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Brother Bilal and I are starting our recording for the routine program. But I wanted to welcome everyone into

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Grand revolution for the first time, what's the first thing you can do? Thank Allah subhanaw taala that you came here by making to record number to record yourself saying the alphabet. Just record it and keep it so that you have it for 30 days from now 60 and 90 days from now, then visit recite, pick your favorite surah. And then go ahead and press play and see what the site can do for you start from there. And then a few more links will come to you. And number to check out brand revolution two YouTube channel, you'll be blown away there. Thanks again for coming. And welcome to On revolution. Alright guys, so we're here in Dallas.

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And the situation in this location is a little bit different.

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It's about 10am. We arrived, keep saying we I arrived here last night.

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Kind of early. But I didn't finish setting up around until midnight. And the reason is getting to the hotel room is basically this path right here.

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So climbing down the stairs, only to climb back up the stairs. And we entered into the studio.

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And once I realized the path I have for me, I procrastinated so much to get all of this stuff in here and set out over here. And we're about 90% setup. Let me give you a quick overview of everything that we got in a new addition, bam, to what, how this thing's gonna roll, the coolest newest addition to the whole setup, basically a horizontal bar for the tripod so that I can get overhead shot. And, and the reason is I needed this shot to be well above with Sam's ahead, but still giving me the same framing. So I can get a clean, straightforward shot once the black backdrops are laid down. So that's pretty much it.

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Looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we can get everything done in good time. So yeah, let's do this.

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You are rolling, ladies and gentlemen. Hey, man, and we any any words of advice. Today, today is all about being able to capture three things. What are the pains that I've seen with people and recitation for the last 10 years? And I got to celebrate those 10 years this weekend? What are the what's the vision? How did I figure I was going to change the world with recitation? And how was he going to get the world to recite? And number three, do you recall what numbers we was? Just the benefits of reciting Quran? Yes, how many times friends how many times have you all been told the benefits of reading Quran are 10 each letter if you recite each letter it gets 10 blessings? How

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many times have you been in a situation where the benefits of reciting Quran have come? Only in the hereafter? What are the benefits of reading Quran here now today? How will that affect my time? How will it affect my finances? We don't want to delve into the meaning. But those are the three goals for today. What are the benefits of reading Quran for me? How will it give me time efficiency? What are what are the pains that are holding people from reading for on and

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that's it. I think that's what we're going to be doing. Alright guys. So as we Sam says, we'll see you on the other side. And this is a couch Yes, we have flipped it up. And we have turned this place upside down. Yeah, there's our recording space is a little bit tighter than last time. So you're gonna see this app in tomorrow's vlog for as it gets transformed into our routine studio, but for now, it's about capturing the pain and helping people figure out how to record on Yep. Alright guys, take care.