman Kathira on my bad, old praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only

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one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters,

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as millions of Americans celebrated yesterday Thanksgiving, thinking about how being grateful and thankful to so many blessings that they have in their life.

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I'm not going to go into the debate and the argue of

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what's 400 years ago, to be exact, about 402 years ago, when the first Thanksgiving was celebrations was celebrated for

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we, for me, when I look at this, I look at what people do today.

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Either you want to look at it as a family who come to spend a good happy time together, eating a good meal, playing board games, and you know, celebrating the union of the family. Or you want to think about it as something happened 400 years ago, where people celebrated because, according to some for the first harvest, and according to some it is because for a terrible dark era in our history.

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Whatever you want to, however you want to look at it, it's up to you, and I'm not going to discuss this here. But what I want to see, what I want to talk about is the concept of being grateful, being thankful.

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The Attitude of Gratitude. It is that character trait, that it should be part of who we are as Muslims. Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is something we recited today in solid federal, and it descended to recite every Friday, slotted in sun and enter it in the beginning Allah Subhana Allah Allah from the beginning he sat in her they now sir be the Imam Shakira were in Mecca, for we have guided, we already showed them the way whether they choose to be grateful, thankful to Allah, or they choose to be so ungrateful to Allah, or extremely ungrateful to Allah subhanaw taala Carrefour.

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And the next verses that are the verses that comes after this one, explaining to you where the ungrateful will end up, and where the grateful will end up, what kind of life the grateful will have in this life, and next, and what kind of life the ungrateful one we'll have in this live and next. That's why it's so important for us to take this opportunity as we think and we talk about thankful Thanksgiving or thankful or being gratitude, being grateful to reflect a little bit about this concept, and from the beginning of last, bipartisan, thankful and in the other end, he said kuffaar, which is somewhat so ungrateful, and this is for a reason, an ultimate debates and why would Allah

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said why didn't say so thankful? Or so I'm thankful, so thankful, so grateful, or so ungrateful, he said, grateful and so ungrateful. And that is many things comes to my mind. Number one, that no one will ever can claim the tea thank have lost so much or too much. Allah says we're entitled doing it and that's Allah to saw no matter how you try to count the blessings of Allah you will not count them all. Also, no matter what you say, it will never been any way or form or shape close to what Allah deserve.

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Look at how many thank Allah subhana data for the blessings of what

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if your ability to stand up and to sit monoid

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has millions of people or 1000s of people, hundreds of peoples around you, they don't know how to stand up from the chair without help. And it takes so much effort.

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And it was one that I made it so easy for you to go to sleep and to wake up to have a roof above you.

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One of our brothers in this mustard in this semester and praying with him. He lost in one

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No incident and one and in five minutes or less 16 members of his family they were killed in Lhasa

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targeted by methyl

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just give her all the sudden got a phone call 16 cousins and uncles

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their children

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you can be thankful was Panatela enough for all the blessings that we have

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the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala out for your house

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that you go on the night and you sleep and then Debbie solemn said if you wake up in the morning safe

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if you woke up in your in your home safe and you have enough fun food for the day.

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You are among the kings and two men and more Nope. He is it loud dunya as if you have gained the whole tar wound, no matter what you have, but you don't feel safe, no matter what you have, but you're not healthy, no matter what your hug. But you don't have enough food for the day for your soul for the children.

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Why are we so caught up. And so many details. So many things on the side, which is not major issues. We always focus on what we don't have, not what we have.

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Why we also and being for ungrateful is not that something did not ungrateful was it doesn't mean that someone do something good to you, Allah or otherwise, and you didn't thank him for it.

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That's not only the form of being ungrateful, being ungrateful that you always think about what you don't have what Allah never give you. Because they have a bad news for you.

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No matter what you do, no matter what you try, you're not going to have it all. Otherwise there is nothing left for genuine.

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Otherwise, there is no such thing it's called trial and test and living in a hardship.

