The Greatest Generation #15 Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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When the people immigrated from Mecca to Medina,

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they left everything, everything. And they went to Medina with only one thing. What did they leave behind? In the house? Some of them even they were forced to leave their families.

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And what did they take with them to Medina, their faith, Islam. Why? Because if you meet Allah subhana wa Taala with everything except your faith, you're a loser.

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And if you meet a las panatela, with nothing but your faith, you're a winner.

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So, after that, the people of Mecca, they took their belongings, and they start like plundering their houses. So the prophets of Salaam decided

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to go out with 312 to 317 to go and stop the caravan of Makkah, because they were taking their money, like doing business with that money

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and claim their money back. There was no intention to fight. But the news was leaked to Abu Sofia, and at the time, who was leading the caravan. And he changed his way and he arrived safely in Makkah, but then they said, Oh, the Muslims are coming to fight us.

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Let's go out and finish them in half an hour. So they came in 1000 fully armored, and he wanted to finish Islam and the Muslims.

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And this is when our last panel revealed desire to one six, in certain Baka

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coochie Ba La Kumu

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wahoo Walker who lakum

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fighting was prescribed upon you. And Allah saying I know that some of you didn't like the idea, you're not coming to fight. But that's the situation now. And Allah made a statement that I want every one of you to print out and put in front of you because it's going to solve so many problems for us today. Alas, it was

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comb, you might dislike something but it's better for you.

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And then the opposite scenario, where as

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a boomerang

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comb, you might like something but it's it's it's not good for you. So if they had the money, and that money could make them forget about Allah and get busy with this dunya and that's not good for them. So Allah subhana wa tada knows and this way, Allah concluded by saying, while La Jolla, la mo tomb la tala moon, Allah knows what's best for you. So whatever Allah chooses for you is the best. Be happy with the pattern of Allah accept the decree of Allah subhanaw taala because it's the best choice.

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Allah loves you more than you love yourself. Allah loves you more than your mother loves you. So think about this. So Allah, Allah made that statement. And at that point, it turned out to be they have to fight.

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What happened next, and why am I sharing that story? We need to wait patiently to the next episode, we're going to share the rest of the story.