Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat-ul Mulk – V16-19

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The use of a mask is a way to scare people and is a message that is compared to the way people react to the situation in the past. The importance of trusting oneself and living in a simple life is emphasized. The difficulty of holding onto rights is also discussed, along with the potential for justice to come forth at a later time. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciateing the beauty of life, rather than just taking things for granted.
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mean to Memphis semer aerc phobic woman out of fear either here tomorrow. Now here Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to the disbelievers. And he says to them, do you feel safe? If I were to envelop you, in with the skies that hang above you? In other words, what Allah azza wa jal is creating is an image that, what if I stopped all the risk from you? What if I caused what's above you to fall upon you? Or what if I caused that if you think that you can run away from that even the earth, the ground that you're walking on? What if I caused that to shake? And you know, like an earthquake or whatever, or to crack and break open? So here, Allah azza wa jal is creating an image to scare and

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strike fear into them. Because often times we need this, we need to feel scared. Why do I say that? It's part of the core and to strike fear into certain people, because that is the way that's the language that they speak. And even psychologists have have said that, when you're giving advice to a particular person, especially the males, because the males, you know, you know, naturally, we're just sort of, what's the word I'm looking for just a little bit more difficult to get through that sentimental stuff doesn't really work that easily with the males, as opposed to the females. That's why sometimes for a male, and I took this and I gave it an Islamic twist to it. And I said that when

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you give derawan, when you're giving it to a guy, talk to him about all of the worst things in this world and the Hellfire and leave them with that. Because for him, for most males, they work on fear and being afraid of things that causes them to really, you know, stretch themselves and really try to work hard so that they don't fall into those problems. As for a woman, though, generally speaking, it's the opposite. You start with fear, but then you end up with hope. Because a woman needs that at the end of the day, to at least, to pick up herself at a function and to do the things that she needs to do. So she needs to always feel happy. She needs to always feel hope. Do you see

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why? Because of that statement, because of that principle. Even in a marriage, a man has to do all the dirty work, whether he's happy about it or not. But he's got to do all the dirty work because at the end of the day, his wife has got to feel happy and feel secure and feel safe about that whole circumstance. So you're doing the same thing, even the way an Islamic marriage is built. It's built upon the same principle. So here Allah azza wa jal is saying here that further disbelievers is striking fear into their hearts. Then he continues. I'm into Memphis summer, it's a rhetorical question the way it begins. It's a question that's answering itself. I'm into Memphis center,

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in your CLR, your crla comb, how Siva citarella Mauna Kea for another year. Now here Allah azza wa jal asks another question or do you feel safe from from the one who is above the skies and usila la come how Seba this here the word how ceiba is referring to a wind or a breeze that has elements of like bricks and stones and pebbles mixed into it. So just pretend like if you happen to be in a desert and a strong wind happens, this is something like a house ceiba like a strong wind blowing rocks and dirts and things like that into one direction. And this of course, also kind of paints an image of some of the punishments that happen to the people before us. fesoterodine Muna k finizio.

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Allah azza wa jal continues. I mean, this is the way that you're going to, I mean, how are you going to know about the warning that I sent for you? If I said Tara, the moon and kayfun there you're going to eventually understand the warning that I sent to you. Then it means a warning scholars differ who this who then the IRS or what the Nithya is, in this particular context is talking about majority have said though, than a year here is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the Warner that the Prophet Allah azza wa jal is talking about here, in terms of his message in terms of his belief, in terms of his Dharma, all of this came a warning to you. So Allah is saying, Do you

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have to wait for something catastrophic to happen before you start believing in all of these things before you start believing in the message that I sent before you start believing? And then Allah azza wa jal continues, while credit Canada Bella Xena Min cubberly him for K for Canada via the past this again

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There is another theme in the core and if Allah azza wa jal talks about just the world in a generic way, in a generic form, so Alice talking about the punishments in the sky, and if there is the stops on you, then Allah azza wa jal always compares that to the past as well. This is the same thing that I did before you, it makes the story, it makes the theme stronger this way. Because what you're doing is you're proving that what I can do now, I've already done it in the past. So it's like you're telling somebody, look, I can do this for you, I can, you know, build this for you, I can provide this service for you. Here are my credentials. Here's my experience, I've done it already.