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That's how it live is

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and if you live in your wishful thing fit, wishful wipe that you're going to give up everything you wish for. You asked for you just wrong and what happened when you start thinking this way you don't think about the blessings that you have the good thing that ALLAH SubhanA thought I have given you

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gratitude is a conscious positive emotion one can express when feeling thankful for something whether that thing is a tangible or intangible

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so that's what it is it's that feeling is that satisfaction inside your heart you can put whatever face whatever words in your mouth that's why one on the first point in relation to being shackled grateful to Allah it starts with the heart

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it starts how much rest

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how much from inside you know what I'm happy with what also that I've given me with?

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Yes, I want to grow Yes, I want change. And I'm so happy with it with all the shortcoming in it with all the wrongs that's edit

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with all that difficulty in my job

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Yes, it is hard work this job was nothing he's not doesn't pay me much. But you know what, from inside the job and hamdulillah I'm grateful to you there are so many people don't have work. You know what my kids are very

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naughty and behave and you know, bad habits and they're nothing wrong for you to change them. Nothing wrong for you to try to, you know, grow, make them grow and change. But it starts first with you saying that you really Allah I accept what you have given me.

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am grateful what you have blessed me with.

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Then I tried to grow. I tried to make the positive that I changed that I want.

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Prophets and Messengers always described as grateful.

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Allah says HeMen NEMA and we'll read them in Hameln, nema and who in who Kana habitant Shakira

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Shakira Nia and Roma, Hyster BA, Ibrahim Ali salaam, grateful so grateful.

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Now brothers and sisters,

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when we talk about the blessings and gratitude, you know, there is a stages for this. If you obey him said it starts with the heart, followed by the tongue.

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Men name yes coding, nestling Nish Karela. It starts with the heart where

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The inside yard you know what man be coming near and met in feminine Allah, you know that's in all of this from Allah.

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I'm grateful for you, oh and giving you something

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and you show your gratitude for it.

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And then it starts with the the tongue, you all when you have paused, enter positive energy thoughts, you will find your tongue became also start saying positive words. But if you filled with rage, filled with anger, filled with joy filled with being ungrateful, filled with negativity, filled with, just want and want and want, and nothing satisfy you in this life,

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your words will be, it's not good enough. I'm not happy. I'm not like the rest of people. I don't have this. That's bad, that's worse, I never seen any good. I never experienced this, it became more a generalization. Catch yourself. If you start in your words and your thoughts, solid general, that's the first sign of being ungrateful.

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Grateful people don't generalize, grateful people, they break it down.

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They see that's what I want. And that's why I want to grow. That's what I don't have any need to focus on what I have to get what I don't have

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it start recognizing that some of source of these goodness lies outside self. It's so important to be grateful to your spouse, to your parents, your children, to your community, to your society.

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It's so

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negative. So bad, is not to recognize and not to have the gratitude, or the attitude of being grateful to all these things around you, surrounding you, and how they contribute to your success.

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And that's something in this world became is all about me, I come to the top of the list.

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You know,

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in the old days, the old good days, people used to climb the mountain to see the world.

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But now these days, we climbed a mountain so the world can see us.

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That's the difference between that ungrateful attitude that people have. It's all about to me.

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And it is so sad. For a Muslim who knows that there is no blessings you have, I will stick to something coming from Allah.

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When you look at psychologists and Martin like in a in a Western Way, talk about Thanksgiving. It's all about human beings have done to you. It's a God to do this all about what your spouse did to you what your parents did to you what your job did to you.

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But for us as Muslim before even all this what Allah on provided me with.

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And the blessings of Allah is not only worldly matters, also religious matters. And that's part of being ungrateful that you always think about the dunya and you don't think about the IRA. Why do you think there are so many people became Muslims, just watching the trends about versa and the people of WhatsApp. People who are living in this materialistic world wake up.

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This message wake them up, because it's all about the dunya when we see someone just lost his whole entire family. You know, the brother in this semester, I said, 16 If your family died, it's a no show. The status here do.

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They didn't die, they'll Shaheed because the Shahed are living with Allah. That's the gratitude.

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That's the wake up call.

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That you need to have.

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It turns

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and amazing when when we as a Muslim, kind of we caught into this materialistic world don't forget about what is all about to me. grateful to Allah subhana Dona

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acknowledge acknowledging the goodness in our life, even when things are feeling a little off.

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And that's so important for you. Try to think about all the blessings for the love giving to you, even the little thing that you might not think about, as I said, from religious perspective, and from worldly perspective,

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it Hamdulillah that you pray today Hamdulillah that your movement Hamdulillah that you were able to teach your children how to pray

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You're angry at them

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you're angry at your husband you're angry at your wife said Hamdulillah that wasn't gonna fulfill your you will deal with it

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someone recently hurt say

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automotive sure what that means to fulfill my half Deen.

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By being married, I said habibi. You'll be married to your wife. That's enough to fulfill your half d. Already got it even without you don't know what it means.

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But if you want that have to be more meaningful, more beautiful, more rewarding, and start thinking about the grind and have that attitude of gratitude towards that. The reason that you don't feel that well because you don't have that feeling controlling your life controlling your mind. You see things through it

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and filter things through it.

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Why can't why it is so important to have that attitude of being grateful. Number one, Salah will be pleased with you. And Allah baraka for you.

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Take it from your brother, take it from your Eman.

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Take it from someone who

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then living this life, experiencing so many different cultures, so many things in my life.

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There is nothing,

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nothing turn things upside down around like being grateful to Allah.

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And you feel that Baraka that blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala coming to you and to your life.

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In Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is pleased with you, when Allah provided you for food, not health, not heart, not eyes, not ear, not money, not house, not job, not kids.

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Not all the spoilery thing that you living in

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just a meal, you eat it. And you said, Hamdulillah, Allah is pleased with you when you say that.

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Allah says, if you grateful I will increase you. You want more of what you have, thank Allah for what he have given you.

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If you want more of what you don't have, be more grateful on what you have. And you see how almost my battle will give you more of what you have, and will let you gain what you don't have. I'm not saying this from my own, that when Allah says in the Quran, I know what it means to be a Muslim, to listen to the guidance of Allah and His Messenger Salam, ALLAH SubhanA wa that I'll book them live in Chicago tonight as he then Allah has given the permission have made the promise if you're grateful to him, he will give you more.

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And if you're not in either be Alicia dt, My punishment is severe a punishment in this life. And in the next May Allah subhana data make us among those who are old is grateful to Allah of automatic momentum was told who the lady would ask

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him to lie why there was solid was cinema on Selena regularly practicing and expressing gratitude. So many benefits, both in short term, and long terms, and this life and next.

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There's so many studies and research. You can read online, you can you know, pick one on his journal talk about the attitude of being grateful and gratitude, the concept of gratitude,

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find it and be among the main

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focus of positive psychology. Evidence suggests that people will consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed.

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But why? Do you know why? Because graddic You change our brains literally. Research have found that people who tend to be more grateful have more brain activity in the middle prefrontal cortex, the area which is associated with learning, decision making, this area literally became more active. Even some studies suggest that the active this outer part of the brain last for a month just for expressing and telling that's why it was not a joke. When you did tell you tell yourself I am happy. I'm blessed with this blessed calendar blessing. It's actually to set for a whole month that have an impact on you

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can last our month. And amazing Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, especially in the case of dispute,

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like Allah says in the Quran about divorce, he said that then so we're football bayonet calm. Don't forget about the goodness between you.

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Allah says

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that and also the process of upset if you hate something your spouse you will find something out

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As I asked myself why

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it's because to give you that gratitude it to because it's to help your brain to make the right decision.