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As opposed to another guy who just comes up and says, I can do this, I can do that I can do this, I can do that. Just trust me. It's different to view that for that person, as opposed to the one who says, Look, here, look, I've got the experience has been done. So Allah is saying, don't just take this for what it is. Because look back at the people of loot. Look back at the people of Norway, look back at the people of sure I look back at all of this Coleman thermowood all of them, I look back of what I did. And while I destroyed all of these nations, how I destroyed all of these up one for the same reason. prophets and messengers were sent to them. And you did not listen to them. So

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Allah destroyed those nations. This here, brothers and sisters, Honestly speaking, these whenever Allah azza wa jal does this. It's a sign of hope. It's a sign of hope in the sense that just because we might be living in so much turmoil we might live to be living in so many problems, everything just seems to be going the wrong way. At least we know that justice will be served at some point in sha Allah hotaru Allah with Allah subhanho wa Taala. This here is one of the most strongest attributes that a woman should and must have. But it is also one of the most difficult things to hold on to. Because Can you imagine from the simplest to the most grandest, or to the highest of the

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grandest scale, individually speaking, imagine a person gets married. And from the day they got married, for 30, and 40, and 50 and 60 years of their marriage, they are just living in a pure, pure, difficult upside down worst relationship of their life. But they're staying in it because of whatever reason, whether it's children or other reasons, they're staying in it and they're just putting up with everything they're putting up with abuse at every single level. These verses create the image that Allah azza wa jal is saying to us, don't worry. justice will be served for every single human being. And if you look at it at a grander scale, than the grander scale is talking

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about the same idea with even nations, countries and people all over the world, being unjust taking rights away from each other, taking lives away from each other. eventually there will be come a time where all of this will be brought forth, and justice will be served. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep us patient and to give us the sustenance and the perseverance to make it through in this world, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, the more you see problems happening in the world, the more you appreciate why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said dunya meluna meller Ono Murphy her privacy Selim says this world is cursed, and everything in it is

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cursed. And he made an exception for the three things which we talked about in the past, the crolla the remembrance of Allah wamalwa Allah who and the things that help you remember Allah, Allah, Almighty Allah, and the student of knowledge, or the scholar, these three things are exempt, they will always find happiness in this world no matter what. But it just gives you an appreciation. Why would the prophecies sell and makes such a strong powerful statement to say not only is the world curse, but everything inside of it is cursed. It doesn't just leave it that way because a person might say yeah, you're right, that country's curse these people are curse prophecies, Sam says no,

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everything inside of it is also curse. So you don't start picking and choosing what you think might be cursed or not.

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And then Allah has so much of continued while it can double as in Emil carbody him fakie for Conan Akira, our lm euro Isla Tyree felpa home saw team wire co build my human sequel Hoon Illa raha man, in who be cliche in bossier Allah azza wa jal

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Gain asks another a third rhetorical question. Our lm euro eight a buyer felpa home. Don't you see when the birds are flying above you saw fatin now saw fetta

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means not when a bird is flying it means when a birds gliding. So in the bird if you happen to see them, when they're just have their wings sort of gliding into the sky that came first before saw fatten way up or build them, while you're COVID means when the bird is flapping their wings. So what happened here is Allah says that the birds are gliding first before they flap their wings. This is one way to look at it. A second way to look at the order of this verse is the first one is less common than the second sorry, more common than the second one. It's more common for a bird to flow to just glide through the air and occasionally flap their wings. Occasionally they would do that,

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but majority of the time they will just glide their way into the air. Why does Allah do this? After a short pause? We will explain

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