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Gratitude can overpower negative emotions,

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feeling grateful boost positive emotions, like joy, compassion, and encouraging us to look for and connect what what is good and light? That's why anger

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What's the shape? One does shape ah and the anger form the shape I wouldn't he makes you so angry. He doesn't allow you to see the goodness of others when we don't see the goodness of our better being ungrateful. What do you become ungrateful and become negative, and then he became negative you can be, you can sell everything short.

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Good, gratitude, the being being grateful, boost our optimism, improve our health, boost our immune system. And so many studies like that, and it's, it's something that you should look it up but more important than all of us on top of all of this, that Allah promise you goodness in the article that Allah promise you Baba can your live blessing in your life.

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I don't want to say it loud and clear.

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Being grateful to Allah subhana data, and grateful for the blessings that you have, it does not mean that you live in misery.

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It does not means that you don't seek change and improvement.

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No, it doesn't mean that you look for more. Now, that's not what it is. You can all do all of us. But you filter that through the filter of being grateful and thankful and to focus on if you're seeking more and you seeking the change. And the only thing come to your mind the negativity as a sign of being ungrateful.

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But if you seek improvement and growth, why are you coming from the perspective and you see it from the lens and the filter of recognizing the good in others? That's a sign of be grateful and thankful.

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And I will leave you in this thoughts

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gratitudes turns what we have into enough

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gratitude turns what we have into enough and more.

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It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.

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Has What will this attitude do? It makes sense of our past.

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We look to the past in a very different lens and bring peace tears today creates a vision for tomorrow.

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A positive Fujino vision of tomorrow.

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Now last panel data make us among those who are grateful. And Nabi SallAllahu Sallam once held my hand and he said I love you.

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And I want to say to everyone who listened to me today.

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I love you.

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For the sake of Allah

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I love goodness for you.

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And what that led the process of him to say tomorrow? He said to him, always say, always bake Allah. Always ask Allah for what to be what?

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To be a person who remember Allah Allah

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and to be grateful to Allah Allah La min yalla the critic we should correct and to worship you in the best of four it

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may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all this. Now let's hide that I grant our brothers and sisters and what does Gaza peace and justice and to stop the killing and still bring an end to this war and to bring a peace to this part of the airport in the world to our heart? Now most Madonna except they're dead as shahada no last one Donna heal the wound it's not all US Pena data provide for those who have been displaced. May Allah subhana wa Donna to bring justice and may Allah subhana wa Tada to free all the innocent hustlers is hosters that have been caught in the middle of desert Alana. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bring safety and tranquillity to all our brothers and sisters in

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this part of the world. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to bring victory to them and to bring for them those who will provide protections and victory and strength. When we ask ALLAH SubhanA which add up to forgive our shortcoming and to forgive our ungratefulness and to help us all was to be

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rageful and positive toward ourself, towards our family, towards our community, towards our society and toward the world. And first and foremost to be always grateful and thankful to your Allah for all your blessings, we admit to them all. We thank you for them all. And we ask you to increase us and goodness. And wha hoo Moromi on bajo Moromi Allah melphalan mean you know and looking at what a Muslim you know and Muslim out here even when went and what a law abiding that HIPAA HIPAA was a collective our alumnus who I don't know there yet and our Hanina that agenda with a crowd Allah who may if you had the SAT I didn't move out I said oh can Tau Sigma one and and mustafina Vyasa online

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said it Nosler go with it either Caitlyn Jenner God come along mean and Ahsoka hey you up a woman one decade and more 10 year old wide in Yeah Are you are you Allah who modeled de que de sala de la Omaha haga you along model decade of them yeah, they're generally what do you call out among modern decade on mobile mom yada yada yada Equilon Ilana mania so Luca of hammer Huahine yada yada yada yada yada yada economic and to Sneha. Now I'm gonna add one to the heathery yet you know and DLP and Nina Shotwell Phaeton have been in either delivery camp or something made love umana and it'd be you know Mohammed water it will soften you up in Minnesota here from Kamala.